my shemale GF part 2

So today she , her name is Christy, she wanted to do something kinky, very kinky I said that's fine. We cleaned up, she went into her closet, which was filled with dildos, butt plugs, sexy clothing, fleshlights, cock rings, paddles, lube, videos, magazines, bdsm things, and a fuck machine. She came out with this red latex suit on, which exposed her tits, ass, and her sexy 7 inch cock, with red boots that went to that hot cock and a cock ring. She ordered me to get on the bed face up, she sat on my face with her big round ass. I licked her ass for about a minute, she then ordered me to get on my knees, she shoved her cock in my mouth, and told me to play with her balls. She got hard, she took her cock out off my mouth and slapped my face with it. She ordered me back on the bed face up, and went back into the closet. She came back out with a cock ring on and another in hand, a paddle, rope, handcuffs, and a ball gag. She began to tie my legs above my head so I was in a vulnerable position and handcuff my hands to my legs, put in the ball gag then put on the cock ring, then started to spank me, only till it was red. She got a lot of lube and started jerking me off and fingering my ass, she said "Wow, your ass is so tight, I guess I'm going to have fix that." She got to the point where she could fist me. Then she lubed up and stuck her cock in my tight ass, while fucking me she stroked my cock, and fingered me at the same time, she stopped and I felt my ass fill with warm gooey cum. She made me leave it in, she shoved a butt plug in my ass to make sure I didn't. She changed my ball gag with one that kept my mouth opened for cum or cock, and re-tied me so I was on my knees and hands behind my back. Christy said to me "I can cum three times in a row, get ready for my huge loads and your own slut!" Christy grabbed two fleshlights, one for me and one for her, they were both asses, and tracked. I watched as she fucked the fleshlight,she camm, then dripped the cum for it in my mouth, she told me not to swallow. She went back and fucked it again, and once again dripped it in my mouth. She decided not to use the fleshlight for me and just sucked my cock instead. I camm and she spit it in my mouth, so much was in my mouth it was over flowing. She said "Swallow it bitch, or next time I'll get my friends to join and we'll have us a nice little gang bang". She took off the gag and I swallowed every drop, she saved the ass cum for herself, cause we cleaned up very well. She untied me and we watch TV naked.
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2 years ago
Wow just what the doctor ordered
2 years ago
i like it!
2 years ago
Christycan do that way anytime and twice on sundays
2 years ago
Damn she had fun with you