My Girlfriend Cheated on Me

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me

I used to have a girlfriend, Mary, who lived in Wisconsin while I lived in New Jersey. We talked every day on the phone but, since I couldn't see her often, she told me that she was sexually frustrated and was going to go on several Internet dating sites to find someone to fuck her. Soon she called to tell me that she had connected with a guy named Paul and was going to meet him for dinner. I made her promise to call and give me all the details after each meeting.

The next day she called and told me that they had met for dinner, hit it off, and afterward sat in his car making out. They both got very excited and were going to meet again. Needless to say, hearing her tell me about how Paul had kissed her deeply and felt up her big 42DD tits got me very excited too. I couldn't wait to hear her next report.

A week later, she met Paul again and after dinner went back to his apartment. She told me that as soon as they were inside the door, he started kissing her passionately and soon had all of her clothes off. I asked her if she had undressed him and she said yes. They lay on the bed and Paul felt her up, fingered her, and played with her clit. Mary is 66 (same age as me) and Paul is 54 so she told me that Paul has a nice hard cock. I asked her what she did to Paul and she told me that she had given him a hand job. It didn't take long for her hand and her expert stroking of his cock to make him cum and she said that he made a lot of cum, much more than I ever did. Hearing that, I ended up making cum in my pants too. I also found it very exciting to know that Mary was now seeing a "younger guy."

I knew what was going to happen the next week and I wasn't disappointed. Mary called and told me that she had met Paul at his apartment and started making out as soon as she got there. Before going into the bedroom, they had sat on the couch and Paul had taken off her top and bra and sucked on her large tits. He got her nipples very big and hard and she got very excited. He suggested they go into the bedroom and she agreed. They undressed and lay on the bed. She said that Paul again fingered her and played with her clit. Mary commented that Paul was very good at playing with her pussy and had made her clit feel wonderful. I asked her what she had done and she said that she had played with his 6-inch cock, made it stand straight up, and then climbed on it as he lay there. Mary started to move up and down and soon she felt him have a climax. Mary said that he had again made a big load of cum, except this time he had put it deep into her. Mary said that feeling his young cock enter her vagina for the first time was an incredibly thrilling feeling and they agreed to continue to meet weekly and have sex every time. Hearing Mary tell me how Paul had put all that cum into her pussy (he wasn't using rubbers) got me very excited. I was also very surprised how hearing Mary tell me about how another man was fucking her really turned me on.

They continued to have sex on a weekly basis and she continued to tell me all about it. Mary said that they got better and better at it and soon the feel of Paul's cock inside her would make her have an orgasm. She always climbed on top and he would play with her large tits as she moved up and down. Mary said that one time, as they were playing and she was moving up and down and Paul was feeling up her large tits, he said to her “I like the way that you fuck.” Mary’s reply was “I like the way that you fuck too.” Paul got used to Mary's movements and he learned how to hold off so that they could fuck for a long time. But eventually he would cum and, each time, hearing about how he pumped those large amounts of cum into Mary's pussy, I always got very excited and came while masturbating. Mary said that Paul was very good sexually and she always enjoyed having sex with him and all the orgasms that he was giving her. Whenever they couldn’t have sex, she would blow him. I asked her what she would do with the large mouthful of cum that Paul always made. “Swallow all of it” was her reply. “It tastes delicious.”

Eventually I realized that, even though she was telling me about it, Mary was cheating on me by having sex with Paul on a regular basis. And since we lived so far apart, there was nothing that I could do about it. If I asked her to stop seeing him, she would just continue to have sex with Paul and lie about it to me. So, I broke off seeing her and told her to have a nice life with her young stud. I never heard from her again but I assume that, with sex that good, they continued to see each other. It has always amazed me how hearing my girlfriend tell me about how much she was enjoying having a younger guy fucking her and filling her pussy with all that cum would turn me on but it did. And, even now, thinking back on it while writing this, I was turned on again.

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7 months ago
good story
1 year ago
hell, i would have stayed in touch and kept masturbating while she told me about her fucking activities. that's partically what I'm looking for here on x hamster since I can't meet all these horny folks here..a little phonesex or cyber would be hot!