Forbidden Fingers.

John looked out the window, across the back lawn and beyond the trees at the end, into the distant horizon. He watched as the sun, second by second, bled into the night sky as it made its way into the breaking of the day. Every morning it was different, every morning there was a different feel to it, and that view, that moment of the day, was why he had brought this place, this house which now after so many years of living within, held many a memory for when he was old and grey and unable to do anything else.
Turning towards the room of light and noise, he glanced in through the doorway at the remains of the party, his s****rs 40th. Only five people including himself were still awake, and the four others were sat facing one another, two either side, on opposite sides of the rectangular coffee table that sat before the fireplace. The conversation was beginning to run dry and he heard suggestion of playing a game. John liked to play games, however 'liked' could be understating his interest. At first it was curiosity, then a way of passing a few hours, then a hobby, then love till it was what it was now, bordering on an obsession, which had cumulated in online gaming with friends around the world. For the average guy on the street, this could be seen as a future problem, but with royalty cheques coming in four times a year, he was comfortable and needed to fill his daily hours somehow.
Taking one last look at the bleeding sky, he stubbed out his cigarette and entered the room of noise and light.
'How about truth or dare?' he said as he strolled into the room, attracting their immediate attention.
'I thought you had gone to sl**p.' Amy the birthday girl remarked as she turned to him.
'At this time?' he questioned.
'True,' she continued, turning and leaning back in her seat, 'there is always a gamer ready to play somewhere in the world.' Her tone held a sigh that told of having heard the line more than a million times before.
'You wanna drink? There is still a little wine left.' David offered, holding up the bottle showing the remains of its contents as if it needed to be proven.
'No, no, I am cool.' John answered, 'I drank enough tonight.' He sat down next to Richard and Emily, facing his s****r. He noted she looked tired, but his attention was caught by another question, before he had a chance to ask.
'So you gotta suggestion?' Richard asked.
'For a game.'
'Oh yeah.' John replied with a sly smile. 'Truth or Dare.'
'Interesting,’ Emily smiled as she spoke, 'old skool.'
'Well in that case,' David began, pausing for a moment 'let's make it a little more interesting, by setting a theme for the questions?'
'I like that,' John nodded, 'but what should the theme be?'
They looked at each other looking for clues, and John once more glanced at Amy who seemed unaware of what was happening.
'Political?' Richard suggested.
'Please no, not politics.' David rejected immediately, 'Especially not at this time of night.'
'Actually it's the morning.' John corrected.
'Even more reason.' David continued adding a sly smile.
'Music?' Emily then suggested.
''We have differing taste,' Richard argued, 'it would not work.'
'What about Sci-Fi?' John then suggested.
'No' Emily chorused by David and Richard rejected together.
They all looked at each other once again, and the silence hung heavy.
One by one they turned to the seemingly sl**p body of Amy, who opened her eyes she repeated, 'Sexual, I think that is fair, and it is something we all have in common.'
John, David, Richard and Emily glanced at each other, each nodding, realizing that her reasoning was true, even if the topic heading was a little naughty.
'Okay. That's settled.' John finally said.
'So how will we decide the order of play?' Richard asked, a little excitement in his tone.
John glanced around and then rose to cross to the sideboard, picking up a pack of cards idly sat there.
'We cut the pack.' John suggested as he crossed back to his seat, 'Highest gets to be the first questioner.'
They each nodded in approval and John placed the pack in the middle of the coffee table.
David gave a grin and asked 'So how do we choose who cuts first.'
'Oh please.' John answered with a resigned tone, 'do we really need to decide that?'
'Ladies first.' Richard decided and the three guys settled to watch the two girls.
Emily and Amy - who was herself sat up by this point - looked at each other, showing that great English tradition of letting the other go first. A few seconds passed, before Emily said 'Sod it' and reached to cut the pack.
'7 of hearts' she told them, as she showed them the card.
Amy reached forward, took a moment and then she picked up a small portion of the top. '9 of Diamonds.'
