Wifes Teaching Style

My wife would tutor collage students in mathematics, and had said many times that she wished she could motivate some just a bit more to help them pass. We had also been having kinky weekends with different guys over the years, so I brought up the idea that she could offer the collage boys something more than a gold star for the extra assignments they did for her. The idea made K's pussy wet, and she got serious asking me if I really meant it. So I wrote it in our sex diary, and she wrote that it was something she wanted to try.The next semester she had 6 students which she tutored in a small study at our place two at a time for an hour or more. She only charged 5 or 6 bucks an hour. All of her students were passing, so I suggested she could try to help two go from C's to a B. We picked two skinny freshmen basket ball players, shy and farm boy polite. K started reviling more of her thin body, with more nip slips on purpose letting them get long looks. Then with my encouragement she offered them hand jobs, then as they studied harder she gave them short sucks but finishing them off with her hands. She told them they could have sex with her if the got B's on their mid term test, and they both scored A's. I'd been letting her do her thing with them in our small study with the door closed, getting the details from her after the boys left. I ran a tape recorder mike to the room, and for the first time drilled a few wholes from the attic so I could watch. The boy's presented their graded test with their Professors remark on their improvement and K's tutoring as well. I watched from above as she praised them for studying so hard, and ask if they still wanted their promised reward.. They were, and she ask how to proceed. After an awkward silence she started to modestly undress. The boy's ask about me, and she explained that it was both our ideas, and it was the first students she'd done anything with. "Don't worry about cumming in me, don't hold back" then added they had an hour and a half. "How many times will two go into one" she said laying back on the sturdy desk motioning the first boy between her wiry spread legs, into her smallish shaved pussy. He only lasted a dozen strokes before grunting and hunching his cum deep in her. The second boy lasted just as briefly, Eagerly replaced by the first. K's head rocked from side to side, and I could imagine her shaking her head in week protest to their youthful pumping. But the look of serious concentration on her pleasure. Even though I'd heard it countless times before it still made my aching hardon throb more hearing her say " It feels like a teacup full of cum in me." and she ask if they jack off in their showers thinking about her, and that a B will get them the same reward at finals if they want it. By the first 40 minutes they had drained their loads three times each but they didn't lack for hardons, both thinnish upward curving and just a bit longer than my straight shaft. With K's thick owlish glasses still on and the young freshman between her legs she looked the classic naughty tutor. Her tiny a-cups were reddened, the same pink Rosie pussy lips.In their study time the boys poured off a total of 9 times into K's willing pussy, But K didn't orgasm which wasn't unusual with new guys the first time. After they went home and I came down to look her used body over, and get my suffering hard dick inside her. I kept thrusting and asking her what their next lesson was, then telling her "Pussy lessons!" and making her say it back to me. The two boys had another session with K in 4 days, and I teased her, and turned her on about it as well. I teased the boys about not paying for their last lesson, and hoe they should tip her some extra "for the extra help shes putting out." The boys were well ahead of their classwork so they didn't have more than 30 minutes of tutoring. Then they just stared hopefully at K, which prompted her to start undressing slowly, but telling them they wouldn't be going all the way but she would get them off after solving some math problems. She had to coax them because her nude body flustered them. K disappeared under the desk sucking them as they solved problems on paper. And after a few hand jobs they paid her, and left. K was surprised by the 300 dollars in new 20's that the two envelops the boys left contained. K deducted the usual price of a session, and declared the rest prostitution money and acted quite proud of it.
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