Learning the Chocolate Life Ch. 02 (Black Mistress

It had been a week since my glorious encounter with Mistress Angie. I swear I can still feel my balls on fire. I had sent numerous IMs but no reply until Thursday. "Stop pestering me you little fuck. I'll contact you not the other way around. You'll just have to wait until I feel you are worthy of another session. Contact me again and I'll show your prissy, sexually dull, blonde haired, blue-eyed wife the little video tape we made together."

Video tape? What the fuck! A video tape? Man talk about a major fuck up. She must have gotten my address and everything else from when the "desk clerk" picked up my bag of clothing. All the sexual drama came back but then a huge gut wrenching churn in my stomach. I didn't want to lose my wife but sure as hell didn't want to give up this new and extraordinarily exciting lifestyle and new found Mistress who more than met my needs. She pushed every button and pushed the envelope and I knew she would push it even further.

Another week went by and I finally heard from Mistress Angie. What a relief. I could just not stand not being in her world any longer, and she knew it. The longer she waited the more I wanted her but she knew just how to play my feelings. Any longer and perhaps my desires would have waned. They had not. The IM struck me right in the lust in my heart. I couldn't wait to hear her voice or feel her hands upon me again.

"I am a patient woman but I am most certain you have been on pins and needles. You are so fucking weak and that is why you will always belong to me no matter what. I and I alone give you what you crave. Let me know when that prissy blonde worthless cunt is gone for the weekend and I'll allow you to meet me once again." I was ecstatic!!!! I finally heard from Mistress Angie and knew my wife was off for the weekend retreat with the girls in 2 weeks. Two long weeks but I didn't care.

I wrote back to Mistress Angie to tell her the good news. Again she teased me without reply until the day before my wife was going to leave for the mountains. "It's been a long two weeks for you I know but you'll thank me in many ways for what I have in store for you this weekend," she wrote. "Be at the Towers restaurant Friday night promptly at 9 p.m."

Now this was one nice restaurant and I finally was going to have a dream date with my Mistress. The two weeks dragged on and on but finally TGIF rolled around and I kissed my wife goodbye telling her to have a good time and not worry about me. As soon as my wife pulled out of the driveway I went to work on getting ready. The restaurant was about an hour away and I did not want to be late.

I showered, shaved, put on deodorant and my best suit, shirt and tie. I even had sent my nice shoes to the shoe store for that extra touch. Many a woman has told me they can tell a lot about a man and how he dresses, especially how well he keeps his shoes. I had gotten them just for this night and were patent leather and you could see everything reflect off their surface. I was ready.

I arrived at the restaurant early and decided to remain in the car. She stated promptly and I was going to make sure I was there on the dot. I walked in two minutes before nine and was e****ted to her table right at 9 p.m. There she was in a glorious red dress sipping on a cup of coffee. "Right on time slave, so far so good. Please take a seat." I mentioned how beautiful she was and that I was looking forward to having a relaxing dinner with her and what an honor it was. "I already ate dear and this is my last cup of coffee which is finishing off a fantastic dessert. But don't worry I'll allow you dessert as well. My waiter will be back with the bill shortly. Now be a good boy and take this glass of water and this little bag into the men's room. You should know by now what to do with the contents of the bag. Fill the glass with your cum and bring it back to the table with you."

She could see the look of disappointment on my face but she just smirked and told me to get on with it. I went to the men's room and immediately began to jerk off. I could hear the other fellows laughing but I had no choice. Finally I shot a huge glob of cum into the water filled glass. Setting the glass down I opened the bag and to my surprise once again was faced with the glass butt plug, a thong and a note. "You are running out of time dear pet. You know what to do so do it and bring me your undies in the bag" was written on the paper. I had no lube so all I could do was spit on the phallus and insert it slowly into my ass. It was freezing cold and chilled me to the bone. I slipped on the thongs and place my underwear in the bag.

"Nothing like a cup of hot coffee to warm you up wouldn't you say" She giggled. "Now be good boy and drink up your dessert." Mistress inspected the bag just as the waiter arrived with the check. "Pay the bill darling. I am in the mood for a fantastic fuck tonight," she stated directly to the waiter. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the money to pay when she interjected that she was so extremely pleased with the service that I should leave a 100 dollar tip. The chill was starting to wear off and it was a good thing as I brought enough cash. There was no way I was going to leave an electronic trail. "You may follow me pet; Alex is going to give us a ride back to the hotel." Who the hell was Alex? She is going to fuck another man? I thought I was going to fuck her tonight.

