Miss Midnight.

Although he was only a few miles from home, he didn't have a clue where he was, and with the twisting and turning of the road, slowly he lost his bearings. He pulled over to the side of the road, and flicking on the interior light, he grabbed the A-Z from the passenger seat, opening it to page 86 again. As he ran his finger over the page looking for Marley Way his mobile ran, and taking it out he recognized the number from the call 30 minutes earlier.
'Hi Miss Midnight,' he said with a smile that wrapped itself comfortably within his lips, 'I am on my way, just struggling to find your road.'
'Where are you?' she asked, he could hear the impatience in her voice, and wanted to reassure.
'I am on Chowdry Avenue, but kinda lost my sense of direction.' he said calmly, but feeling a slight frustration within.
'So what can you see?' she questioned.
He looked up out of the driver’s window and then scanned around to the windscreen, and that was when he saw it, the street sign marking the entrance to Marley Way, slightly illuminated by the beams of his headlights.
'I see Marley Way,' he said with a renewed excitement in his voice, and he almost heard her satisfaction on the other end of the phone.
'Drive to the End, and park up. I will come out to you. By the way, what are you driving?' she said with a slightly authoritative tone.
'A Volvo, A Volvo estate, so plenty of room,' he answered, his excitement growing.
'And you have a duvet with you yeah? I want to be comfortable.' her questioning and authoritative voice turning him on a little.
'Yeah. I want you to be comfortable.' he said hoping that his humor might soften her tone.
'I will be with you in 10 minutes.' she finished before ending the call.
He put the phone back in his pocket, dropped the A-Z on the passenger seat, switched off the interior light, and after adjusting his seating position slightly, he put the car in to gear and pulled away from the side of the road.

The further he drove down Marley Way, the more it turned into a massive building site, with the buildings becoming less and less complete. At the end there was a series of portacabins, some with building material outside of them and between. He glance around and saw a temporary metal wall at the end, with some chained up gates within, and to the left where there was room to park, he saw an overhanging tree. Thinking it was the safest and most private area from any possible prying eyes, he drove towards the gates and reversed into the empty space. He switched off the engine, and upon opening the driver’s window for air, he felt the chill of the autumn night and changed his mind, closing the window and fired up the engine once again. He then reached to the heater, flicking it to full blast, and got out of the car to smoke a cigarette while he waited.

Leaning back on the front of his car looking around, smoking his cigarette, he thought about the process of getting here, Bored that night sat at home, with only the internet for company, he had drifted to the classified site he had used with small amounts of success previously. Looking through the ads, he saw one that caught his eyes, and seeing it had been posted only ten minutes beforehand, he hit the reply button, filled out the details and scribble-typed a message back. Thinking no more of it, as in the most part he would get no reply, he then continued to look through the other ads, in the hope of finding a few more options for some real-life company. Whilst writing a reply to another ad, he saw an email drop into his inbox, and finishing to send, he crossed over to check his inbox and saw Miss Midnight’s reply. She had written that she liked the look of him, and what he had to say, and added the fact he was local to her, questioning if he had a car and was available immediately. A little excited at the prospect of a 'meet', he wrote to confirm the details, asking if she had a picture of herself, and offered his mobile number. Once more thinking it would probably go no further, or that she might be a fake (which was not unusual), he continued to loiter in the classified site. Minutes later his mobile rang, and he glanced at the strange number, before answering with a slight excitement.
''Hello?' he said with a questioning tone.
'Is that Steve?' said the female voice.
'Yeah. Miss Midnight?' he replied with confidence in being correct in his presumption.
'That's right. So you are definitely available now? My time is short, so have no time to waste.' she continued, her serious tone evident.
'Yeah.' he replied cheerfully, 'I am available right this minute, Just need to put my boots on, and then I am out the door, Can be with you within the next 20 to 30 minutes.'
'Good.' her voice still didn't really reflect that she was happy.
'What do you look like?' he asked hesitantly, 'I have yet to see a picture.’
'I am young, black and slim. You will not be disappointed.' she replied as if that was all he needed to know.
'Okay, so where are you?'
'I will text you my address. By the way, do you have a duvet?'
'Yeah.' he replied a little puzzled.
'Good. Bring It.' she finished with, before ending the call abruptly.
And that was it, sorted and arranged and 30 minutes later he was here, smoking a cigarette, waiting for her.

