Nobody Home?

With a twist, a push, a jab and a lever, the door loosened itself from its fastenings and opened, its announcement given with a small relieving squeal. He let it fall open a foot or so, and stood back to listen. No alarm, which surprised him as he thought everyone was out. Maybe they didn't deem this door important enough to place a censor on it, or perhaps they forgot to set the alarm. Either way he didn't care, he was in.
He looked around the utilities room, the dark square and rectangular shapes indicating the white goods that lined either side of the room, leaving a passageway to the door at the other end. And with a quick glance behind, he slipped inside, jamming the door close and plunging himself into darkness.
The next door led to the kitchen, and once again he opened it with a pause to listen. Satisfied his entry was safe, he entered the kitchen and crossed within the twilight to the hallway. From his pocket he withdrew a piece of paper, and unfolding it revealed a basic sketch of the layout of the house. According to Harry at The Stag and Deer, he needed the study on the first floor. That was where the safe was.

Katie was glad her parents were out, she may have only been home for a couple of days so far, but she was already missing the freedom of living on campus. At least there she could 'watch and play' without the cord of the headphones getting in her way; she needed Bluetooth, or something wireless. However being at home had its advantages, and now was her opportunity to fulfill her boyfriend’s request.
Getting off the bed, Katie crossed to the window, bending down to open the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers that stood there. Reaching inside she pulled out a camcorder procured from a friend earlier in the day, citing the making of a personal movie for her media course at university, although her friend would never imagined just how personal this video would be, and that it was for a porn site and not part of her studies. Crossing to the low standing table on which stood her TV with an ever increasing pile of DVDs next to it, she took the AV lead, plugged the corresponding jacks into the camera, and scart into the back of the TV. Then placing the camera on top of the television, she turned it on and flicking through the channels, found herself smiling back at her. She gave a wave as if someone was actually watching her, and giggled at her girly silliness.
Rising to her feet, she crossed to the window, and with one last look outside, she bid the world goodnight and closed the curtains.

At the top of the stairs he referred to the sketch once again. ‘Turn left and the study should be two doors along,’ he remember Harry informing him a couple of days before, ‘but beware, I think he has a camera trained the door.’ he added. He folded the sketch and then slipped it back into his pocket as he began to make his way along the hallway, glancing up for the redeye of a CCTV camera. Step by step he crept along, his heart beating slightly faster when the floorboard creak a little too loudly for comfort beneath his weight, but then in this silence all sound was amplified. Waking up to his situation of an empty house, he asked himself, 'Why the fuck am I creeping? How dumb am I? I could do the hundred meter dash, and no one would hear,' and with that he quickened his pace and was at the door in seconds.

Another benefit with her parents being out was playing her music at a volume she wanted, and playing the music she wanted to hear. Dark loud music, music with a heavy beat and ripping riff, a bassline that made the floorboards dance and a gravel chewing vocal. She loved her rock and metal, and hated that her parent didn't even consider it music. Most of her friends parents were a bit more hip, a bit more in tune with the world, but her parents were still living in the middle-ages within Katie's eyes. They were still dancing to The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys and Abba, which whenever she heard them, almost made her bl**d run cold.
She picked up her ipod, slid it into the portable speaker port, and turned it on. Flicking through the play-list she stopped at ‘The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army’ and pressed play.

He nearly died on the spot when he heard the familiar bassline, shaking it way to him through the floorboards closely followed with the bass drum. He had had his hand on the handle of the second door along, and had just turned it, when the first bass notes ripped through the silence, shattering it into a million pieces like a sledgehammer. He turned his head towards the sound and peered into the gloom beyond. There didn't appear to be any sign of life, but then why the music. Releasing the handle from his grip, he slowly made his way back pass the staircase, and into the gloom beyond.
After turning right, and noticing a shaft of light cutting across the carpet, he stood and peered through the slightly ajar door. Within there was a young lady; he guess early twenties; dancing to the familiar tune, singing along with Jack White as he growled the lyrics. She appeared to be doing a strip tease, but to whom, he was unable to see.

