Horny Professor

Dave was a Professor at a University in Texas. His classes usually ranged from about 200 - 300 students per class. He was in his early 40's and married. He and his wife had been married for about 15 years and they used to have sex often. Nowadays,they both had busy schedules and their sex life had slowed down to about once aweek. He would jerk off occasionally to keep his stress down, but his sexual cravings had increased over the past few years. Lately, he was having lustful thoughts towards some of the young ladies in his classes.

It began a few years ago as he would watch the girls come to class in their short skirts. He would wonder if they were wearing panties under their skirts. What type of panties could they be - perhaps bikini, nylon/satin material? Maybe a thong, his imagination grew as he wondered. One of the girls in his class was Samantha. She had brown hair, was about 5' 6", in fantastic shape and always dressed sexy when coming to Dave's class. She was struggling in his class early in the semester and was getting a D. About 15 mins after class ended, Dave was in his office when he received a knock on his door. It was Samantha and she had a worried look on her face. He let her in and they talked for a few minutes. She was concerned about her grade and wanted to know what could she do to help move it up to an A. Dave gave her help some helpful tips about the next upcoming test and Samantha was thankful. When she got up to leave, she handed him a gift bag and said "Enjoy".

What could be inside this bag? Dave's mind began to race. He got up from desk after she left, looked down the hall to see if anyone was coming and decided to lock his door for privacy. He picked up the bag and opened it. Inside was a note and it said, "Mr. Brown, I know you like to look up my skirt and I get very wet watching you do it. Here's something I know you've been dying to touch." When he pulled the paper back in the bag, he saw a pair of white silky bikini panties. His cock began to grow immediately. He heard a noise outside in the hall and did not want to get caught. He stuffed the panties back in the bag and quickly hid the bag in his briefcase.

That evening when he got home, he was alone as his wife was out of town on business. He couldn't wait to smell Samantha's panties and he pulled them out of the bag as he raced to his bedroom. He quickly got undressed and laid on the bed naked holding her panties. He put them against his nose and inhaled. She must have worn them in the past day or so because they were still moist. His cock began to grow quickly and he began jerking off immediately. He broke out into a big sweat and came in less than 2 minutes. Damn, he hadn't been this excited since he was a teenager. Although Dave fantasized about Samantha for the next few months, nothing happened. She wound up doing well on her remaining tests that semester and ending up getting an A in his class. Word must have got around because Dave began to have a few girls stopping by his office the next semester looking for help. Each time they would leave him a special package to open. Over the next year, he had amassed a nice collection of sexy notes and panties.

A few weeks later, Dave and his wife Sarah had plans for a romantic dinner. Dave was hopeful the evening would go well so he could get lucky later. He had not had sex or jerked off in over a week. Needless to say, he was a time bomb waiting to explode! When he and Sarah returned home from a wonderful evening, they opened a bottle of wine, turned down the lights and began to dance slowly together. They began to kiss passionately and his hands began to roam her body slowly. He gently pulled up her skirt and began to rub her sweet panty ass. As they kissed, he rubbed her ass with his right hand and his left hand pulled her panties to the side and he began to slowly stroke her pussy. She was moaning and her pussy juices were starting to flow down his hand as their dancing had slowed. He picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. They tore off each other's clothes and began having wild sex together. It was out of a scene from a movie as their clothes were strung out everywhere and their primal screams and moans were so loud it seemed like they were teenagers all over again. Sarah came multiple times and was exhausted. Dave had somehow managed not to cum yet. He was surprised when Sarah told him she needed to stop. She was sore and could not continue. He began to get pissed as he thought he was going to have jerk himself off now.

He really wanted to fuck her some more, but Sarah had other ideas. She told Dave that she had a special surprise for him and wanted to tie him up. Damn, she hadn't tied him up in years and he became a little excited about the thought. She went to the closet and came back with some ties. She proceeded to tie him spread-eagle to their king size bed. As she tied each knot, his dick became harder and harder with anticipation. Then, she went back to the closet and brought a bag with her. Dave wandered what was inside as his heart was racing. She began to pull out some paper and read to him. Once the words came out of her mouth, Dave began to sweat and twitch. Sarah had found his notes from the college girls that he had saved. She read about 3 of them and as each word came out of her mouth, he began to feel more uneasy. He had been caught by his wife and she had him tied up. What the hell was going to happen now? Sarah asked him, "Do you have anything you want to say?" As he laid there speechless, she began to put a gag around his mouth so he couldn't talk. He began to yell but all you could hear was a muffled sound. Sarah said, "Dave I've known about these letters for some time now. I also know about the panties and the fact that you like to jerk off to them when I'm out of town. I set up a hidden camera about 6 months ago and have been watching you. At first, I was pissed and was ready to leave you. But the more I read the notes, the more turned on I became. I realize we don't have sex much anymore and your fetish for other things has grown over the years. I decided it was time to try something new tonight in bed so I'll be back in a little while." Before Sarah left, she blindfolded Dave and plugged his ears so he couldn't hear. Dave was scared and turned on all at the same time. What was going to happen? Damn, he was going nuts as he couldn't see, hear, talk or move. His cock was raging and he had never been so horny in all his life. As each second passed, it felt like a minute. As each minute passed, it felt like an hour. Where was Sarah and what was she up to? He was soon going to findout...What seemed like an eternity to Dave was really only about 20 minutes.

