Just pushing naked Wife into friend's shower

Kurt was one of the guys that got to party in my wife's prim little pussy, and the only one she had a little school girl crush on. So on a day I was going to give him a ride to work,and she came along. When we got there he was in the shower, and I got the kinky idea of giving my wife, and Kurt a unexpected treat of each other. I just started undressing her, and she thought I wanted a quickly while he showered. She was surprised when I pushed her into the steamy bathroom, and trough the shower curtain,then I left the bathroom expecting to hear a short flurry of sex then they'd come out.Well there was the shower wall bumping, her moaning his grunt getting off. the shower turned off, I could hear her toweling him off, then sucking him, then the shower went on and they fucked again. She moaned even more loudly yelling out from getting off. Then on the counter,with even more moaning getting off. Finally on the clothes hamper, with loud wet slapping, him grunting, her panting and begging in gasps. I was impatiently waiting,blaming her for it taking so long. I didn't tell her anything when I pushed her in the shower so she just did what he wanted. I just had thought she'd pop his cork once. Well Kurt was in his 20's, full of cum, and my Wife was full of his cum also.I hadn't expected to wait 45 minutes while Kurt got 4th's in her, and was late for work,his supervisor knew he did a married lady once in a while. We offered for her to go in take her shirt, and bra off then tell his boss why he was so late for work. Her blue jeans were soaked from the cum leaking out of her smallish pussy. She was willing to go as far as offer to giving his boss a handjob because jobs were hard to get, and she was afraid it would get him laid off. Looking back I should have let her try to get him the day off. He called us, to let us know he was OK, but joked she could still do that with his boss anyway. I had her call him at noon while I was pumping her. To thank him for the sex, and he confessed to being still very horny. After work we picked him up, and the car had a second gear shift she was working between his legs. Shamelessly sucking and jacking him while helping him finger her in the packed slow traffic. Where it wasn't hard to tell to what was going on in our car, as her head bobbed in his lap. They needed they needed a showed by the time we got to his place. Or at least somewhere with out their clothes on. At his place I told them they had to show me what happened in the shower earlier. After I pushed in with him she had stood very stiff covering her self a bit with her hands, as Kurt stared in amazement at the unexpected visit, not having expected anything like that. She had meekly said "I think we're supposed to have sex now.", and he didn't need much convincing. They hugged against the shower wall for a bit, then his slightly up curved dick found it's way into her. Since I was with them the second time I got to help hold her in a better standing position for him to fuck her,getting to work her nippels,and finger her clitty to orgasim as he pumped her. He got off then we switched places, with him pushing her into the shower with me. He was a little limp, but my teasing him about who he was going to tell about the day got his dick to stiffen before joining us. We ended up in a position with her between us where our dicks were both pointing at her pussy,and since we had DP'd her pussy before we both wedged into her pumping till the hot water ran out. His room mates he shared the house with got to see her naked darting to his bedroom still wet, while Kurt,and I in towels holding her clothes strolled behind her. His room mates knew she was a married lady that was sent over to put out for Kurt, and they didn't know I was her husband. They were also used to hearing her moaning and getting off. I still push her into a different shower once in a while,but it's not the surprise for her like it was the first time.
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