how i met my cyber lover

on march 14 of 2011, i was bored out of my mind, my wife upstairs sl**ping, and im downstairs in the living room pretending im watching the late night show like usual, but what i was really doing is watching porn here in xhamster, and in between go live on omegle. see on omegle, i had few interaction with girls, i masturbated to few of them, but it was just a quick thing, one Israeli girl showed me her huge tits, and we masturbated for about half an hour and the we talked. that was long time ago, but i never took her email or anything till that night in march, i wasn't planing to masturbate or flirt or talk to anyone, i just went live quickly expecting that everyone will next me because they think im too old. by the way i just 30 few months ago. so at that moment, i saw her and i just sitting and i was surprised that that she ddint click next in matter of seconds, and she was wearing her wedding band, so i asked her " are you married?"
she nodded her head with her sexy look agreeing to the answer, and typed "yes"
so i asked wondering "does your husband know that you're here?" just because my wife doesn't know that im here either.
she answered "no",
i said "interesting!" so she smiled and sat in front on her cam just looking at me with a sexy look full of lust and attraction. so i asked her what is she doing here. so answered that she is trying to tease me. and i was already turned on by her looks only so far, she had an amazing beautiful face and awesome blue eyes with full natural blond reddish hair that give her an amazing style. she wasn't naked or dressed revealing at all, it was all her face and sexy lips that turned me on. so i told her, i am already teased, u dont need to try hard. she smiled sarcastically and she confessed that she didn't believed me.
so i whiped my cock out an told her "see! it cannot get any bigger" so smiled, and said "oh baby!" i smile back to her, and she said i want u to stroke it for me. so i did for few seconds just to play. then she took her left boobs out of her shirt, she wasn't wearing any bra, she it was fast. i asked her size, and it was DD's . at that point i was more turned on, and i was stoking my cock while watching rub her tits, and moaning. then she slowly rubbed her way down to touch her pussy, and then licked her finger the licked her lips. so i stood up and started wanking in front of her using my left hand keeping my write arm free to type. so she noticed my wedding band on my had, and i noticed that she did, and i saw in her eyes a glow that reflected the beet of her heart. so asked me surprised "are you married?" i said yes, so she crowed her face with this gorgeous smile that still till for today make my heart skip. and she said that is hot.
so i kept stroking and she kept rubbing her pussy till we cam together. i cam in my palm of my hand because i didn't have any tissues close to me since i wasn't planing for anything. so we finished and i am stuck with palm full of cum and the only thing i was able to think of is lick my hands and show her my cum on my tongue, and i saw he face lid with lust as she kept rubbing her clit and her tits at the same time. and i saw how turned on she was by my action. she came and i saw how her body crunched and shook while she orgasmed.
after that, she thanked me for the lovely 20 minutes we spend together, and we talk for the next 2 hours about our spouses and how they have no clue that we are online masturbating to others.
i asked if she works, she said no, and i was working from home as freelancer, so we shared emails, and the next day i saw an email from her that she will be online if i want to play.
and this was day 1
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3 years ago
Good story and very sexy