text chat

You: hi
Stranger: Hello
You: m
Stranger: What? :/
You: im a male
You: and u
Stranger: Oh. Lol, didn't get that. Sorry.
Stranger: Female :D
You: ok
You: lol
You: how are you
Stranger: Age? XD
You: 18
Stranger: I'm going fine. Just bored. That's why I'm here in Omegle >__>
You: yeah me too
Stranger: Oh. I'm 18 too :D
You: sweet
You: where u from
Stranger: Hong Kong :D but I'm originally from the Phils. You?
You: canada
Stranger: Cool :D
You: so wat are u doing rie now
You: beside chatting with me
You: lol
Stranger: Nothing.
Stranger: HAHAHA> I was just about to type that XD
Stranger: How about you?
You: lol
You: sitting here on my bed
Stranger: Oh.
Stranger: Me, too. HAHA. I got bothing to do >_>
Stranger: *nothing -.-
You: so wats on ur mind wat do u feeling tlking about
You: entertain me
You: lol
Stranger: ...nothing actually. OTL
Stranger: WHAT? HAHA
Stranger: How do I entertain you? XD
You: any way u feel
You: lol
You: try me
You: lol
Stranger: I don't know what to do. HAHA XD
Stranger: Fail me XD
You: hey do u feel like playing a game
Stranger: What game?
You: truth or dare
Stranger: Oh. Cool :D Okay :D
You: ok
You: well u ask the first question
Stranger: Hmmm... Whaat's your name...? OTL FAIL XD
Stranger: HAHA
You: dale
Stranger: Dale? Like... Chip 'n Dale? O__O XD
You: ok truth
You: yeah
You: lol
Stranger: that's so cute :DD
You: so are u nice or naughty
Stranger: I can be nice and naughty at the same time. HAHAHA. Lolwhut XD
You: lol
You: sweet
Stranger: But that's the truth XDD
Stranger: OTL OTL XD
You: ok ur turn
Stranger: Hmmm.
Stranger: I don't know what to ask. OTL XD
You: dont be shy
You: ask
Stranger: I'm not shy. I just don't know what to ask. HAHA.
Stranger: oh, I got one. XD
Stranger: How many girlfriends have you had? OTL
Stranger: XDD
You: two
Stranger: Oooh :D
You: ok
You: truth
You: do u have a bf
Stranger: I have none as of now. Lol. XD
You: sweet
You: ok u ask
Stranger: XD
Stranger: Hmm.
Stranger: This is haaaarrrd >__>
You: lol
Stranger: You ask first :/ I really don't know what to ask XDD
You: well u can ask anything wat ever u think of
You: i wont be offended
Stranger: You ask first :| please? XD
Stranger: Okay :D
You: ok how far have u gone with a guy
Stranger: ...
Stranger: O___O
Stranger: XD
Stranger: Faaaaar.
Stranger: OTL
You: u mean all the way
You: lol
Stranger: Yes. OTL HAHAHA.
Stranger: This is embarrassing. //headwall
You: lol
You: do u want me to ask the questions from here on edn
You: lol
You: wnd
You: end
Stranger: Okay XD lol.
You: so wats ur favorite sexual position
Stranger: I'll just ask you if I want to know something :D
Stranger: O_______O
Stranger: I don't know what to call them. Lol. XD
Stranger: How about you?
Stranger: HAHA
You: um
You: lol
You: i like it when a girl rides me with her back facing me so i can see my ? inside her
Stranger: XDD
You: u know wat i mean
You: lol
Stranger: I know. HAHA :D
Stranger: My ex liked that too. OTL
You: that so turns me on
Stranger: XD
Stranger: Have you experienced a threesome? O.o
You: um no i would like too someday
You: lol
Stranger: HAHA.
Stranger: Me too XD
Stranger: OTL OTL XD
You: yeah
You: lol
You: so truth
You: are u shaved
Stranger: Yes. >__>
You: sweet
Stranger: Do you like shaved girls?
You: lol
Stranger: Lol
You: yes i do
You: ask me why lol
You: so i dont get a hair ball
You: when i go down on them
You: lol
Stranger: What do you mean? O.o HAHA.
You: you get it
You: lol
Stranger: I do now. XD
Stranger: HAHA. OTL
You: like a cat
Stranger: HAHAHAHA. I'm getting some mental images. OTL OTL OTL XD
You: so i like hairless kitties
Stranger: Kitties XD
You: so do u like giving oral sex or recieving it
Stranger: O_____________O
Stranger: I don't know. XD
Stranger: How about you?
