Tack Room

At the end of high school, before I was to go off to college, I was screwing around with a couple of s****rs. Each didn't know about the other's involvement with me.

They s****rs weren't too pretty, they lived on a horse farm and were into Rodeo. The s****rs didn't get out much, and didn't have very much social interaction since so much of their time was spent with the horses and rodeo.

I used that situation to really have my way with them, making them fuck, and especially having them suck my cock, and let me fuck them in the ass.

I really enjoyed them that way it was so deliciously perverse.

One Saturday I got a call from Cathy, who said she was lonely, and wanted me to come out and visit her. (Visit, ha ha, go out and fuck the bitch).

I drove out to her farm, and was glad to see her car as the only one around.

Cathy came out right away and said:

"My mom might be home soon, but let's to out to the barn by the far coral. There is a tack room there, and we can play around in it." She gave me a sweet wink.

Then she said: "Look Mike, I know about you and Cindy, and she knows too"

(OH SHIT my heart sank), "And were fine with it. After all we grew up on a farm, and we know about sex, and fun, and we aren't exactly shy virgins ourselves".

"Hell, we go skinny dipping in the pond all the time ourselves, and have experimented with a little girl to girl pleasures over time. After all we are all we have

to keep sane."

My cock was getting real HARD!!!!

She smiled and said, "As a matter of fact, Cindy is out in the barn now, and ready and willing for a little three way fun. If you feel "up for it"".

WOW was I.

The out barn was about a 1/4 mile walk from the house, but that didn't seem like any walk at all, with the prize that being promised to me!

As we walked she told me some more about her other sexual exploits, and her s****rs too.

WOW were these girls open to each other; and WOW they were hotter swingers than I would have ever imagined.

How I had misjudged them, and the situation. A situation which was about to get real hot, and real fun, with me as the star, and these two bitches as my toys.

I was only 19. and now headed for a summer of my life. A summer of me and my toys, living it up for my fun!!!

We walked into the barn.

"Here is the tack area, and nice double bed, hot right!"

Damn this was going to be perfect.

"Let's get naked and play until Cindy gets here" she said.

Damn was she slow. She still had her bra and blue jeans on while I was naked, and had my nard 5 inches pointed right at her.

"Get those boots and stuff off babe" I told her, "and get down....."

Then WHAM! A bag was put over my head and I was hit from behind and knocked down onto the bed before I could finish.

Before I could move, or even think, Cindy was on my back holding me down and taking my ankles like a steer, and tying them together.

Meanwhile Cathy had a rope on my left wrist, and secured it to the corner of the bed. Then both took my right arm and quickly had a rope on that, and pulled to the right and secured.

So in about 5 seconds, I was effectively tied like a calf. Then another rope pulled my legs straight out and down. I was now tied in a crucifix position.

Next, a gag was pulled over my mouth, pulling the bag into my mouth, and keeping me from talking.

"Damn", said Cathy, "that was easier than our practice!"

I pulled at my restraints, but they were all done very well. No surprise, since these girls were good with ropes from the rodeo.

I knew I was caught and was now just wondering what my fate would be.

Then WHAM a leather strap hit my ass and WHAM another. 6 times they hit, and hard. I was screaming into the gag and tears were coming from my eyes.


But muffled sounds were all that came out. Then they stopped.

"Do you want any more of that?" Cathy asked.

I rapidly shook my head no.

"Then be a good boy, and do just as we tell you", she said.

MMMMyemmff and I shook my head in acquiescence.

"GOOD"! "Don't move AT ALL!"

They untied my feet and moving my legs apart Cathy reached up and gave my balls a squeeze. A squeeze that really hurt, and showed me they meant what she said.

"One fuck up from you, and we will change you into a gelding." She said, As I screamed into my gag.

She tied some twine around my ball sack and gave it a good pull that felt like it could pull them right off.

Since I was tearing up badly, I was glad the bag concealed my face.

Then she tied a hobble between my legs and tied my ball sack twine down to each ankle on my hobble.