With her heart beating heavier that the bass drum that motivated her moves and rhythm, she slowly and as sexily as she could removed her clothes layer by layer. This was her debut performance, and in her head she tried to remember the scene from 'Striptease' and mimic Demi Moore's moves when she strips on the table for Burt Reynolds. Having lost her loose fitting t-shirt, and undone the button and zip of her cut-off blue jeans, she turned her back to the camera and shook her little peach like bum out from the cut-offs. She continue to 'shake her ass', stepping back and forth to the beat, teasing the camera and inevitably the watcher a little more, before bending over to peel them down her slender legs to the floor. A few more 'shake your ass' steps to tease a moment longer, and then she spun around to reveal her partially dressed, partially covered body, her full glory hidden behind the black lacy lingerie her boyfriend had brought for her the previous Valentines. Then in a practiced move, Katie hooked up the cut-offs with her toe, and flung them to the side of the room.

Looking down at the cut-offs lying at the foot of the door, the temptation was too hard to resist, and he slid down the wall, glancing up to check her back was turned, before reaching in and grabbing them. Even through his leather gloves they felt soft and clean, and he raised them to his balaclava-ed face to smell them. They smelt sweet, she smelt sweet, she smelt like a rose. He took a moment to breathe in her aromas deeply, and then glanced back at her, as he slid back up the wall to stand and watch. With his foot, he gently nudged the door a little wider to see who she was dancing for. He stretched his eyesight to see as much of the room as possible, but still saw no one. ‘Was she dancing for anyone?’ he asked himself, ‘was she dancing for her own entertainment? Maybe she wanted a career as a stripper? She looked good enough, but in this big house with daddy’s money, surely there was no need. But then she might be rebelling.’ Pushing these thoughts from his mind, he watched her as she unhooked her bra,

Katie had always had a complex with her body image. At school she had been nicknamed 'Twiggy', because she had the figure of an empty autumn tree, and had been a late developer. She finally grew what would eventually be a B cup breast at 14 years of age, and with the braces and flame red tightly curled hair, they only served her with more and more cruel taunts from the glamorous and fashionable. But now, as she stood there with herself looking back at her, her tight curls loosened and cascading down upon and over her shoulders, her crooked teeth straightened and gleaming, the glasses gone and contact lenses in replacement, she thought she looked a little bit fantastic. She would never admit that verbally, in public or even to close friends, but as she stood there in only her bra and knickers, she smiled and winked at the screen. She then found the courage and confidence to slowly removed the bra, bending forwards as it fell down and from her arms, her hands covering herself as she righted. Dancing back and forth once more, she gradually let her nipples, her slightly hard, her slightly excited nipples poke through between her fingers, before revealing them with open arms like a declaration of her beauty and confidence. Turning her back to the camera and TV screen, she placed her hands on her hips and hooked them beneath the straps of her knickers.

He had a semi, and he reached down to feel the increasingly growing bulge, tenderly stroking it and cupping his groin like a Michael Jackson dance move. She had a gorgeous slim figure he thought to himself, her smaller breast complimenting her slender frame, and he wondered if she was shaven, trimmed or hairy. He nudged the door open a little wider, and stood slightly within the doorframe to get a better look inside. ‘There was definitely no one else in the room,’ he told himself, and waiting for her to be looking away from him, he quickly poked his head within, looking behind to snatch a camera quick glance, just to be sure. ‘Empty, 100% empty,’ he confirmed, ‘well unless the other person was also hiding behind the door on the opposite side to him, and they surely would have noticed it gradually opening, and investigated further.’ he reasoned, as if still trying to convince himself. And slipping back into the darkness beyond her sight, he watched her as she teased her knickers down,