Stranger: Loljk XD
You: im i like to give it first then later get it
Stranger: Oh.
Stranger: XD
You: it would pleasure me to pleasure u first
You: lol
Stranger: ME? HAHA XDD
You: yes
You: u
You: lol
Stranger: HAHA. Seriously? XDD
Stranger: Lolololololololol. XD
You: lol
You: so tell me are u wearing a thong
You: wat do u prefer
Stranger: Nope. I'm not even wearing anything. HAHAHA. Jk. OTL OTL
Stranger: XDDD
You: so
Stranger: So what? :)
You: u gonna tell me
You: lol
Stranger: Hmm.
Stranger: XD
Stranger: I wear thongs sometimes XD
Stranger: Sometimes, I wear boxers. Lol XD
You: um
You: sweet
You: have u ever taken pics of urseld ever in private
You: like a mirror
Stranger: Yes. But just my face. XD
Stranger: Not my body. :p
Stranger: XDD
You: oh
You: lol
You: so are u tall short thin
You: chubs
You: lol
Stranger: I'm... a little short. OTL
Stranger: And I'm not too thin, but I'm not too chubby either XD
You: sweet
Stranger: What sweet XD lololol.
You: so we are playing truth or dare still
You: lol
You: ur sweet
Stranger: HAHA. I forgot about that XD
You: as candy
Stranger: :p
You: i hope to lick u
You: someday
Stranger: Sweet talker :p
Stranger: HAHAHA :D
You: like a lolly pop
Stranger: Lick me. What. XD
You: ur sweet little center
You: like a lolly pop
You: lol
Stranger: Haha. You're so funny. XDD
Stranger: Like a lollipop. XD HAHAHA
You: tell me how lics would it take me to get to ur center
You: lol
Stranger: What? XD
You: um or u can just melt in my mouth if u like
Stranger: How do I do that? XD Haha.
You: like a hersy kiss chocolet
You: lol
Stranger: Melt in your mouth XD
Stranger: HAHA. OTL
You: ur sweet little pussy
You: is wat im refering too
You: lol
You: would u like that
Stranger: I knooow. HAHAHA. OTL OTL
Stranger: ...
Stranger: I don't know.
Stranger: Maybe? :p
You: lol
Stranger: So... how many times have you had sex? OTL OTL OTL XD
You: um
You: like lots
You: with
You: me ex
Stranger: LOTS HAHAHA. :D
You: yes
You: and how about you
Stranger: Like... five or six?
Stranger: Lol
You: oh
Stranger: XD
You: so ur not really experience
Stranger: No XDD
You: sweet
You: i can show u
Stranger: Hahaha. XD
You: so tell me
Stranger: You're so far from me :p
You: wat do u prefer
Stranger: What?
Stranger: ...prefer...?
You: small or big
Stranger: Small or big what?
Stranger: AHHH.
Stranger: HAHA
Stranger: Sorry XD
You: cocks
Stranger: I don't know XD
Stranger: Are you small? Or big?
Stranger: OTL OTL OTL
You: umm
Stranger: XD
You: nice size
You: i ben told
Stranger: HAHAHA. OTL
You: actually
Stranger: How many times have you been told? XD
You: i do have a nice cock
You: lol
Stranger: When was your first time? XD
Stranger: Having sex? XD
You: umm
You: 15
Stranger: O__________O
Stranger: Too young.
You: i was f***ed
Stranger: f***ed? O_O
You: by ex gf
You: lol
Stranger: But you enjoyed it. XD
You: how about u
Stranger: ...Did you?
You: yes i did
Stranger: Me? November 2011.
Stranger: Yes. Just recently XD
Stranger: HAHA. I knew it. XD
You: really
Stranger: Yess.
You: was it good
You: did it hurt
You: was u tender to u
Stranger: At first. Lol.
Stranger: Yeah, I think so? XD
You: so how did it first feel for u when he was entering u for the first time
You: i mean because u were a virgin
Stranger: I told you that it hurt. But I liked it in the end. Lololololol. XD
You: yeah did u cum
Stranger: Yes.
Stranger: OTL HAHA
You: was that ur first orgasm
You: lol
Stranger: Yesss. Lol, I never played with myself before. XD
Stranger: How about you? HAHAHA OTL
You: yes
You: yes
You: and yes
You: im guilty
You: lol
You: ur honor
Stranger: What? XD
Stranger: HAHA. Yes your first time was your first orgasm...?