The guys looked at each other.
'John,' Richard began, 'as it was your suggestion, you go first then me and then David.'
'Why do I have to go last?' David argued as if that was a slight against him.
'Well I….' Richard stammered, not really having an answer.
'It's okay.' David then smiled, 'I was only k**ding.'
John reached forward and placed his fingers around the decreasing pack. He looked to Richard and then lifted a few from the top. '2 of spades'.
Richard then followed suit, placing his fingers around the pack, and picked up half of the remaining pack. He glanced at the card and paused.
'So…' John asked.
'5 of diamonds.' he finally said, turning and showing the card.
'So not you then,' John said, disappointment now within his voice.
'Stop being so serious John.' Richard remarked.
'But it was a loser anyway, no need for the build-up' John replied, turning to the others hoping for support, which never came.
'Just fun.' Richard told him.
'Okay,' David said, reaching forward, 'you didn't leave me much.'
Placing his fingers and thumb around the little of the pack that was left, he lifted all but the bottom card. '8 of spades.'
'Okay,' John said as if trying to hurry things along, 'it is Amy who questions first. So who do you wanna ask?'
Amy looked at each of the four faces, thought for a moment, and then glanced to John. 'John, truth or dare?'
Knowing his s****r as he did, he knew that she would probably ask something embarrassing and naughty, she had that kinda nature, and it was what kept her marriage to David alive, so John decided to go for what he considered the safer option. 'Dare.'
'Okay.' Amy said, pausing for thought. Then looking to Emily she said, 'I want you to…' she paused again, and an expectant silence waited, 'I want you to, run your finger along the slit of Emily's pussy.'
'What!' Said Emily.
'You are wearing knickers yeah?' Amy asked her.
'Yes, but…'
'Then it is okay. It is only fabric he is touching.'
'A very thin piece of fabric.' Emily corrected. She looked to Richard. 'Are you not going to say anything? I am your wife.'
'It is just a piece of fabric.' he echoed, glancing a look to Amy who also glanced back.
'Hold on, where am I in all this? I am the one who has to do the touching.' John questioned.
'Your gay.' Amy told him, as if that was all he needed to know.
'Yeah.' David joined in, 'you aren't going to get anything out of it.'
'And I will?' Emily then questioned herself.
'You might.' David said, a naughty smile crawling across his face.
'Look are we going to argue over this,' Richard said wanting to continue the game, 'Emily get your pussy out so John can finger it.' he ordered.
'Oh, I love it when you’re masterful,' Emily conceded, rising to pull up her skirt.
Sitting back down, she leant back against Richard, faced John and then opened her legs invitingly.
'Do I have to?' John asked.
'You know what will happen if you refuse.' Amy told him.
'Yeah, and given the choice, this is the simpler option.' he replied with a sly smile.
Emily looked at John, a small smile on her face. 'Come on John, feel my pussy.'
'Oh god, I think I am going to be sick.' John told her.
'Charming.' Emily said with a slight tone of disgust.
'Yeah.' Richard added. 'My wife has a beautiful pussy. Even after three k**s, it still has retained its beauty and tidiness.'
'Thanks darling.' Emily turned to her husband and gave him a kiss, 'Sometimes you say the sweetest things.'
'So come on then John, 'Amy's impatience was starting to show, 'touch the pussy.'
John paused for a moment, glanced at Emily's face, and then traced his eyes down to her flimsy red knickers.'
'Good job I have my best ones on tonight.' Emily said, pushing her groin a little closer to John, and glancing a smile to Amy.
John held up a finger and slowly he reach forward. Hovering just a few centimeters from the fabric of Emily's knickers, he looked up, clasped his eyes shut with his other hand and then touch the fabric and ran his fingers down, removing it twice as quickly. He wiped his finger on his trousers as the others smiled and giggled a little, and Emily closed her legs, shuffling down her shirt.
'Well done John. So your turn.'
John looked at the four faces, paused a little unsure and then said 'David. Truth or dare?'
David smiled 'Okay, err…. question.'
