There were only two things Rose knew for certain when she opened her eyes, firstly that she was being suspended in mid-air - how and why, and how high she didn't know, but the clear air beneath her feet told her that she was - and secondly she was wearing nothing more than what felt like a pair of bikini bottoms, well that and a piece of duck tape across her mouth. Oh, and there was one other thing, she was in complete darkness, so dark that at this moment it didn't matter if her eyes were open or closed.
Her instant reaction upon opening her eyes was confusion, which then evolved into fear, but with the silence around her, there was a strange calmness to the moment that consoled her fear, like a mother comforting her baby. The only way she could reason it was that, having be inducted into the gangbang scene at the tender age of 17, and having been in what most would consider to be extreme situations, this seemed a little on the mild side. However the not knowing why or where was playing on her mind, and that at least fed her anxiety.
Rose turn in the direction of the voice, it was in front of her.
'Hello.' the voice said again, fear inhabiting its tone.
Rose tried to speak, but the duck tape held her mouth closed. She tried to stretch it, rip her mouth free, but it just pulled on her skin.
'Is there someone there?' the voice asked again and it was then that Rose heard it, a texture to the voice she recognized. She hung still, waiting for the voice to be sure.
'Hello. Is there anyone else there.' the voice struggled to say again, 'please answer me.'
It was Janice. Her best friend.
'Please if you are there, say something.' Janice said, the fear seeming to grow a little in her voice, as if the knowledge of not being alone was more frightening than being alone.
Rose wanted to speak, wanted to reassure her, but the duck tape held her mouth firmly closed, trapping those words inside. She hoped the moisture, the cold beads of fear would loosen it, but it held fast.
Then the lights came on.

A tidal wave of light rolled across the ceiling, as one after another the florescent strip lights flickered to life. Blinking to allow her pupils to adjust to the sudden change, Rose's eyes meet Janice's and she saw the fear in her face.
Looking side-to-side, Rose could see now that they were suspended via leather straps, that were somehow fastened to the high metal corrugated ceiling, and these in turn were tied with a cord around their wrist, to the metal frame work that surrounded each of them. She shook her wrist a little violently, hoping to pull it free, but it was tied tight. She glanced around her surroundings, and felt that Janice had cause to be fearful, the 'what she presumed to be' warehouse looked very inhospitable, with its damp and dark walls, open space and various nameless pieces of rusted and redundant equipment. This place had not been used in sometime, and she wondered exactly why they were here.
'Where are we?' Janice asked.
Rose looked to Janice, her eyes caught for a moment on her heavy E cup pert breasts and she shook her head, the only way she could answer her.
'How did we get here?' Janice asked as she too looked around, an expression of disdain upon her face.
Rose try to think of what the events were that lead them to be here, but her memory was blurred. There was something about a couple of guys, friendly looking guys, a club and some drinks, and she could only assume that they had been d**gged and brought here while u*********s. She tried to think harder, tried to clear the fog, but before she could give some order to the events, a door at the far end opened and three men entered.
Janice tried to turn to look, but was unable to see, and so she looked back to Rose with a silent question in her eyes, which again Rose could only answer with a small shake of her head.
With the two larger men one pace behind the shorter man in the middle, the three made their way towards Rose and Janice with a military step, All three were wearing full head masks, with the two larger men wearing red ones with a Ziggy Stardust strip upon the face, and the shorter man in the middle head-dress in a black version. The attire of the larger stockier men was smart and almost formal, with their white shirts and black ties and trouser, and heavy sounding boots upon their feet, which the slimmer shorter man in the middle was wearing a black shiny silk Kimono, and barefooted.
Glancing back to Janice, Rose watched as the fear drain her face of colour, and she would have given anything to place an arm of safety upon her shoulders, but instead she do nothing but look and keep a calm expression upon her own face.
With a double scrap of leather heel upon concrete, the two larger men came to a stop just behind Janice's vision, whilst the shorter man continued towards them, entering the space that separated Rose and Janice.
