Janet and Silva

The heat had always made Janet feel this way, and with the baking sun of the afternoon high up in the sky, she felt that feeling now, as she lay there stripped to the bare essentials. This weather had taken all of the country by surprise, while most 'conventionals' were planning a weekend in the attic, swapping summer wear for autumn/winter clothing, around the corner waited the hottest weekend of the year, and two days of record breaking temperatures.
Looking around the park she wondered if she should, if she could, and seeing families nearby, she thought maybe she shouldn't. Someone might see, disapprove and complain, and then she would be pointed out, shamed and probably made to leave. Best to keep her bikini top on, and not touch herself intimately.
Sitting up she picked up the bottle of water brought from her favourite convenience store on the way, and opened it to quench her thirst as she took a few slow mouthfuls, at couple of drops escaping the passage from bottle to mouth, dribbling down her chin and dropping to her bare naked inner thigh. Then with an impulse action she lifted the bottle to above her head, and poured a small amount on top of her head, letting it trickle down through her hair and over her face. 'Wow, that feels so good.' she thought and laid back to pour a few more small amounts over her chest and belly, getting a little turned on by the feeling of the wet little rivers finding their ways to the edges of her body and falling to soak into the towel she was laying upon. Now she had that feeling even more and she needed to do something about it.
Looking around again, she noticed a clump of bushes towards the south entrance of the park, and seeing no other hiding place she rose, replacing the bottle-top and slipping the bottle back into the small bag of essentials, picked up her towel, and made her way over.

The area behind the group of small bushes wasn't large, but it was almost secluded on all sides, with just a couple of gaps, where if you were stood at the right angle, you could see inside. However with few people nearby, it was the only option and she slipped within unnoticed and quickly spread her towel out and laid down, feeling the heat upon her excited body once more.
It wasn't long before she felt that feeling again, and with one last glance around, checking; just checking for sure; she closed her eyes and allow her fingers to wander.
Tiptoeing their way (she liked to be different) down from her neck, her fingers soon found their way to her slightly flatten breast, and with a small venture further forwards, the bump of her slight erect nipple hidden beneath the still damp bikini top. She wanted to remove it, to expose her breasts to the air and the heat of the sun, but thought it might be a step too far even here in this almost secluded area. Plus with her upbringing being conservative, and her present boyfriend a little square when it came to sex, she lack that rebellious spark of raising the middle finger to those who felt in the position to judge; she always played It safe. She softy ran her fingers over the bump, and then brought her other hand up to do the same with her other nipple. With the hardness of one nipple established, she then traced the first hand down over her almost dry belly, bypassing her belly button and made their way to her little cut-off jeans, releasing the button to allow an easier entrance. Slipping her finger down and inside her jeans, she traced the shape and folds of her slightly damp pussy, pleased she had decided to go commando that day. She gasped and then let out a small moan as she ran her finger along the slit, rubbing and teasing her clit, bringing it out of its hiding place at the top of her pussy. Pushing her finger deeper into the folds, she felt the heat and moistness within and let out more slightly stifled moans of pleasure. 'This is what I needed.' she thought as images of the previous nights sex with her boyfriend entered her mind, cos as square as he was, he could always make her cum, and hence why he was sit ‘present’ as opposed to past.
She paused for a moment, and glance side-to-side ensuring her privacy, and then inched her cut-offs down about six inches or so, to give room for easier access. Then she pushed her finger within her pussy, sliding it in to the second knuckle, the image of her boyfriend doing the same, before he would lean forward to taste her wetness. Her second hand joined the first rubbing her clit, and she bit her lip as she stifled her moans, preventing them from getting louder.

Silva had only sat up briefly to glance around after hearing someone call her name, and her surprise was answered with a small amount of disappointment, lace with gladness when she saw that there was another Silva in the park. Interest taken she then watched as the caller crossed to sit with the other Silva, sharing a joke and a hug as he did so. And she was just about to lay back down to continue sunbathing when she noticed ‘her’, She watched as ‘she’ rose the bottle to her lips, drinking from it, before lifting it above ‘her’ head and pouring a small amount onto ‘her’. It looked so sexy she thought, and for a moment her imagination was consumed with erotic imagery, of licking the pourer's face, drinking up every drop of water and perspiration. Then the pourer had laid back down and done the same over her chest and belly, and Silva's imagination went into overdrive, wanting and lusting after the chance to lick the pourer’s sexy body clean. ‘Wow, she is one beautiful woman’, Silva had thought to herself, ‘it would be a real pleasure to be with her.’ She added with a smile and a slight feeling of jealousy of those who had access to ‘her’. These days she was into tone black guys in gangsta wear who would be willing to take her roughly, abuse her a little, dominate and fuck her like slut in role-play, however every so often she would meet and see a member of the female species that just had something about her, something that reminded her of days past, on a couple of occasions she had chatted to the said female and then disappeared somewhere private to explore and indulge. And this lady of the park, this erotic water pourer, was one of them.
A moment later she had watched her tilt her head, glancing around the park and then rising, gathering her belongings and wandering with a little haste in her step to some bushes at the edge of the park.
And that is where Silva was now. Stood a few feet from the bushes.