Stranger: XD
You: wat ever ur gonna ask me
You: lol
Stranger: HAHAHA. XD
You: yes i came
You: she rode me
Stranger: O___________________O
Stranger: Mental images OTL OTL OTL
You: i remember how she took my cock and slide down on my shaft
You: untill i all the way in her
Stranger: Stop it. HAHA. I'm imagining things. OTL OTL XDD
You: and she told me not to move so her pussy can adjust to my size
Stranger: Whoa. Lol.
You: because i have a thick cock
You: and the head of me cock is big
You: so she told me to not move because it hurt her
Stranger: I think... you won't fit in me. OTL
Stranger: HAHA. Ignore. -.-
You: lol
You: then she started to move slow
You: in a rythem
Stranger: I said stop ittttt. XD HAHA.
You: she wasnt a virgin too
You: lol
Stranger: O_______O
Stranger: You really won't fit inside me. OTL HAHA IGNORE AGAIN. >__>
You: oh baby
Stranger: Hahaha. I can't breathe because of laughing too much XD
You: i make it fit inside ur tight little sweet pussy
Stranger: XDD
You: i would just put it in u
You: i wouldnt i mean
Stranger: O_________O That would hurt. OTL
You: id take the tip of my cock and rub the head up and down ur moist pussy
You: untill u were so wet
Stranger: OTL haha. My mom went inside my room to check on me. HAHA. She asked me why I'm laughing so much XD
Stranger: I had to close my laptop. HAHA.
Stranger: O_________________________O
You: lol
You: so would u like that
Stranger: Until I'm what...? .___.
Stranger: XD
Stranger: Maybe? :p
Stranger: Lololololol XD
You: oh
You: so are u a little wet
Stranger: ...
Stranger: Are you having a hard on now?
Stranger: :p
You: maybe
You: lol
Stranger: Haha. Answer meee. XD
You: yeah kinda
You: lol
Stranger: Haha. :D
Stranger: Lololololol.
Stranger: It's a good thing that you're inside your room now XD
You: well
You: its all good
You: lol
Stranger: XDD
You: be nice if u were in my room
Stranger: Yeah.
Stranger: XD
Stranger: Lololol
You: i know wat id be doing with you
You: lol
Stranger: What?
Stranger: :)
You: taken ur panties off nice and slow but first i would just lick ur pussy with them on
You: and pull them aside
Stranger: Lol. No kissing and stuff? XD
Stranger: XDD
You: yes after
You: i can u so hot
You: a
Stranger: After? HAHA.
Stranger: I prefer before... and after. Lol XD
You: then i would make my way back up
Stranger: That's hot OTL OTL XD
You: kiss my way to ur belly button
You: then to ur breast
You: and then ur neck
You: then ur mouth
Stranger: I'm... OTL XD
You: with a deep sultry kiss
You: then id ask u if u want my cock while im pressing it into ur pussy
Stranger: O_O
Stranger: Lol :))
You: feeling ur moistness
Stranger: Wait! I have to eat dinner :/
You: then u would tell me
You: ?
You: lol
Stranger: Haha. Ikr. OTL
Stranger: I have to eat dinner. My mom's calling me XD
You: ok
You: do u want me to go
You: or wait
Stranger: How about you? Do you want to wait for me? Lol
You: yes
You: ill wait
You: are u enjoy ing or little sex tlk
You: lol
Stranger: Yes. HAHA. Believe it or not XD
Stranger: I have to eat. Lol. Brb ;)
You: so im a making u a little turn on
You: lol
You: ok
You: hey do u have yahoo messneger is here is is mine dayshay@yahoo.com
Stranger: Back. Sorry it took me so long :/
Stranger: ym? I haven't used mine for so long XD
You: ok
You: is it still active
You: or hotmail maybe
You: so wat did u eat
Stranger: I don't know. I haven't checked XD
Stranger: I ate... fish.
You: well sens me a pic of u
Stranger: What about you? What time is it over there?
Stranger: How? XD
You: five in the morning
Stranger: O__________O
You: http://tinypic.com/
Stranger: Why are you still awake? XDD
You: u can upload pics there
You: i cant sl**p
You: lol
Stranger: Oh. Do I have to make an account or something?
You: well u can but u dont have too
Stranger: Oh.
