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We were in the back of a taxi, our tongues deep in each other’s mouths, tasting and sucking and swirling. My hand slowly moved up her perfectly toned thigh and under her skirt. I lightly caressed her half hard cock through her thong, barely touching her, just tenderly stroking with my fingertips. She responded by grinding herself against my palm in a seductive, circular motion. I could feel her getting harder and she moaned softly. I felt that moan vibrate on my tongue, causing my own cock to grow to an almost painful rigidity.

My names Alana and I’m 5 ft 5 with medium sized but very pert breasts and a fully functioning cock; a shemale essentially. I met Krissy, the girl whose tongue was currently in my mouth and getting me more aroused by the second, in a bar about an hour ago and she is perfect. Long, brown, slightly wavy hair that reaches halfway down her back. Her face is beautifully feminine, with thick and full blowjob lips. She’s wearing a practically skin tight dress, which shows off her breasts and curvy bubble ass with wonderful clarity. I’ve never been fucked by a shemale before. I can hardly believe that this goddess of beauty, with her hard cock grinding against my left hand while I greedily grope her breasts with my right, is mine for the night.

Her hand now found my cock under my skirt, and she didn’t lightly tease like I was doing to her but moved my panties aside and just grabbed it. She squeezed lightly and slowly rubbed it while she groped by breasts through my clothes. I was in heaven, hardly able to hold back my orgasm even after such little attention. Krissy seemed to sense this and pulled her hand away, rubbing my thigh down to the knee then back up almost to my cock, but never quite touching it, which was driving me wild with a desire to be filled by her.

The taxi pulled up outside her house, we paid the man and Krissy practically dragged me out of the car by the hand. Walking to her house with a pulsating hard-on was a bit awkward, but the tantalising wiggle of Krissy’s ass as she walked in front of me soon made me forget my worries.

As we entered the house, she turned to me and yanked me to her. I could feel her cock pressing against mine, both hard and ready for fun. She kissed me deep and passionately.

“Do you want me inside you?” she whispered in my ear while licking my earlobe. She had worked her hand under my top and was rubbing between my breasts and down my stomach.

“God, yes.” I said, unable to keep the yearning out of my voice.

We kissed again and she led me upstairs. We got to her room and she practically threw me down on the bed. Krissy stood at the bottom of the bed, and slowly slid the straps of her dress down her arms. She let it slide down her curvy body to the floor. She looked amazing. Perfectly toned stomach, wonderful breasts, wonderful enough not to need a bra, and her hard cock was barely contained behind her pink thong. She straddled me, and literally ripped off my top. Buttons flew across the room and bounced and rolled about. She undid my bra and took one of my nipples in her mouth. Her tongue slid around it in circles making me moan and sigh. Her cock pressed against my stomach, which she lightly thrust and ground against me.

She kissed down my stomach and worked down towards the fun zone. She knelt on the bed between my legs and slowly pulled my skirt and thong down my legs, finally releasing my cock to the world. It was throbbing in time with my heart and was already glistening with pre-cum. Jesus I was horny. It was an almost painful sensation, but wonderfully arousing at the same time

Krissy put her palm flat on my cock and made small circular motions, pressing the head of my cock into my stomach and smearing it with my pre-cum. She leant over and kissed me. I ran my hands down her shapely back and down to her ass. I took her thong in my hand and pulled it down. She eased it off herself and knelt back, so I could see her magnificent tool for the first time. It was about 7 inches and of an average girth and stood proud and to attention.

“You like, I see?” Krissy said as she took her cock in her hand started to jerk herself off.

“Please put it in me, I need you to fuck me.” I practically begged

She smiled, and brought her mouth to my cock. She licked from the bass to the tip, and then took it in her mouth and went down deep. I let out a low, guttural moan that seemed not to come from me and I raised my Hips to meet her. I played with my nipples; squeezed them, pinched them, pulled them and continued to moan.

Her cock sucking skills were exquisite. She’d suck me right to the very edge of climax, then ease off. She knew how to keep me right on the brink, teetering over the edge but never quite letting me fall. Her fingers had been gently circling my asshole. Now she pressed harder against me. I took in a deep breath, and her finger slipped inside me with a divine pop. A second soon joined it. She eased her way inside me, expertly probing until she found my spot. Her fingers pressed against it firmly but gently.

“fuuuck....” I whimpered. My breath was coming in short, sharp gasps. Krissy looked up at me and smiled her beautiful smile and took my cock in her mouth again. Her fingers worked wonders inside me. The pleasure I was feeling, which usually only came from my cock, seemed to be coming from my entire lower body. My legs tingled and occasionally twitched involuntarily. The deep, deep pleasure that my swelling prostate produced was almost too much to handle. Krissy was driving me wild; there was no way I could hold back much longer. But somehow, Krissy still refused to let me cum. I nearly blew half a dozen times whilst she finger fucked me and swirled her tongue around my cock, but she always knew when to let up.

“Krissy,” I gasped. “I need to cum. Please let me come.”
“Are you ready to get fucked?” she asked. Still rubbing my prostate with her fingers.