It would sound to fantastical to say she felt something, sensed something about the lady and what she was about to do, and why she would want some privacy, but she had felt and sensed something about the situation. And acting on what could be considered female intuition, she had followed the lady, and now crept towards the bushes, keeping a little low, like a hunter stalking her unaware prey.
Rounding the edge of one of the bushes, finding a gap she peered within and saw the pourer lying there on her back, both her hand within her open blue jean cut-offs. She watched with a tingle of excitement running up and down her spine, and she inched her way closer, not wanting to alert the pourer's attention to her approach. As she got closer, she crouched a little lower to the ground, falling into a crawl as she slipped within the bushes. Now only a mere foot away from her, she could almost smell her wetness, and she licked her lips longing for a taste.

The first indication Janet got that she was not alone anymore, was a damp tenderness on her inner thigh, and confused for a moment, she slowly opened her eyes and tilted her head up to see someone kissing the softness of her inner thigh.
Silva sensed Janet gaze, staring down the contours of her own body, and she glanced back up at her, unsure what she should do. Should she continue or rise and walk away, hoping the pourer's surprise would stun her into silence long enough to make her escape? No, she decided to wink at her, and then kiss her inner thigh once more, slightly higher that the few previous kisses.
Janet just stared, she herself unsure what exactly was happening and whether she should react or not. She watched as this stranger crept further up her body with her wet soft kisses, till the strangers head hovering over her groin. The stranger looked up again, looking at her directly in the eyes, but her surprise still stunning her into silence.
'May I?' Silva asked, glancing down.
Janet's eye-line followed Silva's down to her groin and her hands within her cut-offs. She glanced back up to find Silva's was staring direct back at her again. Silva then reached forward and removed on of Janet's hands.

Leaning in smelling the pourer’s aromas, Silva licked the pourer’s pussy and tasted her moistness.
Janet closed her eyes, tilting her head back, to let out a short quick gasp, her legs instinctively opening to the limit restricted by the cut-offs around her thighs.
Silva then took away the pourers other hand, indicating for her to just lay back and enjoy, and let her, Silva, do the work.
Using the whole of the width of her tongue, Silva licked the length of Janet's pussy and slowly teased the clit free, with her finger touching and rubbing it gently. She them open the moist entrance to within, and licked with a slowly growing hunger the inside of Janet's pussy lips. 'She was so wet,' Silva thought to herself, 'and she tastes so good.' she added relishing the slight saltiness of the sweat that rolled from the pourers thigh and belly and mixed into her wetness. She glanced up at her, and her eyes drank in the enjoyment the pourer was showing; her gasps, her little nipples erect and standing tall and proud beneath her bikini top, and her belly dancing with her heavy breathes. Silva wanted to push a finger inside the pourer, she wanted to feel that stickiness she felt sure she would find within, but would that be too much? Would Janet loose control? Loose herself to abandonment? And if so, would that alert others? Silva pulled her head back and ran her finger over the opening to the pourer’s pussy.

Janet wanted the stranger to push her finger in, she wanted it so much, but could she control herself if she was too? Would it feel too good to keep it silent and 'private'? She glanced down at the stranger, waiting there between her legs as if awaiting permission, and just as she was about to say 'do it, do it slowly', the stranger spoke.
'I live nearby, and the place is empty.’ Silva suggested without the need to say more, Janet understood.
'Well...I...' Janet stammered a moment. This was moving a little to fast.
'I will make you feel good, and you can relax without the fear of...’ Silva looked around, finishing the sentence visually.
'Well... I do... I have to...' Janet wanted to, but her hesitation kept holding back the words with excuses.
Silva then crawled up Janet's body, slowly closing in upon her till they where face-to-face and body-to-body. 'I wanna make you,' Silva began before pausing, 'cum with my tongue.' Then she kissed her tenderly, pushing her soft lips into hers. 'Do you want to cum on my tongue?' Silva asked suggestively, after releasing her lips from the kiss.
'I wanna cum.' Janet said with a little too much honesty.
'Then that you will do.' Silva told her before kissing her once more and rising to her knees.
Janet slipped her legs out from beneath the stranger, and then pulled up her cut-offs up, securing them with the zip and the button.
'You ready?' Silva asked, and the lady nodded her head, She then held a hand out to her and together they rose from the privacy of the bushes, glancing around to see a couple of people notice them with quizzical expressions. They looked to each other, smiled and let out girly giggles, before exiting their hiding place and making their way across the park.
'By the way,' Silva began, her voice drawing Janet’s attention, 'my name is Silva.'
'Oh, right, yeah,' Janet said, still stumbling on her words, 'I'm Janet.'
'Nice to meet you Janet.' Silva told her with a smile.
''You too Silva.' Janet echoed as they disappeared into the trees that lined the park, concealing the entrance.

