The Story of My Life - Part III

High school years passed and it seemed that my cross-dressing days were over. I was regularly dating girls and was considering my past experiences with men as experimental.
When I finished high school I and the girl I used to date back then went for vacations together. We were in love and enjoyed our summer with lot of sex. She was to stay in my hometown but I was to leave my country to study abroad. All though initially we talked about keeping our relation in the end we both decided that a break up would be for the best.
On late August I left for my new hometown. I found a beautiful apartment, my roommate was from Holland. Eric was his name.
I moved in and started attending classes from September. I didn’t hang up with Eric but from time to time we were going out for some beers. It was late October and Eric was dating a girl from Denmark. She was really cool and I liked her. We went out for some beers and returned really late and really d***k.
I don’t know how but we ended having a threesome. Somehow my role was really passive as I was blowing Eric while his girlfriend was fingering me. A few minutes later Eric’s dick was deep in my ass and all the memories of my previous life came back. I was moaning like a girl asking for more.
This went on for several weeks and my role was always the same. A submissive passive boy asking Eric’s dick.
One day I was at home with Eric’s girlfriend. He was to come later this afternoon. We were talking when I decided to open up to her and share my past experiences. She was excited and curious. She asked me to get dressed; she wanted to see how I looked like. I didn’t have any clothes to do so but she offered to give me some of her’s. It didn’t took me long to agree.
Half an hour later I was standing in front of her dressed up. She really liked it. She came close to me and started kissing me passionately. Eric came in and he was surprised, he thought that he was watching some lesbian action when all the sudden he understood that it was me. His excitement was obvious; we ended up having sex all night. The best sex I ever had for years.
This woke up my old personality. I forgot girls and I was looking at men again. I was having coffee and stared men as they were passing by. I was having a drink and looked for men at bars. It didn’t took me long to take the next step.
I was only going to gay bars now, dressed like a girl. I was picking up strangers giving blow jobs at restrooms, I was getting fucked at parks and public places. And I was totally passive. I also started to use internet to find men. It was on one of those dating sites that I was contacted by John. I had created a page with sexy pictures of me (as a gurl) and John send me several messages saying how much he admired me. After a few weeks I decided to meet him for a drink.
That date changed me forever.
We used to go out and then hang at his place. Me always dressed. He was treating me like a girl. I had a full life as a girl when I was at his apartment. When we were making love I had the girl’s role. It was amazing for me. After a few months I decided to move in with him.
I was living a double life at this time. Going to university like a boy and living like a girl for the rest of the day. John was buying me dresses, accessories, jewelry and several gifts. I was treated like a queen. He was madly in love with me. And the sex was amazing. He had a short but fat dick that I loved to blow, perfect for my holes.
It had been like three years that we were living together when one afternoon I met Eric. He was having his coffee at a shop close to John’s place. We sat together and talked about the “old times” and he told me how he missed me. I was surprised of that but also excited. I asked him to come for a drink at my place and a few minutes later he was fucking me hard on the sofa. I had really missed Eric’s long dick, I was feeling that he was tearing me apart. He was fucking me so hard, like he did never before. He came inside me and he came a lot!!!! I was standing with my asshole destroyed when the door opened and John came in. He was to stay late at work but he managed to change shift with a colleague and returned earlier. It all ended on a huge fight, I had to pack my staff and leave. Eric told me that I could use his place for as long as I needed.
I didn’t sl**p all night; I was feeling bad as I have betrayed someone who loved me in a way I would never be loved again. I was trying to figure a way to show him how sorry I was. On those thoughts I went to the university the next day, I was planning to go to John’s apartment in the afternoon and seek for forgiveness. As I entered the campus I was shocked. Pictures of me were posted on trees, thrown on the streets. Pictures showing me in girl’s clothes, in girls’ underwear, naked… and all with my name printed on them. Everybody was watching me and they were all laughing at me. I left away running and went back to Eric’s. I tried to call John but there was no reply. I really hurted him and he decided to counter attack me. Now everybody knew the worse of me.
Eric came later and told me the news too. He asked me to leave the apartment as he could not handle such issues of jealousy and revenge.
I found a new apartment and tried to move on. I couldn’t; life at university was like hell. On June I asked one of my professor’s to help me register in another university. He had some good connections and he did it.
There I was in a new city for my last academic year. It was a big relief for me and I decided to focus on my studies.
(to be continued)

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8 months ago
awwww thanks for sharing!
8 months ago
wow that was a shame ur love got narrow minded like that and u know u should have to erics to fuck instead of ur home