With Menace.

NOTE: This is a fictional story, written at the request of a friend a couple of years ago. I have rewritten it and decided to post it here.
And you need to read the whole story to understand the direction it takes and the outcome.
Hope you enjoy.

With Menace.

It had been a long day, and her body and mind were tired, and longing for that 'welcome home' cup of tea, her mother would make for her on her arrival. But as she rounded the corner into Valley Road nearing her home, a masked stranger suddenly appeared from behind some nearby bushes, and stood directly in her path, blocking her way. Brought to a sudden halt, Claire stood there motionless, staring at him, unsure of his intentions. He was a bigger man than her, dressed head to toe in black, and looked less than friendly. She glanced behind looking for others but there was no one there, and turning back to him she caught a quick glimpse of his face in the beams of a passing cars headlights, just before the cloth bag was placed over her head, the pressure of a rough hand upon her mouth.
'Make one single sound,' he whispered into her ear, as he took both her hands and held them behind her back, 'and it will be your last.'
Unable to make a sound, even if freely allowed to do so, Claire nodded in agreement.
'Now,' he added with an air of menace in his voice, 'I'm gonna remove my hand from your mouth, so not a sound. Okay?'
Claire nodded again, confirming his request, and then he slowly lifted his hand away from her mouth, transferring it to behind her head to hold the bag in place, before turning her around to face the direction she had just come from.
'Now walk.' The stranger instructed, and step-by-step, he frog marched her across the road and onto the common.

After a few minutes of walking, the stranger pulled her to a stop and paused for a second, looking around to check they were alone. Secure in the knowledge, he roughly ripped the bag from Claire's head and pushed her to the ground.
Claire looked around; her eyesight taking a moment to adjust to the slight darkness and gloom that surrounded her. All she could see was the bushes that hid her from the world beyond, and glancing to the stranger hoping to catch his eye, she was thrown back into darkness, as he roughly lifted her head, placing a blindfold over her eyes and tying it tightly behind her head.
'Please don't hurt me,' she finally managed to say, finding her voice at last, 'I will do anything, but please don't hurt me.'
Without answering her plead, the stranger took both her hands, and placed them above her head, tied them together with a piece of string he had brought with him, and then to a nearby tree, like a dog on a leash.
'What are you going to do?' she asks him, fearing the worst.
For a moment there was silence, like time had stopped still, like nothing existed, like this was just her imagination. She waited, hesitation coursing through her body, and for a moment she wondered if the stranger was still there. Then she felt his hot breath tickle her ear as he whispered, 'I'm gonna **** you.'