They untied the ropes holding my wrists from the legs of the bed, and helped guide me, as I was directed to scooch to the edge of the bed and get on my hands and knees on the barn floor.

They then retied the twine from my ball sac rope to my ankles and shortened the hobble some too.

I had to crawl for a bit with the hobble limiting my crawl, and pulling my balls as I crawled, as each ankle was extended.

They used the opportunity to hit my poor ass with a crop as I crawled along looking and feeling very foolish and whipped.

Cathy made it clear they could pull the ropes on my wrists out from under me at any time, sending me crashing face first into the barn floor.

I was totally in their grasp.

The "spider/fly" corollary came to mind.

I crawled until I bumped into some kind of form.

"STOP!, Kneel up!"

I worked my self into a kneeling position.

"Knee walk forward".

I did until my chest hit the form.

"Now lift yourself up, and over the breeding bench".

I couldn't get my feet under me, and indicated it as well as I could.

Cindy untied one ankle, and I was able to rise, and then was pushed over a blanketed form. Then each arm was tied off to the legs, and my feet were tied over to each side.

Leaving me totally tied, helpless, and vulnerable, to anything they would want to do to me.

She gave the twine attached to my ball sack another good pull just for fun I guess.

I squirmed and they laughed.

Cindy said, "There, now you are totally in our power".


I shook my head yes.

"So if we take of the hood and gag will you be a good boy and keep quiet?

No one can hear you anyway, out here, but your noise will annoy us. Then you will suffer. Understand?".

I nodded yes.

They took off the gag and then the hood, I blinked and was glad to see light again.

"It looks like he was crying" Cindy laughed, "I can't say I blame him. He is taking quite a beating, both mentally, and his poor ass has seen better days" She laughed.

"Considering the arrogant asshole he is."

"OK, asshole listen up. Here is the situation. Your ass is ours as is your mouth. You will be paid back for how you treated us.

You will get used, and abused, and if you are a good boy, it might end here today. Got that?"

"Yes" I replied.

WHAP my ass took another strapping.

"Our names now are; Miss Cathy, and Miss Cindy. Got that?"



"YES Miss Cindy"

"Good boy"

Now first we have a few corrections to your situation.

Miss Cathy put a blindfold over my eyes, then, it must have been Miss Cindy, took her hand and was rubbing my cock and balls.

MMMMmmm it felt nice. Oh it was nice, some kind of cream. THEN WOW! SON OF A BITCH! My cock and balls were on fire.

I whipped my ass around like it would help the fire on my balls. I whipped around and back and forth as much as my bounds would allow.

The girls broke out laughing at this,

As if it was the funniest, best thing, they had seen in months.

I finally stopped struggling, and rested in my resignation to my position, and suffering.

Groaning and whining in my fate.

Whap a softer hit to my ass.

"Your behaving pretty good, so you get a reward. A softer hit. See how nice we can be when your good?" She laughed.

My eyes were watering again, I felt humiliated, and beaten, and just hoped they would finish up soon without much more revenge on poor me.

Just then I heard a car pull up and the doors open, and slam shut.

Miss Cathy said "SHH, I don't want him to know who is here. I want him to never know. And always think, who was it who used me? Is it him, is it him?".

Then Miss Cathy stuffed some ear plugs in my ears. I could hear some muffled talking, and was aware that someone was right in front of my face.

Miss Cathy took a ear plugs from one ear, "OK now you will get to suck on two cocks. Each one for ten seconds.

Then you will get to decide which cock you get to suck off, and which one you get up your ass."

"WHAT, OH NO this can't be happening" I thought.

"Got it?"



"Yes Miss Cathy"

Here is cock one.

A cock bumped against my lips. My mouth opened. A hard cock went into my mouth.

"SUCK IT BITCH", Miss Cathy said.

I sucked.

It was long, maybe 7 inches, as it jammed in and hit my throat, it still wasn't all the way in. About a normal thickness.

"Here's cock two"

Cock two bumped my lips, and then was in my mouth. IT was bigger. I couldn't guess how long but definitely fatter. I didn't want that in my ass.

The cock pulled out.

