Turning the Tables (How it Starts)

It’s a subject which many guys struggle talking to girls about, and in most cases certainly not something you’d discuss while out with your buddies for a night on the town. But a lot of us think about it, and that handful either pluck up the courage to discuss it or its something which just happens for you naturally. I can be a little timid about voicing my sexual wants and luckily for me, I’m in the second camp, and this story is how it all came about. What am I talking about? Turning the tables in the bedroom and being in front of your girl rather than behind or on top!

The very beginning of this journey started much like any evening for us (and a lot of couples). At 18 years old I was one year older than her and following some time out shopping for CDs we went back to her parents house for the evening.

“What d’you want to listen to?” I asked her

“Just put anything on, that’s not really what I’m interested in right now” she replied with a devilish smile on her face as she hopped on to her bed.

I fished the very first thing which I could find out of the bag and stuck it in to her stereo. It was some broody industrial… Not the ideal soundtrack for a romantic evening in, but to be honest romance didn’t hold top spot for us this evening. She’d been teasing me all afternoon, gently brushing past me in the shops, and grabbing me by the crotch in the elevator as we headed back to the car… I was hoping for something a little more x-rated than a cuddle.

The lights were already turned down and even though her parents would still be out for hours I glanced over to check the lock on the door… Just in case! As I did so I made my way to the bed where she was sitting at its edge. As I reached where she was sitting I bent down and gently kissed her on the lips a couple of times before moving my lips across her cheek and down her neck.

As I nuzzled between her shoulder and neck, gently biting her she put her head back and let out a quiet moan, which is all the encouragement I needed to bring my hand on to her hip as I kissed my way back to her lips. As I kissed her again, more passionately this time I felt her tongue part my lips.

I gently moved my hand up from her hip and found the buttons on her shirt which clumsily undid. I could hardly concentrate on the task at hand as I felt her brush gently against my crotch once again as she had done throughout the day. Knowing that this time we were in private and hoping where it might lead it sent a light shiver up my spine and I felt myself give out a slight moan which echoed in our mouths. I know that she heard it to as I felt her break out a slight smile while our tongues danced.

No sooner had I unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it over her shoulders, letting it drop on the bed behind her, she also undid my belt and damn near ripped the buttons of my flies open. The f***e with which she did this threw my off balance a little and I stood up straight with my crotch now almost level with her face. As I looked down at her and found her eyes I saw her staring right at my crotch.

She slowly turned her head upwards, biting the corner of her bottom lip, our eyes met and she broke in to the same smile I had felt moment earlier. It showed a hint of mischief and screamed out that she had something naughty on her mind!

As I smiled back she looked back down and ask, “are you pleased to see me?”

I looked down and saw the waistband of my boxers holding on by the skin of its teeth and let out a slight laugh, “I’ve been waiting for that belt to come off all day!”

“Let’s not stop just with the belt then… Take off your shirt” she commanded me in a much more stern voice, but with that same smile still on her face.

Even though I was a little bit taken aback by the tone of her voice this evening I quickly complied and pulled my shirt up and over my head. While I did so she quickly gave a tug on my jeans and let them drop to my feet. As I looked back down to where my throbbing dick was pushing at the seam of my boxers I felt her hook her thumbs under the seam and slowly pull my boxers down. As she pulled them it pulled my dick down with them until it inevitably broke free and bobbed back to my stomach, making a distinct slapping sound as it did so.

She gave out a small laugh, obviously very happy with the results she was achieving, breaking her laugh only briefly to say, “sounds like your cock likes to do a bit of slapping, I wonder how it likes having the same done to it!” with which I immediately winced as she slapped her hands down on my dick. This made me jerk backwards, but she already had her other hand behind my ass, so I didn’t go very far.

She slapped it again and I gave out a little groan. “Oh you like it do you?” she asked while starting to laugh again. When I didn’t answer she grabbed my dick at the base and slapped the head, repeating her question, “I said….” slap “Do…” slap “You…” Slap “Like it?”

Part of me did enjoy it and wondered where this might lead, while the other part of me wanted to feel her soft lips on me instead, but I answered this time… But all I could manage was “yes”.

“Your cocks gone a little red, is it shame for slapping your stomach or did I teach it a lesson?” she asked me,

“I learnt my lesson”

Then she asked something which made my dick spring right back to attention, “Do you need me to kiss it better?”

