Sharing the Christmas Elf wife with the guys.

We were putting up the tree and talking about what to get our friends. I joked about how the guys we had kinky weekends with always would pick her prim little pussy. I had been joking, but after a few giggles she thought about it and said that she could see doing that. We got horny talking about whether to do it or not, and once we agreed to go for it she asked who I had in mind. I said either Doug and Ray or Bob and Kurt, and to my surprise she ask in a coy voice "Why couldn't we invite them all?" She hadn't done it with five of us very many times, and she had only done it with four of us three or four times over the previous years so I was shocked to hear myself ask her "Are you sure?" and her eager response "Yes!" Because of Christmas and some of the guys were going out of town for Christmas so we planned for the weekend before. She had me tell the guys she wanted a sex toy from each one of them, and that they would get their gift from the blue Christmas Elf. We both dressed as Christmas elves with electric blue spandex pants with shinny green spandex tops with whit fur trimmed stocking caps, she had on pointy ears with blue smudge proof makeup on her face and down her tiny A-Cup breast. her thin prim pussy lips were outlined by the tight spandex pants. My own pert and d**g fueled dick made a nubby bump in my spandex pants.She was on a little touch of LSD which was her nympho d**g combined wit a wine cooler or two. When the guys arrived she played hostess serving coffee to the guys as we did diet pills that gave us marathon hardons, thinking kinky thoughts, and horny all weekend. The guys all brought one or two gifts for her, which she unwrapped as they finished their coffee. Doug got her a remote control butterfly shaped vibrator that would part her pussy lips and vibrate her clitty. Bob spent the most and got a dildo that pumped in and out as well as vibrating, Ray got her a selection of jell dildos that ranged in size from a young mans first dry jacking boner to early manhood all in a row in a fancy plastic package, Kurt gave her one that looked a bit like his own nice sized thickish cock but when you squeezed the balls the head enlarged to over twice its size. After examining each present she sighed and announced "Oh Elf husband I have nothing to give them in return,what ever shall I do?" and I responded "I don't know Elf wife, but if Santa finds out they went away unhappy he'll be mad at us for sure." she really looked the mischievous coy elf wife, and I joked around about them telling the next Mall Santa that they got some elf pussy for Christmas. We watched some Santa Mrs Claws and the elves porn, during which the crotch of my wife's tight spandex pants got nipped by scissors reviling her thin shaved slit of a pussy which responded to being fingered by each of the guys as they passed her between their pants shedding hardon sprouting laps. So by the flashing lights of the tree, and flickering porn we arranged the large foam multi shaped cushions into the angled slopes that tilted her pussy to just the perfect angle to pump their cum into. I watched as they took turns, each trying to hold back but before long loosing their loads with a groan or a grunt of climaxing bliss. The fact that I wasn't taking turns fucking her was building a certain level of sexual tension in me as I watched them start on getting thirds with her. I was saying under my breath "Yea, you fuck her, fuck her real good" to the guys and "You little fuck slut, you just enjoy letting them fuck you don't you?" to my willing wife. With the costume, makeup, and ears she really did look like a skinny, boyish Elf Wife being fucked next to the tree. I fantasized about being the Elf husband annoyed by his wife getting into this situation. She had shuddered through a couple of small orgasms the as Doug started pumping her with his extra long shaft going for his third load she started to moan an pant her pleasure. I moved from where I had been watching to closer to where she lay taking all but the last three inches of Doug's long dick knowing from past views that we could see the lump of cum going down his shaft into her pussy. My hardon strained against the spandex pants, and I tried to hold off until my balls ached and cum leaked out the tip of my cock. Her shirt was pushed reviling her blue tinted little boobs, being rubbed and tweaked by the other guys, as she moaned and pumped her hips frantically up to Doug's pumping hips. As they got off together I felt more sexual impatient watching. The ninth or tenth load in a row gushed into her cum soppy pussy making wet squishing sounds as they humped together, I called her a fuck slut just loud enough to be heard. Ray took over for Doug and didn't waist time in bringing her to another large orgasm and held out himself a bit before he got off grinding into her hips grunting his satisfaction with her pussy. By the time he was pulling out I was aching and the tip of my dick was showing a tiny wet spot where it pushed at my pants. I wanted to hold out but after just a few strokes inside her I exploded with gushing spurts of sperm. I started pretending to be angry with her for getting me off so fast on purpose, and enjoying the other guys cocks to much. I wanted to keep on fucking her with my throbbing hardon, but I made myself pull slowly out and waived Kurt to take my place and encouraged him to get off a third time. I squeezed her breast roughly and told her "Your going to pay for your behavior with your little pussy." and to do a good job fucking Kurt. She could see I was raging hard, and ask between thrust if I'd gotten off as much as I wanted. I told her it was her fault I got off to fast, and my sexual discomfort was going to be her fault as well. Ray teased about my hardon, and how she was being a cum box for Christmas. Then we started making up kinky things that the Sex Elf had to do for Santa.
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6 days ago
Hmm, I love whorefucking tiny KumQueen WhoreWives and even better when I turn their married WhoreHoles into KumDumps !!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
Wonderful experience...dee submissive and love of Sir William
1 year ago
wish it had been more detailed and longer for my jacking pleasure..i liked this and the lessons story.
1 year ago
mmmmmm damn I want this