The stranger sat down beside her, the slightly damp ground feeling cold beneath him, and he watched her for a moment, relishing her fear as she tremble slightly, his ear entertained by her little whimpers. He reached forward, touching her soft lips, running his finger their length, wiping up some of the wetness that glistened upon her lipstick, and then put the finger in his mouth. Claire turned her head away from him, and displeased by this, he grabbed her loose hair and twisted it back, placing his finger back on her lips.
'Open your mouth.' he instructed, his voice stern and rough in language. No emotion shown.
Claire shook her head, refusing.
'Open your mouth bitch.' He instructed again, his voice sterner with a little added menace.
She slowly parted her lips, and with impatience he pushed his finger inside, tracing it over, upon and behind her teeth.
'Suck it.'
Claire hesitated, unsure where his finger had been and asked, slightly incoherently 'Do I have to?'
'Do I have to ask you again?' he questioned with a retorical tone.
Understanding the meaning behind his question, she slowly closed her lips around his finger, and gently with apprehension sucked.
'Suck harder.'
Claire sucked on his finger a little harder, and for a moment she thought about biting it. But with her hands tied and her defenses low, she knew that would be a mistake, and so she complied.
Pulling his wet finger from her mouth, he traced it across her cheek and down her neck, before removing it and sucking on it himself once more.
Again there was nothingness, again there was stillness, and she could hear the low rumble of the distant traffic, mingled with the far-off voices of a group of k**s having fun on the street.
With her jacket lying open, and without warning, he reached forward grabbing each collar of her blouse in either hand, and ripped it open, the buttons popping off one by one, and then rolling to the ground either side of her. The stranger ran his course working, factory-like hands over the smoothness of her chest, gradually finding their way up to her bra, and pushing beneath. Removing one of his hands, he reached for his pocket, and withdrew a flick-knife. Flicking it open, he felt Claire flinch, and for a moment she got really scared, wondering if he was going to break his earlier promise not to hurt her. He slid it beneath the joining of the two cups of her bra, and with a short sharp tug, cut it open. Claire felt the bra loosen, and felt the chill of the air on her exposed breast. Tossing the flick-knife to the ground, he grabbed each of her breasts and squeezed them. He leaned forward and licked each of her nipples, taking each one in turn into his mouth and sucking on it hard. She had had her nipples sucked before, but not this hard. It hurt slightly, as if he was trying to drain some of the non-existent milk that would be produced later in life when she decided to settle down and start a f****y, and tip-toeing the thin line of pain and pleasure, she began to enjoy it slightly, but at the same time feeling guilty of being a little pleased.
Her mind beginning to wander trying to block out what was happening, and she thought about her boyfriend, and their sex life, their almost boring, almost routine sex life, and she wished the stranger was him. But she knew it couldn't be, he wouldn't act so dangerously, so risky, so foolishly and his teachings; he was studying theology; would tell him this was wrong, and that he should only treat another human being with kindness, patience and understanding.
The stranger bit her left nipple slightly, and with this action she was brought back to reality, remembering this was the stranger, the stranger biting and he was about to... he was about to **** her.
'Get off', she said, not too loud, but loud enough. 'Please leave me alone.' she added with a little more conviction.
The stranger stopped, removing himself, and once again she was lying there in limbo. Confusion entered her mind, and she wondered if this plead had be enough to halt his progress, She began to fantasize that he would suddenly free her, offer a hundred apologies and let her go home, but that would be too easy. Why take it this far to turn away, and she began to wonder if he had gone beyond that point of no return. She knew he was still there, she could hear his breathing, and with the blindfold keeping her in darkness, the chill of the summer breeze flowing over her partially naked body, she began to feel the fear of the situation again.
'Please stop now,' she said again, clinging onto the hope that her fantasy was about to come true, 'please. I won't tell anyone.' she continued with a little belief in her tone.
The Stranger sat in silence, a blank look upon his face.
'Please. Just untie me and I will give you time to leave.' Claire said, her voice building in confidence. 'I haven't seen your face, and I don't know who you are. Let me go and I will say nothing.'
Still he said nothing. He just stared at her mouth, mouthing her words.
Claire could no longer hear him breathe, and was unsure if it was being drowned out by the rising sounds of the night, or if he was actually there. Had she managed to appeal to his better nature? Has she stopped this? She listened hard for a sign, any sign to tell her if he was there or not, but all she could hear was the growing sound of the far off traffic as the night began to pick up into socializing, and a dog barking, it's male owner calling after the it.
'Are you there?' she asked hesitantly, 'are you still there?'
She listened again. Nothing.
'Please answer me. Are you still there?' she repeated.
The stranger slowly and silently leant forward and breathed upon her ear again, the feeling of it's warmth sending fear back through her body and he whispered 'Yes. I am still here,' pausing before adding, 'and I am not finished with you yet.'
Then he reached for the buckle of her belt, which secured her trousers to her waist, and methodically opened the metal clasp, pulled down the zip, and with an almost professional technique removed her trousers in a single action.
Claire laid there, only her little white knickers between her and the Stranger now.