As she bent forwards with her back to the TV, her knickers stretched between her ankles, her legs open and her pussy on offer, she thought to herself as she stared at her reflection 'I look like a whore.’ and then smiled, the idea exciting her a little whether it be true or not. She raised herself up and glance over her shoulder, wiggling her hips to the music and slapping her bum, before spinning back round, her full glory on show on the screen, seen by a camcorder that was at that moment, committing her image to hard-drive. And with the song now in its final verse, she danced with a freedom she had never felt, even when d***k and on a night out with the girls. Right now she felt the freedom of a nudist, and with no one watching, not even the viewer who would be viewing this later, she ran her hands up and down her body, caressing her curves with a casual sexiness of a lap dancer earning her keep.
The final line gravelly growled, and with Jacks voice hanging in the air, Katie played the air guitar, stomping her feet to the beat in a marching style, her head nodding like a metal fan, her hair dancing like a fire. She strummed the final chord and bent forward closing her eyes, feeling the passion of the music before righting herself to hit the final beat. That was when she saw him. Stood behind her, reflected in the TV screen. Dressed in black, his balaclava hiding his face, his identity, with only his cold eyes and rough dry lips revealed. She froze, she stared, she blinked, she stared, her heart beating heavier than it had ever had before, so heavy that she thought it was about to burst from her chest, and for a moment she thought it was just her imagination.

He stood there behind her, his reflection in the TV screen. He stood there looking at her, watching as her soft features sharpened, her eyes fall into a state of shock, and her thinly lipped mouth open to hang slightly. He had two choices. He could do nothing and wait for her to find the courage to scream, breaking the silence, or he could clasp a hand over her mouth, smothering any cries for help. He chose the later and placed his leather-gloved hand upon her mouth, pulling her head to his chest. Then as he stared into the TV screen, leaning in a little, his head side-by-side with hers, he put a finger to his lips, indicating for her to be silent. Katie hesitantly nodded yes.
Glancing to the dressing table, he looked for something to gag her with, and his eyes settled on a bandanna with some obscure band's name upon it. He reached across, grabbing it and then looking at her one more time, he indicated for her to stay silent. Again she nodded, and he loosened his hand slightly, allowing her to breathe, reaching to the ground to pick up her knickers.
Rising up with her knickers in his hands, he dangled them in front of her, finding a side strap to hold them by, before flipping the gusset into his gloved palm, and holding it to his face. He breathed in deeply, and smelt her aromas again, stronger this time, the mixture of rose perfumed soap and a natural dampness, exciting his hungry nostrils and causing his manhood to stand to attention, pushing hard for escape from the confines of his black jeans. Removing the panties from his face, but still holding them in view, he then looked at Katie, directly in the eyes via the TV screen, and then pushed them into her mouth, placing the bandanna over it and tying it behind her head.

She wished he hadn't tied it so tightly, the roughness of the edges of the bandanna felt course upon her soft cheeks, and she wiggled her jaws a little in the hope of loosening it slightly. She watched him as he came from behind her to stand before her, exchanging her stare from via the TV, to face-to-face. They stood there in silence for a moment, and he looked deep into her eyes. She couldn’t tear her gaze away from his stare, he had the deepest blue eyes, and for a moment she lost herself within them. Then she felt his touch, as he ran his gloved hand from her neck down her naked, open and vulnerable body, down over her breast, her nipple hardening beneath his touch, down across her stomach, stopping momentarily at her belly button, and down to the apex of her sex, their gaze remaining intact, then he slid his hand further down and ran a single finger over the slit of her pussy,

He felt her gasp, as she let out a short sharp little breath through her gagged mouth, and he knew then she was excited by his actions, and beneath the balaclava, unseen by her, he smiled. He was glad she couldn't see his smile, his enjoyment, that would ruin the effect. There was something in her slight fear of him, her anxiety, her apprehension of what he might do to her, that was so sexy, and gazing into her emerald green eyes, he ran his hand over her pussy again, the stare between them electrifying. He pushed her backwards onto the bed, and she landed on her cute smooth as silk bum, rolling onto her back, her legs hanging open over the edges, He took one step towards her, and held her to the bed as he crouch before her, between her legs, her open pussy in his eye-line, and he took a moment to just look at it. It was so tidy, just a slit and little more, the edges of her inner lips, bowing it slightly in the middle, and her clit itself was little more than a mound of flesh at the top, still hidden within its sheath.