My answer was totally dispelled when a gorgeous black woman exited the car. So I guess this was Alex. Dressed in a shimmering blue zippered front dress she had long straight jet black hair. A stunning smile, perfect tits and a figure to match. The valet opened the back door and Mistress Angie climbed in first followed by Alex. I was instructed to drive to the new Westin on the waterfront. It wasn't long before the two were kissing and playing with each other. I could barely keep my eyes on the road as Alex took charge and ravaged Mistress Angie's body. Biting her breasts and nipples and slipping her fingers under her dress I could hear moans of ecstasy and delight coming from Mistress Angie.

I pulled up to the valet and Alex got out first followed by Mistress Angie. The valet could tell that they had been playing but the two of them did not care. I slid from behind the wheel and followed them into the hotel. "Stay here for 5 minutes then you can come up to room 712. I want to get ready for that great fuck." I nervously waited while watching the clock every 10 seconds. Finally it was time. I used the room key I was given and entered to see Mistress Angie smiling and sipping wine in a plush chair. I heard Alex in the bathroom. There must have been a hundred candles.

"Pet, I told you that I was in the mood for a great fuck tonight right? Well it's your lucky night. I am going to get that great fuck" Right at that moment my cock got rock hard. "Take my seat so I can get prepared." I didn't believe I was going to get the chance to fuck my Mistress. Mistress Angie and I passed as she went toward the bathroom and I went to the chair. Stopping midway Mistress Angie told me to strip so Alex could see my cute thong and that I was not move no matter what until instructed. "Hey baby girl. My slave is already for that great fuck I want." My dick had never been harder!

Alex appeared from the bathroom in one of those plush hotel bathrobes. I still couldn't get over how gorgeous this woman was. "So you really think he is ready for this Angie?" I was thinking man what a dream come true two beautiful black women for the night. "My slave is ready dear. She is so pretty don't you think slave," she asks as she slowly pulled aside the bathrobe to expose one shoulder then the other. "I guess you could tell I really enjoyed the ride to the hotel," exposing even more as Mistress Angie drew open the top to put on display those extraordinary tits. My eyes were just transfixed on Alex.

"So I know I am ready for my great fuck, are you?" Rising from the chair I stated an excited; "Yes Ma'am your slave is ready." The smile on Mistress Angie's face disappeared as she walked over to me and slapped my face hard. "Did I tell you not to move from that chair until instructed? Perhaps you are not as ready as you thought. Bend over and grab the chair." The sting of the slap was just wearing off as I grabbed the arms of the chair. "You will learn to obey you asshole and your asshole will help you learn" At that the glass butt plug was removed and before my ass could close up I was being filled with a dildo that not only vibrated but also twirled and elongated back and forth. I could also tell this was larger than the dildo Mistress Angie had used to fuck me on our first encounter. She also placed a tight cock ring around my cock and under my balls. "Sit the fuck down and don't you fucking move until I tell you. And at some point I will tell you to get out of the chair."

I took my seat and my eyes instantly went back to Alex. She had this big grin on her face. "You sure he is going to stay there? Shouldn't we tie him up," asked Alex. "He will stay there or I will whip his ass so fucking hard he won't be able to sit for a week plus I'd mail his wife a cute little video we made a while back. I own this fucker because he wants it too bad now and he knows that I can give it to him. Now about that great fuck... slave this is the great fuck I am going to get."

"What she means slave is that Angie is my lover and that I am going to give her the fuck of her life." Here was this gorgeous woman slipping off the robe and putting on display a stunning body. Moving my eyes downward I could not believe what I saw. A huge 9 inch cock. "Since a man doesn't know how to fuck a woman right I'll show you first hand. You'll love the show except for the part where you can't join in." All the while Mistress Angie had already stripped naked and had gotten on the bed. I was more than stunned and beyond shock. Here is this gorgeous shemale with the biggest cock I had ever seen, walking toward me with the sexiest slink, her cock swinging side to side. Alex stood directly I front of me. "Now suck her dick like you mean it and get it ready for your Mistress. Like she said she is in the mood for a great fuck and I plan on giving it to her."