You: when u upload u send me the link and then i can see ur pic
Stranger: Oh. XD the only pic I have here in my laptop is a pic of me with my friend XD
You: so we are still playing truth or dre rite?
You: so i care u
Stranger: Yes? XD
You: take a nice sexy pic
You: lol
Stranger: O________O XD
Stranger: No.
Stranger: HAHA. XD
Stranger: I can't do that. Lol.
Stranger: Sorry XD
You: or just a pic
You: lol
You: jk
You: so did u go to that site
Stranger: I did. XD
Stranger: OTL I'm so lazy. XD
Stranger: I'm too lazy now to get a picture of myself HAHA
You: aww le t me come lay with you
Stranger: Lay? XD
You: ill take the pic
You: lol
Stranger: If you can come here...
Stranger: XD
You: or lay you
You: lol
Stranger: Haha. I want you to come here though.
Stranger: Lay me. HAHAHA
You: how ever u prefer
Stranger: XDD
You: would u like me to lay you
You: lol
Stranger: You like to lay me. HAHA. OTL XD
Stranger: Maybe? :p
You: yes
Stranger: XD
Stranger: O__O
Stranger: XD
You: of couse
You: i would
Stranger: WHY? :p
You: because u sound so sweet
Stranger: HAHA. It will hurt. OTL XD
Stranger: Me? Sweet? XD
Stranger: Lololol :D Thanks.
You: yes it would
Stranger: OTL
You: but id slide it in u nice and slow
You: just the tip and tease u
Stranger: What if I don't want to ride you? XD
Stranger: lol
You: well we can spoon each other
Stranger: Spoon? You mean... you behind me? O_O
Stranger: Lol
You: thats when u we lay sise by side and u put ur bum against me
You: yes
Stranger: Oh. I finally know one sex position. XD
You: and then u press bck into my cock slowly
Stranger: The mental images again XD
You: let me enter u
Stranger: Now? HAHA. How XD
You: but u can controll the depth \
Stranger: I didn't know that... O_O
Stranger: >__>
You: if u want half my cock or all the way deep inside u
Stranger: I think half first... Lol. So it won't hurt. XD
You: yes
You: then u tell me
You: to go deep
You: id feel ur tightness
Stranger: Yes. And harder. Or faster maybe? XD
Stranger: XDD
You: around my cock and ur moistness too
Stranger: Lol.
You: imagine my cock in you deep how that would make u feel
Stranger: Are you hard now? XDD haha. I'm shameless OTL OTL
Stranger: XDD
You: yes im hard baby
You: are u moist
Stranger: O_______________O
Stranger: Yes. OTL
You: touch it tell me
Stranger: I can feel even if I haven't touch it yet. OTL
You: is ur panty u have on getting wet as we speak bab
You: babe
Stranger: Yes OTLOTL
You: oh how i would love to smell ur little and taste u
You: rite now
Stranger: XDD but you can't :p
Stranger: You're so far from me :/
Stranger: XD
You: are u turned on
You: like me \
Stranger: Yeah. OTL Haha. It's your fault XD
You: lol
You: would u like it if i was there in ur room
Stranger: Of course. What about you? ;)
Stranger: HAHA
Stranger: OTL OTL OTL
You: with my cock hard ready
You: for u
You: wat would u like me to do with you if i was
Stranger: That would be... :) XD
Stranger: So... what did you do when I was eating? ;)
You: oh just alid here and slike my hand down my boxers and stroking my cock thinking about you
Stranger: O_____________O
You: how ud feel around my cock
Stranger: That's... lol XD
You: would u like to see it
Stranger: HAHA.
Stranger: Maybe next time, babe :p
You: ok
You: i would like to umm
Stranger: What?
You: lay u in my bed
You: lol
Stranger: Maybe? XD
Stranger: Lol. XD
You: slide ur panties down
You: u made me so turned on
You: lol
Stranger: Me? What did I do? XDD
You: i wish i coud see ur booty in a panty
Stranger: XD
Stranger: You turned me on, too. So we're even, babe. XD
You: oh
You: so wat color are ur panties u have on
Stranger: Gray ;)
You: describe them
Stranger: HAHA. I'm not good at describing things XD just imagine it XD
Stranger: Me wearing gray panties XD HAHA
Stranger: OTL
Stranger: XD
You: how moist are u rite now between ur legs\
Stranger: Like so moist. OLT
Stranger: *OTL
You: wow
Stranger: And it's your fault. :/
You: do me a favor\
Stranger: XD
You: ok
Stranger: What?