Flicking the remains of the cigarette over the gates, he then turned and crossed back to the driver’s door, and upon opening it he climbed inside. The car was warm and he removed his jacket in preparation of whatever was to come, As he folded it in half, placing it on the passenger seat, he saw a figure approaching the car. It was hard to see details and features through the dark gloom of the night, but what he saw impressed him, and he felt movement in his jeans. As she drew closer to the passenger side of the car, the blurry unclear image began to sharpen step by step, and the more he saw, the bigger the smile grew upon his face. She certainly wasn't a disappointment, as she had assured him she wouldn't be. She was of average height five four, five five, slim with hints of an hour glass figure, small but pert mounds bouncing braless beneath her top, with long slender legs hidden within her tight jeans, and this was all topped of with a cute but strikingly featured face and crowned by dark hair hanging loose around her shoulders. He was more than just happy, more than just pleased, and more that just excited.
He got out of the car to greet her, but before he was able to open the door wide enough to exit, due to a fumbling start, she had already open the back passenger door, and as he got out, she got in. He glanced at her as she closed the door behind her, and then he crossed to open the back drivers door to get back in himself.
'Hi.' he said, his nervousness gripping his throat.
'Hi.' she returned, looking at him with her big brown eyes, shining within the darkness of the night and her smooth dark skin.
'I am Steve.' he said confirming his identity.
'I hope so,' she said, 'otherwise I have the wrong car.'
He smiled, her humor breaking the ice that was also slowly being melted by the warmth of the car heater.
'I think you can switch the engine off now,' she suggested,' it might cause unwanted attention.' She smiled, and the smile, so broad and sweet, lit up her face.
'Oh yeah.' he stammered, 'I will, I will do it now.' And then lent over the back of the drivers seat to grab the ignition keys, and silenced the engine.
'Duvet.' She then instructed, 'I want to be comfortable as you lick my pussy.'
He didn't imagine she would say 'pussy'. She looked too sweet, too cute, possibly a little too innocent for dirty words, but upon hearing it, it turned him on, and eagerly he reached over the back of his seat, and grabbed a bag from the boot area. Then in a fluent, as if practiced move, he pulled the duvet from the bag and passed it to her. She took the duvet from him and leaned forward to place it behind her, unfolding it slightly as she did.
'So...' he said, unsure what to say, but not wanting to be silent.
'You can watch me undress, but you must stay fully clothed yourself, okay?' she asked instructively.
'Yeah. Do you want a hand to undress?' he asked in return, hungry to touch her.
'No, been doing it since I was a k**, kinda know what I am doing now,' she answered, 'and do you want tits out or do you not care, as long as my pussy is on show?' she added.
'I want you completely naked,' he said, his confidence growing by the second.
Then without pausing, she pulled off her loose t-shirt and exposed her pert breasts. They were bigger than he thought, and rounder than they had looked when she was approaching the car, but they were of a good size and within the moonlight he could see her nipples, which were of a slightly darker colour than her skin and a little erect, giving away the excitement she felt beneath her icy exterior. She then laid back, her breasts flattening out with her movement, and reached for the opening of her jeans.
She flicked open the button; which he thought, if it could make a sound, it would have been a sigh of relief; and then slid the zip the short distance to fully open. Then lifting her bum up from the seat, took hold of either side and slid them down, her knickers with them, before sitting back down to slide them from her slender legs. There was nothing sexy about how she got undressed, it was almost mechanical, but as she lay there complete naked, but for a small amount of make-up and jewelry, she looked like the most beautiful sight he had ever seen, and his brain slipped into overdrive, along with his hunger. He looked at her face and saw her give him a slight coy smile, a finger to her mouth like an innocent schoolgirl, and he returned the smile with his hunger to relish evident within his eyes. She looked downward, and he followed her gaze to the apex of her sex. Then with a slow and confident movement, she eased her legs open, revealing her clean-shaven pussy.
'Do you like?' she asked as he looked at her tidy pussy, which looked as if it had been rarely touch from the moment of conception, and he nodded, his voice escaping him.
'Do you want to touch it?' she added, and he nodded again, a little more eagerly.
'Do you want to lick it?' she asked once more, the tone of her voice showing she was stating the obvious.
'I want to taste you.' he said, finding his voice once more, confirming the obvious.
'Then taste me.' she finally said, ordering him as she opened her legs fully, and offered herself to him.
