BDSM Club First visit

The Slave's First BDSM Club Experience.
"I have a surprise for the slave", is what the email from Master had said. The slave couldn't help but wonder what it could be and wondered why Master didn't tell it more. Master had told the slave that it would have to wait. It knew that it wouldn't have to wait too long though to find out because it would be seeing Master soon for an in-person training session which was in just 2 days. They were two of the longest days that slave had been through in awhile. Each night when the slave had its nightly conversation with Master on the phone it waited for Master to give it some type of hint about the surprise or tell it what it was but Master didn't. He even told the slave during the conversation the day before the session that it would have to wait till then to find out. It hated waiting and it knew that Master knew this and was using it to teach the slave a lesson in patience.
Finally the day for the in-person training arrived. It had expected Master to tell it what the surprise was as soon as He got there but that wasn't to be. It wanted to ask Him what the surprise was but it knew better than to do that. It almost had trouble concentrating on what Master was doing to it but that ended as soon as Master's paddle hit its ass. That kind of brought slave back into reality.
Master pounded the slave's ass with the paddle several times which made the slave whither in pain and jump. This only made Master spank harder. Master had the slave laying across pillows and folded up cover so that He could have its ass up in the air and it made it easier for Him to spank. Once Master was finished with that He told the slave to put its hands behind its back which it did. Then Master tied and bound the hands together and told the slave to spread its legs so that Master could see and inspect His pussy. Then Master started rubbing His fingers along the lips of the pussy. He was sticking His fingers in and out and soaking them in the juices of it. He would then stick His pussy soaked fingers in the slave's mouth to clean. He started rubbing and teasing the clit by twisting and pinching it with His fingers. Soon the slave was begging Master to cum but Master was not ready for it to yet so it was not allowed.
Master then took out the two dildos that He had chosen for what He had in store for the slave next. He first took the pink dildo and lubed it up. Then He lubed up the slave's ass and started sticking His fingers in and out of the ass, stretching it with His fingers. Then He started working the dildo into its ass until it was all the way in. Then Master took His dildo that He has and stuck it in the pussy. The two dildos felt like they were hitting each other even though they were not in the same hole. The two of them vibrating together felt so good to the slave and it could feel its pussy getting wetter and wetter. It was on the edge and it knew that it could cum any minute so it begged Master once again to be allowed to cum. "Does my cumslut want to cum?", Master asked. "YES MASTER!!", this slave screamed in ecstasy. Then it heard the words that it had hoped to hear from Master, "Cum for Master slut." It was cumming hard and Master was asking it "Who does this slut belong to?" "Master.", it replied. "Will Master's slut do anything for Master?" "Yes Master." "Good bitch cause Master has plans for His cumslut."
As it laid there reeling from the major orgasm that Master had just given it it began to wonder what exactly Master had planned and what this had to do with the surprise.
It had to wait though because first Master told it to go shower and when it got through then He would tell it what He had in store for His slut.
The slave went off to take its shower thinking about what Master had to share with it. The glint in Master's eyes did give the slave the idea and impression that whatever it was that He was quite excited about it. The slave finished with its shower as quickly as it could and by the time that it had Master was waiting on it outside the shower curtain holding a towel to dry it off. A sweet gesture from its Master and the slave was honored by it.
As Master toweled dry His slave He asked it, "Who does this slave belong to?" "You Master, completely." Then Master asked the slave, "Then as My slave it will do as I wish and say without question, is that correct?" "Of course, Master, this slave is Yours totally and completely." The questions that Master were asking this slave really had it wondering just what it was that Master had planned and expected of it.
Once Master and this slave adjourned to the bedroom, Master sat down on the bed and motioned for the slave to sit at His feet. Master stroked its hair as He began to explain and tell the slave just what He had in mind.
Master asked the slave if it had ever heard of BDSM clubs. The slave told Master that it had heard of them and knew that they exsisted but it didn't know what exactly they consisted of and what all took place inside them. Master explained to the slave that there was one located in Atlanta and that in a couple of weeks that He and it would be going there. He also informed the slave that it must be in total submissive mode while T/they were there. That as His property and slave that it would be in its best interest that it do nothing during the time there to bring shame or embarrassment to Master. He also explained that as His slave it was expected to do anything and everything that Master told it to do with no resistance or back talk.
