The Story of My Life - Part II

The story with Peter and Simon went on for several weeks. We were going at their place, dressing up there and had sex. In order to be able to shave our body hair me and Nick decided to join a swimming club. That way we could justify the shaving to our parents without raising any questions.
At the same time I was dating a girl with whom I have only reached foreplay. Usually I was seeing her on Fridays and Saturdays. As she had to be back home by 22:00 I had all my nights free for Simon.
I was now more experienced and I started to give him some really good blow jobs. But, this dressing issue got me excited. I wanted to do it more and not just at his place. Unfortunately there were no upcoming theme partys.
One day I decided to do it. I put on a thong and a body fish net and stockings. I then got a long sleeve shirt and my jeans. I went dressed like this to see a porn movie. In order to go in I had to use a fake I.D. showing I was older than 17. I sat at the back to watch the movie. Seeing porn and feeling the stockings on my body made my cock hard immediately. I decided to go to the restroom and jerk. As the movie was still playing restrooms were empty. I started to jerk when I heard someone coming in. I stopped and flushed the toilet pretending I was taking a piss. It was an old guy (older than 50) who looked at me but didn’t say anything. Saved, I thought while I was heading back to my seat. A few seconds later the old guy was seating close to me. I didn’t say anything and kept watching the movie when I realized that he had his pants unzipped and he was jerking. He saw me looking at him and he moved to the seat next to me. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t ask me anything and there I was leaning to blow him. It didn’t took him long to come (the movie helped on that) inside my mouth. I swallowed every drop and licked his cock to clean it. He then zipped his pants, stood up and walked away. When the movie finished I left. When I exited the theatre I heard someone whistling at me, I turned around and there he was, the old guy from the movies. He asked to go closer and told me if I was interested to follow him to his apartment. I was excited and did so. Only when we arrived I realized that I was wearing girlie underwear. I felt embarrassed and tried to find an excuse to leave, he insisted on staying and asked me to blow him again saying it was one of the best blows he ever had. I somehow felt proud of that and decided give him a blow and leave. While I was doing so I suddenly felt his already hard cock getting ever harder. “You are one slutty bitch” I heard him saying as he tried to take of my shirt. I tried to stop him but he said that “he wanted to have a better look at my thong”. As I was on my knees blowing him my jeans went down exposing the thong I was wearing. He asked me to take my clothes off, I did that and there I was standing like a girl in front of him. His cock was still hard. I jerked him a bit and then he told me to bend over on the sofa. I did that and he came inside me immediately. He started to fuck me fast and hard calling me a bitch, a queer, a faggot. This had never happened to me before. So far, I was making love, this was the first time I got fucked. To my surprise I liked it more. We were both dirty talking while I was asking him to fuck the shit out of me, destroy my asshole, telling him I was his faggot, his bitch.
When he was ready to come he pulled back and turned me around to face his cock. I was jerking him close to my face and he came all over it. I was feeling his hot cum on my chicks, my eyes and my lips. I was feeling humiliated and excited at the same time. I wanted more but then the bad surprise came, he started shouting at me to get dressed and get out.
I did so feeling so embarrassed, I never expected such a reaction. You see, I was still young and didn’t know that most of the times that would be the reaction I would get after having sex with guys.
This whole thing had affected me a lot. I decided not to see a guy again for a long time. I stopped seeing Simon, I even stopped hanging with Nick. For a long period of time I would go on meeting girls and having sex with them. Still, while masturbating I would always picture myself as a girl with a guy.

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