It was Dave's 35th birthday and he was struggling to get out of bed. He was starting to feel old and his body wasn't the same studly specimen it had been 15 years ago. He lied in bed and daydreamed about how much sex he used to have when he was younger. He recollected how he used to be horny all the time and his boxers were constantly wet with pre-cum as he fantasized about his next sexual conquest. Well, years had past, he got married, had a few k**s and priorities shifted over time. He was now a husband, father and provider of the house. His job was rather intense and consumed a large portion of his time.

As he slowly got out of bed, he looked down on the floor and there lay a pair of his wife's panties. They were white silky bikini panties. His wife was extremely HOT and she loved to wear sexy outfits for Dave. Dave had a major panty fetish and his wife found it to be very erotic. Over the years, she catered to his every desire and he was extremely thankful. He picked up the panties and the silky material made his balls twitch. He put the panties to his nose and inhaled the sweet aroma for a few seconds. At this moment, his wife walked in the bedroom and was staring at him. She smiled, gave him a slow wet kiss and wished him Happy Birthday! She told him he could play with her panties later that night, but he better get moving because he was late for work.

It was a long day at the office for Dave and he was worn out by 5 PM. He was looking forward to going home, having a nice dinner, a few drinks and hopefully a little fun with his wife. When he got home, the house was rather quiet. He went to the refrigerator to get a beer and there was a note lying on the kitchen table. It read, "Dave, I've taken the k**s to your parents house for the night and will be back soon. There's a suit upstairs, take a shower and get dressed 'cuz we're going out for a nice dinner for your birthday."

Although he was tired, he was already looking forward to going out for a nice dinner and relaxing with his wife. It was Friday night and he was ready to let loose. Later that night as they were returning home from their date, his wife (Jen) slides closer to him and begins to rub his right leg while he's driving. He hasn't had sex in about 5 days and the feeling of her hand massaging his leg begins to make his cock grow. She starts to suck on his right ear while rubbing her hand up and down his leg. She never touches his cock thus driving him crazier by the second. Soon they arrive home and go inside.

They immediately head upstairs to their bedroom and begin making out passionately on the bed. After a few minutes, she gets up and tells him she'll be right back. He takes off his clothes and gets back in bed awaiting her return. A few minutes later, she comes out of the bathroom and is dressed in a stunning nurses' uniform. Dave has never seen this outfit before and immediately he begins to breathe at a rapid pace. The outfit is pure white with red trim and reminds him of the Candy Striper outfits from the 70's and 80's. The dress is short and she's wearing white stockings. She begins to do a very sexy striptease and grinds her body in front of him. She gets on the bed and stands over him so he can see up her skirt. She's wearing an adorable pair of WHITE SILKY BIKINI PANTIES (His favorite!!!).

As he's reaches up to touch her panty ass, she instructs him "NO TOUCHING" yet. He decides to grab his cock and slowly strokes it as she's dancing in front of him. She slowly begins removing her outfit until she's stripped down to her bra and panties. Then she climbs on the bed and they begin to touch and grab each other like they're 18 again. He rubs her silky panty ass with one hand and her sweet pussy with the other. She begins to moan and starts stroking his cock. This foreplay goes on for about 10 minutes and then they decide it's time to get it on. She climbs on top and says, "DON'T CUM INSIDE ME TONIGHT...I WANT TO JERK YOU OFF WHEN WE'RE FINISHED!!!" His eyes bug out and they begin screwing. They do it in every position imaginable and by the end, his balls are extremely tight and full of CUM.

She has 3 orgasms during their FUCK session and is ready to return the favor. She climbs off the bed, goes to the closet and comes back with rope and a blindfold. As he sees this, his heart begins to thump very fast. It's been a long time since she tied him up to the bed and past thoughts of excitement begin to swirl in his head. She takes her time and ties up each arm and leg securely to the bed so he is spread-eagle. She takes the blindfold and puts it around his head so he can't see anything.

The feeling of being tied up, unable to move or see is just about more than he can handle. She can tell that he's about to CUM already and tells him that he needs some time to cool down. She informs him that she'll be back in a little while and for him to just calm down and relax. He can't believe that she's going to leave him there like that and he begins to beg that she jerk him off. Jen just giggles as she shuts the door and leaves the room.

He's pissed and can't do anything about it. He decides to calm down and allow all the sexual fantasises he's ever had in his life run through his mind. He begins to remember the first time he ever saw a pair of panties, then touch them and eventually jerk off into them. He remembers the first time he received a blowjob and finally fucked a girl. Slowly but surely the thoughts flood into his mind and he is completely aroused. Having his sight taken away and unable to move is driving him insane.

