Master's Double Subbing Part 7

As the slave sat on the bed in the hotel room it could hear the door creak open and knew that it was Master and the lady. When the slave just saw Master come in the door and shut it behind Him it thought that the lady must have changed her mind. Master informed the slave that the lady would be up in about 15 minutes. He and the lady had talked extensively about how they both saw the night going and what they both wanted to see take place is what He informed the slave. The slave foolishly questioned Master about what that meant but was quickly reprimanded for that by Master with a hard slap across its face. He told the slave that it would just have to wait and see. He then told the slave how He wanted it to sit on the bed seductively to wait for the lady’s arrival. Once slave had done this and gotten Master’s approval, Master proceeded to undress and sit in a chair in a corner near the bed. The slave noticed that Master had slave’s toys and his boxes of goodies were not far from his reach. Then it seen He had taken out the new leather whip that He had recently made from His personal belt that had broken in pieces. He had not used this before on slave and it wondered just what Master and the lady had planned.

It did not have to wonder long because it was just seconds later that the slave heard the door handle turn and the door creak open again. The slave could feel her heart racing and trying to jump out of its chest. It didn’t quite know what it was suppose to do but it was sure that Master and the lady would tell it what it wanted it to do.

The slave stared at the lady as she walked into the room. The lady reminded slave of an a****l stalking its prey as she circled the bed checking the slave out. She did not speak at first but once she stopped and stood at the end of the bed, she looked at Master and told him, “Oh I am going to have fun with Your little slut tonight Sir.” The slave was surprised by the lady calling Master, Sir. What did that mean? All the slave could think was that Master must have told the lady about Master and slave’s relationship and had explained to her that it belonged to Him. But if He did do that then what did that mean about tonight? Did this give her the right to use slave however she wanted to? The slave figured that more than likely that it meant just that. It already knew without being told by Master that it was to please lady because that was what would be pleasing to Master so it knew that it was suppose to do what it was told or thought would do just that.

The lady stood there and stared at the slave without saying a word and then started to slowly and seductively remove her clothes one piece at a time. The slave could not help but watch as each piece of clothes fell to the ground. Finally the last piece fell and the lady stood there naked before the slave. She walked to where the slave sat and took it by the hand to stand before her. She lifted the slave’s dress over its head and pulled it off of it. Then without warning she kissed the slave. It kind of shocked the slave at first but it was unlike any kiss it had gotten from a man. She kissed the slave softly, tracing the slave’s lips with her tongue. The slave got so caught up in it that it didn’t even realize that the lady had unfastened the slave’s bra until it felt it fall off to the floor. The slave closed its eyes as the the lady’s lips slowly started making their way down its body till it found the slave’s very hard erect nipples. It felt her lips and tongue tracing each nipple and slightly sucking on them. The slave could feel its juices start to churn and it knew that it was starting to get wet. Then the slave felt the lady’s mouth move further down and could feel the lady start to pull the slave’s thongs down. Then it felt the lady’s tongue as it licked the pelvic area. The slave just felt its legs open as the lady’s tongue moved closer to the slave’s clit. The slave’s eyes which had been closed opened quickly when it felt the lady quit. It didn’t want her to quit. It was starting to feel good and the slave was getting very turned on. The lady took the slave by the hand and led it back to the bed. The lady sat down on the bed and opened up her legs. Then she pushed the slave to its knees before her. The lady spread her legs open wide and grabbed the slave by the back of the head and brought it right where she wanted it. The slave could see the lady’s nicely shaved pussy in front of her and knew what was expected. It took its fingers and opened up the lady’s pussy so that it could place its tongue inside. The taste was not as disgusting as the slave had imagined it in its head. It actually was sweet tasting and quite nice. It started licking it slowly up and down. It didn’t know if it was doing it right till she heard the lady start to moan just a bit. This made the slave lick more and move its tongue deeper inside the pussy. It could feel the lady start to whither. The slave decided to stick one finger inside as it continued to lick with its tongue. The lady seemed to like that and the slave could feel the first taste of wetness from the lady hit its tongue. The slave started fucking the lady with its tongue and finger. Then it added another finger inside the pussy and could feel the lady getting wetter. It could feel the lady’s clit starting to harden and so it started to suck on it harder. The slave could feel the lady start to move against its mouth and could hear her start to moan even more. The slave continued to suck and while it used its other hand to play with the lady’s breasts. It felt the lady start to gyrate against her mouth and could feel the wetness of her start to flow and knew that the lady was starting to cum. The slave glanced up briefly to see Master’s face and seen that He was enjoying what His slave was doing. This made the slave suck even harder which ended up making the lady cum really hard. The lady pushed the slave’s head even deeper between her legs as she cum. Once she had she pulled the slave upward and kissed its lips so that she could taste herself.

The lady then rolled the slave over on its back and started kissing the slave all over its body. The lady ran her tongue down the slave’s chest till she reached the slave’s breast. As she licked, sucked and nibbled on one breast, she used her hands to play with the other. The slave reached to hold the lady to its breast but the lady took its hands and held them down on the bed as she hungrily continued at the slave’s breasts. As she held the slave’s hands down together with one hand she took the other and started to tenderly stroke the slave’s pussy. The slave could felt the lady start to stick her fingers deep inside. First the lady stuck one finger in and then another until she had at least 3 inside. Then it felt the lady’s fingers hit its clit and the slave let out a moan of ecstasy. The slave knew that it had to ask Master’s permission before it could cum and even though it was hard to get the words out it begged Master to let it. Master told the slave, “No, not yet.” When the lady heard Master’s words she stopped and asked Master if it was time for the special surprise. Master told the lady that He thought it was. As the slave laid there with its pussy yearning for the lady’s mouth again it wondered what this special surprise was. It looked up to see Master reach into his box of goodies. It wondered what Master and the lady were fixing to do next.

To be continued.
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