Master's Double Subbing Part 6

After emailing back and forth several times, the lady and slave were finally able to set a date for a meeting that worked not only for them both but also for Master also. As the date got closer the slave could not help but be nervous. Questions kept going through slave’s mind. What if it didn’t do it right? What if it couldn’t do it at all? It really wanted this to work not only because of pleasing Master but also after all this emailing back and forth with the lady the slave was looking forward to it. It had to admit that this lady really had it wanting her big time. It was looking forward to sticking its tongue deep inside that pussy of hers and making her cum.

It wasn’t long before it was time for the big night. The slave dressed in a short black dress that Master picked out for it. It wore a pair of slinky black stockings and heels that He chose for it also. Master allowed it to wear underwear for this occasion and even helped it pick out the perfect combination for it to wear. A lacy black bra and a pair of black lacy thongs. Once slave had got ready, Master had the slave stand for inspection. Then He told the slave to pull up its dress and to lie across His lap. Then He pulled down the black lacy thongs and spanked the slave’s ass cheeks 10 times each. It hurt like hell to slave but it also made slave hot. Once Master was finished He rubbed each cheek and started to run His fingers down its butt crack till He found what he was looking for which was the slave’s pussy. Master whispered in slave’s ear, “I’m going to get my slut all ready for her.” He started sliding His fingers in the wet pussy deeper and deeper till He had the slave dripping wet and begging to cum. He told the slave to get up and fix its self. He told the slave to sit on the bed and wait as He walked out to the lobby to wait for the lady to arrive. Before He walked out the door though He came over and run His hand through slave’s hair and kissed slave’s head. He told slave, “Be Master’s good little slut tonight and make Master proud bitch.”

The longer the slave sit there and waited the more nervous it got. It just hoped that everything would go well and that it wouldn’t displease Master or the lady. It didn’t think Master and the lady would ever get there. Just when it was about to give up it heard the door open. Ready or not, there was no backing out of it now.

To be continued.
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