Stranger: Lol
You: take ur hand and slike down ur panty
Stranger: O___________O
Stranger: Why? ;)
Stranger: XD
You: because \
You: i want you too
Stranger: haha. XD
You: and take ur index finger ur middle one slide it in ur pussy
You: tell me how wrt and good that feels
Stranger: That's... O__O
Stranger: i can't do that OTL
You: why
You: baby
Stranger: I just can't OTL
Stranger: Besides I'd prefer you tasting me than myself OTL XDD
You: and then take ur wet finger and put in my mouth
Stranger: XD
You: let me taste ur sweet pussy
Stranger: Go ahead. Lol.
You: oh i wish
Stranger: Me too. XD
Stranger: OTL XD
You: so u must i mean ur panties are wet
You: rite now
You: as ur sitting there on ur bed
Stranger: I told you about that already. XD
Stranger: Yesss. Lol
You: lol
You: um if i was fucking u
You: rite now
Stranger: What? ;)
You: i would like u to hold ur panties in my face while im on top
Stranger: Won't that be too hard? Lol.
You: so i could smell them
Stranger: You know, if you're... fucking me, I won't be able to concentrate then. HAHAHA. OTL
You: i know baby
You: id be so deep inside u
You: stretching ur little pussy apart
You: would u want that
Stranger: OTL that would hurt. XD
Stranger: but yes. Lol. HAHAHA.
You: i think ud prob make me cum so fast and hard
Stranger: O___O why is that?
You: becuz ud be so tight
Stranger: Oh :D
You: and if i was cuming
You: would u want me to pull out
You: or just cum deep inside u
Stranger: Lol. What do you want? Do you want to pull it out? ;)
You: no i would love just to hold u tight and realise my cum deep in you
Stranger: I'm on the pill. Lol. Because of my period... yeah. XD
Stranger: Aww. XD
You: would u let me baby
Stranger: I will
Stranger: HAHAHA
Stranger: OTL
You: damn im so hard and horny for u rite now
You: i want to cum
Stranger: ;)
Stranger: O__O
Stranger: Lol.
Stranger: I wish I could help. You know :p
Stranger: XD
You: would u suck my cock baby
You: are u more wetter and moist
You: rite now
Stranger: Yes and yes. Lololololol.
You: i want to show u my cock
You: rite now
You: so u can see how hard u make me
You: baby
You: make urself cum for me
Stranger: XDD
Stranger: OTL
Stranger: It would be so hard to type with one hand though XD
You: thats ok just tell me ur now rubbing ur pussy for me
Stranger: Not yet. Lol. My mom's here inside my room. She thought I was researching for my homework or something XD
You: ok
You: ill wait baby
Stranger: Later. Once she goes out of my room ;)
You: ok
You: are u turned on even more baby
Stranger: I did? XD
Stranger: Lolololol. XD
You: oh is she gone
Stranger: Not yet :/
Stranger: I want to throw her out of my room. HAHA. OTL
You: telll me baby are u leaking yet
You: i mean ur moist little pussy on to ur panty
Stranger: I told you already. I'm wet OTLOTL XD
You: lol
Stranger: OTL this is embarrassing. HAHA
You: oh so ready for my big cock
Stranger: Yes.
Stranger: :/
Stranger: She won't go away. OTL
You: thats ok baby
You: ill just tease u more
You: lol
You: and tell u i want you so bad
Stranger: That's torture. TORTUUUUURE :<
Stranger: XD
You: and that if i was in ur room id bend u over with ur panties on
You: u lean on ur bed bent over while im on my knees
You: behind you
Stranger: YOUUU. Stop it :/ OTL
Stranger: Stop teasing. OTL
You: id pull ur moist panty aside
You: do u want me to stop baby
Stranger: Stop the teasing :<
Stranger: Lol.
Stranger: Because... XD
You: because why
Stranger: You know why. OTL
You: tell me
You: lol
You: oh u want it rite now
Stranger: Yes OTL
Stranger: XD
You: u want a nice coclk in u
Stranger: XDD
You: upload a pic for me baby
Stranger: My mom is giving me looks. HAHA. Because I'm giggling XDD haha. XD
You: so i can
You: lol
Stranger: I'm too lazy, babe :/ XD haha. babe Lol. XD
You: please baby
You: when ur moms gone
Stranger: No can doooo. :D
You: maybe
Stranger: What? XD
You: wat is she doing in ur room cleaning it
Stranger: Lol. I never called anyone babe or baby before.