With their eyes fixed upon him, the occasional glance to each other breaking their stares, Rose and Janice watched at the man-in-black as he paced back and forth for a moment, his eyes looking to the ground.
'Who,,. Who are you?' Janice hesitated to ask, 'what do… what do you want with us?'
Giving no response or even any indication he had heard the question, Janice looked to Rose, who a moment after, also glanced up to meet Janice's eyes.
Their attention was brought back to him when he suddenly turned around and looked towards the two large men. With a nod of his head, the two men crossed towards Rose and Janice, and took their places behind them. Reaching forward the two men took a hold of their legs, unbuckling the metal clasps and loosening the straps that held them together. Janice kicked out at first, but that only made the large man behind her hold her legs tighter. She looked up to Rose who then shook her head, her thinking that resistance was futile, and that with a little compliance they might be able to find a little mercy from the man in black.
Letting the loosened straps fall to the floor, two dampened thuds echoing their contact, the men then separated their legs and strapped each of them, opening them up, to the framework that surrounded each of them. Having secured their legs the two men stepped back, and circled around to stand before the man in black. The man in black reached into his pocket and handed each of the men a brown envelope, shaking the hand of each, and then without a word spoken, the two large men walked past the man in black, the one closest to Rose reaching up and ripping the duck tape from her mouth, and made their way toward the door they had come in from. And as the echoing of the closing of the heavy metal door dissipated into the silence, Rose looked to Janice and then down to the man in black.
'Who the fuck are you?' she asked in a more direct tone than Janice, 'and what the fuck do you want with us?'
Still he said nothing, and still he didn't move. His silence was beginning to unnerve her, and she began to feel that maybe she should fear him.
Rose looked to Janice and saw a tear escape her eye, as she battled to hold her screams of terror, fear and desire for mercy within.
'Look,' Rose continued ordering his attention, 'I don't know what your game is, but it is passed funny.' She paused, waiting for anything that would signal he was listening, but still the man is black was motionless. 'Just untie us and we will forget we were ever here.' she added
'Yeah, please,' Janice added, her emotional state evident within her tone. 'We won't say anything, we promise.'
Rose looked to Janice and pursed her lips to say 'shh', and even without the availability of holding her finger to her lips, Janice nodded, understanding.
'You know, there will be people looking for us. We have friends, and we were suppose to be meeting them, so people will know we are missing.' Rose stated knowing it was only really half true.
Still the man in black refused to acknowledge her, and this was being to annoy Rose.
She looked up to Janice, her face now damp with tears, the excess being shaken free by the slightly trembling of her chin. 'This was getting silly', she thought to herself, 'how could this man stand there in complete stillness, whilst two almost naked women hung suspended either side of him? It wasn't normal. But?' she added questioningly, 'What part of this was normal anyway?'
Janice mouthed 'please' and all Rose could do was look on helpless.
Suddenly the man in black took two step backwards bring himself parallel with Rose's left and Janice's right hand side, and bringing his arms up whilst still looking down, he felt his way to the ties that held their bikini bottoms upon them. His fingers felt smooth, almost in contrast to the state of their surrounding, and this surprised Rose as she was expecting a roughness, coarseness within his touch. She watched as he looped the excess of the one strand of the tie around his finger, and glancing across watched as he did the same with Janice's bikini bottoms. Rose glanced to Janice's face, her tears had eased a little, but the fear was still on show.
With a sharp fluid tug the man in black pulled the ties free, the bows slipping open with ease, and letting them go, the bikini bottoms slid down each of their legs to hang limply from their feet, both of their pussies now on show.
Rose couldn't help herself; she had to look at Janice's pussy. It was a pussy she had indulged in for several months now, and she remember how she had carefully and patiently shaved it that morning. It was one of the tidiest pussies she had ever had the pleasure to explore, and shaven it was nothing more than a slit in the skin, the slight redness within giving it the appearance similar to that of an open wound.
