Master's Double Subbing

It was right Master wouldn’t let it send it. He was VERY upset with it. Told it that it was not right to deceive women and that is NOT what he wanted. This totally left slave confused and unsure of what to do. How could it make this work when it didn’t even know if it really wanted it to work?

The slave decided that before it attempted to even try and send another email to the lady that it was going to sit down and reevaluate the whole situation. It had to determine the reasons why it was really doing this. Was it doing this just because it was what Master wanted it or was it doing it because despite as much as it had always protested otherwise that it was something it was curious about and wanted to try. Could it really say that there had never been a time when it thought about sex with another woman, could it at least admit it to its self that these thoughts had crossed its mind even if it couldn’t admit it to someone else? To be honest it couldn’t. It had thought about it. It had watched porn where there was woman on woman action and thought it was kind of hot or at least never rushed to fast forward it or turn it off. The slave realized that maybe it was letting its past hang up of letting what others think to stand in its way of this.

It was like a light turned on in slave’s head. It wanted this to happen to. For the first time it could honestly admit that to its self. So with that thought and new attitude it rewrote its reply and anxiously sent it to Master for his approval before sending it. It waited patiently for Master’s reply. It hoped that Master would see this new attitude and direction it was taken and see that it was being honest in its pursuit of finding someone for its first woman on woman experience. It wasn’t too long before it got its reply from Master who approved the email and told it to send it to her.

In the email, slave told the lady that it had never had a lesbian experience before. It had told her about how it had been opening its self up to new experiences and lifestyle choices and how that it was letting go of past preconceived notions and trying new things. It was even honest enough to admit to her how she hadn’t let its self to consider being with a woman before because of what others might think. It didn’t tell her yet about its choice of a Master/slave lifestyle but it would as they emailed each other more. But it decided that this was something that had to be done gradually. So it sent the email and waited once again and was surprised when it got a quick reply. The lady told slave that it understood and was turned on by the fact that slave had never been with a woman before and told the slave that she would love to be it’s first experience if things turned out that it could be. She told slave that she didn’t want to rush it into anything and wanted to email some more before something like that was decided on or arranged. The slave was glad for that because despite the fact it wanted this now and all it still didn’t want to just rush and do it.

The slave told Master that when it sent the lady’s email to Him. He understood as He always does but just reminded slave to be honest. That was what was most important to Master was that slave be honest and not deceitful. So with these instructions and with a changed attitude and a new excitement about what might be to come the slave began corresponding with the lady more.

To be continued
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