First White Milf(Very True Story)

I had just graduated from high school a cople weeks before my aunts 30th biryhday, my aunt was turning 30 I believe an of course I went to the party. Me an my aunt was pretty close not best friends but not distant ones either. So the party ended up taking place at my aunts friends jazz house she was like my unofficial stepmom I call her that because her an my dad dated awhile an she was nice. Anyway I arrive at the party an not too long after I notice my stepmoms friend whom she invited because I never seen her with my aunt before, is eye fucking the shit out of me I mean I damn near came from her staring at me that's how intense she was. Now mind you I'm 18 an ive had my fair share of sexual experiences seeing as though in high school I played damn near all sports an I had a really rocking body, Voted best in class by the way, but even with all that this was new. She was about 5'5 chubby but nice figure short sandy blond hair, mid to late 40s gigantic tits an a nice plump ass.. After her stare down I really payed her no intention most of the night because it was my aunts party an a lot of attention was on the fact I was heading to college in the fall to play football. So I hadn't had the time to ponder what just happen. So after a while I'm sitting at the table an out of nowhere she walks past me a whisper something but I couldn't hear her over the festivities so I shouted huh an she kept walking as if she didn't hear me now. So I took it as maybe she wasn't talking to me, but a few minutes later she comes by again but this time I hear her loud in clear whisper "meet me outside ". At this time I can tell that somethings up an I can see shes trying to come on to me but dosent want to be obvious given our age and Color difference I'm black by the way.. I meet her outside we chat she says I was sexyan that I should come over that night her husband has to work all night, shes bout to leave give her my # an shell call me when he leaves. I'm in shock sorta because I'm used to being hit on but never by an older woman an never this blunt. I have to admit it turned me on something fierce an I couldn't wait.. I wasn't driving an she lived quite a ways so I had to borrow my stepmoms car, so about 30mins or so later I get the call an the directions an I'm off.. I get to her townhouse and she lets me in we go up to her room an she offers me a seat on her bed. I oblige an relax she starts to roll up a joint which really caught me by surprised I just didn't expect a woman her age an of her professionalism to be a 420 smoker she was a nurse by the way. She offered me some but I don't smoke so I declined.We talked she asked me was I nervous an I said no which i wasn't despite the highly tense situation. She told me she was a lil uncomfortable because she had never done anything like this an that she washaving Second thoughts. I told her I was more than aware about the situation and that she just let nature happen the way intended. She did so I laid back and I saw after I said that she was ready. She began rubbing on my crotch an then unzipped my pants when she finally pulled my cock out she was shocked by my 8 1/2 inch rod an said so intensly "wow are you sure ur only 18 that's a nice cock for such a young man. I told her thanks an instructed her to shut up when I have sex I turn very aggressive an f***eful. I believe I caught her off guard when I told her to shut up and suck it. An I began talking dirty saying things like sick that black Dick you white bitch, you want that fat cock in that wet Pussy dont you as I'm talking she started going faster and deeper on my dock with a lot of spit. I had never had someone devour my Dick like that. As she sucking I begin slapping her ass and grabbing her neck and shes going wild shes like oh my God I need to shove this fat Dick in me now I'm like no bitch you need to keep sucking this Dick ill tell you when your ready!! After another few minutes or so I'm ready so I climb on top of her eyes burning with desire and I began to slide my cock in I can tell it was much by the way she gasp upon my entry but then she let out a big sigh an I began banging the bottom out of this hot milf. I was a little anxious an stroking quite fast maybe because she told me to slow a little an enjoy her Pussy. (Advice to this day I still use by the way) I rolled her on top and boy did she fuck the shit outta me she was so wet everytime she came down on my Dick her Pusey juices splashed on my stomach (like splash smack splash smack) it was so wet the juices were splashing in my face an im laying missionary. I was so engulfed in what was happening. After that I turned her around and began fucking her from the back she was coming over and over I must have been doing good because she turns around an screams out wow you can really fuck. Having hearing that and knowing I had satisfied her I pulled out shoved my cock in her mouth she sucked me till I came where I bust all over her face. She got a warm rag cleaned me up I got dressed an left. This started a ongoing fucking relationship that lasted over 4 years. Till this day I still think about it from time to time and wonder.

Thanks for reading please comment this is my first story ive wrote an its 100% real..
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I liked it a lot
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you were one lucky sod
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