Taking two steps back again, the man in black re-position himself where he had stood motionless before, and brought his hands to his front to the untie his kimono, which then slipped from his shoulders, falling to the floor. Beneath he was naked, and both Janice and Rose stared at his slender body, running their eyes the length of it, before glancing to each other.
'Is this some sorta sex thing?' Rose asked.
'I thought you were gonna...' Janice could bring herself to say the word; worried it might still be the case.
Finally he looked up, glancing to Rose first, and then to Janice. Rose search Janice's face for a sense of ease in her expression, but it was not there. This man was truly a stranger and she did wonder if there had been other victims, and if he chosen them at random. She tried to think back to the club, to try to remember if she felt they were being watched, but her memory was still foggy, and events she could recall were not in the right order.
Reaching out and place a hand on each of their inner thighs, he gently caress the softness, gradually working his hands upwards towards their open and available pussies. This was turning Rose on, and it reminded her of the some of the more extreme gangbangs where she had been the center of attention of large group of men. However even though she had been tied and bound, blindfolded and gagged and used by up to thirty guys in one night, there was something about this scenario that made those others pale into nothingness by comparison. There was something about the surroundings, how they had been brought here against their will, and the fact they had no idea who this man in black was, looked like, and up to this point, even sounded like.
Rose felt his finger lightly touch her pussy lips, and she couldn't help but close her eyes and let out a small gasp, which was then echoed by Janice. Rose opened her eyes and looked over to Janice, feeling a little guilty about showing her pleasure at his touch, and was relived to see that Janice was enjoying it more. The fear draining from her face the deeper he explored her pussy, and even though there was no smile to be seen, the pleasure she was feeling was obvious. Rose closed her eyes again and as best as she could, bent her legs a little to open up her pussy, and show willingness.
The man in black slowly inched his finger deeper and deeper into each of their pussies, and feeling that there was still room to spare, he quickly joined the first with a second finger. He paused as he listened to their small moans of pleasure and slowly slid his fingers in and out of their wetness.
Rose's pussy was hungry for his touch, and she let her head fall backwards as she relaxed to enjoy his fingers within her, but with all this build-up she was wondering if he would act like the man he appeared to be. She liked the passionate and erotic touch, and loved the idea of making love in the rain, or upon the beach of an island paradise, but if she was gonna be strung-up and tied with legs apart, in a deserted warehouse against her will, then she wanted to be treated with that respect, the respect of a whore.
Beneath the mask the man in black was smiling, and with his head bowed, he listed to their pleasure, however he had more than this in mind, and he was enjoying leading them in the opposite direction to the one originally planned. Pulling his fingers from within their pussies, he slapped the lips, and gave a small indication of the change. The moans from the girl he knew as Rose got louder, and he knew she would be the more willing than the girl he knew as Janice. Janice through conversation had shown herself to be the more passionate and this little erotic taster was for her. Slapping their pussy lips a few more times, he decided to begin to show the reality of this night, and positioning three fingers from each of his hand, at the entrance of each of their holes, he paused for a moment, readying himself, before he rammed then home.
His sudden change of tactic took Rose by surprise and she moan deeply, feeling his fingers deep inside of her. This was what she wanted, and her legs weaken and she was glad that she was being held up, as she would have probably have collapsed if she had been standing unsupported. Then she remembered Janice, and wondered how she had taken to this rougher treatment. Janice was not adverse to rough treatment, but it was not what she favoured, and Rose wondered if that fear that had dissipated at his initial gentle touch had returned. Raising her head, she opened her eyes and glanced to Janice, and saw that although the initial pleasure was not as evident as it had been, she did still seem to be enjoying the experience, and assured Rose relaxed once more and lost herself to his three fingers now sliding mercilessly in and out, the pace picking up with each thrust.
He loved the way each of their pussies gripped his fingers, dragging them in deeper, and the wetness was slowly dribbling down the each of his palms and backs of his hands, lubricating them a little. It was time to add a fourth and it was time to start stretching, and pulling his three fingers of each hand almost free, he added his little finger forming a triangular pyramid shape, and paused once more before ramming them as deep as they would go on this initial insertion. And listening to those ever-deepening cries of pleasure, his smile broaden and his naked limp cock began to rise. This was finally turning him on, and the pleasure of the three would soon fill this empty space, resounding from the metal walls.