Then the door opens and his wife comes in. She asks him if he's ready to CUM now. He nods his head and then he feels her hands touch his feet. She begins to massage him never touching his balls or cock. All of a sudden, he begins to feel more than 2 hands touching his body. He's alarmed and extremely turned on at the same time. Who else is in there with them? His face is perplexed and his wife says to him, "SURPRISE ~ I brought my girlfriends over to give you a special birthday treat tonight. I hope you like it!" He begins to moan and can't believe what is happening. He's always fantasized about being with more than one girl at a time, but has never done it. Jen says to him, "I know you've thought about this a lot and decided you had waited long enough. This will be a night you'll never forget!"

At that moment, Jen and her four girlfriends (Amy, Deliah, Kristin and Michelle) begin rubbing their hands all over Dave's trembling body. Dave is still blindfolded so he can't see anything, but he sure can feel it with 10 hands massaging him from head to toe. They decide to give his neglected cock some attention and Amy slowly begins sucking on it. Deliah and Kristin begin licking his balls, Michelle is rubbing his legs and Jen decides to sit on his face. She pulls her panties to the side and demands Dave to suck her pussy. This goes on for a few minutes and the girls can tell that Dave is about to blow his load. Amy and Deliah begin jerking him off while the other girls continue rubbing his balls and legs. They are talking to him very sexy and encouraging him to CUM his brains out! In unison they say, "Come on Dave, squirt that fucking CUM all over us now! We're gonna keep stroking you off until every last drop is out!" All of a sudden, Dave yells at the top of his lungs and begins to CUM. Quarts of CUM are flying out of his cock all over the place at a rapid pace. They continue to stroke him for what seems like an eternity. After a few minutes of lying there, they get off the bed and tell him goodbye. Jen informs Dave she'll be back in a little bit to untie him and go to bed. Dave is in ecstasy! He's a little pissed that he never got to see the girls, but is relishing in his most incredible sexual experience ever!

About 30 minutes later, Jen walks back in the bedroom and sits on the bed. She removes his blindfold, but keeps him tied up. He says to her, "Untie me so we can go to sl**p." Jen says, "We're not through with you yet." At that moment, the 4 girls walk back in the room and they are dressed to the nines. Each of them is wearing a sexy top and mini-skirt. All of Jen's friends are HOT and she definitley had picked the cream of the crop for this occassion. Dave is confused and excited at the same time. The girls begin to gather around Dave on the bed and start taking their clothes off. They strip down to their panties and they're all wearing his favorite type of panties ~ WHITE SILKY BIKINIS!!! His limp cock is suddenly hard as a rock again. They ask him if he likes their panties and all he can do is nod yes. He's absolutely speechless and his throat is extremely dry. Amy says to Dave, "Jen tells us that you love panties so we decided to wear your favorite for you tonight." Then Deliah says, "We also decided to bring a few extra pairs with us to have a little fun." Kristin says, "Are you ready for a little panty fun?" Michelle picks up a bag and turns it over. It's filled with panties (at least 50 pairs) and she pours them all over Dave. They're all silky panties with all kinds of colors ~ PINK, BLUE, BLACK, PURPLE, YELLOW, GREEN, RED and A LOT of WHITE pairs!

The hot panty talk starts while the 5 girls begin stroking his body with the silky panties. Michelle takes a few pairs and massages his feet; Kristin uses a few pairs to massage his legs; Deliah and Amy use a few pairs to massage his balls and his lovely wife Jen uses the shiniest white pair she can find to massage his cock. The feeling is indescribale for Dave and he can't believe what is happening to him! This goes on for about 30 minutes with the girls changing positions every few minutes. When they feel that he's getting close to cumming again, they stop for a few seconds. Then they switch around and start massaging him again.

After bringing him to near orgasm about 8 times, they decide he's had enough and it's time to end his agony. Amy pulls out a big bottle of baby oil and squirts it all over his balls and cock. All 5 girls dig in and start rubbing it in on lucky 'ole Dave. This time, Jen is lying on his right side and is stroking his cock. The mixture of oil and silky panties is too much for Dave and he begins to moan loudly. The girls know it's time and Jen increases her stroking motion. Amy, Deliah, Kristin and Michelle are rubbing silky panties all over his balls and legs and all of a sudden..........he CUMS and this time the CUM is flying higher and faster out of his cock than the first time. A few shots hit Jen in the head and she keeps stroking harder than ever; a few more hit the other girls with globs of CUM splashing all over them, the panties and the bed.

After a few minutes, they untie Dave and they lie around him on the bed. He rubs their panty asses, but is unable to get hard. His cock is entirely spent as he's never CUM like that in his entire life. They all lie there for a few more minutes and then one by one they kiss him goodbye and tell him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

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loveing mate/wifey
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What a hot story, made me cum very quickly!
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yes so very hot
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