As Alex walked toward me she knew what I was thinking. "I know you have fantasized about this and here is your opportunity to prove it." One more hard smack brought my mouth open to groan in pain and Alex jammed her cock all the way to the back of my throat. I went at it with all my gusto, licking and sucking and nibbling and taking her balls into my mouth. "Boy you do have a good cock sucker Angie. If I weren't going to fuck the hell out of you I'd blow this load right down his throat." I was struggling for breath through the face fucking I was getting but looking up at this gorgeous woman was so intoxicating knowing she had her cock in my mouth.. "Don't worry Alex, I'll let you **** him one night but tonight is my night for that gorgeous cock. God that looks so fucking good seeing my slave suck your black cock but get over here and show the cocksucker how a woman really loves to be fucked."

Alex didn't have to be asked twice. Her cocked plopped out of my mouth and I watched her sway over to my Mistress who had already gotten up on all fours on the bed. "Give it to me in the ass first lover; it has been way too long." Obviously I had done a good job as Alex just eased into Mistress Angie's ass and started pounding away. On the way in Mistress Angie had her first orgasm of the night and I thought to myself this woman was going to cum in buckets for hours. Alex slowly fucked Mistress Angie and then ****d her ass and then repeated the action over and over again. I could see the juices from her pussy sliding down her legs with each orgasm.

"God you know how to fuck a woman's ass sweetie. Now stick that cock deep into my pussy." Alex obliged in every way shape and form. First on the bed then in the living room, the window, the bathroom countertop, doggie style, missionary and every position in the book. Mistress Angie must have come two or three dozen times and yet I was amazed that Alex was able to control her erection for so long. "Use me Alex. I am your fucking whore so just bang me as hard as you can and cum deep inside of me." I could tell the difference on Alex's face. She now was lost in the moment and was ready to explode. "Fuck my black cunt darling, fuck it like you did my ass and my mouth. Fuck it deep and cum for me my darling lover." Alex slowed a bit then just drove easily deeper and shuddered. She must have held that position for more than two minutes. "That's it baby, load my pussy with your creamy gooey cum. Give it to me bitch." Alex finally relaxed and slipped her cock from Mistress Angie.

With half open eyes, "Now that's how a woman should get fucked slave. Alex, I think my little pet needs to show his appreciation for the privilege of watching you fuck me. Slave, suck Alex's cock nice and clean." With a broad smile Alex walked up to me and said, "Give me another one of those great blow jobs and you may earn a gold star." I needed no further instruction and gladly leaned forward to take her cock into my mouth. Even after having just cum in Mistress Angie it was still huge and thick and so sloppy good from all the sex. Alex never missed a beat and started to fuck my face. I gobbled up every bit of goo I could and then realized she was still hard and ready to come once more. "He loves it deep Alex. Show him what you can do with that magnificent cock that I can't with my strop on. Give him the big black dick deep baby. My dildo can't match your cock so let him feel what it's like to have a real big cock down his throat. With that, Alex pushed my head down and rammed that monster into my mouth and down my throat. As she rocked back and forth the dildo in my ass was moving more and more. I was being double fucked and was loving it. Tickling her balls Alex pulled out to my lips then as fast as lightning rammed her cock down my throat. I felt contraction after contraction and a warm liquid running down the back of my throat.

Pulling slowly out of my mouth with a huge grin Alex took her time watching every inch of cock that had been in my mouth. "Milk her slave." Upon the command I drew my fingers snuggly around the base of Alex's cock and pulled all the way to the tip and was amazed to see what was still a huge glob of cum. I stuck out my tongue so Mistress Angie and Alex could see me take what was now becoming a delight. "I am going to have to borrow this cock sucker for a party for my girlfriends. He really seems to love cock and cum." "Not a problem Alex but his night has just begun and now it's my turn." I do believe though he has earned a gold star Angie. I think you have yourself a great slave and that was the best blow job I have had in ages." "If you say so darling. Thanks for coming over and for the great fuck. If only a man knew how to use his dick like you do." Alex and Mistress Angie kissed as they walked to the door to say good night.

Slowly returning back to the room you came and stood before me. "Watching me getting fucked and letting you suck Alex was a privilege you earned for being so good the last time we got together And she even told me that you should get a gold star so later you shall. Do you think you could fuck me like that slave?" A weak no ma'am fell out of my mouth. "No you could never please me with that little dick. I told you I was in the mood for a good fuck and got a great one. Now it's my turn to fuck you. Oh by the way that little part about you willingly and wantonly sucking Alex's cock will be added to the video. There were no ropes or bindings of any kind this time. You did that with your free will for me your Mistress."