Master then explained that before the trip that He would be taking the slave on a shopping trip for a few things that would be needed for this trip. He told the slave that He wished to purchase the slave a collar and leash along with some clothes that He deemed appropriate to how He wanted His slave to be dressed. He told it that the shopping trip would be taken on His next off day.
The slave was excited about this new adventure that Master and it would be taking and the opportunity that it gave for the slave to make Master proud of it by being a good obedient slave for Master. The slave was also very nervous. It knew that Master would take care of it as He always does but this was a whole new experience and even though Master was preparing it for the experience by telling it things to expect at the club, there was still no way to know what it would truly be like till it got there.

One of the things that Master did share with the slave about what would take place at the club was that the slave would be expected to participate in a "scene" that Master planned. He did not share what this "scene" would be only that He hoped that the slave did not disappoint Master. The slave promised Master that it would do everything in its power to make Master proud to be its owner.
Soon it was time for Master to take the slave shopping for the trip. The first thing that Master purchased was a collar and leash. The collar that Master choose was simple in design. It was thin black leather with small spikes and the leash that He chose was a chain leash with a black leather handle. Next on Master's list of things to buy was an outfit for His slave to wear. Master chose three outfits for the slave to try on. The first outfit was a shirt and skirt combo and as soon as the slave put it on it knew that it was not going to be the one. The shirt was too loose and the skirt was not skimpy enough. As soon as the slave walked out of the dressing room it saw Master shake His head no. The next outfit was a dress and as soon as the slave put it on it started to pray that this would not be the one that Master would choose either. It was uncomfortable and not very flattering at all. It just didn't seem like one that Master would like. It was correct and it was glad that Master was not swayed to choose it when He noticed the discomfort that it caused the slave. As soon as the slave put on the third outfit it knew that this would be the one that Master would like. It was a short black mini dress with no sleeves, very, very low cut and it barely covered its butt. It knew that Master would love it and when it walked out of the dressing room the look on Master's face told the slave that it was correct. Next was the purchase of a pair of black heels and silky thigh high stockings. There would not be any underwear purchased because Master didn't want the slave to wear anything but the stockings. The slave was kind of nervous about wearing the heels because it had never worn any before that were that high but it knew that it was what Master wanted so it knew that it just had to do it.
Before the slave knew it the weekend arrived for the trip to Atlanta to the BDSM club. The ride to Atlanta seemed like it took forever for the slave and it was glad because it was so nervous. T/they first arrived at the motel that Master had booked for the two of them. When Master and it arrived in the room, Master informed the slave that they would rest for a few hours before it was time to get ready to leave. The slave was too nervous and excited and couldn't sl**p. When it did finally doze off it was awakened by Master and ordered to go take a shower and to go ahead and do its hair and make up. Then it was told to come stand before Master so that He may inspect His property. The slave made sure that everything was well cleaned and shaved before it got out of the shower. Then it did its make up and hair in a way that would please Master making sure to use plenty of mascara like Master liked for it to do. (Master does LOVE the tear tracks! ). It then went into the room where Master was and presented itself to be inspected. Master made sure that the slave's pussy was shaved to his satisfaction. Master then ordered the slave to dress and after it did, Master inspected it again. He told it that He would wait until arriving at the club before He would place the collar and leash on it.

Once Master and the slave arrived at the club, Master placed the collar and leash on it. For the slave it was like walking into a whole different world when Master and it walked through the doors. It imagined it was much like Dorothy felt when she woke up in Oz. It was like nothing the slave had ever seen. Master had instructed the slave that it was not to speak unless Master allowed it to. It also understood that no one else could touch or do anything to it without first seeking the permission of Master. It just wondered what Master would allow. The slave already knew and understood that humiliation was a huge part of BDSM and that it could be a part of the evening.
One of the things that Master brought for the evening was a bag filled with things that would be needed for the "scene" that He had planned for the night. The slave didn't know what all that Master had packed. That was something that He had been very secretive about. He had told the slave that He had purchased a few new items just for the occasion but didn't divuldge what these items were. It was now only a matter of time before it found out what these things were anyway.
One of the first things that Master had the slave do was to remove the dress. Then He had the slave get on its knees . He told the slave that it was not to ever walk in front of Him but only behind and whenever Master stopped that it was to drop to its knees and lower its head. It was not long before others started to come around to speak to Master. Using various items to prod and pry all over the slave's body after asking permission from Master first, of course. The slave kept its head down and never raised its eyes to look at those who were doing this. When they walked away Master would pet the slave on its head and praise it for behaving properly. The slave was glad that it was pleasing Master by acting the way that He expected His slave to behave.
