Blacked at the Gym

I had known Aaron for sometime. We went to the same college, had him some
classes, were study partners, but that was the extent of the friendship.
It was by complete coincidence that we ended up at the came company in
Columbus. I was single and pretty happy at it, but Aaron had married some
cute BBW that was nearly a complete bitch. He, often, would lie to her to
come and hang at my place. I did not mind. It was not like I had a
revolving door of tail coming and going, but if I did he would duck out and
go work out at the gym he and I belonged to. I stood nearly 6 foot tall
with blond hair that I kept trimmed close, I kept myself in good shape and
sported a nice 7 inch cock. Aaron was just a tad shorter than me, he was
in decent shape but had a bad habit of carrying a few extra pounds.

I had been bi since college, I was a top preferring get head than give it
and I had fucked just one guy and that was when I was in school. I tended
to prefer pussy over cock, but any port in the storm. Well, one night
Aaron and I were working late and we made plans to head to the gym after we
got done. It was a pain in the ass project and it was being difficult and
I knew I would either want to jerk off or work out after I was done and if
I could do both that would be great too.

We finished the project enough to call it a night and he asked if were
still going to go to the gym and I told him yeah. I needed it. We hit the
gym about 10 and the place closed at midnight. We changed in the locker
room and headed out to the floor. We and a couple of black k**s were the
only ones there. They looked like college k**s as a large Ohio college was
just up the street. We worked pretty close to campus and I did not mind, I
liked getting young pussy from time to time.

The k**s, ranged in age from 19 to 22, there were 5 of them and they all
looked cock strong as shit. They worked on a couple of benches daring the
other to lift more and more. Aaron decided to work back and bis. I
noticed Aaron paying a little more attention the black k**s than I thought
he should. I noticed one or two would look his way and he would turn away
and kind of blush. I had a great workout, but he was distracted by the
black guys. I told him to go ahead and take off. I was going to keep
working out as I knew I needed it. He assured me he was fine, but it was
not much longer after the black guys knocked off and headed to the locker
room. So, did Aaron.

I probably worked out 20 more minutes. I realized that no one had left the
locker room and even the guy, who happened to be black, was not at the
front desk. It was about 1130, and I saw he had put up the closed sign and
the doors were locked. I thought it was strange, but it was a dead night
in the gym. I looked around the gym and not a soul was around. I grabbed
a towel and walked into the locker room. A couple of the black k**s were
standing there naked talking. I nodded and moved past them. They kept
talking and even chuckled as I opened my locker. We were in the same row
and they were very open and brash. They each sported some of the hardest
and largest cocks I had ever seen.

I changed and moved past them to go to the shower. I had to conceal my
growing cock, and as I moved past them. They turned to follow me. They
stayed behind me a fee feet. It made me nervous, but I pushed it to the
back of my mind. I opened the door that led down the short hallway to the
steam room and shower. I looked around for Aaron, but he was not in the
shower area. I decided that he must have been out in the whirlpool, but I
wanted a steam bath. I opened the door and the steam rolled out along with
a deep moan. I shut the door behind me to keep the steam inside. I
immediately got an eyeful of Aaron with two of those black cocks stuffing
him at each end.

I stood there frozen in the hot and steamy room. One of the black guys was
jamming his massive cock in and out of Aaron's ass, as Aaron swtiched from
cock to cock in his mouth. The blacks k**s were just as studly naked as
they were clothed and working out. They paid me little attention, but
behind me I could hear the door open and the rest of the guys joined us in
the steam room. I stood there transfixed at the hot scene before me. My
cock was so hard as Aaron never acknowledged my presence in the room. The
three that just joined us just looked at me as if they were expecting me to
just drop to my knees before them. I had just a moment to run or do it.

My mind was made up for me when one of them moved to me and pushed me
forward onto my knees on the hard tile floor and another shoved his hard
cock in my face. I opened my mouth and he slid it in my eager mouth. I
could feel the one that just pushed me down rimming and fingering my ass
trying to open me up. I tried to keep him from pushing into me, but that
was met with a hard smack to my ass. I was lost in lust watching Aaron
suck the massive cock and getting fucked by the equally larger cock in his
ass. I soon felt a cock against my ass and he started to push into me. I
gasped and pulled away from the cock in my mouth and asked him to go slow.
I never been fucked before. . He told me to shut the fuck up and take it.
Aaron switched cocks in his mouth and I did the same. He was fucking and
sucking 3 of the 5 from the workout area and I had the other two plus the
k** that was working the front door.

I switched back and forth between the two cocks in front of me just as
Aaron was doing next to me. I took the fucking in my ass like a champ. It
hurt like hell and I would not wish the pain on my worst enemy, but I was
starting to get into as the pain subsided and what surprised more than
anything else was the fact that I was starting to fuck back.. I moved my
ass back and forth and up and down to meet his hard thrust into my tender
virgin ass. I jerked the cock that was not in my mouth with my free hand.