"On the bed on your back now and leave that dildo you seem to be enjoying in your ass." I did as I was told and knew what was coming next. "Do your job right and you may get a reward." You slid onto the bed and straddled my face. Without hesitation I opened my mouth. "Very good boy. You must really like cum after only one session it looks to me like you are dying to clean me out." Sitting just above me you started to play with your tits and nipples and slid your hands down your sides to your pussy. Easily and softly you played with your clit and were fully aroused. I remained motionless with my mouth wide open.

You spread your legs so now your excited pussy is only an inch away from my eager mouth. Pushing hard and furious with one hand one your clit and pinching a nipple with your other hand I could tell you were about to explode. Little did I know how true that was going to be. Moaning and breathing harder you finally started to cum. Now squeezing your pussy lips tight and putting pressure on your clit you were in full orgasm. "Alex," you moaned loudly, and then it happened. You parted your lips and spurted all of Alex's cum and your juices into my mouth. Like a huge water pistol one huge stream of wetness after another filled my mouth.

"Swallow it all darling slave." I did and you immediately dropped your open pussy onto my face. "Clean me out. Get every drop of that precious Alex cum from my pussy. Swirling my tongue and swallowing every ounce of fluid I could still feel the dildo in my ass and could only imagine how it would have felt to have Alex fuck me. "You did well slave," climbing off my face and walking over to the dresser. "I think I'll reward your behavior in spite of the early disobedience. I'll punish you for that but I am in such a good mood right now."

Returning with two long pieces of dental floss you start to tie a knot, lay it around one nipple and tell me to pull my nipple out as far as I can. I pinch my nipple up and instantly you pull the knot tightly. I do like nipple play but this really is testing my limits. "One reward deserves another don't you think?" as you prepare the other length of floss. "Yes Mistress, thank you." Smiling we repeat the process on my other nipple. "OK slave time for another good fuck for me. On all fours. I don't think we'll need this any longer as I do believe your ass is well prepared, well almost," you say laughingly and you pull the dildo from my ass.

I can hear you moving near the dresser and know exactly what is happening. You are putting on your harness and I am going to get another ass fucking. "Turn around." I turn around and see you with your hands behind your back and your harness firmly in place but no cock. "During our first encounter you really learned to enjoy that 8 inch cock didn't you?" "Yes Mistress I did. It was difficult at first but I knew it was for your pleasure and not mine but yes I did start to enjoy it," I matter of factly said.

"And when you saw that gorgeous 9 inch cock of Alex you were intrigued and did enjoy that fucking your mouth correct?" Again all I could tell was the truth which was yes. "Well you will get the chance to suck her again and I did so enjoy watching you suck that beautiful black dick in your mouth. She even told me at the door how much she'd like to fuck your ass too but that is for me right now and since you seem to be enjoying the larger varieties we'll use my favorite cock." And with that you bring from behind your back what must be a 12 inch shiny black cock.

"Now turn around dear pet. I am most certain the butt plug and the dildo got you plenty prepared. Well not really for this." I can hear the sound of you attaching the cock and you move onto the bed. You slide up behind me and let the cock come between my legs it feels very cool to the touch and I can tell is already well lubricated. Reaching forward you take the floss and pull the lengths tight. "You like nipple play correct?" asking as you alternately pull one then the other then both tight. "Yes Mistress Angie I do." "That's good because you are not going to know which is more painful. This huge cock in your ass or my pulling your nipples. Face down and arms back and spread that ass wide open my sweet innocent slave. Here is yet another reward."

"It's a good thing your face is planted in the bedspread my darling slave." I can feel the tip of that huge cock right on my anus. All in one fast and furious motion the lengths of floss are yanked back as that huge cock is plunged into my ass. She was correct as I am screaming into the covers. My nipples are being ripped off and my ass is being ripped open. Tying the end of the floss behind my back there is a constant pressure change as now Mistress Angie has both her hands free. Sliding her hands down to my hips she has full control over me.

"You know what is coming next don't you slave?" A deeply muffled and painful "Yes Mistress," escapes my mouth between groans. "I bet you thought you were going to get to fuck me but as I told you last time you have not earned that privilege and may never until you prove your complete devotion to me." Holding my hips firm I can feel you sliding even farther into my ass. I can't believe the sensation of pain or the extraordinary length. "Your ass was made for black cock slave. Perhaps I will watch Alex fuck you." Slowly you start a rhythm of fucking me deep just short movements at first but then I can tell your excitement level is beginning to rise. I am learning to anticipate her needs and wants now so I start as best I can to rock back and forth on my hands and knees.

