Wet Sex.

*I am sorry if this is categorized wrong, there are so few optios and none of them are completely right, but you have to choose one. So 'Mature' as he is an older guy, 'Taboo' as it is older with younger, and 'First Time' as it is their first time together. Sorry if this disappoints, but as I said, I have to choose something.
Don't you hate that we always have to catergorize, put things in boxes?????*

Wet Sex

Hairdressing was what she wanted to do, and haircutting was why she was there. Well there maybe another reason…

Holding up the travel-size mirror with a black plastic frame, she reflected the back of his head, and waited nervously for his response. She knew he was hesitant about having his haircut, but through chat on a messaging site, she had offered confidence, and he finally said okay.
Glancing side to side, he looked at the back of his head via the bathroom mirror in front and pausing for a moment, he then nodded his head and gave his approval.
'You like it?' she asked looking for a verbal confirmation.
Nodding again he said 'Yeah, I do. Thank you. It looks great.'
They had met throughout a social and dating site of the more adult nature, and he would joke that the site was 'the pet shop where the naughty hamsters would play'. Mary liked that, she liked his silly sense of humor, and she liked his naughty nature. He didn't chat like the other guys, he seemed to be genuinely interested in her. He would ask questions and remember answers, and he could hold a conversation without it needing to take a sexual route. For Luke she was something naughty, but she was also someone a little special. She had surprised him in a number of ways, with her taste in music and the fact she liked horse riding, more especially dressage. Luke had never thought he would meet someone like Mary on a site such as that, and here she was with him, in the real, within touching distance.
'So what do I owe you?' he said rising from the straight back wooden chair dragged in from the adjoining reception room, and reaching for the back pocket of his black jeans.
'I told you, nothing.' she answered, putting away her scissors, 'I enjoyed the challenge.' she added with a smile.
'Well let me reimburse you for your expenses at least.' he asked still arguing the point.
'Don't be silly, there is nothing of worth really worth replacing.'
'Please shh.' she interrupted, 'I wanted to do it, and I wanted to meet you.'
'I can say that the feeling is mutual' he said with a smile.
'Then we are all happy', she summed up hoping he would say no more about it.
There was a slight pause, as neither of them knew what to say or do. Luke had desired her for so long, seen pictures of her in sexy poses showing herself off, and now she was here with him, he was treating her like glass, like one wrong touch and she would shatter and dissolve. Mary was a little more confident, but she was still a little unsure, as this was the first time she had been with a guy of his age, and she felt a little vulnerable, but she trusted him.
'Do you wanna drink, maybe listen to some music?' He finally asked.
'A drink would be nice,' she replied, 'but do you really wanna just listen to music?' she then asked in return.
She threw him a glance and he caught it, giving a smile in return. Crossing up close to her, he came up behind her and leant in close to her ear. 'You know what I wanna do?' he asked, his breath making her ear twitch a little.
She was a little excited by his hot breath, it tickled her ear and for a moment she had to catch her breath.
'So…' she hesitated, 'What do you wanna do?'
He pause, he let the moment linger, felt the anticipation biting the air between them, before saying 'Well I wanna…' he paused to tease, 'I wanna have a shower, I am feeling the loose hair making my neck itch a little.'