Reaching down between her legs, the Stranger ran his fingers up the softness of her inner thigh, and made his way to her cotton knickers. After tracing the triangular shape of the white pure looking material, he then ran a single finger along the line of the damp crease of her pussy.
Claire didn't know how to react, and for a moment she lay there like a statue. A tear escaped her eyes, and running from beneath the blindfold, tracing a wet river-like line across her cheek, before falling to the ground. Then she heard the clinking of metal, the opening of his zip, and she knew then that the stranger was preparing himself to do what he said.
'No please.' Claire whimpered, hardly audible, feeling it was pointless to argue but knowing she had to, that she wanted to, 'please don't do this.'
The stranger smiled at her distress, and slightly reveled within it. He wanted to encourage it, as it gave him power, but his manhood was hard and he wanted her pussy. He looked to the ground, located and picked up the flick-knife, and cut the straps of either side of her knickers, and Claire felt them fall free, knowing if he hadn't passed the point of return before, he had now. The stranger tossed the flick-knife aside again and with his other hand pulled her knickers from her body, freeing up her pussy, and then stuffed them in her mouth.
Glad of the silence, he then pulled her legs further apart, watching her pussy open slightly with them, and finding the opening, pushed his finger in deep, Claire's body reacting with a wave of a flinch, as if trying to wiggle free of him.
The stranger readjusted his position and placed a heavy hand upon her naked stomach, holding her still, as he slid his finger in and out of her pussy. Claire closed her eyes, ignoring the fact they were blindfolded, hoping to find pleasant thoughts, but they were not forthcoming.
The stranger was surprised at her wetness and this urged him on, believing this was what she wanted, that she was enjoying it, and he slid his finger in as deep as he could, before removing it and running it below his nose. He licked it tasting her, and she tasted as sweet as he imagined she would, and he put the finger in his mouth sucking it dry, He pushed his finger back in her pussy again, and slid it back and forth a few more times, removed it again, and this time he leant forward and ran it below Claire's nose.
Claire smelt his finger, and recognized her familiar aroma, and for a moment it reminded her of the first time she had masturbated and done that very same thing. She had been surprised by the pungentness of her juices, and it became a smell she would never forget, almost being able to recall it at a moments notice. The stranger took his finger away from her hungry nostrils, and once again sucked it dry.
He then lifted her closest leg to him, slid between them and lifted her other leg, and then placed them down upon his shoulders, her open her pussy available to him. He took his hard manhood in his hand, running it along the stiff and erect shaft, and moving closer towards Claire's pussy, he positioned it at the entrance to her hole. Glancing up, he looked at her apprehensive face, her lips slightly quivering, and smiled. He was the Master here, and he was in control, and with that thought in his mind, he pushed his firmness inside her, and drove it home. Claire gasped at his size, wondering if he was bigger than she had experienced before, or if she was tighter due to the scenario.
He started to pump her pussy, going deeper with every thrust, and soon he was in as deep in her as he could get, his untamed pubic hair brushing against her shaven pussy. Thrusting and pumping, he fucked her pussy with a relish he had never felt before, and he watched her face, as she seemed to start enjoying it. Claire had given into him now, allowing him to take her completely, and in her mind she replayed this scenario with her boyfriend, pretending he had given into her desires to be taken so roughly. She allowed a small moan escape from her lips, and upon hearing this, the stranger pumped her pussy faster and harder, wanting to hear her moans and groans increase in sound and desire for him.
'Fuck me baby, fuck me hard Johnny.' she said, giving away where her mind was at this time.
Upon hearing the name, the stranger looked at her with disgust and stating 'Fuck Johnny, this is me you bitch, and I am r****g your fucking pussy.'
Reminded of the reality once more, she pushed that thought aside again and replaced it with her imagined scenario.
The stranger began to feel his cum rise, and he didn't want to hold back, and as much as he wanted this to continue for as long as possible, longer even, he wanted to cum inside her, pump his white creamy seamen into her hole, leaving her with a reminder of this experience. He was a King right now within his mind, and she was just some whore who wanted him, was willing to give herself to him, whenever he wanted.
He felt his warm cum climb, nearing the helmet of his cock with every hard thrust, and he knew he would cum at any moment. Claire's moans became louder, and she also felt herself begin to well and she hoped he would make her cum. The stranger wrapped his arms around her legs, pulling her closer to him, and with the softness of her skin beneath his rough hands, the moans escaping her parted lips and his manhood deep in her warm and willing pussy, he came. Claire felt him cum, felt his warm liquid hit her walls within and this made her cum too. The stranger stopped, his firmness still deep within, and he felt her cum, her moans and groans becoming uncontrollable, and for a moment he closed his eyes as they both lost themselves within the moment.
The stranger was reminded of the situation when he heard the dog from earlier barking again, only this time louder, closer. He opened his eyes, and through a small gap of the nearby foliage, he saw the figure of the owner emerging from the darkness.
Not wanting to be caught he paused, and placed a hand on Claire's mouth stifling her pleasure. He watched the man move aimlessly side to side, gradually making his way towards them like a lost d***k, and feeling he was too close for comfort, he pulled his manhood from her, and slid out from between her legs, allowing them to fall roughly to the ground. He scanned the ground and picked up his flick-knife, reaching forward over her to cut the string held taut between her hands and the tree, before closing it as he slipped away into the darkness. As he stood there securing his jeans and doing up his belt, he remembered the parting gift still in his pocket. He glanced over to Claire, and then to the man. The man was still a safe-ish distance away and pulling the gift from his front pocket, he took the few steps forward and quickly dropped it on the ground beside her. He then turned away, and disappeared with a little haste in his step, deeper into the common, and into the darkness.
Claire lay there, feeling the strangers warm cum trickle from her used pussy, and wondered if he was done. He had cut her free, but was he still there? Was he trying to lure her into a false sense of security? Was he waiting for her to feel safe from harm, before striking again? She heard the man calling his dog and heard the dog pacing, sniffing the ground nearby. With her hands still tied together, she used the palms to push the blindfold away, freeing up her eyes and looked around, blinking to clear the few tears she had shed. She wiggled her hands, loosening the string, and a moment later she slip one hand free, pulling the string binding from the other. Hearing the man getting closer with every call, she moved closer to the bushes, not wanting him to find her in this state of undress, and then reached for her trousers slipping them on with a little haste. Her movements disturbed the bushes and this drew the man's attention towards her. He crossed to the bushes, believing he would find his dog, sniffing about, checking out the scent of others, and looked over to see Claire as she finished doing up her trousers, clasping her open blouse close.
'Are you okay?' he asked, concern evident within his voice.
Claire looked up at him, a tear in her eye, welling and falling.
'Are you okay?' the man repeated, 'Do you need help?' he continued.
Claire glanced away and looked into the darkness around, wondering if he was watching her. Then she looked to the ground, and saw the stranger’s gift. An empty packet of 'Jelly Babies' and she smiled, letting out a c***dish giggle.
The man was confused, and for a moment he just watched her, before asking again 'Are you okay Miss?'
Claire looked at him with a small smile on her lips and said 'Yeah, thank you.' pausing before adding, 'Everything is okay now.' And in her mind she remembered the msn conversation she had had with the Stranger, and the deciding of the safe-word 'Jelly Babies.'
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i'd love to rape a few girls i know,make them take my nine inch meat up their ass.....
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very good
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that must be part 1 because i for one didnt see any direction ,and why didnt the girl run or put up a fight at first 3/10