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7 ideas why Justin Bieber pissed in that bucket

The world is buzzing with the new video of Justin Bieber allegedly urinating in a mop bucket at a nightclub. But is that really what the video shows? Do we know exactly what was going on? Do we know the context? No. All we know for sure is that Justin Bieber is one of the greatest people on Earth. I think I’ve got some ideas about what really happened.

It Was On Fire

The video only shows the Biebs from behind, but it’s pretty obvious that he was heroically standing in front of his friends and putti... Continue»
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Airplane Sex Guide

Airplane Sex Guide

For your own safety and comfort and that of your fellow passengers and crew, please observe the following regulations when engaging in in-flight sex.

Sex While Seated
Regulations require that you keep your seatbelts fastened at all times when seated. Therefore, only oral and manual sex are permitted in the main cabin. If you desire privacy, you may request a blanket to conceal your activities.

This option is always available to our passengers who prefer to self-suck. To avoid head injuries, make sure your tray table is secured in its upright and ... Continue»
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Music Faves- Random Order updated 7-24-13

I'm saying: to be continued, until we meet again. Meanwhile, keep on listening and tapping your feet.

With a little help from my friends:


Music video by Bruce Springsteen performing Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) Continue»
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My Flag Counter 5-21-11

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