my shemale GF part 3

Christy and I are on the couch, we had just woke up, I have a butt plug in and slept with it in cause she was going to fuck me today. She has a Pink G-string on and a Pink bra with her G-string pushed to the side for her cock. Me I'm wearing Metal Mulisha boxers and a Tyler, the creator T-shirt on, and I'm down on my knees jerking her cock and sucking her balls, ironic huh. The butt plug was pink and big at the base. As I'm sucking her cock, her roommate and also my friend, Ashley, walks in, I believe this was no coincidence. Christy says to her "Hey sweety, why don't you join me?". I got a say in this, and, thought it was fine, Ashley says " Alright, but we're not gonna be soft on you." Ashley was a petite girl with red hair, like dyed red, which I think is hot, she has tattoos down her arms (sleeves) about the book "a****l Farm". I was left there waiting for them, they came back out wearing latex suits, Christy was wearing very coarse fish nets, and high heels, with a cockring on. Ashley was wearing red latex boots that went up to her crotch, a 9 inch red strap on, and red gloves, her favorite color is red obviously. They brought out a whip, a paddle, a ball gag, lots of lube, collar and leash, a G-string, cock ring, rope, rods and wrist cuffs. They put the collar on me. Ashley said "Now let's see what we have," she pulled my boxers down and saw the butt plug " oooooooh, your a dirty boy, it looks like you need a lesson. Put these on." She threw the G-string at me. "Now be a good slut and suck this cock, and then hers. Good boy" as I put my mouth on her red strap on. "Now go crawl and suck her nice big cock." As I suck Christy's cock, Ashley is spanking me, and said,"This whore knows how to suck dick, you've got a good one Christy." They put the wrist cuffs on me and rods and put me in doggy style. Ashley took out my butt plug, I could feel the cold lube dripping down my ass, she sticks her fingers in, then more and continues to fist me. "Yeah, you like that slut." "Yes mistress." I reply with drool from sucking Christy's cock in my mouth, I return to sucking her cock. She sticks her dick in my ass, and pumps slowly, then gradually gets faster, as she spanks me, they switch off. Christy's cock is much thicker. "You like the taste of your ass bitch." Ashley says, "Yes mistress" I reply. "Yeah, you're a dirty whore, take this cock. Deeper slut!" I'm gaging on her cock, Christy fucking me says " you know what I think Ashley, let's see if he can take two cocks in his ass." "Great idea Christy." They untie me, stick the ballgag in my mouth, Christy sits on the couch, and I'm ordered to ride her. I'm sitting on her cock Ashley comes from behind and sticks her cock in my ass, I'm moaning, Christy says "Shut up whore, or this will be a regular thing." They got really deep in my ass, this went on for a minute or two, Ashley pulled out and Christy fucked me so hard I got applause from Ashley. Ashley told me "We're gonna let you cum, but you have cum into this." It was an air pump for something. I jerked off while sucking both cocks, I cum and give her the pump, she says "Now be a good slut and keep sucking, yeah good boy." They slap their cocks on my face, Christy, cums twice, and Ashley cums my load on my face, her strapon is an ejaculating dildo. Christy cums her last load, and says "hmmm, it looks like you just had a bukkake, put the butt plug back in slut." Ashley says "I'm going to get a cup and you're going to eat every drop of that cum. Mmmmmm you love that cum don't you whore." "Yes mistress." "I think I'm going to do this more often." She says. Christy says "Great idea, and you, you're going to keep that in and keep wearing those panties." I'm still wearing them.
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