John thought for a moment, and then looked to Amy before glancing back to David. 'Have you ever had a threesome?'
'Blimey, I thought you were gonna ask something embarrassing, and even better than that, I once attended an orgy.' David replied, a proud smile on his face as he remembered that night for a moment.
John looked at Amy, hoping for a look of displeasure, but she just smiled and then turning to David said 'I love it when you tell me of that night, gets me all horny.'
'I love to tell you.' David told her, brushing the hair back from her face and letting it drift down. Amy leaned towards him and he kissed he, lingering for a moment.
'Okay you two,' Richard said, 'you can continue later, it is your turn to question David.'
David and Amy held the kiss a moment longer and then pulled apart. 'Okay,' he said 'Richard. Truth or Dare?'
Richard thought for a moment, watched David's face looking for clues to what he might be thinking and then said 'Dare.'
David smiled, and glanced to Amy.
'You want me to feel Amy's pussy.' Richard asked cheekily.
'No, that would be too easy,' David answered, 'I have something else in mind.'
John sat there a little impatient to know. 'Come on then, spit it out.'
David looked to Richard and then looked to Emily, who then took notice, wondering if she would be involved. 'I want you Emily to….' David glanced to Richard and then to the lone candle, which sat just left of centre of the coffee table.
'What are you thinking?' Richard asked David, a slight hint of anticipation in his voice.
David smile, glance to Amy and John before announcing. 'I want Emily to pour some of the candle wax on Richard's chest.'
'You what!' Richard exclaimed, looking to Emily fore support, but she just smiled.
'Wow, so fucking sexy.' Amy rarely swore and they all looked at her for a moment. 'Just emphasizing.' She told them with a smile.
'I don't like the idea of this.' Richard said his anticipation now hesitation.
'It will sting just for a moment.' David reassured him.
'And it is so sexy to see. Do you remember that Madonna film?' Amy asked.
'What Desperately Seeking Susan?' John asked.
'No,' Amy answered shaking her head. 'Body of Proof. As soon as we saw it, we were out the next day buying candles.' She giggled looking to David as they together remembered the night.
'I am beginning to regret suggesting playing this game, should have gone for something simple, like Snakes & Ladders or even Snap.' John remarked to them all, and no one at all.
'Please John, I have spoken to your friends,' Amy said, 'I know some of the things you have done.'
John looked away, embarrassment showing itself in a blush, the redness tinting his cheeks.
'Okay.' Richard said, picking up his glass and draining the remained, 'I might regret this in the morning, but go for it.' He placed the glass back down he began to open his shirt.
David picked up the candle and handed it to Emily, a wicked smile passing between them.
Turning to her husband, she looked him in the eyes and asked with a sense of concern, 'Are you ready?'
Richard took a breath and then nodded yes.
Raising the candle up, Emily reached out a little and let it hover over Richard's chest.
'Not too high.' David instructed, 'And just gently tip it.'
Glancing a final look at Richard, Emily then began to tilt the candle, and watch the hot wax well around the base of the flame. Slowly and slightly hesitantly she tilted the candle further and as the hot wax made it's way to the edge, Richard closed his eyes.
Emily added a few more degrees to the tilt, and the wax dripped over the edge and three drops fell to Richard's chest, where they rolled a little before solidifying. Richard let out a small 'ah' as each of them made contact with his nakedness, and opened his eyes to see the whiteness left behind.
'Are you okay darling?' Emily asked, cupping his face with her free hand.
'Yeah, yeah, I am okay. It just stings a little.'
'As I said.' David echoed with a smile.
'Sorry darling.' Emily said, looking with a slightly sad face.
'Hey, don't worry. I am cool, I accepted it.' Richard told her reassuringly.
'So it is your choice of victim next.' Amy said, leaning back feeling confidant she would not be chosen next.
Richard picked off the wax, placed it in Emily's waiting hand and she in turn tipped it into the ashtray, brushing her hands clean as Richard began to re-button his shirt, and without looking up he said 'Amy, truth or dare?'
