Blowjob Alley.

With his veins full of chemicals and his brain buzzing like a hive of agitated bees, Billy didn't know how he got here, and right now he didn't care. All that mattered was that he was here in an alleyway with a beautiful lady, who wanted to be with him, as much as he wanted to be with her. Who she was, where she came from, and what he had said to get her here with him, he had no idea. Billy was no Casanova and to be with a beauty like this was so far removed from the ordinary, it was like he was in another time and dimension.
They had fell into a hungry kiss the moment they finished descending the fire escape (and where they had come from was another mystery), and right now he stood there with his back to the wall, and this amazing woman crawling all over him. She pushed his open jacket aside, and grabbing the join of his shirt, tore it open, the button firing off in all directions and falling to the ground. She kisses and licked his nipples, taking them between her teeth and biting them a little, enough to tiptoe the thin line of pain and pleasure. And letting out a satisfied cry of enjoyment, he ran his hands over the contours of her body. She took his hands, pulling them from her body and pinned them to the wall either side of him, continuing to kiss his chest as she made her way down towards his groin. Releasing his hands she fumbled at his belt and he placed his hands onto her shoulders, running them up her neck. Once again she took his hands and pinned them to the wall, and then looked at him directly in the eyes.
'No.' She said. and gave him a glare to show she was serious. Billy just nodded, not caring if he was allowed to touch her or not, as long as she didn't stop.
She once again returned to his belt, and after a moment of more fumbling, she final broke the puzzle and it fell open, exposing the button of his jeans. She didn't waste anytime with open his jeans, and a moment later, she slipped her hand deep inside his underpants, scooping out his growing manhood. She ran her hand up and down its length, her fingers encasing its girth, and then glanced up at him. Billy looked down, catching her gaze and watched a smile appear on her face, which he readily return, and then she looked back to his groin. Licking the helmet, tasting his pre-cum, he longed for her to take it into her mouth. She knowing this, wanting to continue his longing, his wanting, and his desire and then licked the length of the shaft, leaving traces of her saliva behind. Upon reaching the helmet again, she took his manhood deep into her mouth and sealed it with her lips, sliding her lips up and down, and his erect and sensitive manhood felt the heat of her breath, as she began to pump it.
'Fuck,' he thought, 'she is too good, I'm gonna explode in a minute.' And not wanting this to happen he tried to take his mind of the enjoyment he was experiencing, and turned his mind to unexciting things and people. Margaret Thatcher, Susan Boyle, traffic wardens, washing machine repairs (his daily employment), and DIY, but she was too good, he was unable to turn his mind away from the pleasure she was willingly giving. He looked down, her head rising and falling, and felt her suck on his manhood harder. He felt his load form at the base of his shaft, and wished it away, wanting to prolong this enjoyment for as long as he could. But the fight was useless, she excited him way too much and he felt his load start to rise.
He now had moments to make a decision, did he tell her, allowing time for her to remove her hungry mouth before he came, or did he ignore her preference (whatever that was), and allow his load to explode in her mouth, chancing a unhappy backlash afterwards. He decided to say, he didn't want to upset her, as he wanted more.
'I am gonna cum,' he said a little silently, hoping she wouldn't hear, so he could say he did say, and he watched for her reaction. She continued, her head still rising and falling, taking his manhood deep in and out of her warm and welcoming mouth. His load continued to build, to rise and he felt it nearing the top of his manhood, collecting just below the helmet, the pressure building and his body tensing. Then unable to hold back any longer he exploded within her mouth, his body relaxing and a deep guttural groan escaping from his mouth.
She stopped and glanced up at him, but he was looking at the sky above, silently thanking whoever was up there that had (maybe) brought this lady to him. She rose from her knees and ran her fingernails down his chest, gaining his attention once more. And he watched as she looked at him directly in the eyes, and swallowed. She made it look so sexy, that he wish he could cum again right there and then, so he could watch her swallow once more. This was made more erotic by the fact she still had traces if his cum on her lips, and she then casually wiped her lips with the back of her hand, and licked up the remain, not breaking eye contact for a split second.
Then she kissed him, stepped back and waved, before turning and within a moment was lost into the darkness of the alleyway. And all he could do was watch, his reaction to stop her too slow, and not knowing her name, he was unable to call after her.
Billy just stood there, his underpants and jeans hung loosely around his knees, and his manhood hanging limply in the cool night air.
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very good story, thanks for sharing.
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nice story )
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nice story..
if can i want to do it...
hahaha ;)