"You really are turning into a good slave. You enjoy my fucking you now don't you?" as the rhythm picks up faster and faster. "I can see you remember the 8 inch model that you enjoyed so much slave. Let's have some fun with all 12." At that I feel her take the line of floss, withdraw to the tip of the cock and then rams all 12 inches into me while pulling the floss hard. My anus is stretch to the limit as the base of the cock hits my ass and my nipples feel like they have just been ripped off my chest. I do not at this point know which hurts more. "Take it all my pet. Take all the pain and show me your devotion to me and to my pleasure."

Like a musical rhythm I can feel the cock sliding in and out while the floss is pulled in perfect harmony. "Tell me what I want to hear slave." I am still loudly moaning into the covers. I raise my head slightly, "Fuck me Mistress Angie. Fuck my ass harder. I beg off you to **** my ass with your beautiful cock for your pleasure." Letting go of the floss brings some relief as I now feel both hands on my hips. Her moving forward and pulling me back to meet that monster is driving her into her world of pure pleasure. It seemed as if I was being ****d for hours but in reality she cums in just a few minutes. I can tell. She is pulling me back to her cock as hard as possible and grinding and then the moans of sheer pleasure fill the room. Finally she ever so slowly pulls her long cock out of me, literally inch by inch.

"God I love fucking your ass. You may very well be the best fuck I have ever had. Not only have you earned a reward you have earned the gold star Alex mentioned for your servitude tonight. Stay." Once again you are off the bed and at the dresser. A quick snip and the floss is cut from behind my back. "Roll over on your back." Exhausted I do so and can feel your warm hands on my chest as you stand beside the bed and clip the floss tied around my nipples. The pain is searing at first but finally starts to wane. I turn my head and can see you in all your beauty and that monster cock. I can't believe I had that rammed up my ass and was actually starting to enjoy it.

"Well I did state you earned a reward and that gold star so first your reward. On your back and hang your head over the edge of the bed slave. As I do so you set the scissors down and grab a candle. "Suck boy as I did love the visual of Alex's cock fucking your mouth." Opening wide I can see the cock moving closer and closer to my mouth. As instructed I lick and suck as you start to fuck my mouth. I can barely get my mouth to open wide enough but with each fucking stroke you take it goes deeper and deeper into my mouth and down my throat. Suddenly I feel hot drops of liquid wax from the candle hitting my nipples, chest and stomach. Trying to scream is impossible and the grinding motion you are now making lets me know that you are again on the verge of yet another orgasm. Just as with my ass you drive the entire cock into my throat and tremble as you cum.

"I guess you have learned by now that a reward is a pleasure for me that will most often cause pain for you," as you slowly withdraw the cock from my mouth. I draw in a deep breath and reply with, "Yes Mistress your slave has learned that lesson." "Now we must address however the transgression earlier so that we are clear on punishment. You did something that not only displeased me but also broke a basic slave rule which is do exactly what you are told. Not only that, you embarrassed me in front of Alex when you got out of that chair which gave her the impression that I did not have control over my slave. You luckily salvaged that with the blow job you gave her but none the less I was embarrassed. Are you ready to receive your punishment for that slave?" I replied, "Yes Mistress Angie and sincerely ask for your forgiveness and your punishment that I so deserve. It will never happen again. Every command will be followed to the letter and followed without hesitation."

I remained on the bed as you removed your harness. Still naked you looked glorious and I could tell that after all the great sex and orgasms you were completely relaxed. Reaching into a bag you withdrew two leather crops. "Stand up and face me." I could tell she was pleased with herself but finally I was close to her gorgeous face and smile. "Which one of these does slave think would be more painful?" Knowing full well which I replied that the thinnest patent leather would be the most appropriate for my punishment. Smiling she knew full well too and was simply testing me.

"Good choice. Now turn around and remain standing and put your arms behind your head." I was trying to prepare for the worse. After some rustling noise you reappeared in front of me. "Since this is punishment and not a reward you will be gagged with your own under wear instead of the pleasure of mine." After stuffing my mouth you moved slightly behind and to the side. "Though this is punishment and will hurt I still want you to know that I will be getting great pleasure from it and you will thank me for it when we are done."

"Twenty should be sufficient don't you agree slave?" Before I could even nod I could see the first blow coming from my peripheral vision. The first strike was to my ass and just about dropped me to my knees. I wasn't sure I could withstand this and this was just the first. I could hear her calling out the numbers as each blow came. Some further up my back and then back down to my ass and thighs. "Do what you must as this is the last one my darling slave and I am going to enjoy it to the fullest." I remember getting whipped by my grandmother but nothing prepared me for the last blow across my ass. The impact sounded like a baseball bat cracking and sent me falling forward to the bed tears streaming down my face.