Janice noticed the man in black's cock begin to twitch into life, and she was excited to see how big it would grow. She might have had a bit more of a preference for the ladies in general, and had been the first to initiate any sexual contact between her and Rose, but she did also like to play with a cock, especially if it was on the larger side. She remember the last threesome she had had with Rose and her boyfriend, and the moment he pushed his thirteen inch cock deep within her. It had been the biggest cock she had fucked, and it had stretched her pussy to a pleasurable level. It had been the cock Rose had lost her virginity to, when she was a mere 15 years of age, and at the time Rose told her of this, she winced and pulled her legs together wondering just how painful that musta been. Rose had assured her that she wasn't 100% a virgin at the time, as she had been playing with her mothers dildos from 14 years of age, and had already experimented with stretching herself, but just the idea of that one eyed monster being her first taste of the real thing made her cringe, and she was glad it hadn't been her initiation into the world of sex.
Rose loved his rough treatment and she hoped her singing gasps were what he wanted to hear, and that would excite him enough to go further. She wanted her pussy to wear his hand like a glove, and she wanted to shower him with her pleasure, and she wanted it all now. She tried to open her legs wider, accommodate his hand more readily, but she was unable to, the restraints were preventing her. So between gasps and with her head sill hanging backwards, she uttered, 'I want it all.'
'You are going to get it all.' the man in black thought to himself, excited more by the fact that she wanted all. He had thought he would be a stern character through out this, that he would be uncaring to their pleasure, but the more they moaned, the harder and deeper he pushed his fingers within wanting to satisfy them, and his own pleasure was displayed by the stiffening his manhood. It was time to take that final step, and pulling his fingers almost free once again, he tucked in his thumb into the cradle of his fingers and palms, and with a final pause he pushed his hands into their pussies. His hands went as deep as they could, past his first and second knuckles, but even with girls as willing as they seemed to be, he still would need one more attempts to be fully within.
Janice loved to be fisted, and this had become a big part of the interaction between her and Rose, and it was their love of fisting that had strengthened and brought them closer. Some of her friends and a couple of short term girlfriend had enjoyed it occasionally, but they generally like to keep it as the occasional treat, however Janice liked to indulge whenever she had sex, and these days she had felt that a session was not complete without it. Relaxing her arms, she managed to lower herself an inch or so, and with this she tried to bend her legs further, she wanted him to know, she accepted his invitation to be wrist deep within her, whether she had or not, any choice over this.
With a second and third attempt, his hands slipped deeper within, but were still failing to get past the third and final knuckle. He decide he would f***e them in, after all he was not here to be a gentleman, even if that was how he generally acted outside of this scenario. Steadying his feet and almost gripping the concrete with his soles, he pushed his hands in as far as they would go with relative ease, and then shuffling to re-positioned himself once more, gripping the ground as he pushed, straining just a little, his hands fully inside. The feeling was amazing, the warmth and the wetness surrounding his hands was like nothing like he had felt before, and for a moment he paused soaking up the feeling, the sounds of their acceptance making his cock erect.
This was what she had been waiting for, and Rose sung her pleasure louder than at any other time during this experience. It felt so good to have his fist within her, and she hope he would begin pumping her pussy soon, she wanted to shower him as she wanted to reward him for giving her one of her most exciting times of her life so far, and she knew Janice would feel the same way. Lifting her head, she looked to Janice and saw that her eyes were closed, and a smile was wrapped across her lips. Satisfied that she no longer needed to worry, not that she had been worrying since the man in blacks fingers had entered her, she relaxed back and waited for his next move.
