The Advert.

Let me firstly say, I have done my best to structure this story in an understandable way, but you are limited as to what you can do here. So hope it reads correctly :)
The story opens with an advert place on a (fictional) site called Bubblebubblegumtree. com, in the classified section under casual encounters.

This is my idea….
Reply to: PN13426489TYC4563

The sun is shining and according to all weather reports we are in for a beautiful day, but I don't want this to be just a beautiful day, I want it to be an exciting one too, and I have this idea, so tell me if you like it. It could become a reality.

We meet at a cafe, and I buy you your favourite beverage before we go to sit outside. You are wearing a light and loose dress, something summery perhaps, dress and we engage in small talk. While we chat you pull up your dress and show me a little leg, teasing me as you pull it higher showing some of your thigh. We chat more and as we do, you lean forward and smile as I look down and catch a glimpse of your braless breast. You enjoy me looking and feel my hunger and then we....

I think the end of this story will write itself, but of course we will both have to be on the same page.

So do you fancy completing this story with me? I hope there is someone out there willing to take that plunge. I don't care if you are married or single, this is only between us and no-one else, and we never see each other again.


'That'll be £5.40 please.' the barman said offering his hand to accept payment, and after sorting through his wallet, John handed the barman a ten-pound note. The Stag Inn was not where he had expected to be right now, he thought he would be somewhere closer to town, in a cafe or a wine bar, but it was good to get out of town occasionally, breath in that country air. He glanced over to my reason for being here and smiled. She was younger than he had expected, and probably one of the sexiest women he had ever had the pleasure of the company of, and he felt proud to be here right now. He had a few friends who would have quite literally given their right arms to be him right now, and with a sly grin, he pictured them all standing in a line with handsaws at the ready, as if it was a race,
The barman rung up the bill, placed the ten pound note in the till drawer taking out the change, and crossed back to John, placing his change next to the two glasses on the bar. Then with a quick 'thank you' and a courteous smile, he then moved onto the next customer.
He hadn't expected her to be a bitter drinker; well most probably wouldn't have; she looked too elegant, too 'English Rose', to seem as a drinker of something more related to the working man. But as she told him on the drive over, she had grown up in the countryside and had been frequenting (along with her father) pubs and the like since she was a c***d, and her father was a bitter drinker, so she had acquired a taste for it from a young age. John picked up the two pint glasses and crossing to step out into the sun beyond the door that led to the beer garden, and made my way to the table she had chosen.


Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 09:19:47
Subject: This is my idea….
To: Avert code.
*Reply to your advert: PN13426489TYC4563*
Hi. I saw you ad on bubblebubblegumtree, and I am interested. Would like to know more of your idea.

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 09:26:34
Subject: Lets works together :)
Hi Elizabeth
Thank you for replying to my advert and wanting to know more about my idea. I was actually hoping to find someone, who would be willing to help make up the ending :) Is that you?
I have included a picture of me.

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 09:34:04
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Hi John.
Okay. up for that. So firstly, what if we meet at a pub in the countryside instead of a cafe in town. More privacy. And I like your picture, I like your beard. This is a picture of me, not a great shot, but something recent.

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 09:41:26
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Hi again Liz
I like the idea of a country pub, and yeah I do believe it will give us more privacy ;) So do you have a place in mind?
And wow, you are really cute and gorgeous. Can I ask how old you are? Would it be rude too??? :)

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 09:45:15
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Yeah, there is a nice pub called The Straw Tavern, do you know it? It is out Eastleigh way. And are you expecting more than a drink? And yeah a little rude lol, but I will forgive you. I am 22.

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 09:49:25
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
No, I don't know it, but I am sure we can find our way there. I have sat nav :)
And am I expecting more than a drink? Whatever could you mean??? hehe ;)
Well I am thinking to play it a little by ear, see where the afternoon takes us. I don't have expectations, well that's a lie I suppose if I am honest :) but I know there are no guarantees.
22 okay, I don't know if you noticed, but I am an older guy, are you cool with that?
And can I also ask, what attracted you to the advert?