You: lol
Stranger: Yes. She's... looking at something in my closet.
Stranger: XD
You: aww sweet
You: how come u have never called anyone baby
Stranger: What's sweet? :) Me? HAHA. lololololol.
You: yes u are sweet
Stranger: :3 XD
You: i wish to taste ur sweet little pussy baby
Stranger: Because... I don't know. XD I just...
Stranger: Oh, she's gone. XD
You: do u like tlking to me
Stranger: Of course :D
You: sweet
You: baby
Stranger: What about you? Do you like talking to me? XD
You: ok shes gone
You: yes i do
Stranger: WHYY. XD haha. OTL
You: because u sound like a nice but a kinda naughty girl
Stranger: HAHA. I told you. I can be both. Lololol XD
You: so i want you to cum for me ok
You: rub ur little pussy for me
Stranger: I almost had a heart attack. OTL OTL OTL OTL
You: why baby
Stranger: I was about to take off my pajamas when she came back OTL OTL
Stranger: XD
You: omg
You: did u lock the door this time baby
Stranger: She's still here. OTL
Stranger: She's still looking for something. OTL OTL OTL
You: do u want to cum for me baby
Stranger: I seriously want to throw her out now. But I can't do that. She's my mom.
Stranger: Lol, yes. :| XD
You: have u masturbating befor baby
Stranger: Just lately XD
Stranger: But I don't insert my fingers inside my... well. Yeah. >__>
You: and wat do u think of
Stranger: Things. XDD
You: when ur rubbing ur clit baby
You: like wat tell me
Stranger: HAHA. Guess :p
You: and when are u moist hornies \
You: in the morning or nite
Stranger: BABY. OTL I like you calling me baby. OTL OTL XD
Stranger: Hmm. It depends. Lol XD
You: tell me baby
You: how many times a day
Stranger: I don't know. O__O HAHA. I don't count, babe :p
You: do u masturbate in the shower babe
Stranger: No. :| I haven't tried that before. OTL
You: do u have a dildo or u just use ur fingers babe
Stranger: Fingers. I don't have a dildo. O_O I'm not allowed to have one yet. XD
You: if i sent u a pic of my hard cock would u masturbate to it for me
Stranger: Are you still hard? ;)
Stranger: O________O
You: yes baby
Stranger: I don't know. Maybe? XDD
Stranger: HAHA. OTL
You: ok ill send u one ok
You: when ur mom leaves u can
Stranger: Okay XDD haha. OTL
Stranger: I can what? XDD
You: http://i44.tinypic.com/106ebs1.jpg
You: masturbate
You: did u see my cock baby
Stranger: Wait. It's still loading XD
Stranger: OMG O__O
Stranger: OTL OTL HAHA
Stranger: Is that... O__O
You: yes
You: wat do u think baby
Stranger: It's... it won't fit. OTL
You: do u like it baby
You: have u had a cock in u like that
Stranger: NO. Lol XD
Stranger: I haven't XDD
You: do u think u could lower ur tight wet pussy on it
Stranger: I noticed. Are you dark or something? Lol XDD
Stranger: I wish. HAHA XD
You: no white
Stranger: Really? O___________O
You: its the lightimg
Stranger: Lol kay XD
Stranger: You're 17, right?
You: how does that cock pic make u feel baby
You: yes
Stranger: You know how it makes me feel. OTLOTL XD
You: do u think i have a nice cock baby
Stranger: You do, babe. ;)
Stranger: Did you just take that pic?
Stranger: XD
You: yes
Stranger: Nice XDD
You: u make me so hard
You: pulsating hard
Stranger: O______________O I do? XD
Stranger: OTLOTLOTL I see myself sucking you. OTLOTL
You: so if we were together would u take my big cock
You: and suck it deep
Stranger: XD
Stranger: Not deep. OTL
Stranger: XD
Stranger: But yes XD
You: why not baby
Stranger: Maybe I won't like it? Lol. XD
You: would like to play with that cock all nite if we were in the same bed
Stranger: Of course, babe. Lol the name calling. :) I like the name calling XD
Stranger: HAHA
You: then would u let me play with ur pussy
You: we could sixty nine
Stranger: Would you play it if I let you? ;)
Stranger: O__O I haven't done that before.