Part 2.
The ground floor room within the shared house where Silva lived was smaller than she expected it to be, but it did have a ‘real’ cozy feel. It was as full as a conventional flat would be, expect of course for any kitchen implements or toiletries, and the walls were covered with posters of bands she had never heard of, and films she had never seen. Everywhere she looked there were things to be seen and discovered, and for a moment she stood in wonder, as Silva locked the door to the room, and then crossed to the curtains, that slow danced to a gentle breeze via the open small window to the top
Silva opened the curtains and revealed a set of patio doors that led out into the back garden. She opened the doors stepping through the net curtains to do so, and felt the breeze on her excited skin.
Janet glanced to the patio doors, taking the few steps to the net curtains that danced a little wilder now that the entrance was free to the outside world. She reached through the net curtains, and she gently ran her hand down Silva's back, feeling the sweat on her fingertips.
Silva turned and for a moment they just stared at one another through the net curtains, both taking in each other’s bodies, and relishing the thoughts of all the discoveries to be made. Finally Silva stepped through the curtains, into the room and into Janet's arms where they fell into a deep and lustful kiss.

Naked and laying on the bed within the sunshine that shed its glory through the open patio doors, throwing distorted crosses upon the floor and walls, and they caressed and groped, locked in a lustful embrace, their tongues entwined and saliva mixing. The confidence of the park had been replaced with an almost school girl hesitation, and they acted as if this was both their first times in exploring the same sex. For Janet it kinda was; she had dabbled, as she would say; but Silva had spent her University years as a confirmed lesbian, embarking on a number of affairs.
Finally Silva broke the moment and with a soft whisper and said 'I want to taste you, I want to taste you properly.'
Janet smile coyly, she was nervous of opening up to her again, but that nervousness also fed her excitement.
'I wanna push my tongue deep into your pussy,' Silva added into Janet's ear, her hot slightly damp breath licking her ear, ‘and I want you to do the same,' she continued before pressing closer and lowering her whisper slightly, 'both at the same time.
Janet felt a little trickle of dampness leak from her pussy and make its way down her inner thigh to the sheet below.

Finding her confidence once more, Silva straddled Janet's face lowering her pussy down towards Janet’s mouth, and then slowly she opened Janet's legs to see her pussy once more. The lips looked fuller, as if acting like a dam to the wetness within, and she reached forwards, giving the occasion kiss on the inner thigh, opening up the lips to see the glistening wetness within. She lick tentatively at first, just wanting to stroke the pinkness with the tip of her tongue, small little licks that excited that little more, and with the experience of knowing the right moment, she then tasted it and began to lick deep and deep.

Silva's aromas seeped into Janet's nose, the flavour a little unusual to her, but not unpleasant. She had been told that a woman would know naturally what to do, as every woman know what pleases another woman. But right at this moment, she was very unsure. After all how does this 'every woman know how to please another woman' idea work? Cos if you had never done it, and only essentially sucked cock, how were you suppose to naturally know? And if every woman is different, just as apparently every man is, then surely there is no tried and tested method, as you might say, because they are all different?
She leaned forward and kissed Silva's pussy, closing her eyes as if kissing the lips upon the face. She kissed again, holding a little longer. The third time she poked her tongue out a small amount and tasted Silva's moistness between her waiting pussy lips. The fourth and final time she held he mouth to Silva's pussy lips and pushed her tongue deeper and deeper, the taste exciting her. And when she heard Silva let out a soft low moan, she knew she was doing something right, and it was then she found her bravery and hunger, to open the lips fully, licking harder and deeper with each stroke.