He just sat there looking at first; slightly hesitant and then he reached forward and stroked her inner thigh. Her skin was as smooth as it looked, and felt like silk, and he leaned in to kiss it. He heard a slight moan as she vocally revealed the excitement, hidden beneath her commanding nature. He kissed again and again as he tiptoed his way up towards her waiting pussy, and then when he could smell her sweet aromas, he switched to the other inner thigh, and could almost feel her excitement and then frustration as he neared and then pulled away. Nearing her pussy once more, he felt her excitement peak and reached forward to open her lips and see the glistening pink wetness within. It looked so good, and he felt he should lick his lips first before tasting, but instead just leaned in and gently licked the inner part of her outer lips. She let out a moan and reached for his head, pulling him in to explore deeper. He pulled her lips open fully and began to lick more, gently at first but slowly getting harder lick-by-lick. She tasted good, she tasted real good, and as he licked more hungrily, he raised her excitement level higher and higher, and both of them forgot where they were, how public this act was.
He ran his finger around the open entrance of her hole, teasing a little as he licked her clit, feeling it grow beneath his tongue, and then pushed his finger inside. Her pussy gripped his finger dragging it in, but he resisted, as he wanted to gradually push it in deeper as he fingered her. She was getting wetter by the moment and he began to slide his finger in and out, deeper and deeper, continuing to lick her clit. He couldn't resist wanting a fuller taste, and removing his finger, he put the finger in his mouth sucking it clean, and then pushed it back in her pussy. With her sweet nectar still on his lips and flavoring his mouth, he opened her pussy once more, licking her as deeply as he could stretch his tongue, his nose rubbing hard on her clit. She was moaning more and more, and slightly louder, and there were points when hear separate moans licked together as one continuous sound. She pulled her legs back towards herself, raised them up, and then placed them on his shoulders, allowing him further access to her. Recognizing what he took to be an open invitation, he slipped his finger down, and ran it gently over her bum-hole. He felt her anus pulse beneath his finger, and a louder more satisfying moan escaped her lips, He pushed his finger harder onto her anus, and thought he felt it open, and with that he slowly pushed it inside of her, her bum-hole greedily taking it deeper. She began to buck a little and he thought to himself 'you are close aren't you?' And with him sliding his finger back and forth in her anus, his tongue deeply licking her pussy, his nose rubbing hard on her clit, and his other hand teasing both her pussy and inner thigh, she buck and writhed and he heard her whisper, 'I'm gonna squirt.' He hadn't known she was a squirter, hadn't even conceived the possibility she might be, and wanting to experience what he had only ever seen within the porn he watched on the internet, he licked and fingered with a renewed hunger.
Then it happened. She squirted. She squirted like a fountain, her juices firing from her pussy and reaching 6 or more inches above, the overflow running from the edges and soaking the seat beneath. At first he just watched in complete amazement, his eyes devouring the sight like a c***d seeing snow for the first time. She squirted again, and this time he leaned in, his mouth open, his tongue out, trying to drink as much as he could. It tasted clean, like it had no real taste at all, like water, but he loved it, and drank all that he could in the brief burst. She watched him smiling, and he looked at her feeling a little guilty of showing his c***dlike delight.
'You like?' she asked, the earlier sternness gone and a satisfied look upon her face.
'I loved it he said,' stressing the word 'loved', in order not to underestimate his pleasure, 'my first time in seeing someone squirt for real.'
'I only do it if the guy or girl is good enough, and it is mainly girls who get that reward.' she replied sitting up a little, dragging her pussy away from him.
The fact she was bi-sexual actually turned him on, and the idea that he was as good at giving her oral as a girl, who would know better how to touch her, he felt was a recommendation of his abilities.
'Thanks. As an oral lover, I think that is...'
'I have to go,' she interrupted, 'I didn't have long.' And with that she grabbed her jeans from the well of the seat, easing herself into them and breathing in a little to secure the fly and button, before grabbing her t-shirt and slipping it over her head, concealing her round and pert breast, whose hard and erect nipples were still in evidence, even beneath the thin loose material. Then as if she didn't have a second to waste, she leaned in close to him, kissing him on the lips, tasting herself and licking her lips a little afterward.
'Hm,' she said, 'I did taste good tonight,’ she smiled, 'thank you.'
'Will I see you again?' he asked, a renewed eagerness in his eyes.
'I don't normally meet people more than once, but you were good,' she answered, 'so who knows, maybe I will break that rule.'
He was surprised to hear she had done this before, and the fact she made it sound regular, and once again he was turned on by the 'innocent girl turned dirty' act she displayed so freely.
'You have my details.' he quickly told her.
'Yeah, I do.' and then she opened the door, letting the cool night air, and the sounds of the night into the car as she stepped out closing it behind her.
Pleased with himself, and feeling like some oral king, he also exited the car, leaving his door open and stood there watching her cross the tarmac towards the partially complete building ahead, Step by step she slowly merged into the night, like a ghost returning to the safety of the darkness, and eventually she disappeared from sight.
He reached into his pocket, taking out his cigarettes and lighter, and sparked one up, taking a deep drag, before releasing it and watching it disperse. Then stepping back, he slammed close back drivers door and opened the front one to climb inside, and once settled, fired up the willing engine.

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You are fucked up in the head.