He had had an idea to have a third girl here, waiting in the shadows for the right moment to emerge, and then falling to her knees before him, she would suck his cock as he fisted them, but he had dismissed it at the time of planning, and now wished he had not. He would have loved to felt the hot willing excited breath of a wanting mouth upon his helmet, and the wrapping of slender fingers around the girth of his length which was now as hard as an iron bar, but there was no one there, so he hope the sounds of the pleasure these two would soon offer would be enough to satisfy his need for release. He did have one more move to make, but there was one other event to happen first, and he knew through conversation that it was almost a guarantee with this set-up and deepness. Rolling his fingers into a fist he began to pump the pussies of both Rose and Janice, and listen to their moan, gasps and cries.
With his feet firmly stuck to the floor, his hard manhood proudly on display, he pushed his hands back and forth the few inches the depth of their pussies would allow, and he began to work them hard. Listening with his head back himself, his ears soaked up all the sound on offer, and this in turn turned him on all the more. He had never cum through sound alone, but the sound of satisfaction was something that had the potential to make him. There had been many a night in the past, before his good fortune had allowed him to be more adventurous with his games, plans and schemes, where he would watch late night porn, mainly of the lesbian kind with fisting being a favourite. And he would be so turned on by the moans of over acted pleasure, that sometimes it would only take the lightest of touch upon his manhood, the running of the tips of his fingers along the vein that protruded, for him to almost feel like cumming, and then gripping and wanking for a few moments longer, his cock would spill it's seed.
Lifting her head Janice looked to Rose, and watched as the man in black fisted her trimmed pussy in unison with her own, their cries chorusing one another. As dark and sordid as it appeared on the surface, beneath it was eroticism itself, and it was that that was turning her on, making those juices within stir. Lifting her head back again as she closed her eyes once more, she noticed something. Tilting her head back upright, she opened her eyes and looked again, but could see nothing. But she was sure she had seen something, a reflective surface that moved, just a small amount but there was something. She looked to Rose, her head back and her body rippling with the pleasure known and shown, and watching her smaller DD breast heave and wobble with her movements, she soon she forgot the 'thing' in the corner, and slowly lost herself in her own pleasure once again.
He could actually feel his seamen gathering, and he wondered if he would really cum without even touching himself. The harder he fisted them, the louder they cried and the more turned on he became. Thinking the time was close; he glanced to the top left-hand corner of building and saw the CCTV camera. He had specially asked for grey ones, in the hope they would camouflage themselves into the metal structure framing the walls and go unnoticed, and to his knowledge this was the case.

The first of the two larger men looked to the monitor, and pushing a lever forward, zoomed in on the man in black's face. They had to get in close with the camera, in order for them to see the signal, which due to his head covering was simply a double wink to the camera. The second of the two men stood over the first, smoking a cigarette, shuffling about as if he was bored with waiting. The first studied the image, and as his face closed in on the slightly grain image, he saw the signal.
'It's time.' he said to the second, and stubbing his cigarette out in the make-sift ashtray, the second large man followed the first over to the door.

Looking to his arms, he could see little rivers of moisture from the two pussies trickling down passed his elbows, making their was along his upper arms. Some had not made it that far, rolling to the edge, and then down and under before drip dripping to the floor. He wondered what they would each taste like, and if they would differ in flavour. He fisted harder hoping to make the nearest trickle move faster and closer, as he wanted to lick it from his arm. His love of oral had given him a love of the taste of cum, and he wanted nothing more than to taste it again. The trickle bounced along and he watched its progress intently, it was a mere few inches away now, and with a few more hard punches of his fist should bring it within reach of his tongue. He punched in and it bounced closer, he pulled out and punched in again, and he could now smell it, He punched in one final time, and there it was, joining with his tongue, and lifting it into his mouth, he relished the taste. Glancing around to his left he saw the two larger men waiting, and with a nod of his head, they took their places upon the small sets of steps behind each of the ladies.
Both Janice and Rose began to ride his hands, pushing down as he punched in, each wanting more, each wanting it deeper. Their pussies were so wet, the little rivers had now become streams, and ran like veins upon his arms, and the chorus of their pleasure echoed and resounded, bouncing from wall to wall filling every corner with sound.
