Master's Double Subbing Part III

So the slave started looking through the different sites that it had access to. Going through the different profiles on there for women who were possible candidates. It sent out flirts to a few that caught its eye. The slave even changed its profile information. It changed its sexual orientation from straight to bicurious and the looking for to include women. Doing that seemed to get the ball rolling. It started getting emails and flirts from different women, but unfortunately the first few were from somewhere too far away or they were too “butch”. Then there were the ones who didn’t include pictures or their information was just too suspicious sounding. The one thing that the slave wanted to avoid was pursuing a possible person who was not real. Plus Master had advised the slave to really check any possibilities out as best it could.

The slave started to think that it was never going to find anyone. It knew Master was starting to grow impatient also. Seeing that look of disappointment in Master’s eyes hurt slave because it didn’t want to disappoint Him. Finally when all hope was almost lost the slave received an email on one of the sites it had searched on. The slave quickly clicked on to the sender’s profile to check it out. Luckily it had a picture with it and she definitely didn’t look butch. Even though the slave had never recalled being sexually attracted to another woman, it had to admit that this woman was not bad. The more that slave read the profile the more that it knew that this could possibly be the one. It sent Master an email to let Him know what was going on. The slave couldn’t wait to hear what Master had to say. The slave waited by the computer with the phone beside it waiting for Master’s reply. It seemed like forever before it got it. Master was glad to hear that it had finally garnered some interest and told the slave to reply to the email as soon as possible. The slave made sure to also send a copy of the email to Master. The slave assured Master that it would do as it was told and send the email that it wrote to Him first before it was sent. All it had to do now was figure out what in the world it was going to write. That was the hard part.

The slave decided that the first email be one that was simple. Since hers had been simple and really an introduction of herself, the slave decided that it would keep the reply like that also. It would not mention anything about Master just yet. The slave decided it would be best to gradually bring that in the picture at a later date. It didn’t quite know how it was going to do that but it would face that dilemma when it had to. Once the slave had finished the first reply it sent it to Master. It was not accepted as a suitable reply at first by Master but He was quite helpful with suggestions and once slave had fixed what needed to be fixed it was approved by Master for sending.

A couple of days had went by without a response and the slave began to wonder if it had said something wrong or that the lady just wasn’t interested or if the picture of its self that it sent with the email had totally repulsed her. In all its years it had never even been hit on by a woman. Maybe slave wasn’t the type that lesbian or bisexual women were attracted to. If that was so then how was it going to make its self more attractive to women so that they might be interested? This was important to slave because this was for Master. Plus after all this slave had to admit it was kind of excited about the idea now. Lot of that had to do with knowing that Master was excited about it and that thought turned slave on.

Finally slave received a positive reply plus an apology for not replying sooner and the reason for it. The slave really didn’t care why it was just glad that it got a reply. It was so excited when it let Master know that there was finally a reply to its reply. The reply that she sent was filled with lots of questions. Some were about mundane things and some were about slave’s attraction to women. That was one that slave didn’t know quite how to answer. It knew it couldn’t give the answer that immediately came to mind which was “It really wasn’t attracted to women and was just doing this because it wanted to please its Master”. So slave came up with a suitable lie to tell, that it had subconsciously hid this desire even from its self but it couldn’t fight it anymore and wanted to try something new and experiment with a woman. It just hoped that she would buy it and that Master would not think it really full of shit and let it send it.

To be continued.
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very good