And Then He...

I know a lot of you will think 'What the f**k is this????' but I am sure some will see it for what it is. What is it? Well it is a poetic story for which you can add your own ending. And as it is only about a moment, you can add history if you wish. Essentially it is a little bit of fun, and that is an aspect of this site yeah??? Fun??? So I hope you (those few) enjoy :)

And Then He..

She came from afar, well Manchester,
And she came looking for him.
Stood at the station, he waited for her,
Imagining the pleasure she would bring.
And as their eyes met, so it began,
The day they would never forget.

With no need for a drink, or a conversation,
They headed to his.
He opened the door, he let her in,
And she bit her lip.
He closed the door, turned the lock,
And leaned in to taste their first kiss.

Wrapping herself within his embrace,
She felt him run his hands down.
And with a smile, he felt her slender frame,
Caressing all he found.
He wanted to explore, he wanted more,
And layer by layer the clothes fell to the floor.

Picking her up and then laying her down,
He placed her upon the bed.
He gazed at her, his greedy eyes fed,
Drinking in the sight as he lifted her head.
And within the sunlight, the soft linen freshly washed,
She looked like an angel, pure and white.

Looking deep into her eyes, she return his stare,
Before he slipped the blindfold around, tying it back,
He leaned in close, to whisper into her ear,
Ensuring her safety, within her world of black,
Tied and bound, she gave herself to him,
And in the silence he made no sound.

And then he...
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8 months ago
8 months ago
Well it is more down to the context in which the word is used.
8 months ago
censoring the word 'fuck' on a porn site?
2 years ago
I like this :)
2 years ago