One of the k**s, exclaimed that it looked like they got themselves some
regular pussy bois. I was really sweating bullets with the steam and
massive cocks in me,and Aaron was now on his back on one of the tiled
benches with a new cock in his ass and still one in his mouth. The k**
that just finished fucking him left the steam room as the guy in my hole
was jackhammering me with all his might, but the slick floor was making it
hard for him to get some good leverage. I pulled the cock from my mouth
and asked if we could go into the shower area as it was coller and I
assured him he could get me better there. He pulled his thick dick from my
hungry ass. I almost cried for him to put it back in me.

They led me into the showers turning a few of them on to create a little
warmth in the area. He laid me back on one of the benches. He pulled my
legs open and offered my ass to one of the cocks that I had been sucking.
He told them he did not want to cum too soon, he wanted to enjoy my body as
much as he could. I was almost afraid I was going to be there all night.
The new k** had a nice size cock, but was a little smaller, it made it
eaiser. I wish he would have gone first, but whatever, I was glad that it
was there now.

He slowly pushed his cock in me, taking time that the other did not. He
straddled my chest and stuck his 8 inch coal sausage in my face. I opened
my mouth and let him like I had a choice. They both pumped their cocks in
me and I drove their thick dark meat into my creamy white body. I was
being ravaged by black cock. At that time, Aaron being led by one of them
out of the steam room and laid next to me on the shower floor. They all
laughed that it was getting too hot in there for them. Aaron took what I
thought to be his 3rd cock of the night as the other k** walked away. I
was on 2nd one, but still no one came in me yet. That all changed as my
cock exploded covering my stomach and back of the k** straddling my chest.
The black cock in my hole erupted shooting his thick good deep in my
bowels. He held my ass tight making sure I did not lose one drop.

He pulled out of me and I could feel his thick cum run down the crack of my
ass, but luckily the k** that was feeding me his cock took his place in a
flash. He licked and rimmed my cum filled hole licking up the precious
goods from my eager slit and even that of mine that I shot all over my
stomach. He did it was such fervor it made me question he true sexuality
and he that just may be gay. Like I was in a position to judge with the
3rd cock of the night about to enter my tight hot hole. .

Aaron was getting a long deep dicking, he held his legs up to give his anal
invader all the space he needed. He begged for more cock. He was nearly
speaking gibberish tween the hard heavy pants of lust and telling his dark
lover to fuck him harder and deeper. He was begging for more hot cum to be
dumped in his ass. He was like a man possessed for BBC, and I was surely
following along right behind him. I held my legs wide for a hard fucking,
and I wondered out loud why did I wait so long for it. My black ass fucker
jackhammered my tender ass. I pulled him close to me and we kissed with
his tongue invading my mouth. He shoved me back and raised my ass off of
the bench to get as deep as he could in my hole.

I could feel his cum flood me. His white hot swimmers rushed into my ass
trying to breed my hot male pussy. I even whimpered when he pulled his
black cock from my hole. I laid there in complete bliss as I watched Aaron
get deep dicked by his third cock of the night. He was now on all fours on
the hard tile floor. His face distorted in a weird smile of both pain and
pleasure. I rested for only a moment when my first cock of the night came
back and told me it was time to finish him. I sat up on the bench and
inhaled his manliness, swirling my tongue and mouth up and down and all
around his thick black shaft. He grabbed me by my hair and fucked my face
with his powerful cock. I wanted to swallow his load, but he wanted to
finish fucking my tender male pussy;.

He roughly pulled me to my feet and led me down the hall to the massage
table. He laid me face down and he climed on top of me. One of the guys
that fucked Aaron joined us in the room. He slipped me his cock through
the face hole of the massage table like it was designed for me to suck cock
there. He slid his cock in my ass and told me he was going to add his junk
to my ass and he was going to breed me like a little bitch. He slammed his
massive cock in me. I moaned and breathed hard as he speed drilled my ass.
I was in shock of his speed and roughness that he slammed into me. The cock
in my mouth was so hard and I did what I could to give him all the
attention that I could, but he soon got frustrated and left me alone with
that long dark shaft drilling in and out of my ass.
He roughly pulled me to my feet and led me down the hall to the massage
table. He laid me face down and he climed on top of me. One of the guys
that fucked Aaron joined us in the room. He slipped me his cock through
the face hole of the massage table like it was designed for me to suck cock
there. He slid his cock in my ass and told me he was going to add his junk
to my ass and he was going to breed me like a little bitch. He slammed his
massive cock in me. I moaned and breathed hard as he speed drilled my ass.
I was in shock of his speed and roughness that he slammed into me. The cock
in my mouth was so hard and I did what I could to give him all the
attention that I could, but he soon got frustrated and left me alone with
that long dark shaft drilling in and out of my ass...

