Stood there behind her, he just stared for a moment. He couldn't believe this moment was here, a moment they had both spoken of, and even joked about. But with the little knowledge he had gained through conversation in his pocket, a pound of luck behind him, the feeling of acceptance should the moment - this moment - happen, he got on the train, and took a chance.
All the way there he had planned what to say, what his opening line would be, the smile he would wear, and the look he would give, but now he was here within that moment, standing behind her, his mind was a blank.
He had d***k just a little too much - after touring the town looking for her - but his mood was good, jovial, confident, and although the fear he always felt whenever he took a chance with the opposite gender was rising within, he felt positive that that fear was not going to choke him, make him look foolish, and reaching forward he tapped her on the shoulder.
She turned to him, her smile becoming a puzzled and maybe slightly unfriendly expression as she looked at him. For a moment he was no one but a stranger like the many others around her, and she raised her guard not wanting to be fooled by yet another player. She was more beautiful in real-life than he could have imagined. He had seen a few pictures, some of which had excited in a sexual way, but as a physically real person, she looked stunning, and his heartbeat raised to a thumping within his chest as he fought to fight of the fear and hesitation he knew all too well. Then she smiled, smiled with a hint of recognition in her eye.
'It's you, isn't it?' she questioned rhetorically.
He nodded, the smile on his face growing with her words.
'But how did you know where to find me?' she asked, 'how did you know I would be out tonight?'
'I listen and trusted to fate.' he said, not really answering her question, but giving an honest answer anyway.
She looked at him quizzically, not satisfied by the answer, but at the same time smiling as she understood what he meant.
'You look amazing.' he stated, 'I am knocked out.'
'Thank you.' she offered in return, slightly embarrassed, but also pleased by his compliment. 'You look good too.' she echoed in return, trying not to let it sound too much like an after-thought.
'Thanks.' he smiled, ‘Glad you think so.'
Unsure what to say next, they stood and stared as the silence of their pause for though, was drowned within the sea of conversation that washed over them.
'Do you remember...' he began as hesitation haunted his voice and words, 'do you remember we spoke of this moment?
She smiled coyly; a c***d-like innocence entered her eyes as she glanced between him and whatever was behind him, her eyes finally settling back upon him. 'Yeah.' she said.
He smiled and with a confidence he had never shown before, he offered her his hand and she duly took it,

Other than formalities, they shared little conversation on their way back to his B&B - which he had booked two nights before. After a year of emailing, there was little left to say, yet even within this silence they felt totally comfortable with each other, if a little apprehensive of what the night would hold.
Outside the door to his room, he took her by the arm and turned her to face him, her back against the wall. He raised his other hand to her face and brushing her hair aside, cupped her face as he leant in close. He paused a breath from her face and looked at her deeply in the eyes, searching for the reassurance he needed to continue. She smiled, her eyes saying 'yes', and with that he didn't waste a moment longer, closing the gap between them as he kissed her. Her pillow lips were soft and slightly sticky from the sweat and lip-gloss, but she tasted good, and he kissed her once more. She responded this time, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his head closer, letting her passion rise and overflow. She wanted him, and he wanted her, and now the night was theirs.
Tumbling into the room, he flicked the light switch, kicking the door close the heel of his boot.

Lying there on the bed in only her underwear, he gazed down upon her, tracing every curve, every line, every detail. She took his breath away and yet there was still more to come. Crawling upon the bed, he slowly smelt his way up her body, kissing occasionally as he kept eye contact. He could sense the excitement and anticipation rising within her, and she gasped a little as he rounded her neck and brushed his nose gently upon her ear.
'So, do you want me to?' he whispered into her ear.
'Please.' she answered 'I want you to make me cum with your tongue.'
'It will be my pleasure.' he said with a reassuring voice.
'It won't just be yours.' she corrected, 'It will be...' She stopped mid sentence, letting out a deep hot breath, as she felt his hand trace her pussy, as he ran it over her knickers.
With a hand either side of her pelvis, he slid her knickers down over her hips, her thighs and her slender legs, unveiling her freshly shaven clean pussy. Then holding an ankle in either hand, he parted her legs and opening up her willing pussy, its lips glistening with a slight dampness, waiting and willing.