Amy looked a little shock at first, but sitting up she rose to the occasion and said 'Truth.'
Suddenly she saw a wicked look in his eye, and she got a little nervous and excited at what he might ask.
'Okay.' Richard began, shuffling in his seat for a moment getting comfortable. 'Having known John since we were at school, and in turn having known you since you were about nine years old, and also with the knowledge that for a time in you early to late teens, you had a taste for the older guy, did you ever…' he paused for a moment, and looked at the other three, and they each saw the hesitancy in his eyes.
'Go on?' Amy encouraged, now intrigued by what he was about to ask.
Richard glanced around one more time and said, 'Did you ever fantasize about having sex with your Dad?'
'bl**dy hell, what kinda question is that?' John exclaimed, the shock evident in his voice.
'Yeah Richard,' Emily chorused. 'That is a… well not something you should ask.'
'It's okay.' Amy said with a smile, amused at both John and Emily jumping to her defense, 'I will answer.' She glanced around at the four faces; each seemed to hold a different degree of intrigue. 'I didn't.' John gave a heavy sigh of relief, 'But…'
All eyes turned to Amy again and she enjoyed this moment of intrigue.
'But?' asked Richard a smile on his face.
'There was one time...' Amy began, pausing as she looked at them, smiling as she held their complete attention. 'I was sixteen, and my best friend Rebecca was on a sl**pover. Mum had gone to bed early with a headache, and Dad was down the local for his weekly darts night. Anyway after an evening of chatting, music and make-up, I left Rebecca to settle down in the bed and went to have a shower, as I had football in the morning and didn't want to get up early to shower before I left...

The water felt good, washing down upon her like the rain, little waterfall falling from her face and body, her brow, her nose, her chin and the tips of her breasts. She love this moment when she had time to enjoy in, just a few minutes, standing there statue like, hot water fall upon and draining from her. She closed her eyes and left her arms hang loose by her sides and dreamt she was in the Amazon, beneath a waterfall, with a lover. Her fingers strayed across her thigh and found the slit of her pussy, and gently she ran a single finger up and down. In her head it was his hand, his finger, and he was kissing her neck, making his was towards her lips, cradling her with his other strong arm as she leant back a little and…
Amy opened her eyes. She was suddenly aware that there was someone else in the bathroom with her. Someone else stood on the other side of the shower curtain. She turned her head and looked through the clear plastic at the blurry figure beyond. It was too tall to be Rebecca and too broad to be her mother, so it must have been her father. She was confused, why would her father come into the bathroom knowing she was in here? He had never done so before, so why now? Maybe he was dying to urinate, and was unable to wait for her to finish, but there was a separate toilet downstairs. So why would he do such a thing, 'unless', she thought, 'unless he didn't realize it was her'. She had noticed the way he had been looking at Rebecca of late, especially this last summer, when she had spent many a day skipping and jumping about in her bikini, there were times he could barely tear his eyes from her. And she didn't blame him, in the last 12 months Rebecca had really blossom, her breast had grown two sizes and her figure had developed from a young girl into a young lady. And the attention she was getting at school was also rising, twelve months before she had only been asked out three times in the previous year, yet this year it was every other week, sometime more. However Amy was not jealous, she had also developed the same way and was also getting similar attention at school, they had even been nickname Leather and Lace, after their sexual preferences. Any was Leather, as she was more into the rough looking guy who would just 'take her', and Emily was Lace, as she liked to be seduced.
Amy glanced back to the figure of her father, and watched as he swayed with the constancy of the pendulum of an old clock. He musta know that someone was in the bathroom; after all he would have heard the shower before opening the door, even from the top of the stairs, before he got to the landing. He would have known it was not her mother, she had never showered late to Amy's knowledge, so he must have glanced in her bedroom, seen Rebecca in the bed, and presumed it was Amy. As strange as that might sound, it was actually feasible as Rebecca often slept in a sl**ping bag on the floor, on the far side of the bed, so he would not have seen if Rebecca was actually there in the room with Amy or not.