'Fuck' Rose said, 'Fuck I am going to squirt.'
This was what he had been waiting to hear, this was what he had expected, but he still needed to bring them to the point of no return.
'Same here,' Janice confirmed, 'I am almost there, this is just too fucking good.'
The man in black smiled knowing he was almost on the edge.
'Deeper, harder.' Rose said, 'I wanna shower you. I'm gonna....fuuuuuck yeah.' Rose couldn't complete the sentence, the pleasure stealing her power of speech from her.
Turning and giving a nod to the left and to the right, he signaled to each of the large men that it was time to remove one of the ties. Reaching up, the large man to the left took one of the free ends, and as he pulled the knotted bow free, the man in black pulled his fist from Janice's pussy, and in that same instant, she ceased to sing her pleasure, and with a look of surprise, she glanced to the man in black.
Leaning in close to her ear, the large man behind her growled, 'Keep working that clit, you fucking worthless whore.'
Janice looked to him, and seeing his scowl was a little frightened.
'Don't look at me bitch,' he added 'work that fucking clit and squirt.'
Janice looked away from the large man, glancing back to the man in black, and seeing him returning her stare she reached down with her newly released arm, and began to rub her clit.
Rose had been completely unaware of this new development in the scenario, but with the man in black's attention diverted to Janice, his fisting hand had slowed to a stop and Rose was confused. Looking up she glanced over to Janice, and watched as she reached for her clit. 'What the fuck is happening now?' she asked
The man in black turned to her, and then nodded to the large man behind her. In the same fashion as the first large man had done with Janice, he released Rose's arm and then growled the same order.
Looking to Janice, Rose watched as she began to rub her clit, and she reach down to her own. And although the excitement had been interrupted, watching Janice began to turn her excitement back on, and it wasn't long before she reached the point she had broken from.
The man in black watched Rose and Janice as they rubbed their clits, their fingers dipping into their pussy holes as they did so. Rose pushed two and then three fingers into her pussy, and she gasped as she did so, her eyes half closing. The man in black took his erect manhood in his hand, cradling it within his palm as he began to stroke its length. He then glanced to Janice, looking her direct in the eyes, before tracing his gaze over her heavy breasts and down to her pussy. She had three fingers within her, and as he gazed with his lips wet with longing, she slipped a fourth within and moaned louder. Soon the room was once again echoing those sounds of pleasure, and the man in black gripped his hard cock and began to wank to the sound and the sight before him and within him.
Rose pushed her fingers deeper within herself as she watched Janice, and Janice did the same, each of them becoming obvious to the man in black between them. Rose wanted to eat Janice's pussy, push her own hand within her, taste her juices and she almost felt like gnawing through the rope that held her other arm fast, in order to get to her. Janice closed her eyes, the pleasure coursing through her body, and she could feel that she was gonna squirt soon.
Rose echoed Janice's pleasure, and Rose knew that Janice was close to squirting, she had this certain sound she made when she was about to. Rose wanted to squirt with her, and she tucked her thumb into her palm and pushed her fingers deeper. The man in black's hand was quite big, and this had loosened her pussy enough for her to be able to slowly slip her own hand within with relative ease.
The man in black wanted to be showered, he wanted to be showered as he came himself, and he consider asking the large guys to continue fisting them to help them release, but this was his experience, not theirs. 'Squirt you fucking bitches,' he said not looking at them, 'squirt or this will end badly,' he added with a threatening tone.
The man in black’s voice and his choice of words surprised Rose, and with the large men behind each of them; she wondered just how serious he was. However she wanted to squirt and feeling her juices welling up inside, she knew she would in moments. She looked to Janice who had her head back, rubbing her clit furiously. She guessed that Janice believed the man in black's threat, and wasn't gonna take a chance on failing to please him. Her moans becoming louder and louder, and she knew she was on the verge of letting go.