"OK, your choice. Which one do you want where?"

I hesitated and WHAP.

"Cock one in my ass" I replied.


"Is that how you ask for something bitch?"

I got it, "Please stick cock one in my ass, PLEASE"

"And" Miss Cathy said.

"And please let me suck cock two with my mouth, PLEASE"

Cock two slid into my mouth, slid in like it belonged there, over my tongue and pushing against my throat, then pistoning in and out, fucking my face.

Then Cock one was at my asshole.

"Wait." said Miss Cindy, "He was nice enough to use lube while he fucked me there. So we'll be nice and lube up his hole.

I felt a greasy feeling on my asshole, and then a greasy cock, was back there starting to push.

"Wait" Miss Cindy rubbed more liniment on my cock and balls and it burned again,

I wiggled and shook my ass, and the cock pushing, and, I was fucking myself with the cock as it pushed and I wiggled around and then; the cock was in me.

There I was impaled on both ends with big cocks, it wasn't lost on me, or the girls, or the fuckers, that both men had bigger cocks than my little one.

Now cock two, in my mouth, was stroking in and out with an intense rhythm, jamming into my mouth and trying to get into my throat.

Jamming into me like a man using his bitch's hot cunt.

Cock one in my poor beaten ass was settling down to a nice stroking deep and slow, my ass wiggling trying to cool my cock and balls and sore ass from the strapping.

That seemed to turn him on a bit, thinking I was enjoying his fucking of me. Thinking I was really being his bitch.

Then I thought I heard a clicking and a flash of light around the blindfold.

Miss Cathy said "With the blindfold on it will be hard to recognize him. Here wait, be ready" And she pulled the blindfold off.

Before I could see anything, FLASH and FLASH blinding me. And then the blindfold was back on.

I had seen nothing and the girls now had a picture of me sucking on a cock.

Not the type of picture you would ever want anyone to see.

Now cock two was pushing in deep, pushing his hard cock in deep and strong into my waiting, serving mouth. Jamming in and stroking then short deep strokes. He was shaking,

and then, a pulsing as his hard, big cock shot cum into my mouth. Then pumping and then stroking in my mouth spreading his spunk through my mouth.

The girls were ecstatic squealing and laughing at my debasement, as cum and spit drooled out of my mouth.

"DAMN that is one great picture. Which gives me a great idea, don't pull out yet just let him drool" Miss Cathy said.

Then the blindfold came off and FLASH, and the blindfold was back on.

Now cock one in my ass picked up his pace, fucking hard and deep. I was f***ed to wiggle my ass to make it comfortable.

I wiggled my ass for him and then he shoved deep and held me as his cock shot it's load of cum into my beaten ass.

I could hear the camera click again.

Cock two slipped out of my mouth and my head hung down, tired and totally beaten.

Then as I hung there immobile and whipped, and things went fuzzy.

I had been caught and tied up by 2 girls who I used to "use" and now they were using me for their revenge and amusement.

Next, I was aware of more people around me. Someone grabbed my balls and gave a real tight squeeze, when I leaped and twisted against my bonds in pain, I heard lots of laughing.

Then someone tapped them kind of softly but it still hurt me and I groaned and tried to pull myself into the breeding bench, more laughter.

Then quiet. And I felt a cock push against my lips. I opened my mouth and let the cock slip in. The new cock stroked in and out of my mouth a few times and pulled out.

I laid there, and my balls were squeezed again. I got it.

"Please let me suck your cock." I asked.

More laughter as the new hard cock stroked into my mouth.

The cock, number three, stroked in and out of my mouth, sliding deep up to my throat opening causing me to gag and drool like a pig.

Then number three left my mouth.

Miss Cathy removed an ear plug and told me; "OK now your are to ask cock number three to fuck your ass, or your balls will get a real work out!"

I quickly asked "Please cock three please fuck my ass, PLEASE!." I meant it, I learned quickly, and I knew the position I was in and did not want any more pain.

I learned the humiliation was much easier than the pain.

I kind of liked the humiliation!!!

The humiliation was kind of cool.