Katie looked at him looking at her pussy. Freshly shaved that morning, she had yet to play with it herself that day. The porn she had been watching earlier had excited her, and in her head she had plan to give her boyfriend more than just a striptease video. Then she remembered the camera and she looked over to the TV to see herself splayed eagle spread upon the bed, with the stranger knelt before her. ‘How would she explain this to her boyfriend?’ she asked herself, ‘would he think her a slut to be excited by this stranger’s attention? Would he be jealous that she lay there with her legs open invitingly, the strangers head less than a foot from her pussy? Would he.... ‘ Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt his hot wet tongue lick her pussy, and she collapsed back onto the bed.

'She tasted good,' he thought, 'she tasted sweeter than his present girlfriend.’ and he was going to enjoy this, licking and sucking this little rich girl's pussy.' He licked in long lengths, from the bottom to the top, pushing the slit open a little, his tongue slipping within and between the more sensitive inner lips. He reached up and opened the slit of her pussy, the wetness and excitement glistening within, and then he ran his finger around the little pussy hole before, and without warning, pushing his black leather clad finger within. Her body arched a little as he did so, and a stifled moan escaped her gagged mouth, before she settled back down again. He withdrew the finger till it was almost out, and then pushed it in deeper this time, just past the second knuckle, and watched as her body arched again, accompanied by another stifled moan.

'What the fuck am I doing?' Katie thought to herself, 'It's one thing to be having this... this stranger looking at her, she had kinda invited it' she suppose having been stripping at the time, 'although she hadn't initially invited him in.' she reasoned in her own defense. 'But now he had his finger in her pussy, in fact he had a leather gloved finger in her pussy, deep in her pussy, and shit, it felt good.' And with that final thought lingering in her head, she felt him push his finger in again, deeper than the previous two times, and again she arched higher than before, holding the position momentarily before bouncing back down onto the bed, her moan almost guttural. Then he started to hungrily lick at her pussy, sliding his finger with a rhythm in and out of her hole, and she opened her legs wider, as she reached down to hold his balaclava-ed head, pulling him deeper into her pussy. 'Fuck,' she thought, 'he knew how to finger fuck and he knew how to lick a pussy.'

He didn't understand what was happening. He had broken into a few houses over the years, and on a couple of occasions, there had been someone there, but normally they would scream and shout and cause a massive fuss; one had even attacked him, hitting him with a spatula until he retreated out of the house, screaming that she was going to call the police as he ran down the road; but here he was, on his knees with some girl who musta been 10 years younger than him, his tongue dancing within her pussy, her hands clamping his head, and his finger sliding in and out of her wet and willing pussy hole. He wondered if she would give him a blowjob, but then he thought that might be too chancy, what if she realized what was happening, woke up to reality, and decided to show him how she actually felt. The idea, the fear that she might bite his cock was enough to tell him to push that thought from his mind. With so many thoughts in his mind, he was unaware that her moans of pleasure had got louder, and then he heard her say 'I wanna suck your cock.'
Surprised, he looked up and saw her mouth was free of her panties, and the bandanna hanging slightly loose around her jaw.
'Give me your cock.' she repeated.

