Master's Double Subbing The Conclusion

The slave was so tired and it could not imagine what else that Master could have planned. It was late and it knew that the lady had to be leaving soon. She already had informed Master and slave that she could not stay the whole night because of prior committments. She had one more request of Master before she was fixing to get ready to leave and that was to have the slave eat her pussy one more time. Master ordered the slave to do what the lady asked. The lady laid down on the bed and opened up her legs to allow the slave access to her pussy. The slave knelt down and placed its tongue on the swollen pussy lips and started to lick up and down. The slave would let its tongue dart in and out of the lady's delicious pussy. The lady started moving her hips along with the slave's tongue. While the slave was licking and sucking on the lady's pussy, it started playing with her tit's too. This really got the lady going and she started to moan and hold the slave's head right where she wanted it to be. Soon the slave felt the lady getting wetter and wetter and the slave sucked in all the lady's delicious juices. The slave then found the lady's clit and took it in its mouth and started sucking on it. When it did this it could feel the lady really start to juice up and it was not long before the lady was cumming all in the slave's mouth. The lady shook in ectasy for several minutes and then just laid back on the pillows. She thanked Master for allowing slave to get her off. She then left Master and the slave and adjourned to the bathroom to shower. When she was done she came out and came over to the bed and kissed the slave tenderly on the lips. She told it that for its first time satisfying a woman that it had done very well. Then the lady thanked Master for the use of His slut for the night. She told Master and the slave that she would definitely be back in touch soon.

After she walked out the door, Master came over to the bed and slapped the slave hard across the face. The brunt of the slap and the shock of Master slapping this slave shocked it greatly. It could not understand why Master would do this. It had done all that Master had asked and the lady had been pleased so why did Master slap it? "The slave cum without asking permission from Master. The slave knows better than this and so it must be punished." Master then told the slave to go and shower its self because Master was not going to touch a dirty nasty slut. The slave got up and quickly did as it was told and made sure it was all nice and clean for Master. When it finished that it went back into the bedroom to find out what Master's punishment was going to be.

When it had returned to the room it was told by Master to come and stand before Him so that Master could make sure that it had obeyed and was now clean for Master. Once Master was satisfied that it was clean, Master told the slave to get on the bed on all fours with its ass and pussy where Master could reach it. First Master took out the baby oil and rubbed it on both the slave's ass and pussy. Something that Master had been having the slave do every night. Master would tease the slave's ass and pussy as He rubbed the oil in and then slap it if it even acted like it was wanting to cum. Then Master starting spanking its ass with the little flogger. He spanked its ass, thighs and back with the little flogger. With each swipe of the flogger Master would ask the slave if cumming without permission had been worth it. The sting of the flogger slapping against the slave's body caused it to scream out in pain and it would tell Master that no it was not worth it because it had been wrong of it to do. Master suddenly stopped and looked over the stripes that now marked the slave's body. He was pleased with the way the slave's body was marked and the redness that stood out against the white of its skin that was untouched.

Master was not through with the punishment on its ass. Master then took the wooden spoon out and told the slave to spread its legs wider. Then He proceeded to spank the pussy with the wooden spoon harder than He had ever done it before. By the second time it hit it, the slave was whithering in pain with tears running down its face. It begged and pleaded for Master to stop but He didn't, he just spanked harder. Then He took the end of the wooden spoon and shoved it up into the slave's pussy as deep as He could. He started fucking the slave hard and deep with it until the slave was at the point of cumming and He stopped and took it out and made the slave clean it with its mouth. When the slave had finished that, Master took it from it and put lube on the handle . Then with no warning at all, Master stuck it up slave's ass. It hurt so bad but it got no sympathy from Master who quickly told the slave, "Shut up and just be glad Master put the lube on it. Master has something else much bigger to go up that ass next." This slave thought that Master was talking about the big dildo that He has but that was not it.

The slave had no time to recover from the spoon before it felt Master's gloved finger go up its ass. Then it felt Master add more fingers to its asshole and Master stretching with His fingers. It was a mixture of extreme pleasure and pain. Each thrust of Master's hand caused the slave to beg for it to end. It prayed for it to be over soon and finally its prayers were answered when all of Master's whole hand was in its ass. The slave felt like it had taken forever. Master started to fist the slave and soon the slave felt like it was going to cum. Master could tell that the slave was on the point of it and asked the slave if it wanted to. "Yes Master, please let this unworthy slave cum.", it begged. When Master started moving his fist more the slave thought Master was going to allow it but He was only removing it.

Master ordered the slave to get on its back and to spread its legs and spread its pussy lips. It could feel Master start to finger fuck its pussy and then it felt Master start sticking His fingers deep inside. It knew that now Master was going to fist its pussy. This was painful also but not like it was when it was up its ass. It didn't take quite as long for Master to get His fist in its pussy. Then Master started to move His hand and fingers inside and once again He had slave wanting to cum. "Cum for Master my dirty nasty cumslut," Master told the slave. The slave very happily did what Master said and cum so hard that it squirted all over the place. Luckily for the slave, Master had removed its hands before it did though. The slave was then ordered to get up and get the bed cleaned up and its self by Master. When it was done with all that Master told it to lay down next to Him. Then Master took it in His arms and told it that it was a good girl as it drifted off to sl**p.

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Master G is fair & just in his disipline