'So this is where you grew up yeah?' John asked as he placed the glasses on the wooden table, and then sat opposite her.
''Yes,' Elizabeth said looking around as if to remind herself of where she was, 'we lived about half a mile over that way.' she pointed towards the distance behind him, and his gaze followed here finger, looking into the distance, 'just the other side of that hill.'
'I guess you were a bit of a tomboy then.' he said with a smile, hoping her was reading her correctly.
'Yeah, I was just a bit, I climbed my fair share of trees.' she smiled in return, enjoying this polite conversation.
'So why did you move to the city?' he looked around 'what made you wanna leave all this behind?'
Putting on a cheap American accent she said 'well I might be a simple country girl at heart, but this country girl wanted more than a few hay bales to here name.'
He sniggered slightly at her impression and words, and he closed his eyes for a second.
'What are you doing?' she asked.
'I am imagining you as a simple country girl, sat on a hay bale, chewing on some straw, waiting for your man to return home after a long hard day in the fields.'
'Do I look good?'
'You look damn good,' he said with excitement, 'you look damn fine.' And then he opened his eyes.
They held each others gaze for a moment, and then Elizabeth glanced down, guiding John's eyes in the same direction.


Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 09:52:07
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
So essentially no answer. Okay let me rephrase, what was your thinking when placing the ad? I guess there was motivation behind it. And yeah I did notice you looked a little older and I am cool with that, but guessing you must be only in your early 30s. So is 22 too young? And I guess I was intrigued, always been the kind to ask questions lol.

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 09:58:42
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Hmm, you seem like a hard lady to please, a bit of a challenge. That could be interesting :) And yeah there was an initial motivation, I cannot deny that, but that was then and this is now :)
I am absolutely 100% cool with your age, I just wanted to check from my end. And early thirties, well I was once, but that is a time passed. I am a little older these days.
You were intrigued, I like that, where would we be without intrigue? :)

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:02:37
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Well no point being a pushover. This world has no time for pushovers, so I am told. So are you then late 30's? Not any older surely lol. And if I didn't want to do anything more than share a drink, you would be alright with that?

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:05:58
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Well I am glad to hear you are not, and from your questions and conversation, I can tell you are blessed with brains as well as beauty. Now I am the one who is intrigued :)
And absolutely, if you don't feel it, then we will just have a drink or two and some good conversation. As I said, no expectations and no guarantees.
So can I ask if you have ever met anyone from the net before?


'So,' Elizabeth began, after drawing his lingering eyes from her naked thigh, 'Have you always been a city boy?'
As John had hoped from the first moment he met her, she was willing to play along, and had raised her light and flimsy summer dress above her knee, revealing the pale white softness of her thigh. His gaze lingered, taking in all it was allowed to find, before her question interrupted, and brought his gaze back to her.
'So,' Elzabeth began, after drawing his lingering eyes from her naked thigh, 'Have you always been a city boy?'
'Sorry,' he said almost apologetically, 'I was...' he smiled, 'well you know what I was doing.' He shifted slightly in his seat, before picking up his glass.
'So have you always been a city boy?' she repeated.
'Yeah,' he answered as replaced his glass back on the table, a third of its contents no more that waves of foam on the inside edge, 'I was born and raised in East Fracton, but now I can afford to live on the edges of the town.'
'So where do you live now?' she asked, picking up her glass and raising it to her soft lips.
'Arlington, do you know it?'
'Yeah,' she answered with confidence, placing her glass back on the table, 'and very nice. I had a friend who's parents lived out that way.'
'Had?' He questioned.
'Yeah. Ex boyfriend. Less said the better.'
'Fair enough.'
The conversation paused, each unsure what to say, her last comment killing the mood a little. They each picked up their glasses and took a mouthful.
'Do you wanna see some more?' Elizabeth asked with a rhetorical fashion.
'Yeah,' John smiled, feeling like a naughty k**, like he did when he was young and at school, hoping to get a glimpse inside the girls changing room, as they passed it by on the way to the boys.
'Sit back then, and you might wanna move your chair back a little for a better view.' she told him.
Glancing around at those nearby, wondering if they had noticed their naughty antics, he stood slightly, lifting and moving back the chair a foot or so, before sitting back down and leaning back.
Shifting slightly in her seat, she placed her hands on her skirt and beneath the table, she raised it slightly, allowing him to look under and within. His hungry eyes searched the area of her inner thighs, and traced their way up to her white knickers.
'Do you like?' She asked.
'Yeah.' he answered, stealing a quick glance up to her, before returning to the view beneath the table.
'Do you like my white knickers.' she asked with a slightly naughty tone, 'I choose them especially for you. Thought you might like the innocent touch.'
''They look fantastic,' he said with an ever increasing smile, 'and thank you.'
'You wanna see inside them?' Elizabeth asked, and John glanced up slightly surprised by how far she was willing to go at this early stage.


Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:09:33
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Compliments, compliments, well thank you, and glad you think so. I wouldn't want to be thought of as some dumb blonde. And it is good to know there are no expectations and no guarantees, as in answer to your last question, no I have not met anyone from the net. Have you?

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:15:04
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Well they tell me that compliments compliments will get me everywhere, so keeping those fingers crossed :) Just k**ding :)
Yeah I have met from the net before, and have had some fantastic times, and met some nice people, but there is always a first :) Again just k**ding, guess I should stop doing that, or you might get the wrong impression of me :)
So can I ask in a direct way, would you like to meet up with me?

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:20:12
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Maybe they will, but as we said no guarantees. And I will have my mace close by lol. And as strange as it might seem, I am glad you have, it gives me a little bit more confidence. So yes I would like to meet.

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:15:04
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Mace? Is he your big b*****r? Oh, what a terrible attempt at humour :)
And great, cool, glad you want to meet. I am looking forward to it.
So what kinda time were you thinking?


His viewing pleasure was abruptly interrupted by the barking of a dog, and as John glanced up and Elizabeth quickly covered herself, he saw a f****y of four with the offending dog crossing to the table closest to them.
He glanced back to her and she gave him a naughty smile, before glancing down with a little embarrassment. He was finding her to be a bit of a puzzle. One minute she would be sweet innocent and demure, and the next naughty and wicked, but this intrigued him, and he wondered just how far she would be willing to go.
'So where were we?' he asked as he reached for his glass and lifted it to his lips.
She looked back up, her embarrassment having subsided, although a trace of redness could still be seen in her cheeks, 'I'm... I 'm not sure.' she smiled and the redness returned fully as she thought about her naughty moment. She reached for her glass.
'So what do you do now?' John asked rescuing the moment, 'you never said.'
'I work in a publishing house.' she said as she placed her glass back on the table.
'Okay. What do you do?'
'Boring stuff. Behind the scenes stuff you could say.'
'So do you wanna be a writer? Do you write?'
'Sometimes.' she paused, 'but I would rather be an illustrator.'
'So why are you working at a publishers?' he asked in a curious tone.
'Experience really, and it's kinda in the right area. And becoming an illustrator is difficult, so to be within the industry in some ways, would be a....' she paused for a moment looking for the right word.
'A consolation?' he offered.
'Yeah, a consolation I suppose.'
They paused unsure what to say, and each took a mouthful from their drinks, just to fill the moment.
'So what do you do in the city, you never said either.' Elizabeth smiled hoping he would see the joke, the echoing of the same line he had said before.
He smiled, seeing the humour and then added 'You never asked.'
'True.' She confessed, 'so....' she tailed off, hoping she had no need to repeat her question.
'I work in sales.'
'Yeah. Oh.' he smiled, 'little more needs to be said.'
'What do you sell?'
'Do you really wanna know?' he asked.
She paused for a moment, 'No.' she confessed and with a smile.
He glanced over to the f****y, and saw they were happy in their own amusement. He knew they weren't oblivious to them, and they could enjoy this moment a little more. And with this thought he leaned forward bring his elbows on the table, and said 'hey, come here.'
She looked at him quizzically, 'What?' she asked.
'Come a little closer,' he said with a grin, 'I wanna tell you something.'
Intrigued she also leaned forward, placing her elbows on the table, and her chin on the top of her linked hands.
'What?' she asked again.
He leaned closer to her face, tilting his head a little downwards as it pivoted on his outer hand, and looking into the top of her summer dress, he could see her braless small breast, crowned by perfect pink nipples.
'I can see your nipples,' he said as he looked back up to her.
'And do you like them?' she asked, not pulling away or hiding herself.
'They look gorgeous.' he told her, 'very sexy and...' he trailed off.
'And?' she questioned.
'Very,' he paused smiling, delaying the moment and then whispered, 'suckable. Lickable and suckable.'
'I am glad you think so.'
'I do.'
Leaning back again, he picked up his glass and finished the last of the liquid in one flowing mouthful. She watched him for a moment before picking up her own glass, leaning back in her chair too.
Placing his empty glass on the table, he hid a slightly silent burp with his hand, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, and looked to her once more.
'So what do you wanna do now?' John asked.
'Do? What are the choices.'
'Well we could have another drink or...' he paused before leaning slightly forward 'we could go for a walk.' he added.
'A walk?' she questioned.
'Yeah, I am sure we can find somewhere private.'


Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:20:12
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
lol well it wasn't that bad, I have heard worse lol
Well I am guessing you are thinking soon, so how about this afternoon. Mid afternoon would be good for me.

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:15:04
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
I am glad. It is better to try I guess :)
Mid afternoon sounds good to me. How is 3pm? And where should I met you, I can pick you up from home if you like.

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:20:12
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Yeah 3pm sounds good to me. I don't want to give my home address, so could I meet you at the crossroad of Grayston Road and Westford Street. The area postcode is SN14? Would that be okay?

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:15:04
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
Cool and yeah. I have just googlemapped the place you said, and that will be cool. And so you know what to look out for, I will be driving a silver Ford Mondeo, and I will try and pull up somewhere close to the crossroads.
Can't wait to see you, and meet you :)


Venturing deeper into the woodland that ran the side and round to the back of the pub, they wandered hand in hand with hesitation lingering in the air between them. Who would make the first move? Would it be he; throwing her up against a tree to ravage her on the spot? Or would it be she; waiting for them to find a place to lay, so she could take his face in her hands and kiss him with a passion?
It had to be him. He had placed the advert, and he had set up the scenario. This was his moment. But then she had replied, she had played along, and she had partly set up the scenario, so she did have a small ownership of it. But without the advert, they would not be here, and from the first moment he saw her picture, he had wanted to fuck her. Not make love to her, but fuck her, and fuck her deeply.
On any other occasion he would treat her like a lady, and finish an evening with passion, lust and desire. But right now he wanted to treat her rough, with an a****l lust, the hunger of a b**st. For that was what he had had originally in mind when placing the advert, and he felt sure she would play along, or maybe the surprise of the act would open her up to a world she had never considered. So with a quick glance to her, and a swallow of hesitation, he turned just as she raised her arm to point out a clearing up ahead, grabbed her roughly, and threw her up against the nearest tree. He paused, the shock in her eyes reflected in his for a brief moment, before he found the courage to continue.
Cradling her face, John kissed her hard on the lips, unleashing his hunger.
At first Elizabeth tried to push him away, thinking he was attacking her, but as she felt his passion, the way he was holding her roughly but without brutal f***e, she slowly gave in, and began to respond to him.
Feeling his way down, he groped her breasts through the thinness of her dress, and felt her nipples hardened. He wanted to suck on them, he wanted to taste them, and with that thought in mind, he felt his way down and began hitch up her dress. Within moments it was around her waist, and then up around her neck, and stepping back he pulled it over her head, throwing it to the ground like it was nothing more than a piece of unwanted trash.
'Hey,' she said, 'that was expensive.'
'I will buy you a new one.' he told her, and kissed her again to halt any further protests.
Once again he felt her nipples, rubbing his hands upon them, pinching them, squeezing them, and he felt her placed her hands on the top of his head and push down.
Kissing his way down from her lips, over her chin, and her neck he found his way to her erect and solid nipples and sucked on them greedily, like a baby taking its first feed. She moaned, throwing her head back, and arching her chest towards him, pushing into him.
His hands groped further down passing her waist to her hips, before quickly tracing their way round to her groin and to her trimmed pussy. Wasting no time, he pushed her legs open with the front and back of his palm, and pushed two fingers inside her. She moaned loudly as he did so, and her legs weakened slightly as she felt his fingers go deeper.
She was so wet he though to himself, and he withdrew his fingers, bringing them up to his mouth and tasted her sweetness. Grabbing his hand, she lifted it to her mouth and together they lick hungrily at his damp and glistening fingers.
Kissing once more, she placed her hands on each of his shoulders and pushes him back, with a f***e that made him step back to regain his balance. They stared at each other for a moment, he unsure what she meant by the push, and she hesitating for a moment, but wanting more.
'Take of your trouser.' Elizabeth told him, 'I wanna see your cock.'
Hurriedly, John unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers and they fell to the ground, quickly followed by his boxer shorts, and stepping forwards towards her again, he stepped out of them.
She looked as him directly in the eyes, and he felt her hand reach down to his hard manhood. Wrapping her fingers around his stiffness, she slowly began to wank him and in turn he slid his fingers back into her pussy.
'I wanna fuck you,' he informed her.
'Good,' she replied and pulled his cock to her pussy, 'then do it.'
He needed no more persuasion, but he felt he needed to take charge of the situation again. He needed to assume control, and turning her around, bending her over, kicking her legs slightly further apart, he felt and found her hole, and guided himself in.
She moaned loudly as he did so, and felt for the tree to keep her balance. Sliding his cock in and out of her moist pussy, he drove it deeper with each thrust. Loving the urgency she pushed back into his groin, wanting him as deep inside her as he could be.
He knew he would not last long, he was no porn star when it came to sex, and with his excitement running at a high at an all time high through his veins, he could already feel his cum begin to gather.
He grabbed her long blond hair, collecting it together into a ponytail and pulled on it, lifting her up to him. Letting go of her hair and reaching around to grope her breasts once more, kissing her neck. He continued to pump her pussy.
'Call me Daddy.' he breathed into her ear, and for a moment she was unsure, but then she smiled.
Pushing her bum into his groin, she said 'Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me hard.'
'More.' he ordered.
'Fuck me Daddy,' she repeated, 'fuck me with you hard fucking cock. Fuck my tight little pussy.' she continued.
He knew her dirty mouth would do it for him, and he felt his cum begin to make its way up his length. Pulling his wet manhood from her dripping pussy, he spun her around, and pushed her to her knees.
'Suck my cock,' he told her, 'Daddy wants to cum in your mouth.' And with no further encouragement needed, she took his hard shaft in her hand, and his helmet into her hot mouth.
Wrapping her lips around its girth, she sucked on his cock, taking it deeper into her mouth, her head moving like a piston.
He moan as he felt his cum climb his length once more, and taking her head in his hands, he pushed himself deeper into her. His cum gathered around his helmet, and his breath laboured, and he only had time to say, 'fuck that feels...' before he exploded. He jerk five times, emptying himself completely into her mouth, before roughly pulling her head up to his gaze, and watched her as she swallowed.
'Did Daddy's cum taste good?' John asked with a smile.
'Daddy's cum tasted creamy.'


Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:20:12
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
I am looking forward to it too. And I hope we will have fun together.
Liz xx

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 10:15:04
Subject: Re: Lets works together :)
I am too and I am sure we will :)
See you a little later gorgeous.


Pulling the car up to the kerb, and then to a stop, Elizabeth turned to him with a smile, as she took her keys from the handbag on her lap.
'I had a good time.' she told him, 'thank you.'
'Good?' John questioned.
'Okay, I had a gooooood time.' she repeated with more emphasis on the word good, before smiling again.
'So did I.' he added placing a hand on her thigh. 'You know, we could...'
She reached across placing a finger to his lips to stop his words.
'Let's leave it at this.' she interrupted, 'I think it would be more special that way.'
She slowly took her finger away from his mouth, and then reached across to kiss him on the lips, lingering for a moment.
'Thank you again. It was nice to meet you.' she told him, before turning, opening the car door, and stepping out onto the street. She closed the door and leaned down to look through the open passenger window.
'Goodbye John.' she said,
'Goodbye Elizabeth.'
And with that she stood upright, turned away from the window, and disappeared down the alleyway she had appeared from.

Placing his mug of tea on the table, John sat down and opened up his laptop, waking it from its sl**ping state. Finding with the cursor and firing up firefox, he waited a moment for the window to appear and fill the screen. Moving the cursor to the top of the screen, he found his bookmarks, and scrolled down to googlemail, clicking on it and signing in.
Finding her emails, he clicked on her name, opening them up to the most recent, and then hit the reply button.

Dear Elizabeth,
Wanna say again, thanks for today, it worked out better than I had hoped it would. You are one amazing looking lady and I enjoyed every moment of you company :)
If you do change your mind, then please call me on 07768 453476. It would be fantastic to see you again.

Hitting the send button, and watching it disappear, with a message of confirmation appearing at the top of the screen; John reached forward and picked up his mug of tea, blowing on it gentle before taking a slip from it.
Watching the screen, he waited, almost memorized by it, as he longed for a reply of some sort.
Glancing away from the screen for a moment upon hearing a faceless shout from outside, he glanced back to the screen to see a message form Mail Delivery Subsystem.
Reaching forward, he took the mouse and directed the cursor to open his inbox.

Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 18:12:54
From: Mail Delivery Subsystem
Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 554 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a account ( [-5] - (state 18).

John smiled, he had half expected this to happen, just as it had before once or twice. And closing the email, retuning the screen to his inbox, he sat back and remembered her smell, her delights.
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