Accidental Voyeur

So, I was going to the gym the other day, and of course, I'd procrastinated, so by the time I arrived, the parking lot was full. So, I found a spot, around the back, along a median, under some trees. I parked there, finishing a phone call before I went in.

While finishing my conversation, I noticed a woman, coming from the gym, headed towards her SUV, parked on the other side of the median, maybe 40 feet away, with me facing the back of her car. I recognized her from the gym - a tall, pretty blonde, with a tight, fit body, small but erect tits, a flat stomach she showed off, much to my gratitude, and a lower body for whom tight yoga pants were made - her legs nicely muscled, a small, firm ass, to which those tight pants lovingly clung - the kind of body that, from behind, you could see the rising mound of her pussy, tight enough to see that most days, she wore no underwear. And yes, I'd enjoyed that view as often as I could ...

But now, as she opened her door, a guy came into view, following her - a trainer, from the looks of his dress, though I didn't recognize him. She waited for him, and they began speaking, as he came to stand next to her - very close. And though I couldn't hear the conversation, the body language, her facial expression, I thought they seemed agitated, and I decided I should delay going inside, even as my call ended, until this resolved itself. I couldn't tell if there was trouble developing, so thought I should hang around and make sure she was safe ...

So, they were both standing inside the radius of the open SUV door; his back was to me, shielding her from my view, and as I pondered what was happening, after a minute, I came to realize she was kneeling in front of him - I was pretty sure I knew what that meant. And now I felt trapped - getting out my car now would be embarrassing for everyone. And so I waited ...

After a few minutes of this, she stood up, and leaned into her SUV, resting on her elbows. And he, after looking around a bit, turned to her - confirming what I already knew, sporting a huge erection, and he proceeded to pull her pants down around her knees, exposing the gorgeous ass for both of us to see. With only a quick grope between her legs, he took that beer can-like cock, and plunged into her.

No gentle lover, he, he just hammered into her from behind, causing the SUV to rock slightly. I could see him fumbling with her top, then reaching in and grabbing her tits. Then, after a few minutes, he straightened, put his finger in his mouth, wetting it, and then pushed it into her ass - again, none too gently.

I was getting increasingly nervous, now - it was a truly erotic, if disturbing scene, and I really didn't want to get caught watching them, so I lowered my seat back; I promise, this had nothing to do with my own erection, painfully trying to escape. Fortunately for me, it was over with quick - after only a few minutes, he removed his finger, then pulled out his cock, grabbed it in his hand, jerked himself a few times, directing his cum into the crack of her ass.

After he came, they rested briefly, then he pulled up her pants, she stood, and I had the briefest glimpse of her wells-shaped tits, with their long, puffy nipples, before she fixed her top. They quickly fixed their clothing, said a few words, and he departed without further ado, without even a kiss. She got into her SUV, started the engine, and after a few minutes, drove away.

I have to say, it was really erotic, but as I said, I was disturbed as well - there was little affection displayed between them. And what made it worse were the window stickers on her SUV - clearly, a young mom. and I couldn't help but imagine her going home to her husband with another man's cum dripping down her ass.

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