As I heard her I looked back down at her face. She didn’t have her head tilted right back so her eyes were open wide and turned up at me, and I could still see that smile back on her face. She looked beautiful as she looked up at me and all I could do was nod.

Without taking her eyes off me she pulled my dick down, which was still firmly in her grasp and pointed it straight out away from me, while her other hand found its way back to me ass which she used to slowly push my hips forward. As I moved closer to her she licked her lips and parted them slightly, until I was just millimetres away from her mouth.

When she stopped, all the while still looking in to my eyes I could feel her breath cooling the pre-cum forming at the opening of my foreskin. She slowly moved her hand back pulling my foreskin and exposing my head to the air coming from her mouth, and just then she flicked her tongue out, brushing it against the tip of my head. Just like the slap this made me involuntarily jerk backwards, but once again her hand was firmly on my cheek, stopping me from going anywhere.

“It looks like I best give you what you have been waiting all day for before you explode” she almost whispered as she moved her head forward and closed her eyes just as my dick reached her parted lips.

She opened her mouth slightly more and let her warm wet lips wrap around the head of my dick. She left it like that for a few seconds as her tongue danced and darted around it inside her mouth, before pulling it out again. The vacuum she had made around my head made a pop as she pulled it out, which f***ed an innocent sounding giggle from her.

She didn’t pull it right back in to her waiting mouth like it looked, but instead stopped just before and let her tongue dance on my head again as it had done in her mouth, but this time she licked her way from my head to the base and back up again.

“Just like a lolly pop” she said

“Just don’t bite it” I answered “…Too hard” as she looked up biting her lip again, I smiled back as she transferred her teeth from her lip to the underside of my dick, gently biting her way down past the base and on to my balls. When she reached the bottom she sucked one of them in to her mouth and moved her hand down from its grip and next to her mouth. She released my nut to give her hand a lick before sucking it back in. Her hand moved to the head of my dick, encircling it as she had done with her tongue, before squeezing slightly and starting to slowly stroke me.

As her speed increased I started to breath more heavily which was met by her slowing down and kissing her way back from my balls to my dick. She could sense that the build up over the day had left me close to exploding, but she had more in store for me. “Not yet” she said as she released her grip and let her tongue work its magic around me head again, this time pushing herself slightly further down my shaft. I couldn’t help myself and started to slowly grind my hips back and forth, trying each time to get her to swallow it a little further each time.

She pushed my back and told me “I said… Not just yet”, with which she moved me back further and stood up herself.

As she stood in front of me she unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the ground, with her hard nipples beckoning me to move back closer.

She didn’t object so I leant in and sucked one of her nipples in to my mouth while I put my hand up and slowly caressed the other one. I could hardly hold on with my lips tightly around her nipple as I felt her wriggle out of her jeans and panties, hearing them drop to the floor. It didn’t take much for me to take suit and push her back on to the bed, throwing her on to her back.

I looked up at her across her flat stomach and between her pert tits to hear her tell me, “I hope you’re not just going to look at it all night. If you want to see what else the night has in store for you, I suggest you earn it!”

Without a second hesitation I brought my gaze down to her beautifully shaved pussy and brought my mouth closer. I kissed her mound down to her lips, first kissing down the outside of one and back up the outside of the other. This always got her ready for anything I might want to do from there on in, and as always she gave a slight moan, moved her hands to my head and pulled me closer to her pussy. As she did so, my lips touched hers and I parted them with my tongue.

I circled her pussy and made my way to her clit which I sucked and nibbled while my fingers worked their way up her thigh and found her pussy. I inserted just one at first, followed by another, encouraged by her moans which got louder as I penetrated her while not letting go of her clit. She lifted one of her legs and reach around behind it, finding my hand and pulling it out. “Give me your hand” she said as she licked her lips.

She brought my hand to her lips and took in all 4 fingers, making sure they were totally lubricated, after which she motioned my hand back down to her pussy. Once again I inserted one finger at a time, until all 4 were moving back and forth in her pussy.

I could feel her starting to jerk slightly each time my tongue flicked against her clit, and her moans got louder, so I moved my thumb down to find her ass while the rest of my hand stayed in her pussy. She was now rocking back and forth herself allowing me to concentrate on pushing her over the edge, and no sooner had my thumb found her ass hole, her hands grabbed my hair to make sure I didn’t go anywhere.

