Rivers of Rain (Poem/Mini story)

I wasn't sure if to post this here, as I believe many will be disappointed with the tameness of the language, but sometimes the tone just feels right.

Rivers of Rain.

With the falling of the sun at the end of the day, so ended one of the hottest days of the year, and sat in the cool of the evening, a refreshing breeze passing in through the open patio doors, she relaxed back and let it stream over her. The dark look friendly tonight, invitingly friendly.
As she closed her eyes she heard it, off in the distant, romancing the sky, the sound of the rain to come. It echoed and rumbled, threatening in its voice, and yet welcoming within her mind. She wanted the rain, she wanted thunder, she wanted the storm, and she wanted it all.
Counting the seconds that equated to miles, she counted down its approach. It was moving fast, as if it knew her desire, and wanted to please her. She wished for it, her mouth silently whispered the words, the wishes that echoed in her mind. 'Come to me,' she said, 'come come, come to me. I want you.'
The slightly cooler breeze of the onset of rain crept in through the patio doors, circling her, enveloping her, and waking her from her waking dreamy sl**p.
'You are here,' she whispered to the silence, to the nothing there.

Barefoot and free of all other material forms, her slenderness on show to the world - if it should happen to be watching - she stood in the doorway. She glanced to the clock on the sideboard - a parting gift from her former employers - it was nine thirty, and she turned to look behind, out from the window at the far end of the lounge, and into the empty driveway beyond.
Turning back to look out into the garden, she hesitantly stepped out and onto the moisture, and with one foot in front of the other, with the natural act of walking, she wandered out onto the grass.

She feels the rain,
Falling upon her skin,
She uses it,
She uses it.
She like the rain,
How it caress her skin,
How the heavy full drops,
Make her shudder within.
She wants the rain,
So wild and untamed,
And she listens to the wind,
Whispering her name.
She is pleased by the rain,
It is written on her face,
This moment is her moment,
And it will not go to waste,
As she stands and waits.

Letting it rain upon her, like an open air shower, a wet room without walls, she stood still as it washed her clean of the day. The rain felt good, its wetness soaking into her, rolling upon her, falling from her. She looked up to the sky above and felt the rain on her face, she flinched a little at first, but the second time she looked up, her face accepted the rain welcomingly.
The traffic, no more than maybe a hundred yards away, dulled into a steady hum, droning out of tune with all of the other noises of this night, occasionally broken up with high buzz of a moped, a delivery boy on his way with another order. She closed her eyes, and lost herself to the abstract music of this night.

With images within,
Hands on her skin,
Tracing their way,
Through rivers of rain,
They run, they course,
Her and her all,
Waters running deep,
Where the rivers of rain seek.

Rain-drenched nakedness,
Hands on soft flesh,
Rounding their way,
Over her cute petite breasts,
They slide, they explore,
In search of more and more,
Fingers running deep,
Where the rivers of rain seek.

With the wind it plays
Loosening up falling away,
Rolling down upon her back,
The hair of the deepest black,
Heavy drops, rolling on,
Rolling down, rolling round,
Merging with the fingers deep,
Searching where the rivers of rain seek

Dripping wet lips,
In-between which,
A finger is slipped,
With a tightening grip,
She pushes in, to pull out,
Bites her lip, silencing her shout,
Pushing her finger deep,
Where the rivers of rain seek.

She feels it,
Proud and erect,
Rubbing it, grinding it,
With the back her hand,
She wants it, she needs it,
And excitement courses within,
Working it with fingers deep,
Where the river of rain seek.

She is excited,
She can no longer fight it,
She loses herself to it,

…The searching beams of headlights rolled across the lawn, bleeding light into the darkness and scaring the shadows towards the corners of the trimmed, well maintained rectangular garden. She watched as the beams stretch out and roll across, briefly passing by her naked self, making the rain glisten like little tiny jewels falling to the ground, dissolving on contact.
Turning to the patio doors, into the lounge and through the far end window, her sight was blinded for a moment as the lights shone brightly, before suddenly and quickly, fading into the darkness as if they never existed.
Blinking her eyesight back to clarity, she watched as a dark figure emerged from out of the car and with the heavy solid clunk, close the car door and crossed out of sight.
Pausing for a moment, her hand still within her groin, fingers still within herself, she watched and was rewarded with the figure from the car entering the darkened lounge. The figure stopped and glanced towards her, and for a moment she swore she saw fire in the eyes of the figure. The moment lingered hanging in the air, and as the sky once again announced the storm to come, she looked up to the angry steel grey sky, weighted heavy with the rain cloud beneath and she smiled, knowing that the time was short. Glancing back to the lounge, she saw the figure was now also naked, standing slightly leaning, at the patio doors.

She breathes the night,
She stands in its light,
She takes the night inside,
She is one with the night.
And looking to see,
She looks and she see,
That fire in the eyes,
As she approached by she.
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2 years ago
mmm i liked this.;)