The k** fucking me laid across my back and fucked me like I was a girl, but
I was on my stomach and he was fucking my now well fucked ass. I had the
cum of his two friends deep in my bowels and he seemed determined to add
his. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks apart to allow him great and
deeper access to me. He raised himself by his hands and drilled his thick
cock in my ass. He kept repeating that he was going to breed my white ass
and that he and his friends were going to be fucking me and Aaron a lot
more. When he said Aaron's name, I got a thought that this may have all be
set up, but how would have Aaron had known I was bi. I kept it to myself
and told no one.

He doubled his speed fucking and I did not even know that was possible. He
hammered my ass hard and harder. I cried out as my cock erupted underneath
me on the table. My ass spasms set him off and he filled me with the 3rd
load of hot sticky cum of the night. He pulled out of me. My ass felt
empty and I could feel the cum leak from my ass and down my crack to the
table. I had three cum loads in my ass. I wished I was limber enough to
lick my own hole and felch my own ass, but that was not to be. I think I
must have dozed for all of a moment, because I did not hear anyone come
into the massage room, but I was jolted awake.

I craned my head around to see who was licking and rimming the cum from my
ass and table. It was Aaron bent over the table getting fucked and licking
the sticky goo from me. He was getting his ass nailed from the last guy
that just fucked me. Wow, I thought at this guy for being able to fuck me
as hard as he did and then fuck Aaron as hard as he is. I was, also, glad
to be having someone treat my ass with some tenderness after the fuckings I
just took. It was short lived when the cock I had sucked earlier came back
in the room and pulled me away from Aaron and off of the table. He bent me
over the tale and slid his thick dark meat into my ass. I was next to
Aaron, we were each getting fucked by our 4th cocks of the night.

We were both bent over the massage table on our elbows when another one of
the cocks that had been in me came back in the room. He told us the others
had gone for the night and that we should be getting out of there soon as
the cleaning crew comes in sooner or later, but he saw Aaron and as close
as we were. He got up in the massage table and put his cock between us and
ordered us both to suck his cock. He wanted to cum one more time and down
one or both of our throats would be great. Aaron dove straight for his
nuts, and I slid down his thick hunk of meat. He had fucked me earlier and
I was determined to make him cum down my throat a second time. I bobbed up
and down and I tried to jerk him a little, but he wanted my mouth on his

The guy fucking ass was power drilling me with hard stride pushing and
puling me back and forth. It made it easier to suck the cock than I
thought. The guy in Aarons full bum was getting closer and closer to
cumming. The dill hammer in my ass had to be getting closer as well. He
would slow down long enough to let himself cool down and then he would
re-double his efforts and pound my ass. Aaron moved up and was sharing
more of the cock with me. We slid our lips back and forth the thick cock
till finally our moths met and he slipped his tongue in my mouth. I let
him control the situation as best an I could, but the stud we were sucking
was not ready to let us go just yet.

The cock in Aarons ass I came with a yell and cry of victory as he
unleashed a hot torrent of cum loose in Aaron. The guy in my ass came
nearly a split second later filling me up again. He came with such power
that I unleashed my load on the table as I did earlier. They both pulled
out and made the other of us clean their cocks. I sucked and licked the
guy that had came in Aaron and Aaron did like-wise for the one that was in
me. They both left and I could hear the showers turn on. That left just
Aaron and I with the cock that we were sucking. He placed Aarond side by
side and he took turns fucking our asses.

He would drill into Aaron for 5 to 10 good hard pumps and then do it to
mine. Meanwhile, Aarron and I resumed our kissing with him taking the more
dominant position with his mouth on mine and his tongue in my mouth. My
mind reeled as it was starting to look as if I was going to be sub in this
whole adventure. I was not sure I was ready to do that as I tried to take
over, but Aaron was not ready to let me as the guy pulled from Aaron after
jack fucking Aaron and I for several turns. He announced that he was going
to cum and he shoved me to my knees and Aaron came with me as the black
k**s jerked his love lave all over mine and Aarons face.

When he was done, he just left the room and I fell back on the floor
completely exhausted and my mind trying to grasp what had happened to me
and us that night. Aaron just smiled at me and told me we would talk
later, but we had to get out of there soon and he had to get home or the
wife would kill him. I stood to go show, but my legs felt weird. Aaron
just laughed and told me I was spending too much time on my back and knees.
I gave him a scorned look and he led me to the shower.
98% (45/1)
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16 days ago
every time I read this I get so horny.. great story
2 months ago
awesome story, please please continue this adventure
6 months ago
great story and a nice fantasy, thinking of those boys railing me out in both ends made me cum!
1 year ago
amazing story
1 year ago
luved it
1 year ago
very hot story.i know the feeling of rushing back to wife after hot gay sex
1 year ago
Great story!!
1 year ago
damn this was so hot!
1 year ago
Hot story! Even though I don't really like this kinda setting...Aaron and that guy should get a relationship going...Hope we get to read about that talk!
1 year ago