Then as cock three was pushing against my ass hole I pushed back a little and got ready, at that moment, cock four was against my lips.

I opened my mouth and asked "Please let me suck your cock!"

Cock four obliged and invaded my begging mouth.

Then cocks three and four began a rhythm fucking me at both ends.

Two cocks working in and out of me, deep fucking my ass and mouth, and more than being resigned to my fate, I was now kind of liking it.

My cock was rock hard, and soon I felt a hand on it, this time not rubbing liniment into it but a nice stroking.

I kind of liked it but k nice I didn't want to cum now, not now please.

But I couldn't say anything.

Luckily the stroking stopped and let me cool down just a little and then concentrate on the fucking I was getting.

Thinking about getting fucked and wondering where all this was going to lead.

Knowing those pictures weren't taken just to use up film.

And then I felt my cock getting real good feeling all by it's self and really realized NO NO COCK PLEASE DON'T CUM NOW, my

God that would be so humiliating, to come while being fucked would show everyone what a pig I was, that I must be queer.

I managed to relieve some of the delicious feeling by whipping my ass around and stressing the area, but of course, that was interpreted as my enjoyment of getting ass fucked.

More humiliating laughter.

Noe the cock in my ass was dumping his load of spunk into my ass and his hands were holding my ass hard and he was in as deep as he could get.

Next the cock in my mouth started shooting cum into my mouth, shooting cum and spreading cum all in my mouth so the taste was complete.

I gagged and drooled cum and spit all down my chin and onto the floor.

I could hear more laughter and cameras going off.

Miss Cindy pulled a ear plug out and demanded, "Swallow that! swallow that cum and give us a big gulp and mmmmmmm!".

I swallowed, making a big, exagerated gulping sound, and went "MMMMMMMMMMMmmmm!"

Lots of laughter.

Then it was apparent the cocks were getting dressed and leaving.

I did hear one of the cock owners say "That was fun, thanks.".

But then, he must have been reminded to hush up.

I didn't recognize the voice anyway.

As I heard their cars drive away, Miss Cathy came up and took the other ear plug out and my blindfold off.

I blinked and got accustomed to seeing again.

Miss Cathy brought me up to date on their plans for me.

"Now we are going to untie you. You wont cause any trouble will you?"

I shook my head no, I know when I don't have any cards to play. Not only do they have me helpless, have pictures,

but either girl would be tough for me to handle physically, being good firm farm girls.

And, with both of them here, they could have me down and tied again easily.

"I'll do whatever you say."

"Good, now first move easily since I figure you will be sore and kind of stiff."

"When you can move, you are to get off the breeding bench, and get on your knees."

I slowly moved, and lifted my self off the bench,I got on my knees, on the barn floor, next to the bench.

I knelt there, head hanging down, 5 and a half inches of cock sticking out, leaking pre cum. Humiliated, used, abused, beaten!

Beaten by two girls and some unknown cocks who turned be into a cum bucket for all their pleasure and not mine.

Well I had learned of a new kind of pleasure.

Miss Cathy said "OK we have you, your ass is ours for our amusement. You will do whatever we say, or everyone will get to see your pictures.

Everyone will get a real big laugh and they will all know you are a cock sucking little fag with your little boy cunt."

"Yes Miss Cathy."

My cock was rock hard, there was a strange turn on feeling in my stomach, real weird!!!

"Now, lick my boots!"

I leaned over and licked. And of course, another flash of the camera!

I licked both boots as they laughed then when she was satisifed, it was Miss Cindy's turn.

I licked her boots as the camera flashed again then Miss Cindy told me,

"Jerk your little pecker off on my boots."

OH MY GOD,,,I knew where this was going.

I reached down and stroked my cock, and in only a couple of strokes I shot off on to her boot.


"Now lick it off!!!"

I was dizzy, I was beaten, I had no choice, I bent forward and licked my spunk off of her boot as they laughed and shot a couple of more pictures.

Then they turned and left, leaving me naked, alone, humiliated and beaten.

I slowly got dressed and walked to my car, wondering what was next......
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