Master's Double Subbing Part 5

Master’s Double Subbing Part 5

The more emails that slave received from the lady the more excited slave got about the possibilities of a connection with her actually happening. Each email seemed to get hotter and hotter. The emails were a little more erotic, expressive and descriptive than the ones that it had received before from guys on the site. The lady would go into great detail about just what she wanted to do to slave and just what she wanted slave to do to her. She also offered the slave reassurance about it being normal and not uncommon to be unsure and intimidated by its thoughts of being with a woman. The slave had confided to her that even though this was something it wanted to try that it still was not sure if it could do it or not. The lady told slave that she bet that once slave relaxed and all that she would enjoy it. That all it took was just to live in the moment and the feelings that the experience would bring.

As the emails continued the slave decided that maybe it was time to bring Master into the picture. She had been honest with the lady from the beginning that it was involved with someone. It just hadn’t quite explained Master and slave’s relationship in full detail. The slave decided that it would first start out by explaining that Master and it had an open relationship but that when they played outside of it that Master liked to watch. It decided it might be best to wait to say that He might want to participate. The slave had a strong feeling that Master would want to join in but it didn’t exactly want to throw that in quite yet. It hoped that the lady would not object to that idea but it wasn’t sure if that would be the case or not. When it sent the email to Master to approve it, Master voiced a concern that this might scare the lady away but allowed the slave to send it anyway.

The slave waited to see what the lady would have to say. It didn’t have to wait long before it got its reply. The slave was hesitant about opening it because the lady had replied back so quickly. To slave this could be good or bad, bad if the lady was totally freaked out by the idea of Master somehow being a part of any future meeting her and it had or good if the lady was interested or turned on by the thought of it. Once it opened the email it found out that it was the second choice and that the lady was intrigued by the idea of someone else being there. She even started describing in detail how she would want the scene to go with Master there. Going on how she wanted to watch Master’s face as his girlfriend, as she called slave, was licking her pussy. The slave already thought that this would be Master’s favorite part anyway. Then the lady asked a question that slave didn’t quite know how to answer. She wanted to know if Master would want to join in. It really didn’t know how to answer. It knew that this was one question that it would have to ask Master about before it answered. It thought that He would but it was not for sure. The lady said the thought of a threesome was appealing to her so slave knew if Master’s answer was that He wanted to join in that the lady would be up for it more than likely. The lady also said that she would really like to meet slave and started suggesting ideas about how to make that happen. The lady said that she could possibly do it on a weekend but could not during the week because of work commitments which was fine with slave because it had work commitments during the week also. It would just have to make arrangements for its c***d if a weekend was chosen. Only problem though was that Master has to work most weekends and slave didn’t know if it would be a problem for Master to be able to be there. It knew that it could not go through with it without Master there. It wouldn’t go through with it without Master to begin with. It just hoped that Master would be able to either be off one weekend or at least be off one day of a weekend so that this all could happen. It sent the email to Master to read and also sent one asking Him what it should say to the lady about possibly meeting. Master advised slave that with prior notice in advance that He would be able to make arrangements. So now it was time for slave to put everything together and make this meeting happen.

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