Rising up without a moments longer hesitation, he tore at the buckle of his belt, as Katie sat up, using both her hands to rip the bandanna from her head. Free of any restrictions, she reached forward to undo his fly, as he released the button, and then she pulled down his boxer shorts to reveal his erect manhood, its bulbous head shiny and red, with a tiny trickle of pre-cum dribbling from the hole. Katie wrapped her fingers around its girth and began to wank him, her small hand pumping his cock slowly as she looked to him and smiled. He didn't want her sweet smile, he wanted his cock in her mouth, and with that he took her head within his hands and brought her head down upon his manhood.
She opened her mouth and took him inside, her hot breath upon his sensitive helmet exciting him more, and then her thin lips enclosed upon his shaft and she began to suck. Holding her head, he moved his pelvis back and forth, fucking her mouth.
'She was good,' he thought, 'she was real good.' and he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, holding it within her throat as she gagged on it.
She held it there for as long as she could, before pull his hard and solid cock from her mouth and spat on it. She wanked his and looked up once more, and again he twisted her head back to his manhood, thrusting it deep inside again. She held it there longer this time, deep throating and gagging whilst cupping and teasing his free hanging balls. Choking slightly and needing to breathe, she pulled his cock from her mouth, a string of flem dangling loosely connecting them. She wiped the flem from her mouth and worked the remains into the skin of his cock, and then she looked at him again.
'I want you to fuck me,' she said, 'do you wanna fuck me stranger?' she then asked, 'and don't speak, just nod.' she told him.
He nodded, confirming the obvious. 'Of course I want to fuck you,' he thought, 'and I gonna cum in your tight little pussy.'
Getting on top the bed, Katie flipped around and assumed the doggy position, waving her small bum at him, and offering her open, willing and hungry pussy.
He placed one hand on her bum, steadying it, and used his other to guide his manhood. Negotiating and finding the opening, he then pushed his cock deep inside. He held his stiffness inside her for a moment, listening to her moan with satisfaction and acceptance, and felt her inner walls of her pussy clamping his hardness wanting to pull him in deeper. Resisting the desire to go deeper, he pulled his manhood back out and then pushed it in deeper with a second thrust, grinding his hips and gradually building up a fluid motion as he pumped her pussy.
Katie was more verbal than she had ever been before, and she was glad the house was empty, it meant she didn't have to hide her enjoyment. She pushed her bum into his groin, in turn pushing his cock as deeply as possible into her pussy, and bit her lip as she closed her eyes.
He glanced over to the TV screen, and watched himself fucking her, his balaclava-ed head expressionless. Reaching forward, he grabbed her flame coloured hair and tugged it. She resisted at first, not expecting this level of roughness, but with a second harder tug, he lifted her up, and pulled her to him. Continuing to pump her pussy, he held on to her hair holding her head next to his, and running the other hand up her slender tight frame, and then grabbed her little handful breast and massaged it roughly. He took the nipple between his fingers and squeezed it, and she released a small cry of pain within her moans of pleasure. She was unsure of the roughness at first, but she remembered the saying about 'a thin line', and right now she understood that feeling.
'Fuck my pussy,' she told him, 'fuck it hard, I wanna feel you cum inside me.'
Not wanting to disappoint, and liking the idea of pushing her limits, he thrust his cock deeper into her sopping wet pussy, grinding his groin into the softness of her bum, pumping her as hard and as fast as he could. Katie vocalized her enjoyment, and her moans spurred him on, and soon he felt his cum begin to collect and with a few more thrust, he was pumping his creamy liquid deep inside her. Katie felt his cum hitting her inner walls, and she smiled with a deep satisfaction she had rarely felt in her life before.

Releasing her hair and pushing her back down on all fours, he pulled his cock from her used pussy, his slightly limp manhood glistening with her wetness, and turned away from her, strolling over to the TV screen. He pulled his boxer shorts back up and refastened his jeans allowing his belt to hang free still. Leaning forward he traced the wire from the TV to the camera, and then picked up the camera and looked to Katie.

Turning to sit upon the bed with her legs open, Katie watched him and his slightly lumbering and deliberate movements. Standing there in front of the TV with the camera in his hand, she worried slightly about the safety of the camera.
'Please don't break it,' she said, the worry evident within her tone, 'it's not mine.'

He had no plans to break it, or to destroy the tape, after all, what purpose would that serve. He was fully dressed, with a balaclava and gloves, so other than the possible DNA of his cum, she had no idea who he was. And upon her request, he hadn't even spoken. So there seemed no reason to break anything. He looked at her, wishing she could see his smile to allay her fears, but she couldn't, so instead he crossed to the bed and placed the camera upon the covers, looking at the TV to adjust the position. Then he crossed to the silent ipod, shuffling through the play-list. Nodding his head in approval, he selected ‘Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me', and pressed play as he turned to walk out of the room, back into the darkness beyond from which he had come, leaving as if he had never been there.

Recognizing the vocal introduction instantly, Katie sang along with the opening lines as she sat there on the bed watching the stranger disappear into the darkness beyond the door, and then as the opening riff ripped through the room, she glanced to the TV. The camera had been position looking directly and only at her used pussy, and as she watched the screen, she saw a little of his cum dribble from within.
Katie smiled and then reached down to press pause.
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So fucking hot!
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i wish all rapes went like that!
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shit hot