It must of been the Dutch courage he had been consuming all evening that had brought him to this place, this position, Amy reasoned, and he must of been hoping that playing innocent would grant him a glance of more than he had seen before. She couldn't believe his audacity, but she had to smile at it too, after all he was a very faithful and honest man, so this was very out of character, and showed him to have a wicked side, a naughtiness she had never seen before. She wondered if she should say that it was her, Amy, but…

'But…?' Richard asked, as he hung on to every word of the story.
Amy smiled as she looked into his hungry eyes, and then those of the others.
'So what happened next?' David asked, I don't think you have told me of this.
'A drink would help.' She said with an asking tone.
'I'll get it.' Richard said with a slight urgency, rising to his feet, 'Wine yeah?'
'Yeah that would be nice,'
'I know where there is one last bottle.'
'Another bottle?' John asked
'Yeah, you kept that quiet.' Emily added.
'I put it away earlier.' Richard told them, 'I had a feeling it might be needed, and I was right.' he added as he crossed to the door and then disappeared from sight.
Richard and Emily looked at each other and then to the others, puzzlement hanging in the air between them.
'So how come I have never heard this story before?' David asked again, 'I thought you had told me all your naughty secrets'
'Well I guess I hadn't,' she said with a smile, 'this is actually a story I have never told anyone.'
David looked at her with a smile and then picked up his cigarettes, opening the packet and removing one of the few remaining.
Richard re-entered the room and crossed to his seat, gathering up the glasses without looking at them.
'So where were you hiding this bottle?' Emily asked.
'In a secret place.' Richard answered as he poured the wine into each of the glasses.
'But?' Emily began again, unsatisfied by his answer, 'But where?'
Richard stopped pouring; all the glasses refilled; and picked up Amy's pausing to look at Emily first, 'Now,' he said, 'if I told you that, it wouldn't be a secret.'’ He smiled slyly before looking to Amy and offering her her glass.
'Thank you.' Amy said as she took the glass from him.
'So what happened next?' Richard asked feeling a bargain had been struck and now he wanted to collect.
'Okay,' Amy settled back, 'I decided to play a little game with him.’

Raising her voice just a little and adding a slight sweetness to it, Amy impersonated Rebecca, 'Hello Tom.' she said using his actual name.
'Oh err… sorry I was err…' her dad stammered realizing he had been seen and looking for an excuse to be there, 'I was just getting my….' she watched as he looked around, 'my toothbrush. I will err… I will be gone in a moment.'
Any giggled a little, surprised she had fooled him, and a little excited at the fact she had. Continuing to look at him, she turned her body to face him through the curtain, expecting him to just pick up his toothbrush and leave. But instead he pause and glanced at her again and said 'You're looking lovely by the way,' pausing a moment before adding, 'you have a lovely figure.'
Amy was a little shocked, this was not what she expected him to say, she knew he thought it of Rebecca, but to hear him actually say the words out loud was surprising. Not knowing what to say, or how to react, she paused for a moment and ran her hand down her body. Then without thinking and without knowing why she did, she said, 'You know, I was just thinking about you.'
The bathroom fell into silence for a moment, the running water of the shower dissipating into the atmosphere that was beginning to grow and fill the room, something electrically charged.
Her father turned around and took of his coat, laying it upon the chair just beside the sink, and then turned back to her. She thought for a moment that her would cross to her and open the curtain discovering his mistake and her deception, a slight panic rising inside of her, but he just stood there, watching her.
'I have been thinking about you too,' he told her, 'you and that little body of yours'. You have become a young lady.'
Amy smiled, taking the compliment as her own, and as a reward she held her hands up behind her head, to give him a better look at her slenderness.
He took a step forwards, her heartbeat beat heavier, and she brought her hands back down as if to cover herself. Her father stopped and then with a slight worried tone to his words said, 'Where's Liz?'
Amy didn't want to say that her mother was in bed so she bit her lip and said ' 'I think Amy said she was going to be late home.'
