Punishment Scenario Part II

He unbinds the slave’s tits and then tells it to get on its knees. The slave feels Master’s lubed up fingers start to penetrate its asshole. He takes the pink dildo out and tells the slave to take it and gak on it. It does this as Master lubes the slave’s ass up and prepares it for penetration. Master then takes the slimy dildo and slowly slides it into the slave’s ass. Master slides it in slowly at first a little at a time widening the slave’s asshole more and more with each thrust of the dildo. The slave lets out a groan of both pain and pleasure as Master speeds up the thrust of the dildo bringing the slave to the point of cumming. The slave begs Master to let it cum, but He denies its request telling the slave that it has not earned that right yet as He yanks the dildo from the slave’s ass. Thinking that Master is through with slave and its ass, the slave tries to sit up only to be pushed back into position. “No whore, Master is not through with your ass yet.” Master tells it. Then Master takes his paddle and spanks the slave hard across its ass several times. “Did Master tell slave it can get up?” Master asks the slave. “No Master.” the slave cries out as Master spanks its ass hard. Then the slave feels Master start to use His fingers again in its asshole and then it feels something harder at its asshole. Master has taken out the bigger and harder dildo from His box of goodies to use on slave’s ass. This time Master is not as gentle as before and uses f***e to slide the dildo into slave’s asshole. The slave feels like its asshole is going to split into and pleads with Master to stop but he doesn’t. The slave cries out in pain but this only excites Master more. Master slams the dildo deep into the slave’s ass and whispers in its ear, “This is nothing compared to what Master plans on putting up there, but that is for a different time and place”. The slave wonders what that means but it guesses that it will just have to wait and find out another time. Master slowly starts to fuck the slave’s ass and once again brings it to the brink of orgasm. “Please Master may the slave cum, it wants to cum so bad Master”.

The slave thinks that it is being denied again when Master pulls the dildo from its ass but then it feels Master’s cock at its asshole. Master grabs the slave by its hips as He slams His hard cock deep inside its ass. The slave moans with pleasure and delight as Master fucks it harder. Master grabs the slave by its hair and pulls the slave up to Him and whispers in its ear, “Now you can cum slut, cum for your Master.” “Yes Master, Thank you Master”, the slave screams with passion as it cums hard. The better it feels the more the slave grinds its ass against Master’s cock. It feels Masters cock get harder and tighter in its ass and knows that Master will cum soon. Master pulls out His cock just before He cums and orders the slave to roll over on its back and open its mouth as He shoots His load all over its face and mouth. Then Master orders the slave to clean His cock with its mouth. The slave licks Master’s cock all over and gets it clean. Master lays back on the blanket and pulls the slave into His arms. He holds it close and tells the slave that it is a good girl. This makes the slave happy to know that it is pleasing Master.

Master holds the slave close and tells it, “Rest my slut for now, Master has more in store for His whore.” The slave is tired but knows that it belongs body, mind and soul to Master and must do as He says. So it closes its eyes and lays its head against Master’s chest to rest because it has a feeling that it will need it for whatever is to come.

To Be Continued
90% (6/1)
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