Punishment Scenario Part III

The sound of Master’s heartbeat and the feel of Master’s arms helped the slave to sl**p and rest well. It could have laid there forever but it was not meant to be. While it was sl**ping Master had been inspecting the marks and all left from Master’s training from earlier. The marks and bruising had really started to show up better than before. He was quite pleased with everything that was done but for the slave’s back. The marks that He had hoped for were not there. The slave’s hands being tied behind its back when it was hung by its bound tits had kept Master from getting the results on the slave’s back like he had hoped. Master knew how to solve that “problem”.

“Get up you lazy whore,” the slave heard Master say as she felt his open hand slap its face. The slave quickly jumped up and assumed the 1st position to wait for Master’s further instructions. It knew that Master had said before it fell asl**p that He had more planned but what could it be. Master was pleased with the slave for assuming the 1st position and told it to keep its hands where they were. The slave did as it was told and waited for Master’s further instructions. First the slave felt Master place the wrist restraints on it. Next Master led the slave to the tree where the rope that had been used earlier was still in the tree. Master tied the rope to the restraints and then raised the slave up where that only its toes were touching the ground underneath it. The slave struggled to stay on its toes as it waited for what Master had planned next.

Then the slave felt the burning sting of the first switch as it made contact with its back. Now it knew what Master had planned. As each switch made contact with the slave’s back the slave cried out with pain. It could feel the tears start to flow from its eyes. It was glad that its hands were bound so that for once it wouldn’t automatically reach to wipe them away. Master hates when the slave does that and this was a time that the slave didn’t want to displease Master. With each strike of the switch the slave thanked Master. Then Master used the switch on the rest of the slave’s body. It seemed like it lasted forever but finally it was over. The criss cross pattern that Master had hoped for was now shining brightly on the slave’s back. Master took out His camera to take a picture of it for a future reference for a tattoo that Master has planned for slave.

The slave felt Master softly and tenderly wipe away the tears that had fell. Then the slave felt Master tenderly run his hands and fingers over the marks on its back. Then it felt another burning sensation as Master poured rubbing alcohol over slave’s wounds. The pain of it was awful and the slave tried to hold back the tears again but it was no use. Master gently untied the slave from the ropes that had held it up and unhooked the wrist restraints. Then Master took the slave into his arms. Stroking its hair and kissing its tears as He told it that it had done well for the day. Master told the slave that that would be all for the day. “Master has lots more planned for His slave but it cannot be all done in one day so it must all wait till later.” “Thank you Master,” the slave said as it snuggled up in Master’s arms.

The End.

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