'What day is it?' he muttered to himself, 'Friday.' he answered, 'that means it's Book Club night. Yeah,' he looked at his watch, 'she'll be another hour.'
Amy noticed a hunger in his voice when he said she would be another hour and she felt she should lay some ground rules. 'I don't want you to touch me,’ she told him, ‘not tonight.'
There was a pause, and she wondered what he was thinking. Worried that he might leave, she added, 'Watch me.'
Opening her legs, she placed one hand on her groin, her fingers upon her pussy, rubbing it a little as she gyrated her hips a slowly. She let out a few little moans so he could hear that she was touching herself.
'You are really young, too fucking young,' he said, 'but you are so sexy, and so gorgeous.'
Amy loved the compliments, still claiming them as her own as it was her he was complimenting right now, and the more he complimented her, the more she fingered herself.

'Can I have a cigarette?' Amy asked David.
'Is that it?' Richard asked as David reached for his cigarettes and took one out, gently placing it between Amy's lips.
Richard glanced at Emily, a puzzled look on his face, 'Did I miss something?' he asked her.
Emily didn't know what to say and just shrugged her shoulders, she in turn turning looked to John, who looked back to them, just as confused as themselves.
David flicked the lighter alight and Amy leant forwards slightly, burning the end of the cigarette to life within the flame.
'Is that it?' Richard asked again.
'No.' Amy answered, 'I was just pausing to light a cigarette.'
'So what happened next?'
'Well thinking this was a position I probably would never be in again, I thought I should see where I could take it.' she said with a smile.
'You didn't fuck him, did you?' John said with a sense of disgust.
'Please John. Do you really think I would be the type to fuck my own father?'
'Well I didn't think you would be the type to finger yourself in front of him so…' he broke off, using that as his answer.
'No John, I didn't fuck him. Okay.' Amy told him, disappointment within her voice that he would even think to ask.
'Sorry.' John said, looking down slightly as if ashamed to have asked.
There was a pause for a moment, and Richard looked around, checking the faces of each for clues, worried that the moment was lost, 'What happened?' he asked tentatively,
Amy looked to John. 'Do you mind if I continue?'
John glanced up, looking at Amy, David, Emily and then Richard’s wide and hungry eyes.
'Are you cool?' David finally asked.
John nodded his head.
With the atmosphere relaxed once more, Amy stubbed out the cigarette 'As I said.' she began once again, 'thinking I would never be in this position again, I thought I should see where I could take it.'

Side stepping to her right, Amy stood close to the edge of the shower curtain, knowing that if he was to take a step to his left he would see her, and as much as this scared her, it also excited her. Taking the edge of the shower curtain in her hand she asked him 'Do you wanna see?'
Tom stammered a little at first and for a moments he reminded her of Hugh Grant in Four Weddings, tripping over his words, and this tickled her, making her smile and giggle a little.
'Yes.' he finally said, 'Yes please.'
'Okay.' Amy told him, 'Just a peek.'
Stepping forwards Tom came up close to the curtain, and at the same time Amy lent back a little.
'Please,' she said, 'do look at anymore than I want to show, as I am a little shy of you at the moment.'
'Okay.' Tom confirmed, and she knew then that he was willing to do whatever she asked just for the chance to glimpse her bare pussy.
Amy watched him as he lent forwards slightly, and she reach down to play with her pussy as he watched her.
'Wow,' He said with an earnest wonder, 'you do have a beautiful pussy, all shaven clean.'
'Does Liz shave hers?' Amy asked, using her mother's real name.
'No.' he told her, 'she has never shaved it, wasn't the fashion in those days.' he added, echoing the many decades of age that stood between them.
'Would you like to touch it?' She asked, a little excitement in her voice.
'But I thought you said…' he began trailing off.
'I know I did,' she confirmed, 'but you can just for a moment.'
'Well I err…' he seemed a little lost for words, 'Are you sure?' he questioned.