The water felt good, hot water that ran like tiny rivers over naked skin, and lifting his head, Luke let it wash over his face before looking down, shaking his head and opening his eyes. She looked so pretty, her little brown eyes looking back up at him, standing there naked with him in the shower, her young and petite body looking sexier than he could have imagined. Mary watched him, watched him with hungry eyes, she knew as an older guy, a middle aged man essentially, that he would not have the physic of his younger counterparts, but he was slim and he looked younger than his age dictated, and that turned her on.
Luke took her into his arm and held her close, her nakedness pressed hard against his felt so good, her soft smooth skin like velvet beneath the hand. Looking down he lifted her face to his, and leant in to kiss her full on the lips. Her lips tasted good; soft like they had always been protected from the elements, and with each kiss their hunger for one another began to show itself as they became more passionate. He traced a hand down to her small breast, cupping it and feeling the hard nipple in the centre of his palm. He pressed against it, massaging it in an almost circular motion. Lowering himself a little, he kissed his way down her neck, the centre of her chest and then across to her waiting hard nipple. He licked it a few times before taking it into his mouth, sucking upon it as he then felt his way down to the top of her pussy. She had shaved especially for him and he ran his finger along the length of her slit. He felt her hot excited breath upon his ear and heard her moan a little as she opened her legs to invite him in.
Mary wanted his fingers within her, and opening her legs a little more she pushed against his fingers and felt them slip between her lips. She let out a slightly deeper more satisfied moan, which asked him to go deeper, and obligingly he did so. His fingers felt good as they pushed deeper, and she slowly rocked her hips backwards and forwards as she lifted his head from her breast and kissed him again. Her tongue flicking into his mouth, entangling with his, their salvias mixing together like an erotic cocktail. Pulling her head back and looking straight into his eyes, she said 'I wanna suck your cock.'
This was sentence was music to his ears, like hearing his favourite guitarist offering a fresh lick, and smiling he placed a firm but gentlemanly hand upon the back of her head and giddied her down. She put up no resistance and as she came down upon his manhood, sinking to her knees, She wrapped her small thin fingers around its girth, slowly running them up and down his length.
Luke lifted his head, leaning back slightly, allowing the stream of water to run down his face as he closed his eyes and felt her hot breath upon his helmet. Kissing the tip a few times, she then licked it, before slowly slipping the top of his cock into her mouth, her lips forming an airtight seal. Just as she had wanted his fingers, he wanted to be completely inside her mouth and pushing down with his hand still on the back of her head, she took the hint and accepted his request. 'God she feels good,' he thought, 'better that I thought she would.' he smiled as she began to suck him deep, and releasing her head he allowed her to dictate the motion and depth.
Mary has wondered what his cock would taste like, she had seen many a picture and a few videos of him playing with it, making himself cum, but here she was with it in her hands, in her mouth, sucking it, trying to draw that creamy cum from it for herself. She sucked hard upon it, lowering and raising her head with a fluid and continual motion, feeling the main artery that ran up the front of its length fill with bl**d as he became hard and ridge. She closed her eyes and pretended it was the penis of a man she would never do this to, but would fantasies about through stories written by others, and she sunk her head as far as she would dare to go without choking, deep throating his a little as she had seen in others videos. Secretly in her mind she was wishing they were laid out upon a bed, her on top of him, in a sixty-nine, so he could lick at her increasing wetness as she suck him, and reaching down with her free hands, she rubbed her pussy, slipping two fingers in and out.
'I wanna fuck you.' Luke finally said, and with that she removed her fingering fingers, sucked his manhood for a moment longer, raised herself to full height, smiling as she turned round and lent against the wall of the shower, offering herself to him. Reaching down he ran a hand over her cute, small and smooth bottom, and found his way around to her shavenness once again. She was so wet, and his fingers slid into her so easily, like a hot knife into butter. He slid them in and out a few times, listening to her small gasps, and then guided his hardness with his other hand to her entrance, offering his pussy wet fingers for her to lick with him, as he slowly pushed his cock inch by inch inside of her. She was tighter than he thought she would be - not that he expected her to be loose as she had only had one boyfriend before this moment, however he guessed she did use dildos when she played with her lesbian lover - and he needed to push a little harder to get as much of his length inside of her as he could. He watched her face as her smile slowly faded, replace with a slight grimace, and a little concern he whispered 'Are you alright?'
Mary nodded not wanting him to stop, and glancing a quick look to him she said 'I want you to fuck my tight little pussy. Please fuck my little hole.'
Those words, those simple sentences, turned Luke more than most other things had done before, and with this motivation echoing within his head, he slowly withdrew his length to push it in deeper. Mary pussy loosen up as she open her legs a little more, and her wet walls gripping his manhood tight, and dragging him in deeper, and within a few thrust he was pumping her deep with a rhythm of a slow moving train. Taking hold of her waist, she fell completely against the wall, her face flat upon its wet surface, and he slid in to slid out. Picking up the pace, she began to rock her hips with him, pushing his cock as deep as possible inside her.
He knew he wouldn't last much longer, he was so turned on by the fact that he had his old man cock in such a young and tight pussy, and that she was enjoying it, loving it in fact as she gasped and moaned.
'I wanna cum in your pussy.' he told her in-between his own moans and he hoped she would accept his request.
Thinking about this for just a moment, letting the heat and passion of the moment influence her, she nodded and said, 'Just this one time. Cum in my young tight pussy. I want you to'
He needed no further encouragement, and felt his cum gather at the base of his length. Thrusting deep inside of her, he glanced and watched for a brief moment the showering water, as it splashed from her body down to their feet, gathering in pools before draining away. With each rhythmic trust he felt his cum make its way along his length gathering at the helmet.
'I am gonna cum.' he told her and she smiled in reply. She had no need to say anything, and although she wasn't ready to cum herself, she wanted him to; she wanted to feel his white seamen to splash deep within her.
She moved her hips a little faster, challenging how much longer he could last, and with one final and deep thrust, he exploded inside of her and she moaned deeper than she had so far, holding herself in position as she felt him jerk one, two, three and four times.
Leaning against her, he kissed her neck moving around to her mouth as he went limp inside of her, and then pulling his manhood free, he turned her around and together they watch as his seed slowly dribbled from her pussy and down the inside of her thigh.
Looking up to his, she watched as he glanced up and they swapped smiles. 'Do you still wanna listen to music?' she asked.
'I do,' he said, 'and at the same time I wanna make you cum on my tongue.’
Mary smiled; she wanted this, just as much as she had wanted him to fuck her, and she wanted him to hold to the promise of being the oral lover he had claimed to be so many times within messaging.
Taking the showerhead in hand, Luke washed her down and watched her as she step from the shower, wrapping her sexiness in a towel, ready to head for the bedroom.
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i think its just perfect both characters are in love
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I wonder who this is about xx
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