“Fuck, fuck fuck” she screamed as her hips bucked harder against my hand, “don’t stop, don’t you dare fucking stop” she barely managed to get out between panting. I looked up at her beautiful face which was contorted with pleasure. With a final scream she stopped grinding her hips, but for a few seconds, every now and again would give an involuntary shudder.

She took a minute to recover after which I stood up again, still hard as a rock. She sat up but didn’t continue from where she left off as I thought she might, instead she stood up as well and stepped behind me. As I went to turn around she gave me a quick sharp nudge which f***ed me to bend over and stop myself from falling by putting my hands out on her bed. When I tried to stand up again I felt a hand on my back telling me to stay down, with which I looked down between my legs. As I did so I saw her foot come forwards between my legs, lightly kicking them on the inside, beckoning me to move my legs apart further as if I were being frisked.

As I moved them apart I could see her crop to her knees again between my legs, but I couldn’t see her face, just her hands moving up my thighs and finding my dick. Her hand pulled my hard dick down and backwards so that it was no longer pointing towards me. I could see her face come in to view slightly again as she moved her mouth to the tip of my dick, licking her way back up to my balls.

She did this a few times to lubricate my dick, ready to let her hand slide easily up and down the length of my shaft as she started to milk me from behind.

She started to stroke quicker and I put my face in to the bed as the only way to stop myself from falling over. The different feeling of being stroked downwards put extra pressure on my shaft, which felt incredible. Suddenly my attention went back to her as she sharply bit my ass, making me jerk forward, putting more pressure on my dick each time I did… It felt like she was going to rip my dick off, but in that moment I would have let her get close to doing so, as long as it felt as good as this.

She stopped biting and gently kissed her way across my check and finding her way back to my balls which she gave a quick lick, but had no intention of concentrating on now. She licked her way up slightly finding the guiche, between my balls and ass hole. She used her tongue to put pressure on my prostate her, before quickly giving it a slight nip. I didn’t jerk as much as when she bit my ass as it was less sensitive, so she opened her mouth further and bit it harder.

“Oh fuck, do that again” I exclaimed without thinking.

This must have been what she wanted to hear because she bit down again while she gave out a moan. I could feel her moan resonate through my prostate to the tip of my dick, forcing my to moan even louder.

She could tell that my prostate wanted attention and while she continued to milk my dick she once again stuck out her tongue and made a new trail from where she was to my ass. As she reached it I could first feel her breath on my ass hole, before she flicked her tonuge across it.

“Oh my god, don’t stop doing that” I said as I felt a tongue brush past my ass hole for the first time. She did as I said and moved her tongue around my ass hole, making my squirm with pleasure. The feelings between my ass and dick were getting so intense I could feel that I couldn’t take much more of it.

“I want to feel you inside me, fuck my ass hole,” I begged her. She didn’t stop what she was doing at first but I could tell the idea turned her on because she started to stroke my dick even harder.

“Please fuck me” I said again, as I finally felt her tongue come away from my waiting hole.

I could feel my orgasm building up inside me and it was then that I felt the tip of her finger touch my lubricated ass hole. Gently she pushed her finger in very slightly and pulled it back out, but when she put her finger there a second time I pushed back against it and felt it go past my sphincter which pinched down around her knuckle.

As her finger went in deeper she found my prostate, gently putting pressure on it, I bucked and felt my orgasm start deep inside me. She kept pressure in my asshole while she pumped my throbbing dick harder. I came so hard with the first spurt of cum that I bucked back towards her, to the point that she almost didn’t keep hold of my dick. This was followed by 3 spurts of hot cum, and then 3 more. I couldn’t concentrate after my first prostate orgasm, losing all control of my legs, I collapsed over the side of her bed.

I felt her pull her finger out and take her hand off my cock.

“Mmmm, looks like you weren’t the only one in for a treat” she said as I heard her lips smacking together around her fingers. She licked every drop of cum from her hands before sliding up beside me and whispering in my ear, “Maybe next time I’ll fuck you properly… Now that you’re my little bitch.”

--- Check to see where else it leads ---
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1 year ago
in my favorites now! very descriptive account of a perfect day.
1 year ago
Absolutely wonderful experience, thanks for sharing
1 year ago
this one is amazing thank you
1 year ago
hot story
1 year ago
hot story, got me a hard one ;)
1 year ago
Glad you like it!
1 year ago
Very good!
1 year ago
great one!