You: yes i so would
Stranger: XDD
You: u can sit on my face while i suck ur clit and finger ur pussy baby
You: and u can suck my fat cock
Stranger: O______________O
You: are u alone baby
Stranger: Lol :))
Stranger: Yes. For now. XD
Stranger: My mom might barge in again. XD
You: well slide ur hand down ur pjs
Stranger: O__O
Stranger: Wait. I'll just lock the door. XD
You: ok
Stranger: XDD
You: hurry baby
You: lol
You: ok
Stranger: Why? XDD
Stranger: haha
You: wat are u doing tell me
Stranger: Guess. ;)
Stranger: XDD
You: umm are u pjs off
Stranger: Yes XD
You: are u on the bed
You: or on the chair
Stranger: Bed :p
You: umm are ur panties still on baby
Stranger: No. I took it off XDD
You: oh wow
Stranger: XDD
You: so are u spreading ur legs baby for me
You: wide
Stranger: Yes XD
Stranger: lololol
You: wow
You: im so hard baby
Stranger: ;)
You: tell me baby are u inserting any fingers in ur wet pussy
You: rite now \
You: tell me wat ur doing
Stranger: XD
Stranger: Guessss ;) XD
You: umm fingers baby are u looking at my cock rite now
Stranger: No, but I can remember your cock, babe. ;)
You: oh that sweet imagine it sliding in u rite now
You: how does it feel baby
Stranger: Good. XD
You: is it hurting you
You: tell me
Stranger: No. I'm so wet, babe ;)
You: wow baby
You: rub ur pussy fast then slow for me
Stranger: :)
Stranger: doing it XD
You: yes baby
You: ur fingers most be so wet
You: oh i want to lick them baby
Stranger: they are XD
You: insert them deep in ur tight pussy for me ok
You: tell me how does that feel
Stranger: fucking good ;)
You: oh i love that when u curse
Stranger: you do? :)
You: baby i do u want my big cock now
Stranger: Shit yes.
You: im gonna fuck u hard and deep
You: then doggy style hard and deep baby
You: cum for me baby cum
Stranger: yeahh. fuck OTL
You: finger ur tight little cunt \
You: faster baby
You: deep for me
Stranger: XD
You: fuck i want you so fucking bad
You: i want to taste ur sweet little fucking pussy and fuck u so hard
You: i want to make u moan
You: with pain and pleasure
Stranger: XD
You: baby
Stranger: Lololol. That was fun. ;)
You: do u want that too
Stranger: Yes. XD
You: did u cum for me baby
Stranger: I just did. Lol. First time while chatting with someone. OTL
Stranger: XD
You: wow baby
You: i hope u enjoyed me
Stranger: XD
You: would u like to do this again with me
Stranger: Maybe? Lol. ;)
Stranger: Did you come already? XD
You: yes
You: hard
You: thats why i said go faster baby
Stranger: O_________O Lol :)
You: baby
Stranger: Oh.
You: so u have my email baby
Stranger: XD
You: yes u made me cum too
Stranger: That's nice to know, babe. :)) XD
You: i love chatting with you and making you cum babe
Stranger: XDD
You: so i want you to email me at dayshay@yahoo.com ok
You: please
Stranger: When? XD
Stranger: Lolololol.
Stranger: This is... so sudden HAHA
You: later send me email
You: i know but it was so hot and fun
Stranger: O___O okay. XD
Stranger: Yes it is. XD
You: or give me ur yahoo
You: ill add u
Stranger: O___O are you sure? XD
Stranger: Lolololol.
You: so baby are u asian
Stranger: I am. Why?
You: sweet
You: i love asian woman
You: there so hot
Stranger: Whyyyy? XD
Stranger: HAHA
Stranger: Do you... watch anime or something? XD
You: because there small and sweet
Stranger: >__>
You: lol
Stranger: OTL
You: do i watch wat
Stranger: I'm small. OTL OTL
Stranger: Anime XD
You: im five ten
Stranger: Five ten O______________O
You: 180 ponds
You: and with a big cock
Stranger: I'm short T^T
Stranger: HAHA
Stranger: Me: five flat OTL or five one. OTL OTL
You: u can ride me we can stand up and fuck
Stranger: I'm too short T^T
You: u can wrap ur legs around me standing up
Stranger: Thanks for making me realize that. OTL OTL
Stranger: XDD
You: while im deep inside ur pussy baby
You: wats ur name baby
Stranger: Abi :p that's my nick name. XDD

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