All of a sudden, Dave felt the earplugs removed from his ears. He could hear again, but that was it. He was still blindfolded, gagged and tied to the bed. He listened attentively for what Sarah was up to, but all he could hear was feet shuffling around on the carpet. The suspense was killing him! Suddenly, Sarah said,"Dave, I'm going to remove your gag and blindfold now. I hope you're ready." When the gag and blindfold were removed, Dave couldn't believe his eyes. In his room were Sarah and 10 HOT girls from Dave's current and past classes, most notably Samantha! He was speechless and embarrassed as he was tied down naked in front of them. The girls were absolutely stunning and were dressed very sexy in various outfits. As Dave squirmed on the bed, Sarah began to speak. "Dave, I know you've fantasized for years about being with multiple women. I'm going to put this ring around your cock so we can enjoy you for awhile."

At that moment, the girls began to slowly strip removing one layer of clothing at a time. Dave's eyes began to move rapidly as he tried to keep up with every incredible visual image happening in front of him. This was by far way beyond his Fantasy World. While the girls were undressing, Sarah began to suck on his right ear and whisper sexy things to him. As the girls completed stripping down to their sexy bras and panties, they proceeded to gather around Dave and rub his entire body from head to toe. As he lay there helplessly, his body squirmed as their fingers were massaging his toes, calves, knees, thighs, fingers, arms, shoulders, etc. Every part of his body was covered with fingers and the feeling was indescribable. No one had touched his cock or balls yet, but Sarah noticed that they were more swollen than she had ever seen them in her life. This turned her on as the girls were working Dave over really well. Sarah moved from his ear down to his raging hard on. She wrapped her moist mouth around the head of his shaft and began to gently rub his balls while sucking his swollen cock. At the same time, there were 4 girls sucking on his toes and fingers. Then, Samantha moved to his left ear and began to suck on it slowly. She began to speak to Dave and said, "I've wanted to do this for a long time now. Once your wife called me and my girlfriends with this incredible idea, we couldn't wait to surprise you. I've only given blowjobs to a few guys in my life, but me and my friends are really looking forward to sucking your dick. Thank God Dave was in great shape because this scenario would give the average man a heart attack!

The girls began taking turns sucking on his cock and balls. Dave was in ecstasy beyond his wildest dreams and was moaning constantly. When his breathing picked up and it sounded like he was going to cum, the girls would stop for a few minutes and let him cool down. Then, they would start up again slowly and thiswent on for about 45 minutes. Finally, Sarah got up from the bed and went tothe closet. She came back with a bag and asked Dave if he knew what was in it. He definitely knew what was in it and wondered what she was up to. Sarah proceeded to turn the bag over and s**tter the items all over Dave. These items were the panties that the girls had given Dave over the past year as souvenirs. There must have been about 20 pairs and each of the girls grabbed a few pairs and rubbed them on his body. Now Dave had jerked off to panties before but it had only been one or two pairs at a time. He was going absolutely insane! He closed his eyes and said out loud, "Thank you God over and over!" The girls laughed at his reaction and continued stroking him from head to toe. Dave was desperate to cum, but didn't want this moment to ever end. He thought tohimself, "How in the hell did I get so lucky? This is better thanwinning the lottery!" Heopened his eyes and saw Samantha and 6 other girls fighting over his cock. Asthey took turns, he relished the wonderful feeling of having multiple silky panties rubbed all over him. He told Sarah, "I can't take it anymore, I'm gonna blow". The girls stopped, got up and left the room. Although he loved watching their awesome panty butts as they walked away, he got pissed and said to Sarah, "You can't leave me like this". They just laughed and shut the door behind them. He was starting to go crazy and began pulling on the knots to get undone. He wanted to cum so bad that he did everything he could to rip himself apart from the ties that bound him to the bed. He had no luck as Sarah had done a wonderful job securing him to each bed post. He thrashed around and cussed for about 10 minutes before he finally gave up.

