No More Than This.

With the dying sun of the day falling before them,
She watched it as it dropped into the sea,
The heat of the day replace by the chill of the night,
It was the most beautiful sunset she'd seen.
She turn to him as he lay there on his back,
Wondering what this stolen moment would bring,
He turned to her with a smile on his face,
No longer able to ignore his hunger within.

Taking her in his arms he held her close,
Brushing her hair aside to whisper in her ear,
She listened to his voice so sweet and soft,
Telling her how glad he was to be here.
His hand traced over the wave of her curves,
Her slender figure shivered beneath his fingers,
She ran a hand within the curl of his hair,
And kissed him with those kisses that linger.

Naked and alone they began to explore,
His hand wandering up to cup her breast,
Their tongues entwine, tasting the wine,
Running her hand within the hair of his chest.
He rolled upon her, wanting to be inside her,
His stiffness hungry for a taste,
She opened her legs inviting him in,
Curling them up, wrapping around his waist.

With her legs open wide, she took him inside,
Her wetness welcoming him in,
With the roll of the waves, they began to sway,
And so the dance would begin,
Moving in rhythm, their bodies in unison,
And in the breeze she whispered his name,
And with hands linked together, lost in each other,
She buck, he jerked and they came.

Releasing his grip with a satisfied sigh,
They lay there listening to the sea,
Glancing a smile, she got to her feet,
And told him she had to leave.
Picking up her dress, slipped it over her head.
She bent down giving him a final kiss,
And walking away she didn't look back,
For this moment was no more than this.
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3 years ago
very good