'Can you help me?' he heard her say, her voice slightly feeble.
Turning in the direction of the voice, John peered deep into the darkness of the car park entrance, but could see nothing but the shadows of the plant-life that lined it.
'Please can you help me.' the voice said again.
John took a few steps forward and then paused. There had been a spate of robberies recently within the area, and thinking he might be being lured into a trap, he glanced around listening. But he could see no one else, and he could hear no one else.
'Hello.' he finally said, 'where are you?'
He heard someone shuffle to the left, and then a shadowed figure appeared. A figure as fragile as the voice echoed.
'Are you okay?' John asked as he approached her.
'I feel a little weird,' she answered, 'I think I need something.' she added hiding her face with her hand.
'Something?' he questioned. 'What do you need?'
'Sugar.' she replied. She turned and glanced at him through her fingers.
'Well... err...' he began, 'I don't have any on me.' he said checking his pockets briefly as if it was something he would normally carry, before stepping closer hoping to get a better look at her.
'Do you live far from here?' she asked, a slight tone of directness within her voice.
'Yeah, just up the road.' he answered, pausing as if not totally understanding the question. 'Err... would you... would you like a cup of tea?' he stammered quickly, as if to try and hide the pause of realization.
'Yes please.' she confirmed with a little eagerness, 'that's if that's okay?' she added.
'Yeah,' he confirmed, 'no problem at all.'
'Thank you.'
He watched her as she stumbled a little as she stepped forward, and John reached out to stop her from falling.
'Do you want me to help you?' he asked in a 'being a gentleman' fashion.
'If you don't mind,' she said her tone a little embarrassed at having to be assisted.
'Yeah, no worries.' John said crossing to her side and taking her around the waist, lifting her arm over his shoulder, to lead her out of the car park entrance.

Placing the mug down on the desk, which ran along one of the sidewalls, he circled her and removing a few books from the only other seat in the room, sat down opposite her. His room was small but cosy, and he had used the space well, with it sectioned off like an open plan flat. At one end behind where John sat, was the bedroom, the bed hidden beneath a black and white patterned duvet, a heater and TV bordering it, and then there was the living area which was flanked by the desk holding his computer and speakers on one side, with an extensive DVD collection and bookcase full of books at the far end near to the door, and his eclectic CD collection climbing the wall opposite, over shadowed by the built-in wardrobe next to it.
John watched her as she took another sip of her tea, the heat and energy slowly bringing colour and life back to her face. She had a small face, slightly c***dlike in appearance with thin lips and big bulbous eyes. She smiled as she caught his eye, and he returned the smile.
'Feeling better?' he asked as if stating it.
'Better, yeah, thank you.' she answered, 'your very kind.'
'Doing no more that any other would.' he said as if defending his kindness.
'You be surprised,' she argued back, 'most just think I am being a d***k and ignore me.'
'Yeah, you get used to it after a while.' she continued, 'part of life with being a diabetic.'
'So... err' he began unsure what to say next, 'do you live far away?'
'Not too far.' she answered, 'a bus ride.'
'Would you like me to call you a taxi?'
'I haven't thanked you.' she said as if ignoring his offer.
'Yeah, you did,' he said, a little confused.
'Can I stay here tonight?' she asked.
'Here?' he questioned. 'Yeah, I suppose so. But I only have the one bed.'
'That's okay.'
'And I generally sl**p naked.' he added.
'So do I?' and with that she stood up, took one step towards him, lifting his face to hers, and then lowering hers to kiss him tenderly on the lips.
'I want to thank you,' she whispered between kisses, 'personally.'
And with that John rose wrapping his arms around her, falling into a passionate kiss.

Lifting her naked slender body up onto the desk, he kissed his way down, parting her legs as he lowered himself to his knees. Her pussy was clean-shaven and he could see a little wetness glistening in the light, and began to tenderly kiss and lick his way up her soft inner thigh. Reaching down she ran her fingers through his shoulder length hair, pulling him towards her wanting and willing pussy. He parted her outer lips with his fingers, and tasted her, tasted her wetness. She moaned and fell back, opening her legs wider inviting him in. He licked her again, his nose brushing over her slightly erect clit, and then ran a finger tenderly down her wet inner lips. She began to caress her small pert breasts, her fingers separating allowing her hardening nipples to poke through, squeezing them a little as she caressed them with a little more roughness. Sliding a finger inside of her, he licked her pussy with a hunger and slowly pumped his finger in and out. Her moans grew deeper, echoing her pleasure and exciting him to lick harder and push deeper.
'Can we do a 69?' she asked, 'I want to...' A moan of pleasure interrupted her sentence, but he knew what she was gonna say. Licking her pussy one more time, he rose to stand, and she slid off the desk to stand before him, reaching down to take his stiffness in her hand and gently stroked it.

With the comfort of the bed beneath them, she lowered her pussy onto his waiting face, and took his cock in her hand again, her thin fingers stretching their way around it's fatness. Licking the shiny helmet, it twitched as he felt her hot breath breathe upon it, and he longed for her to swallow it. Teasing a little, she breathed upon it again and she slowly slid her grip down, exposing the helmet in all it glory.
Hoping to urge her to take him within, he parted her lips and pushed his tongue deep into her moist pussy. She gasped and pushed herself harder against his face, and then opened her mouth as she took him inside, her lips encasing his erect cock and sucking deeply.
Losing themselves in the moment, and giving pleasure in equal measure, she licked and sucked his hardness with a relish, and he pleased and teased her pussy, his finger encircling her anus, pushing deeper before pushing inside. She bucked a little, her hungry anus clamping around his finger, pulling it deeper.