“unnnngggh.....YES!” I shouted; almost cumming again, my ass clenching around her fingers. She hadn’t even been touching my cock that time. Damn she was good.

“Shhhh, easy baby,” she cooed, groping my breast and tweaking the nipple. Her fingers deep, my cock dancing in anticipation. “You’re riding a knife edge right about now?”

“Get inside me. I want you deep and hard.” She slowly withdrew her finger and crawled up over me and kissed me. Her breasts against my breasts, our naked cocks touching for the first time.

She coaxed my legs back, way up over my head and spread them wide. She took her cock in her hand and positioned it against my asshole. She pushed against the entrance, and the head of her cock slipped into me. Her finger work had relaxed my ass nicely, but her cock was thicker that her fingers so it still needed a bit of coaxing. She took her time, and eased her way in. Inch by blissful inch until her balls were pressed against mine. We looked deep into each other’s eyes as she started to fuck me. I went to take my cock in my hand to jerk off, but Krissy batted it away.

“No, no,” she laughed. “You’re going to have a proper orgasm. You’re going to come just from me fucking you, none of this jerking off shit.” She took my hands, put them behind my head and pinned them there. “Lift your ass up a bit off the bed.”

I did what she said, and fuck was I glad I did. The angle had changed between us slightly, so her cock head was rubbing against my prostate on every stoke. She lowered her head and kissed me deeply, tongue working its way around my mouth and mine around hers. The intensity of the pleasure was unbelievable. Each time she hit my spot, I felt my orgasm getting that little bit closer. This had never happened to me before. I was already moaning uncontrollably.
I wrapped my legs tightly around her as I felt the intensity in my groin and ass build. Our sweaty, slippery, glistening bodies were slapping against each other. She took my nipple in her mouth, and sucked on it hard. I moved my hands from behind my head and grabbed her ass as she fucked me. Pre-cum pooled on my stomach as my cock danced in time with the rhythm of Krissy’s thrusting. Each thrust driving me closer and closer.

“Krissy,” I half moaned half screamed. My ass was beginning to quiver. “I can’t hold back for long.”

“Don’t hold back baby,” Her hair was sticking to her face, she looked so fucking sexy at that point. “Cum for me, I want to feel you cumming around my cock.”

She kissed me again, gave my breast a hard and loving squeeze and quickened her pace. This was it, I was about to cum like I’d never cum before. I felt the orgasm build first within my ass. It fluttered and pulsated slightly around Krissy’s cock. What had been intense pleasure before, now turned into waves of pure ecstasy. My cock stiffened to its full hardness and my ass gripped Krissy like a vice.

“That’s it honey. Cum for me!”

My ass tightened its convulsive grip around krissy’s cock. I could feel every vein and bump. My cock seemed to get even harder. I was now at the very peak of my orgasm, that point just before cum starts to flow but the orgasm is well under way. It almost seemed as if I was stuck in this stage of the orgasm, being held at the peak. My ass clenching hard and almost vibrating

“UNNNNNNGGGGGHHH......... FUUUUUCK........CUMMING!” I screamed.

My orgasm reached its final peak and my ass began to spasm rhythmically. My cock started to twitch and pulse. With each pulse a shot of cum spewed out of me, covering my stomach and titts in thick, white fluid. My cock was a geyser, one spurt reached past my titts and landed on my neck.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I yelled as my cock continued it orgasmic dance.
The site of my face as I came and the sensation of my ass convulsing around her cock sent Krissy over the edge. Before my orgasm had ended, while I was still helplessly screaming, Krissy let out her own screams.

“Finish in my ass.” I commanded

Kirssy’s body went rigid and I felt her cock begin to pulse inside me. She cried out my name repeatedly as she shot her cum deep within me. Once she had finished, she lay on top on me while I gently caressed her back. Her cock still in my ass and my ass still having the occasional aftershock spasm.

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3 months ago
That was so hot I had precum just reading it!!
7 months ago
As a tribute to this story I just gave myself a mind blowing sassy anal orgasm
1 year ago
One fucking hot story. Pre cum oozing as I write this.
2 years ago
i pre cummed just reading it
2 years ago
That was a Great story.
3 years ago
fuck that was a hot story.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Really turns me on just by reading it, great story....would love to watch on a video...uuugggghhh
3 years ago
god shemale stories turn me on SO fucking much thx 4 sharing
4 years ago
i have had an experance simler to this so trust me when i say nothing can compare to it!
4 years ago
OMG! I know just what you mean about what your ass does when you shoot your load while stretched around a nice hard cock! It's the best part of and orgasm for me!!! My boyfriend and I both love to cross dress for sex and I'm crazy about having his cum inside me when we make love!
4 years ago
OMG! I know just what you mean about what your ass does when you shoot your load while stretched around a nice hard cock! It's the best part of and orgasm for me!!! My boyfriend and I both love to cross dress for sex and I'm crazy about having his cum inside me when we make love!
4 years ago
Dick is still hard!
4 years ago
Dam that was great
4 years ago
Wow Transexuals lesbiasns that was great thanks
4 years ago
Fantastic story!