It's football time part 2

As I started to slide my fingers into her smooth slick pussy, something on the nightstand caught my eye. I stopped what I was doing, stood up and moved away from her supine form. My fingers slowly turned the dial on the cheap plastic clock radio tuning in the most famous game played on the third Saturday in October. As the tinny speaker squealed into life the game came out clear as if we were right there. The announcer talking about how the team would do against the defending champs. Son of a Bitch!! she yelled at me eyes blazing, if I wanted to be hearing that shit I could have stayed at home with my fucking husband. I turned to her and said hold on there slut don't make me sh0ve my cock in your mouth and silence your dick sucker. I have all the way through the post game show to use your big titted body any way I want as long as I don't leave any marks. A huge smile spread across her face as recognition dawned on it. She grabbed both of my ears and smashed her lips to mine. You are a truly devious Bastard was whispered in my ear as my hands went back to her stiff nipples, pulling, pinching, stretching and mauling her breasts. I covered one with my parted lips as my fingers slipped inside her now drooling cunt. I kept increasing the pressure with both teeth and meathook, raking my uneven teeth across every angle I could get in this position. I switched back and forth left then right as she sobbed in the back of her throat and bucked her hips onto my slimy fingers. Her juices sluiced down my arm off my elbow, raining all over the bedspread. Your cock I need it in my mouth she begged hunching on my hand. I pulled my fingers free and sh0ved; them through her lips onto the back of her tongue. I never let my cock be sucked until it is coated with cunt cream now clean my fingers and spread your twat open if you really want my dick in your mouth. I pulled my digits back and guided my 7-1/4 inch shaft into her until our pubic bones were grinding against each other . All the while doing everything but drawing bl00d from her teats. I would slide in deep and then suck really hard knowing the effect I was having on her as she tried to cut off the bl00d supply to my boner with her clenching cunt. The stroke, suck,squeal and repeat pattern we developed was heavenly. Her keening was music, it had depth and emotion such to bring a grown man ( with his cock firmly grasped by her sucking pussy) almost to tears. I would thrust like a man possessed for 5-7 minutes and pull out before going past the point of cumming. I would wait until I regained composure and then sink back into her depths and crank it up again. I savaged her tits and then I would kiss her gently feeling her need and longing conveyed without words begging me to use her more, pleading for pleasure and pain in the same breath. Time stood still and droned on at the same moment, sooner than expected the last 5 minutes of the game were upon us. I pulled her from the bed and pushed her to her knees , she smiled up at me and said finally I get your cream? I pushed down on her shoulders and got behind her, I got lined up and shoved back into her cunt while pushing down on her shoulder blades dragging her nipples back and forth on the cheap scratchy carpet. She burst forth into song again pleading for me to let up on the pressure and in the next breath screaming for me to go harder and faster. The ridge at the top of her pussy was ushering my seed up out of my balls and just before I flooded her cervix I gripped my pulsing rod and laid her on her back f0rcing my slimy rod into her throat. My immediate need to blow my load thwarted, my vice like fingers found her damaged nipples inflicting the multifaceted feelings of joy and dread washing over her face. I remove one hand and place it against her throat feeling my cock slide into her gullet. I know that I can no longer hold my jizz, I aim my slit in the direction of her abused left teat and loose the first spurt. The largest glob covering her ruined left nipple I amend my hand toward her right one and send 2 strings flying coating her other ravaged appendage, as the viscous liquid seeps into the cracks and fissures the burning starts making itself felt. Before the screaming draws unwanted attention I sh0ve my cock back into her mouth stifling her cries.......
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