Master's Double Subbing (Part II)

The slave didn’t know quite where to begin its search for another woman for its first ffm experience with Master. Besides that the slave didn’t know anything about how to “pick” a woman up, flirt with a woman, or how to tell if a woman might swing “that way”. The slave’s past experience had always been that if it spotted a woman who looked “butch” that there was always or at least most of the time a good chance that they might be gay or bisexual at least but it didn’t want a woman like that. If nothing else it did know that much about what it was looking for. It wanted to find a woman who looked feminine, sexy and who had a talented tongue. If it was going to let another woman go down on its pussy then it wanted one who knew what the hell she was doing. It knew that it sure didn’t know anything about doing oral or anything else on a woman.

After admitting to itself that it didn’t know where to even begin, it decided that maybe it should discuss this with Master. Even though it was just a little afraid of how Master might react by it coming to Him for help and also that it meant having to admit to Master it was totally helpless. It knew that Master had already figured the last part out about slave but it hated having to admit it to Him though. So after much thought it approached Master about its ignorance about doing this and it quickly found out that this was the right thing for it to do. Master had many great suggestions for slave. Suggestions on different sites that it could look on and also gave slave instructions on some of the things that it wanted slave to look for and also to beware of. So with suggestions and advice from Master, the slave began its search for the woman who would help it fulfill this request and desire for Master.

Lucky for slave it already belonged to some sites where this search could be done. The slave just had to redo its information on some of them and change its preferences. That was easy enough to do. Then all it had to do was start looking. Again something not that hard to accomplish but what was it suppose to do if it found a possibility? How did it start a conversation or approach someone? Did it play it coy? It knew that it couldn’t just come out and say, “Hey would you let it eat your pussy?” lol This was what was going to be difficult to do for slave but it knew that it had to do it.

The first thing that slave decided to do was send out flirts. That was how many conversations and connections that slave had experienced on these sites had started. In fact it was how slave met Master. Now it was just choosing which ones to send them too. So the search began.

To be continued.
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3 years ago
very good slave ask Master