About 30 minutes later, the door opens and Sarah walks back in by herself. She asks Dave if he enjoyed the evening and he begs her to release him so he can jerkoff. She shakes her head no and whistles towards the door. At that moment, the10 college beauties stroll back into the room in their panties only as they had removed their bras. The girls laid some blankets down on the floor next to the bed and began to make out with each other. As they continue, many of them arein the 69 position sucking on each other's pussies. These sights and sounds are driving Dave absolutely crazy. As they caress, moan and suck, Dave's eyesbecome bigger and he pulls at the ties hoping for release. If he could get free, he would slip his massive cock inside Samantha and fuck her until they both finished coming together in a blinding fury. But, no one is paying any attention to Dave and the girls are really getting into each other. Their panties are removed and now everyone in the sex den is completely naked. Pussy juices are flowing, some girls are squirting uncontrollably and everyone is getting more worked up by the minute. Dave notices Samantha is really getting into it and the more he watches, the more he realizes that she is locked in a stunning 69 with his wife Sarah. He says, "Holy Shit" as he's never watched his wife with another woman. He's often fantasized about this and notices that she is having a great time.

While this is going on, two of the girls stand up and head towards Dave. Their names are Tammy and Christy. They have a very devilish look on their faces and jump on the bed. Immediately, they begin to suck on Dave's dick. Tammy proceeds to sit on Dave's face and Christy wraps her pussy around his swollen dick. The feeling of Christy's hot pussy immediately sends shivers up his spine. Tammy grinds her pussy in Dave's mouth as he begins to suck on her clit. As they become louder, the other girls begin to notice and they start coming back to the bed. They are like vultures and each of them wants a piece of Dave. They begin taking turns sitting on his face and fucking him. Dave is swimming in hot pussy and loving every second of it.

After about 15 minutes, they can tell he's going to burst. They get off him and lie next to him on the bed. After several grunts and moans from Dave, the precum from his dick runs down the side of his raging hardon. He asks the girls to finish him off as he can't take anymore. They have another idea...Sarah brings out some feathers and passes them around to the girls. They begin to rub the feathers on Dave's body tickling him ever so gently. He begins to laugh and then Samantha says, "Tickle fight". They all begin to tickle Dave from head to toe and he begins laughing hysterically and bucking his body around the bed. His laughter gets so high that he begins to sound like a girl as he is screaming at the top of his lungs. The tickling goes on for about 5 minutes and Dave is constantly begging them to stop. As he begs, they tickle faster and faster. Eventually, they stop tickling and Dave's screams begin to subside.

Sarah grabs the big bottle of baby oil off the nightstand and pours it all over Dave's cock and balls. She instructs the girls that it's time to jerk off the Horny Professor. Dave's eyes get big as he's been dying to cum! Sarah removes the ring from his cock slowly and Samantha nestles up to Dave's left ear. Lauren begins sucking on his right ear and they both are talking very sexy to him. Sarah pours more oil onto her hands and she sits next to Dave on his right side. She puts her left leg over his chest and begins to slowly stroke his balls and cock with her well oiled soft hands. Her fingers move slowly as his moans get louder. Lisa and Amy are gently sucking on Dave's toes while Susie and Amanda are sucking onhis fingers. The rest of the girls are rubbing their silky panties up and down his legs. Dave can't hold out any longer as he feels the volcano is ready to erupt. In his loudest moan yet, he yells at the top of his lungs and shoots a geyser out of his cock. He feels like a machine gun going off as he shoots multiple cumshots out of his swollen cock. The cum is coming out so fast, hot and hard that it's like the finale of last year's 4th of July firework celebration. As the cum is raining down on the girls, Sarah continues to pump his cock. She's never seen Dave shoot cumblasts like this in his entire life. After several strokes, Dave's well has eventually dried up. The girls take turns giving him a sweet slow kiss. As they get up to leave, they tell the Professor and his wife goodbye.

The house is suddenly quiet and the smell of sex is rampant in the air. Dave and Sarah lie on the bed in complete silence. After awhile, they regain their senses and she gets up. He tells her THANK YOU and kindly asks if she will now untie him. She says, "Yes, after I turnoff the recorders". She proceeds to tell Dave that she knew this was going to be a hot scene and she can't wait to watch it back over and over. She had recorded it from 4 different hidden cameras so they could view it from multiple angles. After she unties Dave, he holds Sarah tightly and strokes her hair gently. Sarah whispers to Dave, "Let's do this again next month."
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2 years ago
Can't wait till next months story. Great story
2 years ago
Fantastic story.
2 years ago
10s a bit over the top was a very hard story to finish 3/10
2 years ago
Awesome story
2 years ago
very hot I wish I had a professor that would do that to me