One could only hope...

She asks me one day have you ever fucked a man? I ask say what? "NO" was my reply. "Have you ever thought about it" she asks purring like a Cheshire kittin'. Kinda why? As I went all blush....She perks right up...REALLY? Can I watch you get fucked in the ass with a huge cock!! Or better yet two can all over you!!
I gasp Uhm NO I said laughing....Why on Earth would ya want that? I asked her.
I see her glowing goose bumps all over. Her huge boobs all hard her fingers playing with herself. She suddenly see's my cock a twitchin' So you have thought about it then she asks again....
I confess or share to her my secrets. After my last separation with GF of ten years I was bored and d***k and constantly horny so I cruised in a local Bathhouse. It was dark and I had no clue what I was doing there. Sign on the wall said something about lockers $10 Rooms $20 Towels free So I said locker. He gives me big white towel key and lube. I look all NEWB and just asked where are the lockers? He points and smiles. I go towards lockers and I see a huge twenty person shower stall. Some guys giving head to there friends I guessed. I get naked have a shower then find steam room. Must have been ten or twelve guys. It was to steamy to tell for sure.That and I was drinking. The steam felt good the buzz was wearing off when all of a sudden I felt a the hottest wet lips wrapped around my starving for attention cock. WHAT A MIND BLOWING BJ!! No offence ladies but this guy was the best I ever had!!! lol k**ding but it sure was the best at the moment. He blew me like no other woman. He was soft yet had some serious sucking power. I dont think I lasted 5 minutes. He asked me to join him in his room but I told him straight out it was my 1st time and he just laughed and said thanks my 1st as well. His 1st straight guy that is or was. I was to shy at 1st but he was nice and we talked a lil bit as in why I was here at the Steambath.
So I told him just broke up blah blah Was cold outside and that I needed a warm bath....
He just laughed. I didnt get it. But he sure gave it to me. I played with his nice 9 inches was way thicker then mine. Told him no fuckin way are ya stickin it to me. He laughed some more. So we just played for hours.
I wish I tried sucking his cock I wish I tried anal. So now ya know what I wish to try.
I so want to feel what it feels like to get fucked. My awesome lover bought a beautiful strap on set I love it when she fucks me and sucks my cock at the same time. I lover her so much I want to share her fantasy.
She really wants to watch me be the man in the middle and after coming to this site LOOKS LIKE FUN!!!
Next I want a Bi 4 some. Her eating out, me eating out, both getting DP'd. She loves that with toys and I would like to try it with the right BiGuy or two.
Thanks every 1 You all Rock we just want to Roll.
Chris & Mel

33% (3/7)
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2 years ago
Great fantacy got to make it happen write a story of yopur experience
2 years ago
That is an incredible fantasy. i'm sure you two will live it out.
2 years ago
you stole my fantasy! Good luck fullfilling it
2 years ago
Oh man. Lucky boy!!!
2 years ago
wow would i love to help you fulfill that one it has always been a fantasy of mine also