Caught Cross Dressing by my daughters friend

I stop suddenly as I here a noise downstairs. No-one is home I am thinking whilst my heart races. Everyone is away for the day. I have phoned up to check. Both my wife and daughters are in London shopping so who the hell is that in my kitchen. I look over into the full length mirror and catch a glimpse of myself. The door is over to the corner of the room and as I walk I pass the mirror properly. Even in my panic I look at myself and think. Hell I look good. The reflection is myself dressed up in my wife's Lingerie. A cute crop top with a black strapless bra underneath all padded out. Looking down I see that my cock has gone limp in my wife's panties. I stumble a little and think to my self that I should be taking these high heels off.

I shout "hello" down the stairs. Relief.. I shout a further Hello and turn to walk back into the bedroom. I stop in horror as I hear someone shout back up in a tentative voice "hello". "Who is it" I call down. Its "AMY, is Rach in. I said I would call on her". Rachael was my oldest daughter who is at college. I shout down that she was out shopping with my wife and would be back later. By now she had walked to the bottom of the stairs and her young pretty little face came into view. I was shitting myself. My head was the only thing she could see as the rest of me was covered in women's underwear. We had a quick conversation and she looked a tad disappointed to find the Rach was not getting back until late afternoon. I look down over her young body and her ultra tight fitting clothes. She has the most amazing long skinny legs. I look back up and her eyes locked onto mine. DAMN got caught checking her out. I said I had better go as I was getting ready and for her to make her way out. She walked back out throught the kitchen and we shouted goodbye to each other. I turned but forgot I had a set of killer heels on and fell flat onto my face. Normally that would have been funny but landed with a huge bang. Amy came rushing back in and shouted if I was alright. I said I was fine but she was coming up the stairs. It was too late. She turned the corner and there I was on the floor dressed up in my wifes clothing and underwear.

She stopped quickly as you can imagine. What the fuck are you wearing Mr Andrews. What could I do or say. I was caught. I just sat up and came out with the truth. She called me a dirty pervert but I caught a sly grin coming from her mouth as she said it. I just lay there like an idiot. Then I noticed that she was checking me out. Her eyes stopped when they came to my pantie covered cock. They were my wifes Italiam sheer panties. Nearly see through and she would have seen my cock. Her eyes looked up into mine. She looked back again and stared at my cock and just said. You look hot. She smiled as my cock twitched. Fucking hot she said again and I could feel my cock twitch again. She took great pleasure in seeing it start to grow. Slowly she walked up the rest of the stairs and without breaking contact with my crotch started to talk filth. I could not believe it. THis fresh young 18 year old girl walking up to me talking to my cock like a little sexy b**st. My cock was straining in the panties as she got to the top of the stairs and she was now looking down at it. I just lay there still and just kept looking at those amazing legs. Mr Andrews she said. I always new you were a dirty man but this is just filthy. I smiled and said it was just a thing. she said that she was going to have me and if I didn't let her she would tell my wife. In my head I was thinking, who cares, she was just so young and fit. She stood over me and I could see up her little dress. Her pastel pink panties were all stained and wet. She then reached down and took hold of my cock through the top of my strained knickers and she gave me a squeeze. I looked down and her face was just centimetres away from the tip of my cock. Through the panties appeared a glistening drop of pre cum. She pulled gently on my cock milking the pre cum out and then to my surprise leant down and kissed the tip of my cock and sucked up the big bead of pre cum. She looked back at me and said that we had better move to the bed room as she was expecting a show from me. I could believe I was listening to this young thin girl but I did what she said and I got up and walked back into my bedroom.
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1 month ago
The filthy pig is going to become the 18 year old girl's slave.
7 months ago
great start...hope there is a part 2
9 months ago
I kept wondering where the rest of the story was! I thought that my computer was playing up! So wanted to read more! Great story though and I felt your anguish at being discovered.
9 months ago
Love it xxx
10 months ago
Nice one Gem!
10 months ago
Tell the rest of the story
10 months ago
more please