Lying there on her back, staring at him directly in the eyes, she watched him as he placed a hand on the bed either side of her, and positioned himself between her spread legs. He leant forward and kissed her, and she responded by wrapping her arms around his neck, her hands on the back of his head, kissing him with a passion. She felt his erectness at the entrance of her pussy, and as he brought it forward, it slid over her wet lips and brushed her erect clit. She moaned as she continued to kiss him, and reached down to take hold of his manhood. Feeling her hand upon his cock, he brought his groin backwards and gave her the opportunity to place the tip of it within the entrance, and then reaching down with her other hand, both then reaching round to clasp his buttocks, she pulled him within her willingly. He thought he felt his cock hardened a little more as her wet walls within enveloped his cock, and with a slow deliberate motion, he began to slide in and out of her. He traced kisses from her mouth, down and across her neck and then down to her breasts. Slowly he began to build up a rhythm as he took her left nipple within his mouth, sucking it deep inside, and she brought one hand up to clasp his head, running her fingers through his hair once more. With each thrust his stiffness pushed deeper, until his full length was within, and pumping her pussy with long and powerful strokes. She closed her eyes, as he then switched to sucking her other nipple, and she brought her other hand up to caress his back as she wrapped her open legs around his pelvis keeping the rhythm and pulling him deeper, she felt his slightly course pubic hair rub against the tenderness of her pussy.
Then she said 'Will you...'

Turning the wooden desk chair around with the back of it facing them, she leaned forward to place her hands on the top rail, waving her bum in the air. He ran his hand from beneath her, up over her soaking wet pussy, and round to her anus, before crouching down to taste her wetness and then licking his way round to her anus. Pulling her cheeks apart, he began to rim her anus, licking the edges as she moaned with pleasure. He ran a finger over the hole, teasing it a little, watching it pulse beneath his touch, and opening her anus a little more, he pushed his finger within again, sliding it back and forth. With one hand still gripping the back of the chair, she reached down and started to rub her clit, the wetness of her pussy dripping onto her fingers.
'Fuck my ass,' she said between heavy breaths, 'please.' she added.
Not wanting to disappoint he straightened up, removing his finger from her anus, and placing it on his manhood. Stroking his manhood, he then used his free hand to pushed slightly down on her buttocks, lowering her ass a little and bringing it in line with his hardness. Finding the opening with the tip, he paused for a moment, before slowly pushing it within. She gasped loudly, a deep moan issuing from her thin lips as she closed her eyes once more. It had been a little while since she done anal, and her hole had tighten a little. She placed her free hand back on the back of the chair, and gripped tightly, her knuckles whitening a little and she steadied herself. Taking hold of her waist, he began to pump her anus, using long slow thrusts, pushing deeper with each stroke. 'Wow, her ass was tight,' he thought, 'and fuck it feels good.' As her anus loosened a little he began to pump harder and faster, and finding the rhythm she moved her ass with his thrusts, his heavy balls hitting against her pussy.
He wasn't going to last much longer, and he felt the cum well up waiting to burst free.
'I'm gonna cum.' he announced.
'Cum in my mouth please,' she asked as a statement, 'I wanna taste you.'

Sat back in his original position, she got to her knees and hungrily swallowed his cock. Placing either hand on each of his thighs, she took his cock deep into her mouth, sucking hard, wanting his cum. Closing his eyes, he felt his cum well up again, his cock loading itself ready to blow.
'Suck it hard.' he told her, as he felt his cum beginning to rise, 'suck it...’ and with a series of little quick jerks, he exploded in her mouth, filling it with his thick creamy juices, the load heavy and spilling from the corner of her mouth. She sat back and looked at him directly in the eyes and he watched her as she swallowed, licking the corners of her mouth, not wanting to spill a drop.
'Did I taste nice?' he asked her, his cock slowly becoming limp.
She smiled and then leaned in and kissed him. 'You tasted real good.'

'Hey asshole, you there.' a voice from outside called.
John stirred, his sl**p interrupted by the voice outside his window.
'Hey John, wake up.' the voice called again.
John blinked his eyes opened, and glanced around bleary eyed.
'Hey John, get up you asshole. We're suppose to meet Karl at 11.'
John picked up his mobile from the bedside table, and touching the screen lit it up to check the time. It was ten pass ten. Suddenly it burst into life, and began to ring, with 'Alan' coming up on the caller ID. John pressed the answer button, bringing the phone to his ear.
'Hi Alan.' he said, 'give me a moment and I'll come to the door.'
Remembering the events of the night before, he glanced around and saw all evidence of her was gone. Confused, he had to think for a second as to whether it had been a dream, or it had been real.
He got up and looked to the desktop, and saw her empty mug there, with a folded piece of paper next to it. He stepped across to the table and picked up the piece of paper, unfolding it as he brought it closer to him. On it was written 'Thanks for being a friend, and thanks for the sugar.'
John smiled, it had been real, and with that pleasing thought on his mind, he grabbed his jeans, slipping them on as he made his way to the door.
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Great story!
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very nice
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to bad you did not get her number
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That was a very good story
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