'I would like you to.' Amy told him, her voice slipping back to her own, without either of them noticing.
She followed Tom's hand as it reached inside the shower curtain and towards her pussy. It stopped just before it, a tantalizing few centimeters from it, and she noticed his hand was shaking slightly. It hung there for what seemed like ages, but it was just a few seconds of hesitation, before he reached in a little further, closing the gap, and running the top of his finger along her slit. The roughness of his workman-like hands felt exciting against the smoothness of her pussy lips, and without even thinking, she push herself towards him slightly, allowing the finger to just come inside her pussy lips. She moaned slightly and then she heard the undoing of his zip, the fall of his trousers, and she knew that Tom had his cock in his hand.
'Are you wanking Tom?' Amy asked him.
'Yes.' he confessed, 'that is okay?' he asked as if needing permission.
'I want you to.' she told him, and closed her eyes as she felt his finger seek a little deeper into her pussy.
Amy could believe what was happening, what she was doing, and what he was doing. Her father had been such a good and honest man, yet here he was cock in hand with his finger in his own daughter’s pussy, which she in turn was allowing him to do even if it was through deception. Not wanting him to make her cum, she stepped back and with that Tom withdrew his hand. However not wanting it to stop, not wanting his to stop wanking, she stepped over the side of the bath, her feet on the floor, and sat on the edge, pulling the shower curtain between her legs, holding it close to her torso and all above, and fingered herself again.
Tom stepped back, his hard cock still in his hand, and he began to wank himself faster as Amy fingered herself deeper and moaned louder. She could sense he was close to coming and she signaled for him to cum closer, Reaching to him, she took his thick hard cock in her hand and began to pump, and within moment she heard him moan deep as he jerked once, twice, three time. Jets of his white seamen, flew across the small distance between them, and landed on to the shower curtain close to her face. A small amount more leaked free, and she felt it trickle down his shaft and over her fingers, its warmth and stickiness clinging to her skin.
Releasing her fingers she then released the shower curtain and being careful to still not be seen, Amy rose and turned, and stepped back into the bath, the water of the shower still running and the steam rising. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw the figure of her father cross to the chair, pick up his coat, and then cross to the door, exiting almost as quietly as he had entered. She smiled as the water ran over and down her body again and she wondered what Rebecca would say when she told her. Life was going to be a little different from this point onwards.

They all stared at her in a slight disbelief of what they had just heard. David was the first to speak and asked 'So he never knew it was you?'
'No.' Amy answered, 'Right up until his dying day, he never knew the truth. I couldn't tell him, I think he would have been to ashamed of himself if I had.'
'But I thought you said you hadn’t told anyone before now.’ Emily asked.
‘Well I had to tell Rebecca,’ Amy said with a smile, ‘and we had the best sex ever that night, reaching heights of ecstasy we would both rarely taste again.'
'That was amazing.' was all Richard could say, his face echoing those words.
'So are we going to play again?' John asked, not wishing to past comment on the story just told.
'No, not me,' Emily answered, 'I am beat.' She looked to Richard and added, 'Come on babes, let’s head home.'
Richard looked disappointed, and with a resigned sigh, he rose and offered his hand to Emily, helping her to her feet.
'Goodnight to you all and…' she looked to Amy, 'thanks for an interesting night.' Amy smiled in return and then cuddled up to David.
Stepping from between the sofa and the coffee table, Richard and Emily crossed to the doorway and disappeared from sight.
'I think I will head off to bed too.' John told them, looking around and feeling a little out of place as David and Amy began to cuddle up and get a little intimate. 'I will see you both in the morning.' Rising and picking up his cigarettes, he bid them goodnight with a nod of his head and crossed to the same doorway Richard and Emily had also used to exit.
'So do you want to go to bed baby?' Amy asked David.
'Yeah gorgeous,' he answered her with a loving sentiment within his voice, 'but first, lets head to the bathroom, I am sure you could use a shower.'
Amy smiled and kissed him, the small loving kiss turning into a passionate embrace.
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