horny at school

this is a true story .
i was in high school and in the 10th grade. i went to the libary and i was bord so i walked two iales over and this guy was seting there . and hesaid wont to see my cock so i said sure .he took out his cock and he was huge like 9 inches and cut .and he was a freshman .i my self am 7 inches and uncut. i have foreskin he said can i touch it i was nervious at first but said ok .he grabed my cock and started strocking me it felt really good.so he kept doing it till i cum and then .i strocked him to orgsam.we did it every day for like 3 mothes till he moved . i would like to do it agin so if any one wonts to send me a message on xhamster.
55% (11/9)
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1 year ago
i also have done that

strocking each other makin me horny
3 years ago
I like Mutul Masturbation Gene, especially while watching Porn together...
Bi-Johnny in Los Angeles...
("Playing with Myself" Right NOW!)
(7:00pm Pacific Time... 6/19/11))
3 years ago
mmm that is hot i wish i could have had experiences like that in high school
3 years ago
You should have sucked each other off. Its fun and feels a hell of a lot better then a hand job and if you swollow, there is no mess to clean
3 years ago
Please make sure you label this as gay. Do your own thing, I'm not judging, but I don't want to read it. Thanks.