Master's Double Subbing Part 8

Master’s Double Subbing Part 8

When Master seen the slave looking He got upset and told the slave that He had something to keep that from being a problem. He pulled out a blindfold from His box of goodies. This was something new that Master had never used with slave before. It found out later that Master had bought it for just this occasion . Master instructed the lady to place it on the slave and to make sure that it could not see. Oh she listened real well cause the slave could not see anything. Then Master must have got out the hand restraints because the slave next felt its arms being tied above its head on each side. Master instructed the slave to try and get out of it but it couldn’t. Then the slave felt rope being tied around its ankles. It expected that its ankles would be tied to the end of the bed but apparently that was not to be the case because the next thing slave knew its feet were being raised in the air and over its head and tied on each side of the headboard. This made it where its ass was spread open and easily accessable. The slave might not know what the surprise or plans were but it knew that it must involve the ass whatever it was.

It was right cause the next thing it knows is it felt something cold and glass like go up its ass. The slave knew right then that Master had done what He had once told slave He wanted to do and that was to get a purple wand. It wasn’t long before slave knew that Master was right about the electrical shock that it put out. At first it kind of hurt but after awhile of it, it actually got where it did feel good. The slave almost begged to cum but before it could Master had stopped with it. Then the slave felt a finger replace the wand in its ass. Slowly and gently going in and out. It felt good and the slave started moving its body against it. Then it felt a second finger added to the first which made it even better. It wasn’t too sure who’s fingers were in its ass till it was told to stick out its tongue so that the lady could ride the slave’s face. Then it knew that Master’s fingers were the ones that was fucking slave’s ass. The lady made it easy for the slave to get its tongue where the lady wanted it to by opening up its pussy with one hand as it slid its pussy all over the slave’s mouth. Between Master finger fucking its ass and adding more fingers and the lady fucking its face, it wasn’t long before the slave was begging between licks to cum. Master said No not yet but that He would let it cum very soon. Then it felt the lady get off of its face and the blind fold come off. It looked up to see the lady now in between Master’s legs sucking His cock. It knew better than to get jealous even though it wanted to. But there was something about Master being pleased even if it was by someone else that was hot. Also helped that as she was doing this to Him, He was looking at His slave with a look of love for slave and He didn’t cum in her mouth no matter how hard she tried to make Him. He told the lady to play with herself and came to the side of the bed so that slave could suck on His cock. Master was so turned on by the whole night that He started throat fucking the slave like He had never had before. The slave wished that its hands were free so that it could grab Master’s ass but it couldn’t and that just turned Master and it both on. Master cum so hard and good. There was cum shooting all down slave’s throat and then Master pulled it out and cum all over slave’s face. Calling slave Master’s little cum slut and telling it how it was such a good girl and didn’t it like all the cum that Master gave it. It thanked Master continuously and begged for Master to please Make it cum.

Master fulfilled the slave’s wish quickly when He told it to cum for Master. It didn’t disappoint Master for once and the Master helped it by sticking His fingers in its wet and hot pussy and playing with His clit like only He knows how. The slave cum so long and hard that it didn’t know if it could stop and before long it was starting to squirt all over. Master told the lady to get down there and clean up slave’s mess. Hmmmm slave didn’t know that the lady was going to be serving Master as well this evening. The lady did what Master said and when its tongue hit the slave’s pussy well that just made slave want to cum more. Master told it that it could because it had been a good girl tonight. It has such a wonderful Master. The slave wanted to just lay there but Master told it that the night wasn’t over with yet and there was a few other things that He had in store for His slave.

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3 years ago
i hope slave gets off her ass & writes more of this