Master's Double Subbing

As the slave waited for Master in the hotel room, the conversation that T/they had in the beginning of their relationship was repeating in its head. “If slave is going to be my slave then it will eat another woman’s pussy,” Master had told slave. Then Master asked the question that slave knew He would next, “Is slave willing to do this for Master?” The slave wanted to say no but it knew that it couldn’t do that. All slave wanted to do was please Master and it knew that this was something that Master expected of it. “Yes Master,” the slave managed to say. Then Master informed slave that it would be its responsibility to make this happen.

The slave had never been with another woman before. It had never even considered it. In past vanilla relationships it had been asked several times to participate in an ffm experience but it had always been able to say no. It explained quickly that it liked men exclusively and had no desire to go the “other way”. But it knew that it wouldn’t and couldn’t do that with Master. But could it actually put its mouth on another woman’s pussy? The thought of it sent different thoughts into the slave’s mind. It was thoughts of both disgust and curiosity. It had always heard that women knew what turns other women on. It also had friends who had bisexual experiences and loved it. But could slave actually do this? It spent a long time debating this in its head, going over the pros and cons of it. If it didn’t do this then Master would be greatly disappointed and it could be the end of the relationship. If it did do it then it knew that it would please Master and slave loves it when it can please Master.

Time passed and Master had not mentioned it to slave anymore. It was glad to have the time to work through its doubts and inner struggles with it but it knew that sooner or later that Master would be bringing the subject back up and wanting to see some sort of results. That day finally came during a nightly phone call with Master. “slave does know that Master still expects it to do what it said it would and eat pussy doesn’t it?” “Yes Master,” the slave answered. “What has slave done to make this happen then”, Master asked, “Has it found a woman for Master and slave to share yet?” “No Master it hasn’t.”, the slave answered. Master then quickly explained to the slave that it would be in its best interest to make it happen and make it happen soon. That if it was totally submissive to Master and given its self totally to Him that it would get this done. The slave agreed with what Master said and apologized for its laziness and for not working harder to attain this for Master. He sternly told it once again to make it happen and make it happen soon.

The slave knew that this was its new task and an important one to accomplish. How it was suppose to go about doing it was something that it didn’t know the answer to. The slave is more of a novice to finding a woman than it is to this Master/slave lifestyle. Master had suggested finding someone among its friends for this task, but that was the last thing it wanted. If it was going to have a sexual experience with another woman then it wanted it to be with someone who it met for that purpose. It knew it would have to look somewhere else but where? It had no idea where to even start to look or what exactly to look for. Especially since it had never in its lifetime had felt any sort of attraction to another woman. It had seen some lesbian porn before but none that turned it on so that it thought “I sure would like to lick that pussy.”

With this task before slave, it was time to begin its search for the woman who would not only be its first female experience but who would also please Master as well. But where does it begin its search for this mystery woman?

To Be Continued.

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very good