As they licked, as they suck, as they fucked each other with their fingers, pushing them second knuckle deep into each others pussies, they rolled upon the bed, writhing and caressing with their bodies, and with the passion they were feeling within, slowly filling the room with their increasing moans of pleasure. Jenny forgot her boyfriend and forgot about ever having sucked a cock; she was licking Silva's pussy like it was all she had ever known. And Silva was in her element, and actually considered Janet's pussy to be the best she had every tasted. It was as refreshing as a rosé wine, only without the fruity overtones. Janet felt a desire to take more control of the situation, and gently without wanting to push them off the bed, gradually rolled them over, so that she could be on top, in order to be able to grind her soaking pussy into Silva's face. Silva liked this change in tactic; she did like to be a little more submissive. Janet remembered her boyfriend slapping her pussy, slapping the wet lips, and how much she had liked that, and in turn she then slapped Silva's pussy. Silva let out a lower deeper muffle moan, so Janet slapped it a few more times before pushing three fingers inside, second knuckle deep again.
Silva pushed her tongue as deep as she could into Janet's pussy; her wetness glistening on her face as it began to trickle down her cheek. She rubbed Janet's clit with a vigor of a desire to taste her cum asap. And she knew she was edging ever nearer, as she felt Janet grinding her pussy harder and harder, wanting more and more of Silva's tongue inside of it. She also knew she was gonna cum soon as well.
Silva wondered if this was Janet's first time. If it was, she was a quick learner and a good satisfaction giver, and she hoped that she had one more reward for Janet.

Janet wanted to cum, she had held back for as long as she could, and now she needed to let it go. 'Fuck,' she thought, 'I don't want this to stop.' But she knew it would, she had to let it go, her cum was pushing hard for freedom and she needed to release it.
'I'm gonna cum,' Janet uttered between moans, 'Fuck, I am gonna cum.' and then she did, gushing out, wave after wave rushing through her body, out of her pussy, almost drowning Silva. But Silva didn't stop, wanting to drain every drop of her sweetness. Janet continued to finger fuck Silva, rubbing her clit harder, wanting the same from her as she had given.
When the waves of cum has ceased, Janet dismounted Silva's face and then turned around quickly wanting to continue to play with Silva's pussy, but in a way where she could look up at Silva and see the enjoyment she was giving. She leaned in and licked Silva's pussy once again, her fingers still pumping the hole, getting slightly deeper and deeper, edging their way up to the third knuckle.
'Fuck my pussy,' Silva told her as she writhed and moaned, 'fuck it hard, make me your bitch.' Janet wasn't use to this kinda language from another female, but it excited her, made her want to push her fingers deeper, lick harder and rub the clit faster. 'Come on, you can do it,' Silva continued to say, 'you can make this dirty bitch come, Fuck yeah, harder.'
Janet pushed deeper, licked harder, rubbed faster, and moan-by-moan Silva got louder, not caring who heard her.
'Yeah,' she finally said, 'I am gonna....' she struggle to continue, her desire to cum becoming too much for her to hold back, 'I am gonna...' she said again, still unable to complete the sentence, 'I am gonna ahhhhhhhh.' she moaned louder than before as she released her cum, and then followed it by a squirt. Janet saw the squirt and was a little surprised at first; she had seen it in the porn she had shared with a previous boyfriend a long time ago when she tried to be wild, and thought it was faked, just being pee instead. But here it was quite literally in her hands.
She continued pushing deeper and rubbing faster, and Silva set free another squirt, a longer one, and Janet stared in disbelieve. 'Wow,' she thought, 'that is amazing.' She glance up at Silva's face and saw the big smile wrapped around it, the smile of deep satisfaction.
'One more time,' Silva struggled to say, 'one more time for you'. And with a finally long low moan, she let out the biggest stream of the three, soaking the face of Janet. Surprised and shocked, Janet's initial reaction was to move away, but she only slightly flinched, holding fast to allow her face to be drench. And when it came to a stop, she licked her lips, and used her hands to wipe whatever remained into her mouth. She felt so dirty, but it tasted good, and she wanted to savour every drop.

Having regained their senses and feelings, the excitement of what had just happen passing, they just touched and kissed as they shared a joint Silva that had rolled the day before. This was not a first for Janet. She had been to a few parties, and had partaken a few times, but as she wasn’t a regular smoker, the chances were few and far between.
'So,' Silva began, 'did you like my squirt?'
'I thought it was fantastic. How did you learn to do it?' she asked with a slightly regained excitement.
'You don't really learn to do it,' Silva answered, 'you just kinda do.'
'Can I?' Janet asked in a slightly c***d-like way.
'I guess so.' Silva answered with a smile.
'Really?' Janet said her excitement at the idea growing.
Silva offered the joint back to Janet, and turned to a chest-a-drawers. Pulling the top drawer open, she delved inside and felt around for a moment. Then with something held to her chest, out of Janet's sight, she closed the drawer and turned to her.
'You wanna squirt, yeah?' Silva asked her.
Janet's eyes lit up once more, 'Yes. Yes I do.' she answered.
And with that Silva showed her the large black dildo she had taken from the drawer. 'Let's give it a try.'
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An interesting read. xXx
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Very good story. It took me a while to read it, but it covers some good content. Great stuff.