Sobbing and whimpering I didn't even feel you slide up next to me on the bed. "That was wonderful slave. I very much enjoyed providing you the punishment you deserved. Do you remember what follows?" I nod and you remove the gag. "Thank you Mistress for the honor of receiving your punishment." A cool lotion then trickles up my thighs, ass, and back which starts to take the sting out of the welts building up. "This will help slave," you whisper in my ear and I feel your warm hand gently spreading the cooling lotions all over me backside. "I must tell you though that I was lenient in my punishment. A serious offense such as you committed will be treated with much harsher punishments in the future." The first thought that crosses my mind is that I don't ever want to commit any offense in the future. If you are feeling better you may roll over to receive your gold star as I am a Mistress of her word."

I roll over at the same time you get off the bed and disappear into the bathroom. I am finally starting to relax after what was a tremendous but painful ending experience. Reappearing you are glorious. Full make up, hair brushed out perfectly, demi cup bra, thong, garter, stockings and patent leather heels. "Put your arms above your head as you don't have permission to touch me but you do have permission to get hard." My arms quickly went up and behind my head and my cock twitched ever so slightly. Picking up the crop from the dresser that little twitch in my cock quickly disappears. "I see the association of the crop and your cock has been established. You are a quick study so we'll formalize that."

"You may get hard now," you say as you walk around the bed. Sliding up next to me I can feel you reach up and secure my arms under each other by grabbing one of my elbows. "See, by earning a gold star you will see my softer side which I know you are dying for." You are so close you don't even have to speak above the slightest whisper. You start to gently caress my skin removing the wax candle drops from my nipples. "It's time slave." And with that my Mistress lowers her mouth to mine and deeply and softly kisses me. Her tongue swirls around mine probing deep then lightly against my lips then back. It is the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. I return the kiss with my tongue and nibbles of her lips. I am breathing deeply and hard and can feel my cock start to rise.

Even though they are still sore you reach and pinch my nipples which drives moans of pleasure from my mouth. "A glutton for punishment I guess," you say as your mouth descends to lick and nibble one nipple while pinching the other. All I can do is strain against the absolute pleasure of it all. As you kiss me again your hand slides to my cock which jumps at your first touch. I am completely hard and am in ecstasy. Slowly pumping you can tell I am not far from cumming.

Pulling away from our kiss you smile. "I know you enjoyed the evening. I know you enjoyed watching Alex fuck me, sucking her cock, having me **** your ass. Alex is so gorgeous isn't she?" "Yes Mistress she is," I reply as you continue to slowly pump your hand and my hips slowly rise. I want to stay right in this spot forever but my body and mind and senses won't allow it for long. "Would you like to suck her big black cock again?" A heavy breathed "Yes Ma'am" escapes my mouth. Next time then I'll watch you suck her big black cock from behind as I fuck you with my big cock. Would my slave like that," you ask with a broad sexy smile already knowing that is what I want.

"You may cum slave when you are ready. Would you like to suck Alex's big, hard, black cock again right after she fucks me so you can taste my juices and her cum? The vision of that just pops into my head and I explode all over my chest. You keep pumping your hand. "Would you like to kiss your Mistress after Alex has cum in my mouth?" I can't believe how many times I am spurting cum all over myself. Hearing those words and reliving the evening had filled my balls to the limit and were just bursting. "Your first gold star will always be your best slave."

I am breathless and spent and cannot move a muscle. It is total exhaustion and relaxation at the same time. "Let's connect the two extremes you experienced tonight along with all those wonderful rewards in between. A punishment for an infraction and a gold star for you. And we'll do it with one of what appears to be one of your favorite joys." Taking the crop, you sc**** up the globs of cum on the crop and bring it to my mouth. I eagerly open my mouth and lick and suck the crop clean.

You release my arms and stand beside the bed looking stunning in your lingerie, "You will worship and fear this crop my darling slave." We repeat the process of licking my cum off the crop until there is nothing left to be had.

"Time to go slave. Leave me enough cash to cover the room and entertainment for the weekend. I want more cock and there are a few clubs I'd like to go to. Back to your vanilla wife life but first tell me, who brought you the incredible chocolate life, who owns you, who do you belong to, who will you do anything for as she commands?" Finally rising up on the bed I reply, "You Mistress Angie and no other."
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