It was soon time for Master to have His turn with creating a scene. First Master took the tit rope from the bag and ordered the slave to stand so that He could bind the slave's tits tight. When the slave did not do it quick enough to Master's satisfaction, Master jerked the leash hard dragging the slave to its feet. Then He slapped the slave hard across its cheek telling the slave, "Slut when I say get up, then it better get its ass up quickly!" "Yes Master." Then Master bound the slave's tits tighter than He had ever done before. Next Master brought out some new rope that the slave had not seen before. This was bigger, thicker rope that Master had never used before.
Next Master took out a pair of wrist restraints that the slave remembered from the first time that it had been with Master. He ordered the slave to put its hands behind its back and fastened the restraints on its wrist and latched them together. Then Master took the new rope and run it through a block and tackle that hung down from the ceiling. Master took the end of the rope and ran it between the slave's tits where the tits were bound and tied it to the tit binding rope. Then Master raised the slave by its tits. The shock of the pain brought tears to the slave's eyes but it did its best to fight breaking down in tears and screaming. Master tied off the rope so that the slave was hanging there by its breasts. Then Master went back into His bag of goodies and took out another new purchase which was a whip. The slave could not see it very clearly from where it hung but it looked like a small horse whip. Soon the whip found its mark right across the slave's breast. The combination of being hung by its breast and the sting of the whip was too much for the slave and it could not hold back the tears. In between the slaps of the whip, Master would take the whip and run it along the body which the slave had to admit was quite arousing in a way. The slave counted a total of 40 lashes from the whip. Then Master lowered the slave and removed the rope from around the slave's breasts then He removed the tit binding rope from it. Next Master took the big rope and tied it around the slave's elbows and between the wrist restraints. So when Master raised the slave it made it where is ass was raised in a way that it enabled its ass to be reached with ease by Master. Then Master brought out from His bag of goodies both the wooden spoon and the paddle to use along with the whip. He used the spoon on the slave's pussy, slapping it atleast 10 times. The pain of it was excruciating for the slave. Next Master concentrated His attention on the slave's ass . For this Master used the paddle. 20 licks was given on each cheek of the slave's ass. The slave could tell from the pain of it that there would be a lot of bruising from this. Its ass was throbbing and stinging after Master was through. Again Master lowered the slave down but only to remove the rope from around the wrist restrainsts. Then Master once again reached into His bag of goodies. This time to pull out a spreader bar. The slave had seen pictures of these but never one up close. Master attached this to its ankles and then tied the big rope around it. The next thing the slave knew it was being raised in the air upside down. Master then took out the vibrator and dildos placing the dildo in the slave's pussy and the vibrator in the slave's ass. Even though the bl**d rushing to the slave's head was not pleasant, the two toys in its ass and pussy were. Master continuously fucked the slave with both devices to the point where the slave was begging to be allowed to cum, which Master denied. Master asked the slave who it belonged to and whose cumslut it was. "You Master," the slave replied. "Does the fucking whore want to cum?" Master asked the slave. "Yes Master." Finally Master allowed the slave to cum telling it to "Cum for it's Master then bitch!" The slave cum so hard that it's body shook afterwards.
Then Master tenderly and gently let the slave down. First He untied the rope from around the spreader bar. Then Master unhooked its feet and wrist from the restraints. Then Master helped the slave to its feet and lead it from the stage. Afterwards, many of the people there came up to Master and told Him how much they enjoyed the scenes which made Master happy.
When Master and the slave arrived back at the motel, Master lead the slave into the bathroom where He started the shower and helped the slave into it. He gently washed the slave's body and wrapped it in a towel when He was done. Then Master lead the slave into the bedroom where He pulled back the cover and laid the slave down in the bed. Then He laid down next to it and held it in His arms. He told the slave how proud He was of it as the slave snuggled up against it's Master and went to sl**p.
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3 years ago
It all went pretty good, they are a lot of fun. Have a look on fetlife, you'll find out all about the Local Scene in your area, you'll find my profile there as well. MP
3 years ago
Really liked where it was going, except the breast torture isn't quite my bag.
3 years ago
Fabulous portrayal of this wonderful life - thank you