Feeling his own cum gathering at the base of his hardness, he knew he would cum soon, very soon, and he was hoping everyone had their timings right. Bucking his hips back and forth as if he was fucking someone, he hoped this was the cue for them to free themselves and glance at both of them to check they were ready.
The sounds of pleasure were almost deafening, and with a deep moan Janice finally let her squirt out, a fountain of cum busting forth from her pussy and finding his shoulder first, she bucked her hips a little to direct it at his masked head. Rose couldn't hold back anymore either, and was glad to see Janice had finally released, and she did the same herself. Her squirts were always more powerful, sometimes reaching up to three feet in distance, and this occasion was no exception. Directing her squirt in the same fashion as Janice, and with an ear shattering moan, her jet hit the side of the man in black's head, knocking him a little off-balance at first and then she raised it up to come down upon him like a proper shower.
Feeling it hit and dribble down over his head and body, the man in black stuck his tongue out, wanting to taste some of their juices. He pumped his cock harder and felt his cum make its way up his length to the helmet.
Janice's squirt dribbled to a stop, but slipping her hand within her pussy she worked it again, and within moments she moan loudly as she squirted again, harder, further and higher than before. Rose continued to work her pussy, and although it stuttered a little, her squirt continued with the f***e of a hosepipe.
With a final moan of satisfaction himself, the man in black came, and he watched as he jerked five or six times, emptying his load into mid air, where it fell splashing to the floor a foot or so before him, the final jerk no more than a dribble that ran down the underside of his cock and over his fingers.
The girls were not quite finish and once more they squirted, both hitting his shoulders at the same times and the man in black held out his arms, to rub their clits to ease out the remaining juices. It felt so good to have this wetness upon him and the scent of their juices was intoxicating.
Looking down he watched at the liquid wetness pooled at his feet, slowly leveling itself as it spread out to the surrounding area. It felt warm and slightly sticky, and it felt so good.
Relaxing to a used position, Rose and Janice smiled at each other, enjoying the moment in a way they had yet to up until this point, and Rose knew that as soon as they got home, the would be tearing at each other, exploring and indulging in a way they had probably never done before, this moment still there within their minds.
Standing there still once more, the man in black waited as the large man behind Rose crossed and picked up his slight damp kimono, and held it up for the man in black to slip back into, the excess wetness still dripping from his naked body. Then without a word, he turned and was e****ted back out of the room in the same fashion as he came in.
Rose looked to Janice and gazed at her used body, her inner thighs glistening in the same way as her own did. 'That was fucking good,' she said, 'who ever he is, he knows how to fist a pussy.'
Janice returned her smile, a slight c***dlike innocence within her eyes as if she was a little embarrassed. 'Yeah, I haven't squirted like that in a while,' she said, looking away.
Reaching up, Rose released her other arm, bending the stiffness from it as she held onto the metal framework to keep her balance.
'Is that a good idea?' Janice asked Rose, a glance over her shoulder to try and look at the doorway.
'I don't think they are coming back,' Rose told her, carefully lowering herself to untie her feet, 'I think our job here is done,'
'Are you sure?' Janice asked, 'I mean, when he said, 'this will end badly, I think he might have been serious.'
''Trust me, this is over,' Rose told her, trying to reassure her, 'so untie yourself and lets get out of here.'
Janice glanced to the doorway again, she was still unsure.
'Janice,' Rose said climbing down from the framework and crossing to untie Janice's feet, 'untie yourself now, as I wanna take you home and fuck you.'
Janice looked at her, pausing for a moment before a smile stretch out across her lips. 'And I want to fuck you.' she said reaching up to untie her other hand, ‘I wanna fuck you now.’

Sat in the three chairs before the table upon which the monitor stood, the man in black and the two larger men removed there full head masks, set them upon the table, and settled back to watch what they had hoped would happen.
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2 years ago
liked this too made me extremely wet.
2 years ago
Great story!!
2 years ago
awesome great story line , but could have had the 2 girls fisting each other
2 years ago
This is a damn good scenario.