He glanced up at her, her eyes closed, her head back, her slightly, shiny sticky lips slightly open. He leaned forward, kissing her inner thigh, tracing his way close and closer, and he could almost feel the heat of her pussy. She reached down, taking his head in her hands, pulling him closer, she was eager to know that feeling of his tongue. Passing his nose over her clit, her aromas filled his nose, and he paused for a moment, savouring her flavours. She smelt clean and fresh, like a sweet white wine.
Opening her outer pussy lips, he licked her for the first time, and felt her shiver as he heard her gasp with desire. He licked her again, deeper, his tongue tasting her wetness within, and once more her heard her gasp. Deeper and deeper, he licked with his tongue.
'I wanna do a... you know.' she whispered between gasps as she felt him lick her pussy again and again.
He looked up and she glanced down towards him.
'Now?' he asked in a soft loud whisper and smile.
'Yeah.' she answered.
Lying down beside her, she sat up, removing her bra and freeing her small and pert breast, the nipples erect. He reached forward and ran a hand over her nipple, and she smiled before climbing upon him, lowering her pussy down upon his face. He began to lick her again, his hands wrapped around her thighs, back upon themselves, holding her pussy open to lick as deeply as he could.
Taking his erect cock in her hand, wrapping her fingers around its thick girth, she slid her hand up and down slowly, squeezing and feeling its hardness. It was like an iron bar, solid, it's helmet shiny and inviting. He breathed upon it, her hot breath making his manhood twitch slightly and thought, 'God his tongue felt good,' pausing to enjoy for a moment, 'just as he said it would.' And with that thought still lingering in her mind, she leant forward, opening her mouth, taking his cock inside, encasing it and sucking deeply.
He groaned as she began to suck his cock, slipping it in and out of her hot mouth with a fluid motion. He felt her pause and lick the helmet, and as she did, he pushed a finger within her wet pussy, and heard her pleasure, She pushed back onto his finger, wanting it deeper, but wanting his tongue more, and as if synced in mindsets, he removed his finger and traced it towards her anus, replacing it with his tongue once more.
She sucked his cock deeper, taking as much of it into her mouth as she could. She cupped his testicles with her other hand and began to play and tease them. She wanted to taste his cum; she wanted his creamy load. Riding his face, she picked up the pace and closed her eyes, thinking of nothing else but this moment. Then she felt his finger circle her bum-hole, and this in turn, turned her on more.
Her bum-hole was tight, and as he circled it, he pushed his finger a little deeper. He knew this was something new to her, and wondered if she liked it, if she wanted it. Presuming she was, he removed his finger, and with a hand on either cheek, he pulled them apart and traced his tongue up to lick her hole, to wet it, lubricate it a little, before tracing back down to her pussy once more. Circling her hole again, he slowly pushed his finger inside once more.
She felt his finger slip slowly into her bum-hole, and it felt amazing. It turned her on more and she wanted to cum. She gyrated her hips, dancing on his face feeling his tongue deep within her pussy, her clit rubbing against his facial growth of his chin, and his finger pushing further in.
He felt his cum begin to well in the base of his shaft, and knew he would cum soon. She sucked his cock faster as she writhed and moaned, and he hoped she would cum soon too. Lifting his hips, he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, fucking her face, feeling his cum begin to climb his length.
The room echoed with their passion, the music of their pleasure, the heat of the moment, and each of them were unable to hold back any longer. They writhed and danced, sucked and licked, before tensing up, pausing for a moment and then exploding, her wetness drowning his face and his creamy load filling her mouth. He loved the taste of her, and drank all he could, her wetness spilling over his face, and she savoured the slightly salty flavour of his cum, before swallowing. Lifting herself from him, she turned and looked at him eye to eye, before leaning forward to kiss his, wanting to mix and share their juices. They pecked at first, but soon fell into a passionate embrace pulling each other closer together, skin-to-skin, naked to nakedness.
'So?' he questioned as they broke the passion for a moment.
'So?' she answered, unsure what he meant.
'Did you like? Was it worth the wait?' he asked.
'It was amazing,' she said with a smile, 'and I want more.'
'We have the whole weekend.' He said with a smile, and looking at her longingly, and they kissed again.
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